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How to Make Autumn Fox Pattern Design

teacher avatar Winda Lee, Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Fox 1 - Basic Shape

    • 3. Fox 1 - Sketch

    • 4. Fox 1 - Painting

    • 5. Fox 2 - Basic Shape

    • 6. Fox 2 - Sketch

    • 7. Fox 2 - Painting

    • 8. Fox3 - Basic Shape

    • 9. Fox 3 - Sketches

    • 10. Fox3 - Painting

    • 11. Item Basic Shape

    • 12. Items Sketch

    • 13. Item Painting

    • 14. Making The Pattern

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About This Class

Let's Discover How To Make Cute Autumn Fox Pattern Design!

Hi, I'm Winda Lee and I have been illustrated children books since 2007.

And through this course, I want to share how to make Autumn Fox Pattern Design

Perfect for Source of Income!

With this course, you can make products that able to be sold and can be your source of income, whether it's passive or active.


What will you learn?

  1. Developing your product:

  • Product design process, starting with basic shapes making, inking, color your amazing drawings, to how to apply your¬†cute drawings into patterns.

Who is the target audience?

  • All Ages
  • For you who want to be an artist as hobby or professional
  • Beginner friendly with very simple step by step tutorials

Let's Start!

Winda Lee

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winda Lee

Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber





Hi, my name is Winda Lee and I'm an illustrator and a writer.

I love to draw cute stuffs and children related illustrations. I also a pattern maker which allows me to create many cute patterns in my free time.

I am best known as the author for Gummy's Diary in Line's Webtoon Challenge in Indonesia and some in US version with readers 1.5M, 32.8k subcribers and 9.7 ratings with many young moms and young girls readers.

And also Youtuber at WindaLeeDraws where I make videos about love and personal story.

I graduated from Ciputra University in Visual Communication Design major and illustrations specialist in 2010.

As a young Mom with little twin boys myself, I have experience about how to teach my sons to draw and I... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this lecture we will make a fox pattern design. I will explain to you how we make it starting from based ship under application. In this decide we will use different technique will throw the folks before we used to sketch line and color inside it. This time we've been are the thought off sketch that is quite a bit tiki. So make sure it does give the step provided a gala start. First we have to make the concept on how we want it to be. I made three different forces for the box front three and quarter pose and the side course . I also asked some things to take a right outside fox is orange brown and the color is so close with court. So the decorations are used are just not please and Berries. Decoration like this can make the design market. If you want to make this 100% manually, as just you throw the foxes and items in the place you want, so you don't have to scan it and arrange it NBC. But if you want or engine trouble the shop there will be a notarial belong, so don't miss it. Okay. At the re cut our concept make the first Fox post in the next Julian 2. Fox 1 - Basic Shape: everyone in this video, we will make a basic shape of the fox from the problem post. So let's start with the composition off the head on the body. So make the fox looks scared. The proportion of the head and the body is to buy one. So they have. It's bigger than the body. After we know our position. Make the fox head, folks. Head is shaped like a rectangle with a sharp muscle forward. In order to make it cute, we will make directing offers for the eyes and check area like this and then a triangle down for the muscle. This area will be the most. Okay, next about the head, make trying us like this. Fox has fought three years to make its hearing sharp from danger. That's what the I we will defy the first particularly like this. No question and personally for the ice, this part is important to make the position besides and not okay, let's move the body like a measure from the head and then play it like try the body. From this point, despite Fox body is like the other mammals, I will make the body by making your ship like this. Foxtail is non fluffy and fashion a bit narrow from Start Buffy the top and pointed as for the front likes different dogs. Fox has legs, so we make it into stick shift like this by their start point and narrow in in the back leg because the foxes sitting down Beglitis for did. But the narrow part off the leg is still sin in the next video, we'll make the scares for you there. 3. Fox 1 - Sketch: Hi. In this video, we will make the sketches for Fox number one amusing a proper pencil press in for the shop , which I have put 2% in the assessment bill. If you want to make a traditionally as a chest, you use a very thin penniston b R. It's be it's enough. Sketch will be erased in the end. Cassadee. First, we are going to make his face, make a line down and then make three little tough lines for its for for the tick area. Same course with the other side near and then make the ears by following the basic ship. But on the point of part, make the tape rounder toe. Make the Fox looks cute. Muscle followed the basic line and rounder on the It's, too on the point of the muscle. Make a downward triangle for those, make the fifth rounder and feel the shape and left out a line for the highlight. Next, Bullock offline, starting from the pillow left here. And then Gandhi knew, make the same careful and again on the other side. Thesis part will do. Fight the fox face into two parts, which we will color them different the tough part at the details like this to make It seems like the first and also the inside air stewed by making two little triangles like this Now the eye spot if you follow the rules. But if I the faces two passengers injury, it will be placed in here. It will last you that if you put them or below to make the illusion that this fox is little and by me. Okay, let's get needed to the body for the basic lines. Make every tip off the throwing around and smoke. Let's in the next video, I will show you how depend them to there. 4. Fox 1 - Painting: Hello. In this video, I will show you how to pen Are colored foxes. Okay, stop about the sketches we made. Theorist. Um, under slightly visible. But make sure you can still see them for the start. Let's go out of their face first with pale orange are cream color. Always start with the light. This color first. Especially if you're making the drawing with traditional tools. Because if you make mistakes Dr Color, get me fired on the top and make them less visible. Finished. Big red box. Fox has different dollars. Depends on the environment they live self obsessed in is no. Well, what for? To make them blend it with their surrounding. I picked this red blood one because the color is the most common for the box. Then for the details. Amusing color still in ready sprint area. Okay, As for the inside ears, you spread big color like this place is on the stick to get the spot. If you don't want to use it, Okay, everybody with. But if the office likes it, will daughter with another elevator on the tail and color with space way Nice big. The color off the ice and the nose to color tip off the leg practiced. Very good. You in the next video 5. Fox 2 - Basic Shape : everyone had the second Fox. We're going to make it into take what the sacked you end up again. Let's start again with the half. Make a rectangle like before. The difference with the front view and 3/4 view is the position off the ice and those if the head is part of how critical. Before, in this view, we parted a bit left like this for the position off the nose. Horace on the land where the ice part is saying way, just need to adjust the fed tickle. I'm only okay make trying over the muscle. But because the party line is more on the left, then the first, like off the triangle, is shorter than the other one. Let's continue. I saw the body. We make a peanut shaped like this Father is in the sleeping position, so the body is a little bit crook for the next one. Less vector years left here is a bit smaller than the light one way. Now we are going to make the tail because foxtail is the focal point here. We will make it dominant and put it in front off the body. Lastly, tall are flex, make those leg span like this Don't make the fox looks natural. Don't forget to erase the unnecessary lines. Wake the scats for repent them later. See you there. 6. Fox 2 - Sketch : okay for the 3/4 side. Fish catch 70 from few Michelangelo like kiss and make three little cough lines for the four. Take part for the muscle. The left line is shorter than the right one toe. The trick off lives on the left will be drawn smaller than the right side. Theo Heirs made a grounder. Okay, next to make the tries. A little nose on the tip off the muscle. Very good with two lines that if I did the fox best before in this box, we will add them too. But the distance between the head and the dividing line Issue after on the left and wider on the right side. And because this fox is sleeping, we will make his eyes look like this. Okay, continue to his body. Follow the basic lines to make the front legs way back with but on the part that sticks to the body. Make a tough line. Act is to make the tail looks that really come up from the bottom. Great and little triangles for the inside years way. In the next video, we'll make the sketch for approximately you. There 7. Fox 2 - Painting : Hi. In this video, we'll call it the Fox number two. Same way can be applied with the fox number two entry pencil we applied for sketches can be rest more if the painting far is finished For the start, let's go face first with pale orange or green color. Make your troubling text arise. When you're using digital tools, you can just a textile paper, paper, RSP knees, big reddish froth. And if you are using digital, we can make it using better press or any texture process that watch. Our this'll kind of process can be put online and used in tradition. Then for the details. Amusing Little color still in ready sprint area. Okay, As for the inside ears, you spread big color practice. Okay, everybody with the reddest pronto way. Nice color off the ice and the nose to colored Tip off the leg. Practice X The tip of the tail and color with space Way Very good. You in the next to do 8. Fox3 - Basic Shape : all right for the third folks. We're going to make it in the half sides. Few fashion. So we throw half off the head and the body. The basics here for the refuse. Fox is spectacle in this act. Few we need to use circle to make it the head more natural. It's basically the force car is wrong. But when it looks from the front and the 3/4 few, the rectangle ship is more dominant. A round shape in half side if you can make the head cuter and we need the ship to make the forehead more feasible. Left ear will be feud, pick work and smaller than the right side. Make the shape triangle to okay for the muscle. We will make it into two parts. First, we have to make a small circle here for the nose and then connect small circle to the picture collectives to make the muscle next body that making you ship a can we will make a rectangle ship with flat sides below. Because we will make this fox laying down. Okay, then draw two front legs like this. Very good. As for the body, we will make it round by making a set off the lower part and another circle for the fluffy brush. Still a triangle here to make. That's something you The bag legs at the same with the front ones. Okay, Don't forget to erase the on use lines. Do you know in some off the folklore the fox can write by keeping its there? It does the ink. Interesting, right? Although most off the characters are sneaky and evil in the next video, we'll make the scares for repent. Um, later. See you there. 9. Fox 3 - Sketches : Hi. The bottom a tree. Just follow the basic lines and make the tip under because we already met the basic shape similar to the finalist Catch. This box is laying down his house. A few so far on the sick part is a little one part. But the years left here is facing backwards and the right deal is facing funny. So we only need to sell one of the triangle for its inside. What a nose job with angle in house, off lines from the nose, the area right. To make you defy the life for details you get at the short lines now a letter in a painting section. It's up to you. No one. I bought this fox a little down here. Very good. That's not needed to the body. Make it. Did Fundy on the tip off. Still. Okay, that's what the fuck's number three. Do you in the next year 10. Fox3 - Painting : high in the video color. The Muslim A tree pencil we applied for sketches can be arrest more if the painting part is finished for the start, let's go. The face first with pale orange are cream color has finished. Big Red is far way. Inside years, you spread big practice with the strong way with they'll be covered with the same color as face nice with color off the eyes and the nose to colored tip off like practiced you in the next video. 11. Item Basic Shape : hi. In this video, we will make some items that support are designed to be cuter because I said this pattern designed to something ready to fall. So I will draw the just nuts, Berries and some lift. But if you want to make your own team, that's entirely up to you. You can also consult me in the Q and A section blue start from the chestnut. Make half circle for the head and they're smaller, half circle for the great Berries. Make the trick first and then fill it with small circles. Simple addition like this can make your descend cuter. As for the lives I make two types off lifts, one on the brake and the other one stand alone for the standalone leave maker cough line like this, and then close it with another one for the list on the week like smaller ones on the brands . Very good. In the next video, we'll make the scats for Bentham leather. See you there 12. Items Sketch : what a test. That and the Berries followed the basic shape to make the sketch. You can also add the details on the head off. This just not like this. Very good for the third item. Let's make their lives more interesting by making the side check like more berry or roast lifts for the last item. The same with the very one, but changed the perrys in the time he killed lives. Nice. All the sketches are done. In the next video, I will show you how to bend them to their 13. Item Painting : okay for coloring the items. You can use the planning technique like lifts if you are making its A digitally defined the area doctor teller area and the lighter color area, then in between Flatley's, they lift your hand to make the call it dinner and then try to plan the color in the way. If you're making, you can start with and then with the lighter the technique that these can be used for order that market at teenagers on drugs does. The painting is We need to make the lines very clean and in order. We need to make sure our trolling outcome is still like we want. Like these can be used for orders at Martin that teenagers are dogs. Okay, that's all the salary. The next video. We'll 30 start, do the pattern print. Do you in the next to do 14. Making The Pattern: I guess after you have the drawings, it's time to arrest them into pattern. If you thought them in digital or heaven or instant manually, let's avenge them. First. Practice in square pepper. I'm using 1500 pixels. Part 1000 and 500 takes us to that. The paper is for squares like this, using cattle that you can check from the way. Click on the marquee button, are pressed em and see. And then you got spot a decade into far left, then goes with the rest of the throwing ex. Thank the upper left square, cut it again, then track it to the bottom. Left the weapon bottom last, drag it through the upper left, so we switched positions. Same goes with the right side. If you're slopes, act mind. You are in the Rex track where I understand the last thing we need to do is fill the empty space with the items on. The boxes are in some sort of space, will not be empty against three steps if you are your pattern to be seamless, so terrace flow and scythe. If you're confused getting lost, please ask me question. It's section below