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How to Make Art Printables Using Free Tools

Dana Gore, Creator of

How to Make Art Printables Using Free Tools

Dana Gore, Creator of

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24 Lessons (2h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction - How to Make Art Printables Using Free Tools

    • 2. Desire, Learning New Skills and Showing Up!

    • 3. Tools You'll Need For This Course

    • 4. Ipiccy, Flash and Course Updated Content

    • 5. Find Your Graphics in Pixabay

    • 6. Introducing PiZap

    • 7. PiZap App

    • 8. Introduction to Ninjaunits

    • 9. Choosing Our Size and Background

    • 10. Creating The Design Using PiZap

    • 11. Additional Design Editing Options

    • 12. Using Our Designs Interchangably Throughout The Course

    • 13. Creating the Design on Ipiccy

    • 14. Creating the Design on Canva

    • 15. Creating Your Mockup

    • 16. Create Your Watermark Using PiZap and Canva

    • 17. Resize Image to 300 DPI

    • 18. Image Ratio Resize & Other Bonus Material

    • 19. Quick Note

    • 20. Sign Up For Your Etsy Shop

    • 21. Choose Your Shop Name

    • 22. Create Your Listing

    • 23. Upload Your Design Into Your Listing

    • 24. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to create a digital art printable using free tools. 

You won't need any previous skills to participate (but you will need a working laptop/desktop computer & an internet connection). I made this class for YOU, the total beginner who has no idea where to start!

I created the class I wanted last year and couldn't find. I WAS you - and now that I've learned how to do this, it's my job (and privilege) to share the knowledge.

You will learn how to:

  • Use free (or close to free) tools to create your work.
  • Create a simple digital art design using free vector images and fonts.
  • Change sizes & image resolution to meet standards for high-quality print options (300 DPI/dot per inch).
  • Create mockups & watermarks for your designs using free tools & templates.
  • Find graphics & fonts to use for your designs.

And, you'll get a short, motivating pep talk telling you why it's SO cool to learn new skills & take action in the face of your fears by doing something new & creative!

You'll hear me reference Etsy in some of the videos. If you have a store, the lessons will help you with your listings - things like watermarks, mockup images and resizing your image to a print-ready 300 DPI resolution.

When you finish the class, you will have created your first piece of printable art.


You will use this information to duplicate the process over and over again until you decide to broaden your tools and skills.

This class will take you from complete newbie to action taker...

From pondering to accomplished...

From "I wish I could" to "I DID!"

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dana Gore

Creator of


I’ve always been imaginative and artistic. As a kid, I loved to write poetry & sketch my friends’ yearbook pictures (always while I was in class, not paying attention to the teacher).

After 20 years in the field of cosmetology, I attended and graduated from Fitness Institute International, Inc. School for Personal Training. I spent 10 years in the health & fitness industry and went on to become a freelance writer & published author.

I guess you could say I’ve had my hands in several projects over the years – but the one common denominator has always been creativity.

Over the last several years, I've published five books & created my blog over at

I create explainer videos talking about life, critical thinking ... See full profile

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1. Introduction - How to Make Art Printables Using Free Tools: Hello, everyone. My name is Dan Igor. I am an author, artist, designer, blogger and the creator of I am my imagination dot com. I decided to create this course for one reason, and that is when I first looked around for information to help me learn how to create digital images. I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted a simple to the point hands on demonstration I could follow along with in this class, we're going to create a digital image or printable image or piece of printable art or whatever you wanna call it. They're big sellers on Etsy right now. And whether you're looking to create and sell watercolor art, abstract art or maybe even quotes and sayings that people can print out and use for home or office decor, it always helps to know how to get started. And this is why I'm here. I am glad you decided to join me today, and I hope you enjoy the class 2. Desire, Learning New Skills and Showing Up!: So before we get into designing our image, I just wanted to give you a quick pep talk to get you motivated. I'm going to talk for a minute about desire, self doubt and taking action. I wanted to make sure you knew you wouldn't need any special skills to get started in this , because if you are afraid of your limitations, you probably wouldn't take action. And that would be a shame. See everything I've ever learned to do, I learned from scratch. It was a matter of simply wanting to expand my knowledge base and then showing up. In today's world, we have access to everything you can think of with regard to learning new skills. You must know this. Since you're watching this class, I congratulate you on being here. It shows you're a risk taker, a willing student and a do er every day is a new day. Give yourself permission to be that willing student. Learn what you can and use the tools you've required to create a new career hobby, whatever. So thanks again for being here and let's get started 3. Tools You'll Need For This Course: As I had mentioned in the class description, to participate in the exercise for this class, you'll need a desktop or a laptop and a working internet. I do not know how to show you to do this on an iPad or a smartphone. So we're going to have to do this again, using a desktop or a laptop is far as designed tools, we will be working with the following. Make sure you've created your free accounts and that you're signed in and ready to go. You will be using the following websites and apps., I,, and get A is an excellent source to find royalty free images, vectors, and illustrations for commercial and personal use. I is a free design tool you use, right in your browser. We will use this to create our image because I want to implement a transparent background in width I picky, you can do this without paying for a pro version. is a fantastic resource when it comes to creating images for anything you can imagine. Invitations, flyers, business cards, social media banners, you name, it, will use Canvas to create our image as well. But more than anything, just to show you this option, you'll have to have a Pro account to use their transparent background feature. So that's why I'd prefer to do this with I, but I do wanna show you can't, but as well. We will however, use Canvas to create our mockup image for our listing. And finally, when it comes to saving your image is a perfect print ready download. We're going to use a get This is a free app you'll download and install to your computer, will make our image into a 300 dpi, which is the recommended print ready format, which will allow you to upload your image to your Etsy listing. Knowing your buyer will be able to use it to print it however they choose. So there you have it. Make sure you have these tools ready. And I'll see you in the next video. 4. Ipiccy, Flash and Course Updated Content: Hey guys, I wanted to come to you and give you a couple of updates. So number one, you are getting brand new free content that is going to come later on in the course. I'll explain why in just a moment. So whether you're a new student or whether you've already taken this course, you are probably aware that flashes going away at the end of 2020. Right now, it kind of is the end of 2020. It's early in December. And I picky still runs on flash. I wanted to, I, I've been thinking about this. I even had a student ask me about it, but I was already on top of it, just kinda scouting out some different things that I could show you. Because while, as you can see here, I am on the eye picky Contact Us page and they're telling you that yes, they are working on an HTML5 version at the moment that won't require flash. The truth is, it's not out yet. I was sitting back and hoping and praying that they would go ahead and release it. Not just because of these courses, but because I love using this program. I think it's awesome. And it was a pleasure and an honor to be able to show you guys how to use it. Some of you already knew, some of you didn't know when. Some of you learned some things that you didn't know having already used this program. So that being said, I can't take this out of your course because they might go ahead and come out with this. I've heard different things. I did email them. In fact, I did contact them and they got back to me letting me know that yeah, they were working on it and it was going to come out. So I have to remain hopeful and in good conscience. I cannot remove this content from your course. I'm going to leave it right where it is. Again, if for some reason it doesn't come out or it takes awhile or whatever, I can't have you guys take this course and not have access to another program that can at least help you do the things that I have shown you how to do using AI picky, Okay, so you guys are going to have some brand new content later on in the course, I had to figure out where to put it so that it wouldn't disrupt the flow. And I felt that later on in the course, it would make the most sense. Okay, so you can look at this as additional content and I think you'll be happy with it. I had to I had to do some homework and see what it was that that you guys would be able to use. And again, you'll be happy to know I was able to find a program that is totally free, doesn't require Flash, it's been updated with the HTML ability and you guys will not have to download anything necessarily. But like I said, they do actually have an app, so you will be able to play with this on your smartphone or your tablet or whatever. Alright, so just be on the lookout for that guys. 5. Find Your Graphics in Pixabay: All right, guys, I've got pics obey dot com open. And I had told you guys it would be a good idea for you to go ahead and create a free account with all of the pieces of information we're gonna be using today Picks obey is not 100% necessary. You do not have to actually create an account. But to save time in between downloads from having to click any boxes or enter in any captures, it's a good idea to just go ahead and create your account when it comes to creating these types of designs. If you're going to do a lot of them, you're gonna want to save time wherever possible. So if you were to go to images here all right, you'll see it'll bring a drop down menu. You'll have photos, vector graphics, illustrations, videos, these airmen to narrow your search and again save time for this project. We're going to go with a vector graphic, and we are looking for the firecrackers of the little fireworks that are going to be in the I am freedom image. So I'm just gonna type in fireworks and OK. You'll also see more opportunities to narrow down your search, you can choose by the orientation. The category sighs. You can put the size, and if you want, you can clear out all the filters. In this case, the color is going to come into play because we want a transparent background for this project. So we've got our image here, so I'm just gonna go ahead and click on it now. Picks Obey doesn't charge you. However, these you know, these artists, they submit these projects in and we get to use them for free. So don't hesitate to click the like button and favorite their their object. I mean, that would be really nice. Just a nice way to kind of pay them back, even share it if you want. And, um, as you can also see here on the pics of a license, these air free for commercial use no attribution required those air. Just important things to keep in mind when you grab an image, All you would do here is you hit the free download button. You've got several sizes to choose from for this particular project. We really don't need a large graphic because these were going to be smaller were also going to be taking the image at the end and turning it into a 300 dp I. So it's going to be beautifully print ready. But because it's not going to be a big graphic in these pictures, we technically could get away with 6 40 by 5 40 But because I say if in doubt, go with the one in the middle, that's what we're going to dio. So we're just gonna hit the download button. It will likely save into your downloads folder and you'll see it right here. I would suggest. Go back in there and rename it into something you could type in and find easily when you need it. That's it, guys. We found our image, and now it's time to create it. I will see you in the next video 6. Introducing PiZap: Okay guys, it is time to learn about his app or pi zap or P zap or whatever it is you want to call it. I've heard it pronounced several different things. And this is another design program. It is totally free to use. Yes, I did sign-in. You will have to create a username, you'll have to create accounts and account. But again, you can totally do this for free and they do have a pro version very similar to Canada. Okay. So if you were to scroll down and really quick here, Okay. This would be I guess considered the newer, newer version because this is what runs on HTML. However, if you were to want to work with the Flash version, you can always switch to classic and it'll take you there. Okay? So as you can see, if you scroll down and you can see here also, I've played around with it, you know, with printable art, you know, the simple printable art like I have shown, and some abstract art and they've got some feature templates here. Again, very similar to places like Canva, pre-made holiday cards, social media templates. You can see like a Facebook cover. You can create ready-made means here I've seen these all over the place now I know how you can do this to have and logos YouTube channel or you name it, okay, all kinds of cool stuff. And I would encourage you on your time to come back to this program and play around and see what else you can use it for. Okay. Today I'm going to focus on what I'm going to show you specifically for this course because I kinda like to cut to the chase and give you what you've signed up for. However, you can certainly come back in here and see what else you can do with it. Because I can tell you right now, you can do a lot of really cool things with it. I also wanted to mention that because of the fact that I wanted to release this content before, I picky may or may not go away. When Flash may or may not go away. I didn't give myself the opportunity to learn absolutely everything that you can do with this program. But I did learn enough to be able to teach you how to use it again for the tools that I want you to develop or the skills in this course, okay? If you want to learn more about what this program can do, I am going to release YouTube videos. I'm gonna do a little tutorials on things that I have figured out how to do. There's at least one cool thing I figured out how to do that doesn't have anything to do with your course. I am going to have that on my youtube channel so you can feel free to check that out. But again, I'm going to keep the content for this course relevant, for this course. 7. PiZap App: So guys, here's some really good news for you. While this course focuses on teaching you guys how to create all of this, all of these designs, all of this stuff on a laptop or a desktop because that is how I know how to teach it. You guys can have access to the prison APA, AP, Okay. So whether you need to do this through Google Play, if you have an Android or a tablet, or if you're using an iPhone or an iPad, you guys, the app is free and I have actually installed it. I installed it into my iPad and I did play around with it a little bit. All you need to do is sign into your account, which you can create for free and you can start using it. So I wanted to let you know that you do have that option, okay? And I think that that is extremely exciting because while you're on the go, while you're doing things, you can go back in and you can, you know, you can design and redesign. And what I wanted you to also know is when I had signed into the app, I was able to go right into the stuff that I had created through the browser and go in and play around and edit and update and all that kinds of stuff. Okay, so that's the exciting thing about using this particular program. You do have access to it on multiple types of devices, which only gives you more freedom and more opportunity to create. 8. Introduction to Ninjaunits: I also wanted to make you aware that I am going to bring another useful tool into this course. This you will see come into play a little bit later on in the course. However, it's just a good thing to have with you, okay, another free website that you can use, and this one is to help you convert things like inches, two pixels, and vice versa. So let's just say you have an 11 by 14. And the program you're using is asking for the pixel count and you aren't sure exactly what that number would be. You can simply come to ninja You would go to converters, okay? And you would be able to figure that out. So we're going to go ahead and click on that ok. And obviously it's cool for all kinds of things. But in this case we're gonna go to pixels conversion. And we're gonna go to inches, two pixels. Okay? And what we would do here is we would scroll down, okay? When it comes to, you know, look, if you're working with a program that doesn't have a limit on how many pixels you can use for their program. Then I say, go ahead and play around because you can always create your 300 dpi From the beginning doing something like this. However, with some of the programs, especially the free ones, they do limit you on the resolution that they're going to let you download for free. So what I say is start low, ok, it is usually better to start high if you can. But again, when you're using free programs, you have to make do with what you can work with. Okay, so in this case, we're just gonna go ahead, will go to 096 DPI. And if you are trying to convert an 11 by 14, you would simply put 156 pixels where the 11 inches would go. And you would put 1344 pixels where the 14 would go. Okay? So I just wanted to make you aware of this, alright? And in case you wanted to learn about this, you can always do this the long way. So, you know, here's your inches to pixels conversion table. And you can always figure that out using a calculator, which is probably not half bad thing to do. However, we have kind of gotten used to technology doing things for us. And if this is what you wanna do, then this is the website in which you can do it, ok. And if your DPI is not on the list, you can always, I guess, activate a custom DPI. I haven't done that, but apparently it is an option. 9. Choosing Our Size and Background: Okay guys, so what we're gonna do is we are going to start our project. Alright, you can see here there's create new. You can edit a photo because this is a photo editing app. Actually. You can create a collage, a blank canvas, and you can touch up a photo, right? In this case we are going to go to blank canvas. And as you can see here, just like the other programs, you can do a custom size. They've got a square landscape portrait, and then they have all these other layouts, you know, whether it's free or social media graphics, that kind of thing. Okay? So this is a really cool program that you can come in here and use. Let's just say you create your design and then you want to create some graphics to help you market the design. You can certainly use this program to do it. Now, as far as choosing your template here, okay? As far as like the portrait or landscape goes, I really don't know. They're not telling you exactly what the size. This is. Our eight. So you would probably want to come in here and choose a custom size. Okay. So like I told you before, I can come in here and go to inches. And sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I'm just going to let you know that I can type 11 by 14 and they're gonna tell me right here, the max dimension is 38 or 3840 inches. Okay? The reason is because they are calculating this at a much higher resolution than what I showed you earlier in the course with Ninja units. Okay, so here we've got the 1344, alright, for the 14. So we're gonna go ahead and change this back to pixels. Okay, and yes, they hadn't did a 300 dpi here, 1344. Ok. And I believe the 11 was a and 56, but let's just make sure. Yes. Okay. So we're going here with a 96 DPI, but at least this will work. Alright, so this is our 11 by 14. Ok? So in this case, what we can do here, alright, you've got some options, can always add a background image, alright? And in this case they've got access to some free stock images and you can upload some images, that kind of thing. Okay, if you've got Dropbox, you can certainly go there. You can change your canvas size, which is really cool. You can go ahead and do that. Once you've already kinda got started. You can create a background color here, and you can do a transparent background. So this is what we're going to do today. 10. Creating The Design Using PiZap: So now that we have our size and image, we are going to go ahead and create this design. So what we're gonna do here is we're just going to take a look at this menu, okay? And you've got your canvas, you've got filters, graphics, texts, cut out, borders, can add pictures. You can, you're memes there and you do have a paint option as well, which will come in handy if you want to add a little paint like effects, although this is relatively minimal here, but it's still something that you can use. Okay? We've got the transparent background to what we're gonna do is we're gonna go right to graphics. Click on that. You'll see that there's a bunch that they already have in here. However, for our design, we're going to add our own. I took the liberty of already bringing the graphic in. However, in your case, you can always go to your computer, grab whatever graphics you have. If you, you know, you save the pixabay image that the fireworks that I showed you, then you would certainly bring that in. You can bring in free stock images and you can always bring stuff in from Dropbox. This case, I'm going to go to my uploaded images. Here is our graphic. Just disregard the black background. This is transparent and as you can see, it brought it right in. Okay? So when you do this, what happens is it brings up a little box of options. So there's the delete, there's the lock. You can duplicate this as is. You can always change it around and duplicate it here or you can rotate it. You can rotate it there as well. You can flip it horizontally, you can flip it vertically. You can bring it forward, you can move it behind. You can change the color. Okay, that might be kind of fun to do. You can change the opacity or opacity. I have absolutely no idea how to even say that, or I'm only in my forties and I don't know how to pronounce opacity. Okay, we're gonna move on. And here is another option that you have, you know, as far as changing things around. This is really cool for like different, different little options, especially if you're like blending two images and stuck together. Okay, but it is something that I would totally tell you to kind of play around with if you have a chance. All right, so we can go ahead and reset our color back to the original one. We're gonna go ahead and move this, right, and we're going to bring it right up here. Right now. Make no mistake, guys, this is the top of the image. Ok, I can keep moving this up and it's just gonna disappear just like I can keep moving it down. It's just going to disappear. Okay? So we're gonna go ahead and we're just gonna kinda neatly tuck that right in the corner. Alright, I'm gonna duplicate it. Alright, and then I'm going to flip it horizontally and flip it. Oops, flip it vertically. That's what I want. And we're just gonna go ahead and we're going to tuck that neatly in the corner as well. Okay. And in this case you're just gonna kinda want to, i, a, i, she sort of move it around. You'll see it'll sort of lock itself every now and then into place. If you are going to put something, say in the middle or in certain areas, you know, you'll kind of see these little, little lines, little grids come up. That'll give you an idea of where you are, where you are situated, okay? You can take your graphic if you want to change the size of it without changing any of the dimensions of it, you would certainly do this from the corner. If not, you can bring it up this way. It would kind of stretch it out long ways. This would stretch it out through the width. I'm gonna go ahead and actually delete that now that it's not even anymore. And I'm gonna go ahead, will duplicate that again and flip it. There we go. Bring that back down. Okay, now, let's see here. Alright, there's a little gauge there, and that's not quite where I would want it. So there we go. That's a little better. Okay. And like I said, we can certainly lock it in place if we want. So what we're gonna do is we're going to add text. So I know I said this is a totally free blah, blah, blah program. You're gonna have your pro options. And I had also said that they went ahead and they moved everything to the HTML. However, the text, you don't have to have h, You don't have to have any special tools. Everything has been updated. If you want to go ahead and add this stuff in. One thing I do want to let you know though, if you want to install your own fonts, it seems that right now you will need flash for that. Okay, it is not a deal breaker again, it's only if you want to install your own. And I would probably just give this, I would give this program a little bit of time and that even might go away as well. Ok. However, one thing I do want to let you know is you've got all kinds of options here are great. They're gonna give you like a menu of all these different types of fonts that you can use. And what they're gonna do is they're going to let you know what is free. So in this case, dancing script, which is what I used in the other couple of programs. In this case, you need to have a pro version. Now I will tell you right now dancing script is new. You can usually find this for free and it's also available for commercial use. It's a very popular font. But in this case, you would need the Pro account in order to be able to use it. So what we can do is we can choose one of these other fonts, okay? Or we can do something a little bit different. I mean, this particular video is updated content. Alright, we've already done a dancing script version of this. So maybe we'll wanna do something a little different. Okay, and we can go for one of these are now in cool for, go for like a cool little orange fund font. Leading cowboys is really cool, but I do know for a fact you will need to contact the owner for permission to use that for commercial projects. Down come I do believe you can use for free air. A. Don't quote me on that. I'm just going off the top of my head. Okay. You can make that bigger or smaller from here, right? And what you can always do is you can type in the entire little phrase here. Alright? And you can go ahead. You can do some letter spacing there. You can move it off to that side. I'm just going to keep it in the middle depending on the font. Alright, you might be able to bold it, italicize it. Ok. You can adjust the line height, you can adjust the letter spacing. So this is like a really cool thing that you can do. Ok. And it got guys, this is, again, totally free, right? You can add a glow to it if you, if you would like. You don't always have this option with some of these programs, but it's really cool if you do. Alright, you can change the color here, which is what you saw. In the other video. I had added a color, I didn't add a color and the other ones and this one I did. You can add an outline if you want, and you can change the color of the outline as well. And if you don't find the color you want here, you can find something similar to it and then just move it around until you find what you want. You can create a drop shadow if you'd like. And then you can adjust it here. Or it's not going to be that easy to see on the transparent background. However, you can, you know, the more intense I make it, the more you can, more you can see it. Okay? Those are just a couple of things that you can do. Well, alright, can change the color of the font. And I don't know if I would go with ten. That's kind of, that's kind of not going to work with these graphics, but it doesn't matter. Let's go back to black. Okay, and I'm actually, let's go ahead and take that out because that was a bit much, alright, but you know what, I'll keep this fun little glow here. Why not? Just really, just to play around with it? We can also, we can also go here soon as I get out of this. Alright. I just had to hit the cancel button there. On what that'll do. We're gonna go back here real quick and I just want to show you again if you wanted to change the color, you can certainly change the color of that. You can create an entirely different graphic out of it. Okay. So and again, you can just, can always just reset it. So really guys in a nutshell, that's pretty much what we did here. Ok. This is the I am freedom. Alright, I used different fonts this time because the one that I used in the other ones was not available for free. And this one, however, as you can see, again, they had plenty of other ones that you can use, okay? And if you wanted to create something kinda similar to the script and you can just change it and you can see what this looks like an all different formats. I actually kinda think that's cool. Okay? And there are other things you can do here. You can add a little square. You can add other stuff in the corners, whatever you want. You can create a little box there. But we're not gonna do that this time. Okay, so keeping it simple, using again this free program. Alright, we can make sure that we're in the middle here. Okay? And it's sort of telling you there you are. Just telling you wear it there, that you're in the middle. Okay, so you've got your graphics here on either side. These can be replaced with anything. And if you don't love the fact that this part of the graphic is kind of interfering with this part of the lettering than you can certainly make it a little bit smaller. Okay. Which I would personally do. And this is where you just start kind of playing around and having fun. Okay? And again, just feel free to have fun with this because this is what this is all about. I am showing you a simple, simple design that you can do. But it is up to you to have as much fun with it as possible. And really, all you would do here is you would simply title it. I am free dom and I would even I would even name the program that way you know which one it is just in case you create the same ones and you want to know which one is which. Alright, make sure that you are happy with everything. Go ahead and save it, okay. You would save it. This is what they're going to allow you to save it as so no matter what like I showed you before, no matter what you try to size it as if it's a higher definition if you're not using the Pro version, this is the best you're going to get, okay? So actually real quick, as you can see here, the high-quality, This is the 96 dpi version, okay, this is probably like a 72. And here custom you can set the size. It doesn't matter. You're going to resize this later on anyway, but this is just an FYI. You'll save it to your computer. And then you can go ahead and open it up. And there you go. And what's really cool about this program is Here you go and you save it. Even if you exit out, it's gonna save it automatically. And even if you were to say like exit out of it and go back to the home screen. You can come back to your project at any time and then just kind of go back at it. So that's one thing I really love about this, about this program is you can come in and you can edit pretty much at any time. Okay? Alright guys. That is how you create your art printable using his app. 11. Additional Design Editing Options: So guys, I want to show you something else you can do with your artwork. Ok. What I did here was I actually hear from the home screen. Okay. I went to touch up. Alright, you just hit that button. And I took the liberty of bringing our image n. Okay? So right here, as you can see, I brought in the image we just created. And as you can see this beautiful transparent background, I love that. We're going to hit cancel. So once, as you can see, once you bring something in it is here, I find that extremely convenient. Okay, so what we're gonna do, again, go to a uploaded images. It's going to bring it in. And what happens here is you'll have some, you'll have some things you can do, hear a lot of it will be in the Pro version, but if you go to some of these things, you'll have opportunities to just sort of kinda play around. Okay? So Brush size you can, I guess creates some stuff here actually, yeah, as you can see here, that's an effect that you can create. Why you'd want to do that? I don't really know. I'm not going to pretend to know why you gotta do the things you do. However, and we can cancel that. Alright. You can take all of these cool epic we just did that. You can take all of these little things here. And let's see. I think it's pretty much the same thing. Alright, so yeah, but it's kind of interesting how you can kind of create little effects here, okay? Something like that. Alright. And then you could probably even just go in here. And this is where you, this is where you start to have fun. All right, you can always cancel out of that obviously, if you want it to apply it, you would apply it. But this is really important. So if you come in here and you hit this basic button, while you're creating a design, you won't get this ok. So as you're bringing in like when you, when I brought in the graphics here and created the texts like this whole thing here did not pop up. You got the little box that allows you to kind of play around with each individual graphic, okay? But when you bring your image back in, because you have to have an actual image to use this feature. It seems anyway, what happens is as you hit the basic Edit button and you get all these different little options here that you can play with. Okay? So in this case, you can take your design and create different versions of it. Okay? So you can move things around, change the colors, soften things up a little bit. You can change the saturation, alright, the temperature. So I wanted the contrast. So these are all things that you can do. Again, just kinda using the free tools. All right, so I just wanted you to be aware that you do have this option. And again, this is all using the free version, okay. They do have like a compare button and I'm not entirely sure. I've gotten it to work before. I would encourage you to play around with that. Like I said, you know, I'm just kinda learning this program, but I am bringing enough to you so that you can take this and run with it and create your designs. Ok. You can flip it. Alright. You can rotate it, you can crop it. You can auto adjust, you can straighten. So this kind of gives you a nice little grid you can play with, which is really cool. Okay? And then you can reset all of this, which is also really cool because I will warn you, I have used, I have used the Undo button and sometimes it can be a little bit testy. Okay, so have fun with it. But I would tell you create like maybe multiple versions and save multiple versions of your design just in case you kinda get stuck with something. Okay? Just things. It's always best to learn upfront. Okay. So I wanted to show you that guys, it's just another something that you can use this program for. Another way to do some editing and have some fun with it again, totally for free. 12. Using Our Designs Interchangably Throughout The Course: Okay guys, so before we move on, I just wanted to throw this little reminder in there that anything that we did on say, I picky. But I went ahead and we recreated on pi's up. If throughout the course I am talking about what we created for my picky and bringing it into Canva or using a watermark or whatever it is thrown in, thrown it in and creating the mock-up. You can interchange that information with what we've just done here with pies app. Okay, very, very important for you to understand that because I just don't want you to get confused. This is just one of those things that happens when you've had to create new content and kind of do a little bit of surgery on your course because things have changed and we have to make do with what we have, right? So we recreated a very similar version of our original design. And so later on in the course, when I am discussing how to create a watermark, I'm going back into pies app. I'm showing you how to do it. But then I am also kinda bringing what we had originally created from IP into Canvas to further the watermark education. Just understand, this also applies to what you've created here. Okay? So that's just what I wanted to kinda let you guys know. Alright, the information is interchangeable, so just try not to get confused and just go along with it are right. And I will see you in the next section. 13. Creating the Design on Ipiccy: Okay, guys, I have i picky dot com open. I am signed in, and we're going to create our design to use I picky you simply hit, created design, and you might see this pop up. It pops up for me all the time. It's an easy solution. You're just gonna enable flash allow it to run. It's gonna reload itself. And there you go, and you will always see this. All right? It never gets in my way, but I'm just letting you know. You will see that. So what we're gonna do is we're going to start a new project. It's gonna bring up a box. You can create a custom size for the sake of this project. We're going to go with an 11 by 14. All right, we're gonna hit the transparent background and we're just going to create all right, you can go in here and you can choose a custom size. You can do all of those things, but again, just to keep things simple for this project will do the 11 by 14. It's a pretty popular size, and it also seems to work very well. If you want to turn it into an eight by 10 or 16 by 20. Those air also popular sizes. All right, so what you're gonna dio is you're going to start with your text. Or at least that's what I like to dio. I picky comes with a bunch of preloaded texts that you can use. Unfortunately, I don't see any option to upload your own fonts. However, there's plenty to choose from in all different styles. So as you can see here, I already have the font picked out that we're gonna use for this project. And I chose it intentionally because they actually have the exact same one on camera. That way we can duplicate it. All right, so we're going to choose dancing script, gonna put it in the center. And you've also got your local fonts here. I all right. We exit out of that and you would type it right in here so you can do it this way at another text I am. And then add freedom in. And then you can always line them up so that they look however you want. That's how you would change the fonts on each individual word again. For the sake of this project. I'm going to keep it simple. So we'll just go back to this one. Since I'm using the same font in the entire design. I am freedom. And if you want to separate them that way on the different lines, this is where you would do it. I am going to have its centered. So I would hit that. And if you did choose different texts, say, if you did the I in the M and the freedom and you chose different text, different bonds, if you wanted to match up the size, this would be a good way to do it. You would go here, you would copy and paste the number and see if they lined up that way. All right, So what I think is really cool about I picky that I don't see this option in Canada at all . If I wanted to make this, if I wanted to say, like, stretch it out that way, that way I could do it. Where is in Canada? You can certainly make it much bigger. You could make it smaller, but it's always going to stay in its exact proportion. So what we're going to do here is. We're just going to drag it on each corner. That way it stays in proportion. All right, That looks pretty center to me. And so there we've got the text. Now for your project. If you want to choose a different text, that's fine. I say go with your imagination. This is your project. You do what you want to do with it. But if you want to keep things simple and just follow along with what I'm doing, I used dancing script. Now we're going to add our image. We would go here, you would upload your image, and we are going to go to downloads. And I actually saved mine in here. Fireworks red. Okay, you would simply take this and you would drag it right over here. Okay, Now, I had them in the corner, so I also had it so that this corner was actually over here. All right, Now there's a couple ways you can go about this. You can hit that and flip it that way. You can hit that and flip it that way. Okay? You can also use this and basically just kind of rotated around. I made it a little bigger. And there you go. Now you want to duplicate this exact thing so that you don't drag it back in again and then have to guess the size in this case, What you're going to do is you're gonna right, click, you're going to duplicate it will move it here. I had it in the corner, okay? And that is when you're going to flip it and flip it again. Okay, Now we have it in approximately the same place. So you would look here, And if you want to keep it very simple, you just drag it that it lines up in that perfect square. There you go. Okay. Now, in a nutshell, that right there is your image. However, in the image that I created for this course that I showed you in the first videos, these were not this color, all right. I kind of altered them a little bit, which I think is a good idea. If you want to take a graphic that you found and change it up a little bit, personalize it a little bit, and you can always it's just a good way to use your creativity. So in this case, you've got some options here. All right? You can change the hue a little bit, which is what I did in that last one. Normally, I would tell you you would change the 1st 1 and then go ahead and duplicate it and bring it down here. Okay? Again. For the sake of the video, you will just do this brightness. You can break it up and make it a little darker. And then there's contrast. You've got these that you can play with, and actually, I think we'll go ahead. So now I've created this color that I wanted, but in duplicate going to flip it, actually, that's really cool. I like the way that looks, but and I like the way that looks to see you'll see, in the creative process, you're going to just come across all kinds of happy little accidents that you're probably gonna like. So you really need to have some fun with this. All right? Now, as you can see, you want to just check a few things out. You want to make sure like this, You know, this part here looks the way this part over here does. Are they lining up in the right places. To me, they look like they are. I mean, but that's why I like using those little squares. Okay, this is it. We've got our image. I also want to show you this feature here. Let me see. Okay, if you have something like if you lined one of these say, on top of your design, you can choose whichever item you want. You could bring it forward or you consented backward. Okay? Those were just a couple things that you should know, but we've created our image. So in this case, you would export it. You would export it to the editor, and we're not making any changes. But you do have all of these options here. So if you wanted to, you could resize the image, which is awesome. Let's just say you're going through the process, and you've decided Oh, my gosh. You know, I'd rather make this into a five by seven. This is where you can do it. All right? You can crop the picture here. Any auto fixing that might need to be done. Any fading, perhaps. All right. Colors anything. So But in this case, we are happy with the way this turned out, We're going to save it to our computer. We're going to save it as a PNG and we're going to rename it. I am Freedom. Okay. This way you'll know where to get it. You'll save it, and it's going to save it. I guess in the last place you had up, so I will save it there and we're done. Here's your project. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take this image. We're going to recreate it in Canada, and I will see you in the next video. 14. Creating the Design on Canva: All right, guys. We created our image on I picky yesterday and in this class, we're going to create it on canvas. Canada is a free platform. Well, it's mostly free. You can use a lot of free aspects of this website, and it's excellent for pre made templates. As you could see here, you can make your instagram post your facebook post. You've got the sizes all in here, which allows you to skip googling the image sizes for the different templates. And since every social media platform and different blogged post themes, you know, they all have their own image requirements. This will save you some time. Okay? I love using can, but I think it's an excellent tool to create all kinds of graphics for All right. You can see they've got everything tumblr or even create letterheads, invitations, magazine covers and create gift certificates. You name it. All right. In this case, what we're gonna do, however, is we're going to create our own dimensions. So in the other picture on for my picky, we did in 11 by 14. And that is what we're going to do here. When a type in 11 i 14 I want to make sure you change that out two inches and create a new design. All right, One important thing. I want to go over with you when it comes to using. Can va can has got a lot of excellent built in templates and, you know, pictures and different little elements and stuff. You know, you could get your little shapes here, and a good portion of them were free And what isn't free, they will let you know, You know, like something like that would be premium. Even if he had the pro version, you would pay for something like that. Okay. And on the ones that you'll get for free with the pro version, you'll actually see that little symbol right there. Okay. However, when it comes to using Camba, if you're gonna use one of their elements So let's just say I type in fire works, and I were toe look here. You can see the pro requirement right there. You can certainly use these things to create your social media graphics and, you know, anything personal but canvas pretty strict about using their stuff for commercial purposes . All right, so you're gonna want to look into that and get very, very clear on what their terms are. That's why I recommended going to pick Sabei, which is clearly commercial free, royalty free stuff that you can use for your commercial purposes and products. That's why it's really the safest way to go. All right. But if you're just going to, like for our mock ups and stuff and you know, if you want to create a post, you know, um, maybe on your block talking about this new design that you put in your Etsy store, you can certainly come to Camba and you stuff like this to create your block graphics. Okay, So I also took the liberty of bringing up our picture from yesterday. Okay? And this is going to just give us an idea of how to make it very similar. So let's get started. Started yesterday using the text, all right. And in the text area here, you can see you've got a lot of pre made text templates and again great for social media stuff, blog's stuff. I wouldn't use it to try to sell a design. In this case. We're going to simply add a heading. All right, I'm clicking out of that because if I click on it the first time, it's not going to take my letters. So I am going to do exactly what I did yesterday Gonna hit. I enter I m and third freedom. And just like yesterday, I wanted to make these different. I would create the text one way at a different text. You something different here at a different text. Do something here. All right, Now you can. I'm just showing you this just so you would know. Like you can highlight a word. And usually, if you want to take that one word and make it different, you can. However, it may or may not look right when you try to re proportion everything. So if that's what you want to do, I would recommend just doing different, you know, create a different header out of each one. But if you know in this case, we're gonna be using the exact same font for everything. Just go ahead and do one heading right. We used dancing script yesterday, so we're gonna use it again today. You can use whatever you want. Like I said in the other video, make this your own creative project or just follow mine if you want to keep it easier. All right, so and we'll get out of the dancing script real quick just so I can show you. You've got a lot of different thoughts you can use here, and you are able to upload your own. But you do need the pro account for that. Okay, When it comes to Campbell, you can. I am highlighting this entire thing, and you can adjust the line height. That way you can move the letters for their part closer together. Doing that, you can also get it perfectly centered, right? That's gonna center it horizontally that's going to center it vertically, and it it's helpful to know what proportions you're working with, all right, And, like I had also showed you and I picky, if you were to drag this horizontally, it's not going to stretch the letters like it did in. I picky you can Onley keep them in proportion with Camba. So which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. It's just different. I'm just I moved it, so I'm gonna make sure it's re proportioned. This is a good little step to use at all times just to make sure it's where you want it to be. So I took the liberty of taking our graphic from picks Obey. And I already uploaded it to Canada. In your case, what you would dio you'd hit the upload button, you'd find your image click open, and it's going to save it. So we're gonna click on that, and it actually just kind of appears in there instead of you having to drag it in. All right, so I want to use yesterday's picture as a little bit of a guide here. Okay, The reason I want to do that is because appear, I have a little bit of leeway right here. I want to make sure that these air sized appropriately enough so that the little these little stars, these little fireworks don't interfere with my font. Okay, So what we do here, like I showed you on, I picky you can flip things. We're gonna flip this vertically, okay? And we're going to drag it right into the corner. And actually, that looks like it's pretty much a perfect fit right there. Look at that. Okay, Now, while I still have this box highlighted. I showed you when I picky that I altered the color. Okay, I kind of personalized it. It's just a way of using little creativity. And as I said, personalizing your graphic. Okay? And you don't have to do it, but I figured it would be cool to bring it up in the class so real quick you would hit filter. Okay, so that's what it looks like with no filter I discovered. And you're gonna want to play around with it because he's different. Little filters, air going to change what the graphic looks like. It may or may not work on everyone you upload. It just depends. So But in this case, and then you can change the intensity of it. All right. In this case, I discovered that in order to kind of match it up to the one from yesterday, Rosie seem to do it, cause economy did a little bit more of like a British red. Okay, So there is that. You can also I can adjust the brightness of it. Rich contrast, saturation. And this is where you get to play. All right, This is where you get to play that we're going to reset it, though, because I really don't want to mess with it. And we're gonna compare It looks pretty similar to me. I And again, you can play with it if you want. Actually, this one looks a touch darker Means so I guess if I wanted Teoh, I could maybe make that just a little bit less a little bit less bright. Now let's go. There we go. OK, much better. So now that I've got the right size and I have the right color what we want to dio click on it, Copy? Gonna flip this one because we're doing the complete opposite with it. So we're gonna flip it once horizontally, Flip it once vertically. The reason for the sake of this class so not overwhelm you that I chose specific square regions is because you don't have to sit around and guests are the even. Are they at the right place? This is just a nisi way to go about it. The more you play with this process, the more comfortable you'll get. You know, figuring out where things belong and what images you can combine and how to resize them and size them up and do all of these extra little creative things. But I have found that when you're just starting, it's good to simplify things and you learn as you go along. Okay, so that's really the purpose of this. And that would be our image. So if I were to bring up yesterday's picture and compare, check it out, we've got the same image. Okay, so in this case, what we would dio is we name it I and free number. And in this case, I'm gonna put Canada. I'll even do 11 by 14. Okay, This way I can identify it. Which design is which? When it comes to Canberra, you can download it as a PNG a J P G. Pdf standard GDF print had mentioned in one of the other videos that it's a good idea to have a couple different options. There are people who prefer pdf print. There are certain print places that prefer pdf print, just like there are other ones that work best with the J, P. G or PNG. This is why I say go ahead. As long as it's not cost you anything, it's not gonna take much extra time. Go ahead. Create several versions as far as the crop marks and bleed. If you going past your borders here, that would probably be a good idea. Okay. However, in this case, I'm not all right. I'm stopping at the borders. I still could do this, but for the sake of this design, I'm not going to We'll just hit, download, and we open it up. That's what it looks like. All right, So when it comes to saving as a pdf can, va is it's already ah, high quality image. Okay, so you're not gonna need to. And I don't even think you have the ability to resize the image which we're going to do and get paint dot Net using a pdf, However, we will do it with the PNG and the J P. G. So you can go ahead and save this as the PNG and save it is a J P G, which we will do right here. You'll see it takes no time. All right, if you have again, if you have the pro virgin, you can save it with a transparent background. You would go ahead. You wouldn't like an I picky how I had to create that option from the get go. In this case, you would just create your picture. And then when it when you would go to save it, this would be something you could check. But in this case, if you want to, it's gonna be like 12 95 months. You also have a 30 day free trial you can use. I actually did use the free trial. It was great. And I'll probably go back to using pro at some point, but not right this moment. So that's what we dio. We've just re created our image. So just to recap real quick, all right, best thing to do if you want to create the same image. Okay, Go in both and see if you can locate the same thought. All right, bring up your picture. After you've created your image so that you can do little side by side comparisons, make sure that any graphics that you use are from a place that you know, you have the rights for commercial purposes. And lastly, make sure that you name it and that you save it properly. Okay, So that's how you create your image on Camba. And until the next video, take care and I will see you there. 15. Creating Your Mockup: Okay, guys, it's time for us to create our mock up image, and we're going to use canvas to do it. I just want to show you real quick. This is the help section and etc as faras your listing photo requirements. I just wanted to show you the guidelines for their listing. Photos should be about 2000 pixels wide. The height, however, can bury all right now, I've used instagram size listings, which your 10 80 by 10. 80 for my listing photos and nothing bad happened. So it's not something you have to do. But if you want to kind of go by their actual requirements, then this is a good way to go about it. I took the liberty of creating a custom design size here, and I chose 2000 wide by 1500 high. Okay, you would hit the create a new design button, and it would bring you right here. So we've got our area here. And as I showed you in the last video, Han va has a pre built, um section here for picks. Obey. Okay. I clicked on picks. Obey. It showed up right here, and I typed in photo frame. You can type in something like that. You can type in picture frame and you'll come up with all of these options. They're all also in picks. Obey. Okay, so if I go to pick Sabei and I type in photo frame, you're going to get all of these options, and I've used several of them. So I've used something like that before. Have used something like that before. This is great. If you create like, um, like a set of something, something like this would be excellent. You would just download the photo and uploaded into picks obey and you'd have your background. So I chose this image because I like the fact that it's got a bunch of room around it, and it's it's not real loud. It's just a nice, bright, pretty image to use. And as you can also see before I enlarge it, it's not in proportion to the size that we created. That's okay. That's part of the reason I chose his image, because I can make it bigger without sacrificing the look of the picture. You just want to make sure all the white space is covered. You want to try to make sure, if possible, that this is centered and it looks to on either side it looks to be about even there. So by centering it, it looks like it's right in the middle. All right, you would go toe up loads and to save some time, I took the liberty of dragging in my transparent image that I made from my picky dot com. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on that and just real quick, I would suggest you bring in a transparent version of the image and one with white background. This particular frame has a white background, so I don't need one. I don't need an image with the white background. It works better for me if I have the transparent background. But some of these mock up photos that you're going to use, they might not have a white background. So that's why it's good to have a couple different ones uploaded here. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna make this smaller. We're going to drag it into our picture, and what's most important is that it's in proportion. Okay, so in this case, it's just about right. I can see a little bit extra space right here. When you re size these images this way, it's best to go from the corner that will keep it in proportion. Okay, you'll notice there's a little space here. There's a little bit of space here. One thing I want to point out when you're going with mock up photos, you really don't know the size of the frame. There's just no way to tell. That's why I suggest when you create your designs, if possible, have a few different size options there. You know, you might find a mock up that you really love. That you're five by seven version would look fabulous. And but, you know, your 11 by 14 or your 16 by 20 might be a little bit too wide and vice versa. Okay, so in this case, we're going through the motions a bit, and I'm showing you some basics. And the reason I chose this image is well is because it was a wider looking frame. So we've got our Imogen and I think it looks great. This makes a beautiful mock up photo. Okay, there's nothing too busy to take away from the design. You can see it. Clearly, you can kind of picture what your room would look like with this up here with some little accessories next to it. And that's basically what you want to relate to your buyer, you know? Hey, this is what my design would look like in your space. Isn't it? Pretty cool. So I also took the liberty of uploading a little something that I tend to put in my own listings. See, we're creating digital photos, so the buyer needs to know they're not going to receive something in the mail. And when they place their order with you, it's going to take a matter of maybe a minute, two minutes at most for their payment to process, and then they're gonna have immediate access to their purchase. So I created mine, and it's always good to go ahead and have your is created in advance. I created mine using elements. I chose this little shape. I changed the color. So just to give you a really quick tutorial on that that you would do something like that, you can change the color of it. And in that case, I also made it a little bit transparent and Then I put some text on it and I put the word instant download and I chosen oregano font. And so basically, that's what I did. Okay? And then I saved the design. I did it separately in another in another window, and I have it. It's available whenever I want it. I went ahead and uploaded it to etc. I mean dicamba, and this is how you let people know. It's an instant download and you can put it anywhere so you choose. It's your mock up. You decide where you want to put it. You know, I wouldn't have a interfere too much with your photo. Um, you go ahead and choose the size and put it anywhere you want and there is your mock up photo. See, it does not take long. I personally have a lot of fun with this. It's one of my favorite parts of this process, because I love to take my designs and see what they would look like, you know, in different spaces. So I have taken, you know, images of somebody's living room. I've even added frames into them and uploaded my designs into a little frame and stuff and It's just a really cool process to play with. So I say Have fun with it, But this is just something to get you started and a way for you to get familiar with the process. And this is 100% free, and it's also royalty free. You're using the picks obey image. Here, you've created your own design using free tools also from picks obey. And this is fine, as far as you know, using canvas design elements. Because you are not selling this logo, you're only using it in your listing photo. So going to name it, I I am free mock up. Save it. And there you go. You have a listing mock up photo. Okay, There you have it, guys, we've created your mock up in the next video. I'm gonna show you how to create a watermark for your photo. That is, to help protect your rights. Make sure that people don't start swiping your work from your listings, and I will see in the next video 16. Create Your Watermark Using PiZap and Canva: Okay guys, in this video I'm going to show you how to create a watermark. A watermark When you are creating digital arc or principles, it's a good idea to have a watermark around just so you can kind of put it over your design. This is ideal for your listing photos, especially because it helps to just deter theft. Alright, so somebody with some serious skills, unfortunately, it's going to be kind of tough to totally prevent them from taking your work. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys, but this is just one of those things. It's part of this part of this part of the business. However, there again, are ways that you can totally deter this. And this is where your watermark does come in. Alright? In a, originally I had created the watermark in i picky and then I brought it into Canvas and I showed you guys how to actually place it over your design. You're still going to see everything as far as bringing it into Canvas and that whole part of the, this section, however, I am going to create our watermark this time in his app. Again, or pies app or whatever it is you want to call it? Okay. And again, guys, it's the same same processes I used to do when I picky. So let's get to it. We're going to go with a blank canvas. And in this case, you know, again, you can recreate your 11 by 14 if you want it to fit totally over your image. In this case that we don't have to be quite as picky with it. We can just kinda hit portrait. And what we're gonna do is we're going to hit the transparent background. And just so you know, it doesn't even have to be a portrait. It can be anything. Alright, you can do all kinds of cool stuff with the watermark, alright? So it doesn't have to be totally formal. But in this case we'll just go ahead and do this one. Alright, so transparent background. We're gonna choose our text and we're going to go ahead and we'll just type in your logo here. Okay? And you know, I might chose up fun font the last time and I'll probably keep it with a fun font this time. I actually happen to like this one. Arizona's pretty cool. We can Yeah, I like that one. Right. You can certainly play around with the size that you want. Okay. And let me see here. There we go. So if you can, you can stretch it out and just create one long, one long word, not word, one long sentence out of that. Ok. There you go. And so what you would do is you can keep it as small or as large as you want. What some people do was the create like multiple versions of it. Okay. And they would just, you know, perhaps duplicated it and maybe create just different different placements. Okay? Something like that. Alright. And then sometimes you'll get people who create like one giant one and just kinda put it over the entire thing, sorta like that. Which is certainly an idea. Sometimes you'll also have people maybe just kinda take it and maybe rotate it a little bit, you know, and you'll see it kinda going across that way. It really just depends. It depends on what you've created. It depends on what it is. It's you like, what I would recommend is that you fade it out, okay, so in this program right here, as you're working with each text, you can certainly fade it in and out right here in this little box. Okay, you would have to do the same thing to all of these here. Alright? And unfortunately in this program, if you go ahead to like here, in this case, if you go to duplicate that, it's not going to duplicate the way you fade it. Alright, so you would have to kind of do each one individually here. Okay, so let's get rid of that real quick. But that's basically what you can do. So you can kinda play around in this program creates your watermark or eight, and then as soon as you're done, okay. You would just save it. Right? You would call you would name it. And this case I'll just call it mark. Right? And I'll use the actual name of the program that I use this way I know which one it was. Alright, and then you would save it. Out of that. Save it, okay, make sure that you haven't here as the P and G, so it keeps the transparent background. And there you go. Alright, and so then what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring it into Canvas. And again, it'll be the one I had originally created, an eye picky. However, it's not, it's not going to interfere with the lesson at all. You will still get the exact same lesson, except we just created this original one in Pi's app here just so you could see how it was done. Over to Canvas. We go to Canada. We create an 11 by 14, create new design, already got it loaded. So this is what we're gonna do. I actually have it loaded here. So let's just say for the sake of our design, I've already got what we've done uploaded here to Canada. And I'm gonna go ahead and extend it. I will tie this all together in just a moment. Alright, we take the image that we just created on, I picky, put it over that, extended it. And in a nutshell, there is your image with a watermark over it. So I do want to show you, let's just say you skip the step in, I picky, and you forgot to fade it and your run out of time, you really just don't feel like having to go through that process again. And always fade it here, two guys. Alright, so that is an option or you've created at my picky and you realize it's still a little bit loud. You can still fade it here. Alright, in this case you would go ahead, you would save the image. And what you would want to do is you would want to take something just like this and add it to your listing photos. This way somebody can just take a look at your full image and you've got the watermarks here to help protect it. I placed them here just to basically just to kinda have them interfere a little bit with the design. If they're just in the white space, somebody could easily just go over that and cover it up. But they're not gonna, they're not going to have a real easy time of it here. And because these are transparent, if you needed to move this around a little bit, I mean, you can certainly do that as well. That's why I said the size really wouldn't matter. The size of your logo piece really wouldn't matter. You can extend it, you can make it smaller and you can also duplicate it. If I made this small. Okay. And I hit Copy. I can take these and place them all over the place. That could copy, copy. And here we go. Okay. And then on top of it, just to make things even more fun, let's just say you didn't do any of this and you want to create a little watermark here. So in this case you'd hit text, your logo here. All right, I'm not going to bother looking for a different font this time. Whoever. You can go and have ahead and have a little fun with the color. Alright? And some I didn't show you in any of the other videos. Ok, you probably saw on IP that it looked like there was quite a library of different colours. Whereas this you don't see as many colors when you click on any of these colors and then you hit the plus button, you can alter it. And if you see a color somewhere else, like you're Googling, I don't know, turquoise, blue, and you find the color and you see the number here. You can copy it and added in here, and it'll show up. So your colors are not going to be a big deal. So you can take your logo, your logo. And it's been a long day guys. You can take your logo and you can make it transparent here. And you can copy it and you can drag them all over the place. So that's another way to go about creating some watermarks for your image on Canva. The reason I thought it would be a good idea to have a premade one is because if you do that and you upload it, you don't have to go through all the trouble of typing in extra text and then making it transparent. It's already done for you. So every time you make a new design and then you want to start uploading them to your listing and you're creating the images with the watermarks. It's like you put your image here. You put your watermark image over it and extend them and you're done. Okay, this is all about saving time. And again, you would go ahead, you would save it, you would save it as a PNG. And there you go. You can do this exact same thing if you have Canva proud because again, it would be, you'd have access to the transparent background. What I love about I picky is that you can use I picking create the transparent background and you don't have to pay for it. So there you have it guys. There's your watermark. And you wanna make sure that you put this on your work. And if you have, if you have a mock-up image like the one we created yesterday, you have a mock-up image and the picture of your work in the mockup image is relatively large. You can always put a little watermark in that as well, just, just to make sure that people aren't steel on it. So there you have it, there's your watermark. It took me a long time to figure out how to do this and so I figured I would pass it on to you. I hope this helps you out. And in the next video, I'm going to just tie a few things up that I probably didn't mention in the previous lessons to just kind of give you some additional bonus information. And I will see you there. 17. Resize Image to 300 DPI: Okay, guys, I know. I mentioned at the end of the last video about some bonus material that's actually gonna be in the next video. I realized I haven't shown you yet how to turn your image into a 300 DP. I This is important for people who who purchase your image on your etc listing. They'll be able to take that and create nice pieces of artwork out of it. So if you go to whether it's CVS dot com or Nations photo Lab and you upload a digital image to have it printed onto canvas or a framed picture or whatever it is, you choose that the resolution has to be high enough in order for it to print without it looking blurry or pixelated. Okay, so what you're gonna do here? I've got paint dotnet opened up. So if you haven't done it yet, go to get paint dot net, download this, install it to your computer and open it up and then come back and join us. In the meantime, what we're gonna do is we're gonna get right to it going to file. I'm going to bring in our image. This is the image that we created are transparent background 11 by 14. Okay, we're gonna go to image. I'm gonna go to resized, gonna make sure in this case that the maintain aspect ratio is checked. We're going to change that to a 300 and to make sure everything is sized appropriately, we're just going to go ahead and put our dimensions in 11 by 14 we're gonna hit, okay? And we save it. So in this case, and I already have them saved. I've done this before. But you would want to rename this and just make sure you've got the B p i the 300 dp i in there. That way you can identify the correct one when you go to upload it to your etc listing. All right, so you can do this. You can save it is a J. P. G. Save it as a PNG, save it. And whatever format you plan on, uploading it into your listing as and this way your buyer will know that they're getting the resolution that they need. All right, we'll cancel out of that. But that's what you need to do, guys. And if you want to test it just gonna close that out. Not going to save it. But I did the exact exercise before, and you can upload it again. Buddha image it. The re side is, and you'll see that it saved it. All right, So in a nutshell, that's how you take your image and change it into a 300 dp I using paint dog net. Okay. In the next video, I am going to show you how to take this image, how to resize it into a five by seven. Because it's good to have some different options when it comes to offering out digital prints. And then I'm going to show you a couple of little extra bonus things that it will definitely come in handy when it comes to creating designs. And I will see you in the next video. 18. Image Ratio Resize & Other Bonus Material: Okay, guys, I want to show you how to turn our 11 by 14 image into a five by seven. It matters to go ahead and resize it because, as you can tell, this 11 by 14 is it's a little bit wider. It's a wider rectangle. The five by seven is going to be narrower. There's a whole art that goes along with learning the different size ratios and what you can get away with. If you create a digital image and try to resize it into a different size ratio, there are things you're gonna want to keep in mind. One of the things you're gonna want to keep in mind is if you look at this design here, it's pretty simple. All of the text is in the middle. The design elements are they're pretty simple there, not next to each other. They're not extending past the border. And I certainly don't have, you know, a very detailed design going around the edges here. If you do, that is something you're gonna want to think about when it comes to creating the design in the first place and what size options you're gonna wanna offer. Okay, But to take something simple like this one. It'll work. So I have this uploaded, you know, from the last video that we just did where we transformed our 11 by 14 into a 300 d p. I I'm going to go back to image. I'm going to go to resize. I'm going to make sure this is unchecked because we're not maintaining the aspect ratio here. I'm gonna hit a five. I'm gonna change that to a seven, and I'm going to hit, okay? And you can see it changed it. Okay, In this case, you would save it and you would make sure that you still have the 300 dp I in there. But you want a toe? Make sure that you know this is a five by seven. You can save it as the J. Paige. You can save it as the PNG you can save. It is whatever format that you plan on, uploading into your etc listing. Okay, so I'm going to go over to Canberra real quick and I've got this open. I opened up a brand new five by seven entitled document. This is the five by seven that I just resized using Get paint dot net that I just showed you. And if you stretch this all the way out to the borders, you will see that it's perfect. Okay? And just to show you real quick, this is our 11 by 14. Okay, if you try to resize that by stretching your 11 by 14 into a five by seven, you can see you're gonna have extra white space on top. All right? Is it terrible? No, but it's not going to be exact. So if you're gonna try to offer out the exact same design to your buyers, it's probably a good idea to have it try to look as identical is possible. Yes, I'm aware the one we did on Canvey A is a little bit pinker than the one we did on I picky , I would normally tell you make sure they're identical and again, for the sake of this exercise, this whole class, I just wanted to show you how to recreate your images using both platforms. Both I picky and Camba. Okay. But normally I think it's a good idea to try to stick with one or the other. So that's how you change the image size and again if you're doing it with a simple design text in the middle. Very simple design elements. All right, so it's a little quick hack. Another piece of bonus material I wanted to give you is I wanted to show you where you can find, like, some free fonts and free graphics and just other than picks, obey picks A bay's got great stuff and I and totally in love with that website, and it was a pleasure for me to show it to you. But create, like, creative Fabrica you would need to sign in for an account, but they've got some great stuff here. They have a whole bunch of freebies. They've got discount deals. Sometimes you can buy, you know, a pack a graphics for, like a dollar if you know the artist has a sale going on. But, you know, look at all this stuff right now that is on promotion for free. You will definitely want to look at he stipulations. And what I mean by that is we will just go here real quick and you'll want to make sure you see stuff like, you know, while freebies come with the commercial license, You might want to take a look at the commercial license, you know, So you'll you'll want to look at stuff like that. You'll want to make sure, because some of them are going to say one time personal use. And if they do, that's not something you want to put on your digital image to try to sell on Etsy. Okay, The hungry Jay Peg is another one, and you would also need to log in once you register. But they also have some really cool freebies. And, um, you usually get stuff like this in the mail and they'll let you know, But you can always check back with the website. Okay, so they've got the $1 deals. So these were just a couple of extra things I wanted you guys to be aware of when it comes to creating your designs. Because, I mean, especially when you're new, you might be starting off on a budget you might not have any money to use right off the bat . And it's understandable. So I'm kind of hoping that everything that I have shown you in this class has equipped you to go ahead, start designing gather up some free tools, know that you're doing it in it with a good conscience and that you can use things like some of the filters and color changes and all of these other little tools that I've shown you to personalize your image. Okay, so I hope you got something out of this. I am going to close things up in the next video, and I will see you there. 20. Sign Up For Your Etsy Shop: Hey guys, today we're going to go through the process of opening and Etsy shop, and as far as I'm concerned, there are quite a few videos out there going over this entire thing. But it's been requested that I go ahead and do one and go through the process of uploading digital art. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that today and hopefully this way. You know, it'll give you some clarity on how to go about this process, and you'll see just how easy it is. It's also easy to upload the designs, Okay, So whether it's for me or somebody else, you know, whether it was a Lincoln, one of my videos or perhaps you know, through the resource is and my course material, maybe you've got an invite to get your 40 free listings from etc. OK, and somebody usually has to send you a link. They generate a link, they invite you, you click on the link and this is what you come to. Okay, so as a new Etsy shop owner, you would simply click on open a shop today. All right, you would enter in an email address that you want to use, you would hit, continue and you would go through the entire process 21. Choose Your Shop Name: All right. So once you enter in an email address, you would simply go ahead. You put your first name, you create a password and register, and then you would go through the process whips, and then you would go through the process of filling out this entire thing. You know what? Your shop language. Your country, you know, Is this your full time job? What are you looking to do with etc. All of that kind of stuff? Okay, so we will go. We'll just say I so for time. And that's how I like it. But you can choose whatever you want. All right, You would hit. Continue, and then you would go ahead and name your shop. Okay, so let's just say you are wanting to Oh, I don't know. You want to create, um, printable Z for I don't know. Maybe you want a nation to the I don't know, medical industry. Um, maybe you would call it something like health care art. Okay. And you probably wouldn't name it something like that. But perhaps, you know, you maybe you want to go into the for the to the niche for, say, nurses or doctors or you want to create stuff like that, you could do this. If you want to create T shirts and you want to hear them toward, you know, say T shirts for nurses, T shirts for anybody in the medical industry, it doesn't really matter. Teachers, whatever you would type in something here, okay? And you would have it. It's gonna be one word. They don't do spaces. And then what you would do is you would check the availability, Okay. And believe it or not, somebody actually has. That s o. You know what it will do is it will come up with, I don't know, several different options here, and you can choose one. If there's one here that suits your fancy, then you would go ahead and choose it. If not, then you would kind of play around with it a little bit. So let's just say none of these really worked for you. And maybe you want to call it Help the art. I don't know availability that's not available either. Okay, but maybe you like healthy art studio. So we would go ahead and we would we would go ahead. As you can see, it's available cause it clearly told you what Waas and we would save and continue. This is where you would say thank you, Captain. Obvious. All right, so we're going to go ahead and we're going to click. Add a listing. It is like one of the first things you're going to dio. 22. Create Your Listing: So when it comes to stocking our shop, what we're going to do here, we're going to click on add a listing and this this is where we're going to go ahead and start creating that listing. But first, just to make life a little bit easier, let's just say you've got your photo. All right, you've got your your digital print. But you do want to make sure that what you are offering to the buyer is the highest quality resolution. So you can use anything with the 70 six or the 96 d p I that you'll automatically get from , say, I pick your Camba as your mocked up photos. But to sell to the buyer, you want the high quality 300 dp I or so resolution images. Okay, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to get paint dot net, which is already downloaded. All right, we're gonna come in here and up here at the top. I'm hitting ill. I'm going to open, and I'm gonna drag this image and right here. All right, so this normally is on a transparent background. I just read downloaded it quickly because I didn't want to take the time to go through the computer and find where it waas. Alright, But we're going to go to image, and I clicked on that. We're gonna hit resize. All right? As you can see, can va by default, usually saves it is like in 96 pixels per inch. So we're gonna go ahead and change that to 300 All right? And we're going to save it. And I like the click save as so this way I can also rename it. All right, so 300 BP, I This way you will know which one is which. Okay, so you'll know this is the regular one. This is your high resolution one and safe. Okay. I like to save it as a PNG. However, really? That's entirely up to you. Click. OK. And it is saving. Very good. Okay, Now we're gonna go back to a T, and we're going to add a listing as soon as it feels like opening. That's okay. I've got a little time patients. They say patience is a virtue. It is a virtue. Um, that doesn't mean it's not a pain put. Yes, I suppose it's a virtue and This is where you would go ahead and put all of your mock up photos. OK, so you can. And we went over this. I went over this in the course itself. But all of the mock ups that you've made or just, you know, your watermark photos, they would all go in here. Okay, so let's just go ahead. We'll add We will add in, you know, the first version of what we did, and we'll just let that do its thing, and we'll go ahead and maybe choose, say, like, a mock up photo. Okay, Um, let's see here. Where is search? Well being. All right. So as you can see, that several going on here, I made several different market photos. We'll just go with that one. I would say if you've made several mock ups about it, you know, you've got up to I don't know, however many that you are allowed. I think it's like, eight or 10. So go ahead and put them all in, and you can change at your thumbnail here. All right. And don't worry about this. Um, this I likely created It'll still look great, but I likely created it before they changed out their settings. Their size is OK. As you come down, you're going to go ahead. You're going to give it a nice title. All right? So you can call it whatever you want. Okay? Just I and well being rentable art. And it's something like And if you have a few different sizes, you can put Ole ole sizes. And I would highly recommend you want to make sure that your buyer knows that this is a high quality resolution 300. No, I high qualities resolution. Okay, I am not like an expert when it comes to a CEO when keywords I'm really, really great a teaching people, you know, beginner design stuff. But when it comes to marketing, that's why I've said, you know, there's a ton of the mouth there. Okay, but this is something I would likely put, you know, in my title. Okay, So what? Who made it? Well, I did. What is it? It's a finished product. When did you make it? I made it. Actually, I made this last year, but in your case, you probably made it now. OK, so this is any digital print. Okay, So you would have, like a different collection of things here, and you can choose. All right. I am the digital print and wall decor craft. Let's go. I don't know. Let's go home and living, okay. If you have a primary color, you can certainly choose that secondary color. You can certainly choose that as well. All right, craft. It's not three d printing. Okay, But you would choose here if it's even in there. These are all optional. But if you do have it there, and you can certainly choose it, All right, I'm not actually finding this. Probably because I chose home to core while wall art. All right, But you can probably go. Yeah, this isn't really a wall hanging. Let's go. Digital art. We'll just go there. Okay. All right. Here you go. So, in this case, you know, whatever it is, I mean, if you chose like a floral or made like a humorous saying, I created more of an inspirational saying, so that's what I am going to choose. And you can choose up to two more, apparently. Okay. And I think even that might be a little bit new. I remembered only there being one. So maybe there's a little bit of an abstract geometric and, um, here, no silly act. I'll go with flowers, cause I kind of have flowers in there, too. Okay? And you can put in here. Like, what room would this go in? Well, I think it would go great in a bathroom bedroom, entryway, maybe a dorm. And let's go with living room. Okay. However, if you wanted to put something like that, say, like in your office, you can certainly put it in your office. All right, those are all optional. Choose home style. That must be kind of new. However, I'll go with in this case, I'll go with kind of contemporary, and this is neither vertical nor horizontal. Okay, it's a square. All right. So, again, it's optional. I'm going to go ahead and hit unframed because you want that in there. All right? The height. You can choose all of these things if you want. I believe I put in a 18 by 18. Okay, this is not going to go with a holiday. All right? You choose a unit, so in this case, it's 18 inches, 18 inches. Okay, You don't have to put that in there either. Okay? But you can, all right now. And if there is a certain occasion, like if you've created, say, I don't know, a graduation gift or reading gift or whatever it is, you can put stuff like that in there. And it does help to, um, narrow down your audience. All right, but in this case, no. All right. So what you would want to do here is you put in your description, okay? Or the elfi minded. I'm Honestly, I'm just going off the top of my head here. Okay? The healthy minded gotta love Graham. Early individual who enjoys inspiring are and words. This is the perfect piece of art for your home or office right now. It definitely helps if you've got t words. If you've done any CEO research, it definitely helps to throw some of those here at the top because I think it's the 1st 50 characters or 50 words, is what shows up. I think it's characters that shows up saying a search. So if let's just say it's, I don't know, nursing quotes or nursing art, you would go to Google and you would type in you know you would look up a CEO safer, like nursing. Okay, Nursing, art, nursing, saying stuff like that and you would find a way to incorporate it into your first sentence . Okay, you would want to put in there. This is a niece of digital art comes in said roll sizes. And that's if it does. In fact, come in several sizes. You don't have Teoh. I know that you'll see it out there. You know, a lot of the top sellers and etc. You know, they've got multiple sizes. It is certainly something you can dio. It is not something you have to do. OK, so but you can put it in there. Actually, in this case, I think I had made a 10 by 10 and 18 by 18 And like a 24 by 24. All right, They're all the same square. But I did size up and then I went ahead and sized down as well. All 300 dp I comes in several sizes. This is unframed. It's a digital down. Whoa! No physical product will be sent perfect for e idiot download. All right, Something like that. You want to make sure that This is highlighted. Okay. You want to You want your buyers to know they are not to expect a physical product in the mail. Okay. And you can even, you know, kind of make sure that that has, you know, a little bit extra attention drawn to it. OK, And you can put unframed in the title if you want. If you've got extra extra characters, perfect your immediate download, and then you would go ahead and you would fill in the rest of your description, okay? Something like sizes and included one 18 by 18 inch PNG and maybe J p. D. Ok, and then you would do the same thing 1 24 by four inch PNG and J p. G. Okay, Something like that, depending on what it is you have, whether it's an SPG, and you can certainly I'm doing this kind of quickly here. You can certainly, you know, get a little more elaborate with that. All right, You would add a production partner if you're doing, say, print on demand. Okay. So let's just say you went to t springing and you uploaded your design. You wouldn't do this necessarily for a digital design okay, But if you had if you took your art and you sent it off to t spring and not t spring well, maybe no t spring actually out there works with etc. But let's just say print book and you created, like, canvas art and use. Um, you connected your Etsy shop with the print full shop, Then you would add print full in as a production partner. Okay, but in this case, we're not going to do that because you don't need Teoh. Now you can add sections here is Well, okay, you can add a dumb and this helps. Let's just say we'll call this inspiring quotes, okay? And you can add, although it would all depend on whether or not like what you are putting in your store. Okay? So if it's all quotables and you can put for me quotes and it helps to organize your store , Okay, so now you've got all kinds of stuff in here. You can add another one, um, healthy living quotes. Okay, Something like that. Okay, this is where you would add your tags and okay, so it would be something to the effect of well being world. Okay, um, healthy living hurt digital, Brent. And this is also something you're gonna want to do some keyword research about. I'm just going off the top of my head. But I am well, being. I am. Well, actually, you wouldn't be that, um, well, being And you can you can do 13 of these. Okay, You can put instant download stuff like that. Okay. Digital art friend. Stuff like that. Okay. The materials in here, technically, you don't have any, but if you want, you can put, um, p and E J J P g. Something like that. All right? Quite possibly. I've done this. 300. Do you think I right? And another thing up here real quick. Okay. You want to put in all downloads? Come in high. Resolution 300 BP I or perfect print options. Okay. Something like that. Love Graham. Early. Okay, so you would price it. All right. And in this case, it really just kind of depends. I can't really tell you what to price it. It depends on how many different variations you've got might depend on how much of a following you have your marketing, all of it. But if you're just starting out and you're offering out say, like, one or two friend sizes. I'm going to go ahead and go with the $4 mark. All right? You would want to go in there, do a little bit of research and see what these types of things they're selling for. You can always price him up and then put them on sale. Okay, so that is something else that you can dio. All right, You're quantity. These were digital downloads. So be 99 something like and this listing, all right, because you went through the link and you've got 40 free, All right? It's not gonna cost you anything, But if somebody buys your print all right, it's going to cost another listing. So you might have 99 of these, supposedly, And it might be, you know, might be constant restock kind of thing. But every time somebody purchases your item as it realists, it's going to cost another listing. All right, so if you've got the 40 free listings and you used one of them to create this listing, So now you've got 39 of somebody buys the print, you'll have 38 left because this will go ahead and realist itself. All right, And then up here, and I apologize that I did not go through this. Um, here we go. Okay. Renewal options. You have an automatic renewal option. So if you know you want to keep this up and just as people are buying it, you know, it will continue to realist itself. That is fine. Okay? Or you can choose to do it manually. All right, Now, in this case, this is not a physical item. It is a digital item, and for this it's very important to go ahead and check that. Okay, so we've got all of this filled out. All right? This is something you would do if you wanted to allow for personalization. You know, let's just say somebody love the design, but they wanted to say, I don't know. I am flower girl. And if that is something you feel like doing it takes it. You know, less of a passive income stream, because now you're actually creating other work. But if it is something you want to offer, then it is totally something that you can dio. All right? 23. Upload Your Design Into Your Listing: Okay. So, again, as you can see, why it was important to click digital files because this is where you're going to bring in your product. Okay, so you're gonna hit upload file, all right? And this is our 300 DP. I won. We're gonna bring that in. Actually had to rename it because you don't want any special characters or anything in the title. Okay, so let's just say if you have multiple sizes, OK, you would go ahead. Let's just say in this case, I've only got one, actually, that I'm putting in there. But if you had in 18 by 18 or 24 by 24 or let's just say let's go Portrait. So Okay, if you had an eight by 10 in an 11 by 14 and a five by seven, you would have those named here. Okay? And if you had same or than four or five of them, you would need to create a zip file out of that kind of thing, All right. And then you would upload the zip file. All right? Now, if you've got some seriously giant images and a whole boatload of them, that's when you start with perhaps Dropbox, where people can go into your dropbox and download the images there. It's a whole different ball of wax. And I believe I think I've seen some videos on that. I am certainly not the right one to try to walk you through that. I have not delved into it. And there are places where you can connect your Etsy shop to DROPBOX. Okay, I'll leave links to that in the resource is and the description. Okay, but for the meantime, keeping it simple. This is how you would upload a file. All right. And then you can always preview it as soon as you fill out the, um requested everything, which I'm pretty sure that I did. I don't know what it is I didn't fill out here. Oh, it was just given me a little problem. See, guys, I'm like doing this during Mercury retrograde. I don't normally like to play with electron ICS or technology or really do anything. Um, during technology, I mean during Mercury retrograde, but it's important I got this out there for you. Okay, So and this will be a preview of your listing. Okay? And again, I kind of went through it quickly. I mean, it's gonna be more elaborate, all right? And you would always find or hear if you have any downloading instructions. You know, you would put that all in here, and what I would suggest you do is go through some different listings and see what people are putting out there. I would not recommend copying and pasting what they've put, but you can use what they've written is inspiration, and then reward it yourself. Okay, find a few and see what it is that you like. So let's just say you want to save and continue, okay? And then you would have to go through the whole process, how you get paid all of this stuff. I don't need to walk you through. Okay. All right. You'll go in here. These are all of the different options. Okay. And you'll go through, you'll choose your country. All of that stuff. All right. So, like I said, all of those things you'll set up building as well. Those are all things that you'll be able to do. You don't need me to walk you through it, OK? So guys in a nut show that is how you open an Etsy shop, how you name it and how you upload how you create a listing and how you uploaded digital listing. So I hope you have found this helpful. And what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna create another video. Oh, and when you create this entire thing, you're gonna have Teoh confirm your account. That's where you go through the whole thing. I clicked. I think I clicked the Do not disturb. So my Gmail Zehr not disturbing me while I talk to you guys. But, um, you're gonna have to go ahead and validate all of that. You know, you can change your email, all that stuff, all right? 24. Conclusion: Okay, guys, I am wrapping things up here. In this class, you learn how to create a simple digital or printable image. You learned how to use free tools like picks. Obey. I picky Canberra and paint dot net to create your image. How to make sure you're using materials that are allowed for commercial purposes. And that was by reading the fine print. How to create a mock up image for your listing. How to create a watermark, including already made template of it to upload for quick use on all of your designs. How to resize your image to a 300 dp I to meet optimal print quality specifications. How to resize your simple image to a different size ratio and how to test that out. Using Camba, where to find free fonts and other graphics to add to your design tool collection. And I gave you a quick pep talk at the beginning toe. Let you know that you are a rock star for showing up and daring to learn something new. I truly appreciate that you took my class. It's the 1st 1 I've ever created, And truth be told, the thought of making this kind of made me nervous at first. But as I told you in the beginning of this class, you've just got to show up, learn new skills and get busy doing so in walking my talk. That's exactly what I did. And hopefully you're enjoying the results of that. There are some excellent teachers out there that I'd recommend you check out for additional education when it comes to digital designs at sea and building a business in general. Nancy Video has a fantastic YouTube channel, and I've also learned a lot from Alicia Khan and even knows also both on YouTube. I want to thank you for taking my class. It means the world to me. I hope you got a lot out of it. And until next time, take care.