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How to Lose Belly Fat with a High Protein Diet

Jack Wilson, Reprogram Your Metabolism & Transform Your Body

How to Lose Belly Fat with a High Protein Diet

Jack Wilson, Reprogram Your Metabolism & Transform Your Body

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Why Protein is so Critical for Sustainable Fat Loss...

    • 3. Which Proteins are the Best for Fat Loss?

    • 4. Taking Your Protein Diet to the Next Level

    • 5. How to make Anything Taste Incredible

    • 6. How many Grams of Protein Do You Need to Lose Fat?

    • 7. Getting Started

    • 8. Let's get to it!

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About This Class

Every health and fitness expert on the planet says that "you need more protein in your diet if you want to lose weight." But why do we need protein in our diet and why is it so critical for losing body fat and losing weight?

In this course, we are going to dissect the purpose of protein in your diet and why protein-centered diets are ideal for fat loss. We are also going to give you which proteins are the best for weight loss, how you can integrate them into your diet, and how you can make them taste incredible.

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Jack Wilson

Reprogram Your Metabolism & Transform Your Body


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About Jack Wilson

Jack is a CPT (certified personal trainer) with 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He was formerly almost 50 pounds overweight, before choosing to pursue a healthier lifestyle transformed him. Since then, he has passionately dedicated his career toward helpin... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Now you hear a lot of the news and then health and fitness today people are always talking about. You need to get more protein in your diet. You need to get more protein here and there, and you need to have for breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks in between. You need this many grams and that many grams and this many ounces. But what's the truth about protein and why is it so essential for our diet Here, we're gonna cover why protein is so essential for losing weight, for losing body fat, for building that lean, fat, burning, sculpted muscle tissue and for getting you to your weight loss and health and fitness goals . We're gonna talk about the difference between different kinds of proteins, and we're gonna give you a little bit of an implementation plan for how you can start integrating those different types of proteins into your diet. Now, if you're a vegetarian or vegan, don't worry. This isn't just for carnivores and meat eaters like me or the other ones out there. We'll give you a variety of different proteins and how you can integrate them in your diet . We're also gonna do a little bit of uncovering the myth of how many grams of protein you need to be eating per day to get to your specific weight loss goals. Or even if you're trying to build muscle, how many grams of protein that you need to eat? Wow, cutting down on your body fat. So before we get any further into this, so before I die grass, let's go ahead and jump into why protein is so essential to your diet. The kinds of proteins that are great for losing weight, losing body fat and building leaning fat burning muscle tissue and how you can start incorporating those proteins into your diet. 2. Why Protein is so Critical for Sustainable Fat Loss...: So now we're gonna get a little bit science. See here on you for us again. Why are protein so important to your diet? And why are people always telling you? And experts always thought you need to eat more protein. You need more protein in your diet. Well, sequences of proteins actually make up most of your entire being sequences of proteins of the things that make up or in a and DNA, and they help complete certain necessary functions in your body. So that's one reason why proteins are so important and so efficiently and effectively digested by your body. So now that you have an idea of kind of the role that proteins have, I guess biologically or genetically, why are protein so beneficial for losing weight and losing body fat? And to keep this simple, essentially, you can eat as much protein as you possibly can, and it will be really hard, if not impossible, depending on what kinds of proteins you're eating to gain a pound of fat. Because proteins are so efficiently and quickly used by our body now, unlike starches, carbohydrates and processed sugars, proteins virtually have no effect on spiking our blood sugar and spiking our insulin response. They are slowly digested and slow burning foods that are used for a variety of functions in the body. And actually your body works so hard to use proteins for as much as it possibly can is actually a significant percentage of proteins that you're eating or that are just burnt as calories that you'll lose through now. PROTEINS Air actually, So now proteins air actually so productive and so needed by the body that you will actually lose a significant percentage of the calories that you eat through protein in just simply digesting them. Your body has to work hard to shuttle out those proteins and calories where it needs to disk UM, fleet, certain necessary body functions or a pair of muscle fibers or whatever it may be. So I've heard that you'll lose around 30 ish percent of lean proteins calories just purely through the energy that your body has to burn to be able to digest them. So proteins are great because they are slow burning foods. They're used for so many different functions in the body. They're one of the only two macronutrients that we absolutely need to survive which are proteins and fats. We actually don't need carbohydrates for survival that they do help with certain functions in our body. So keep that in mind as to why proteins are so important. And now that we talked a little bit about the importance of proteins and why everyone from experts to your friends and family and teachers out there are telling you that you need to incorporate more proteins and your diet is because it's such an effective and efficient macronutrients and that by eating a ton of it it's gonna be virtually impossible to gain weight. And actually, by eating a ton of it, you might start losing weight and cutting body fat more quickly. 3. Which Proteins are the Best for Fat Loss?: So now you're probably asking, OK, we've got a good identification of why proteins were so effective and why they're so needed in our diet. And also why eating more protein is so great for losing weight and losing stubborn body fat . So what are some great proteins that you can start incorporating into your diet so that you can start losing weight losing body fat? And if you're exercising, building that lean, fat burning muscle tissue that will keep your metabolism running on high? Wow, you're losing weight. So some of the most common proteins that you'll find in high protein diets or things like lean or even fattier cuts. And keep in mind for this that fattier cuts of meat are okay because healthy fats are good for your diet. Now, if fattier means weird, you out a little bit. Go ahead and go for the leaner when you're still gonna reap the health benefits that proteins provide for weight loss in fat loss. So most people will eat things like beef, pork, chicken, fish, turkey and then, for some vegan and vegetarian options. Beans like all kinds of beans, whether it's kidney beans, I even eat vegetation re fried beans is one of my favorites. Black beans All kinds of beans are pretty much great for getting enough protein in your diet, and they're still slow burning foods that will help you lose belly fat. And then there are vegetables like peas and mushrooms, which are really protein, dense vegetables. And then a couple of other of my personal favorites are whole legs and egg whites. And if you're eating the whole legs, you'll also get a good balance of high protein and the healthy fats that will help you lose weight, too. But if you don't want to add a ton of yolks and you don't want a ton of calories, too, and I'm like you're fixing or a dish that you're using, eggs in egg whites will be perfectly fine to. So now you have a lot of different options on different proteins that you can start incorporating into your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If it's really tough, or if it's really difficult to integrate proteins as faras eating into your diet, it's always easy to sip on liquid calories, and that might make it ah, lot easier to ingest the amount of protein that you'll need, which will talk about really soon. Here. I would recommend getting a protein supplement, and you can find all kinds of protein supplements from milk ones like way and protein. Isolate to things like vegetable protein supplements like peas, which we've talked about earlier, and other vegetable protein supplements that you can simply mix with almond milk, coconut milk or water if you want to. And you can just sip on those calories right out of ah, cup or a mug or a shaker bottle or whatever your preferences. So now you have a huge variety of different kinds of proteins and a palette of proteins toe work with, like I said for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. 4. Taking Your Protein Diet to the Next Level: So if you're not a huge fan of eating, it's on a protein because you don't like the way certain meats or beans or legumes taste. There's some really easy tricks that you can use to make them taste a lot better. Now I want to give you a little insight into some of the seasonings, sauces, salsas, fats and salts that I use to make meat go from two. Whoa. So I want to give you those tools and those techniques, and it's really simple and all you really need if you want to stock up. I have about 30 to 40 different kinds of seasonings at any given time that I used to make my meat stays great, my vegetables, my being, my legumes and the other proteins that I'm eating so that you can take something that tastes relatively bland and inject a ton of flavor into it to make it something tasty and something that you'll eventually start craving. Which ideo? I'm actually slow cooking a huge roast right now in one of my favorite marinades that I love to use, and it's really easy. Basically, just pour it on, let it sit in the crockpot and cook overnight, and you have an incredible tasting dish that you can use throughout the week the next morning. So I want to give you a little bit of insight into some of the tasty seasonings, spices, salts and fats that I use to make my protein dishes taste incredible. So go ahead and take a look at the next lecture for how you can make anything taste wildly good and that you'll eventually end up craving protein in your diet. 5. How to make Anything Taste Incredible: So I had one. My student asked recently if I could put up a video of all the spices, seasonings and sauces that I use it in a given time. And this is kind of funny you need for me because this is kind of a low number, what I consider for seasoning sauces and salsas and other things that food to make it taste amazing. So let's start with a few of my favorite McCormack's right here. Montreal chicken, which I've included a lot of recipes that used. I'll just throw this on chicken that I use in the Crock pot would be chicken breasts, chicken thighs, er from doing a history. Even this one is fantastic for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I really can't say enough good things about this seasoning. No, this spicy Montreal steak is something that I've become a huge fan of recently have been added to my pork, my beef and my Grand Turk. It tastes amazing on grab turkey, so give this one a shot, Teoh and then chipotle and roasted garlic. It's something else that I use on a lot of different things. I really like putting this on my eggs so instead of doing like sea salt pepper like somebody would normally do. I guess I would put this on And sentiment taste fantastic was the result of the core makes , of course. Another Montreal chickens Got that chili powder essential? I love spicy food, making things spicy. It's always make sure to keep chili powder stocked and then garlic powder. And I'm kind of fanatic for garlic. I put this on just about everything that I eat. So if you're garlic families or really hated and I got this for a dollar Wal Mart the other day and there garlic salt, too. I really like adding this to my sweet potato. So all you do this on my sweet potatoes or I'll do a little bit of garlic pattern. Some sea salt on there, and then I'll put on some assaults are some hot sauce. She's for more flavor. Speaking of hot sauces, been something I've been going crazy with lately. Moore's original buffalo sauce now just met any buffalo sauce is gonna be OK. Just make sure that doesn't have any sugar in it. It's got his few ingredients as possible. If you don't recognize anything, you wanna go check up on it. You can always go plunging ingredient into Wikipedia. That's in Korea place to look up for what you're going to be finding on some labels. Got some crushed red pepper right here, once again making things spicy tomorrow gluten free soy sauce. I'm a huge fan, mr for us, and they're so easy to make, you know, average time, I think. Taste me 15 minutes through it, together with the crock pot, chicken or pork that I have been frozen vegetable banks, too. So that's great. This is some Saul said, that I have fallen in love with recently, thanks to somebody I know, Mrs. Run for us. And it's extra spicy habanero salsa right here. And I also have a green jalapenos also, which are both fantastic and few. One idea for how you can use this with your crock pot. You just dumped this on top of your chicken or pork or beautiful whatever you're cooking in there, and it's gonna taste great in 8 to 10 hours, just letting that simmer in. These sources Get another one here. Now, this is one that I love using for breakfast and putting on my screen bubbles. This is a New Mexico green chili salsa. This is fabulous, since this is one of the private selections by Kroger Ralphs. If he had been being near one of those, um, it's really cheap. I think this is like $2.2 dollars, 15 cents or $2.50 for a 16 ounce. That's really reasonable. And then last year here, sea salt gonna have sea salt and then smoked paprika. And this is another one that's really, really great for breakfast on eggs and stuff. So if you wanted inside into what my seasonings and sauce cabinet looks like it any given time, here's a smaller view. Like I said, I usually have more. Right now it looks like I have about a dozen different seasonings and with sauces and everything totals about 15. I think I usually have between 20 and 30 on stock at any point, but here's a great template and palate that you could use for different flavor ideas using your cooking 6. How many Grams of Protein Do You Need to Lose Fat?: So now that we've talked about proteins, different kinds of proteins and why proteins are so essential for losing weight, losing body fat and completing so many essential functions in our body, how many grams of protein do your need in your diet to successfully lose weight? And that's kind of the magic question that a lot of people ask. And it kind of just depends on your goals, because if you're working on building lean muscle while turning down on by fat, you're gonna want to eat mawr protein. And if you're working on losing weight and body fat, you don't necessarily need to focus on eating a super amount of protein. But you still wanna have a relatively protein, dense diet. Now, from the most credible resource is that I've seen and through my own personal testing, when I'm working down to cutting body fat and cutting weight to turn down for summer, let's say I would usually keep my protein intake to about one gram of protein per pound of body weight. So let's just say right now I weigh 100 £90 from cutting down. I'll try to eat about 190 grams of protein per day to cut body fat and cut body weight. Now there are a lot of other great resource is, and doctors and nutrition experts out there that will recommend eating anywhere from one gram to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight that you have, which is gonna be a little less. But keep in mind that protein is one of those things that's hard to overdo it on. It's kind of like water where you can't really ever drink enough water. I mean, obviously you can drown, but you can't really drink enough water because most of our body is composed of it. Well, protein is really similar toe where you can eat a lot of protein, and it will be used effectively by your body to build lean muscle tissue or help you lose fat and lose weight. So now you have kind of an idea of how many grams of protein you need to be eating toe, lose weight, lose by fat and build muscle to in case that happens to be one of your goals. Now, if you need a little bit of time as soon as this lectures over, go ahead and calculate how many grams of protein you want to make it. Your goal to eat every day 7. Getting Started: Now we're gonna jump into a little bit of an exercise here. You know why protein is so essential for your body? You know how to make protein tastes good. And you know how many grams approximately that you need to be eating daily to lose weight, lose body fat. That being said, I want you to pick five of the proteins that you like the most with it sound the best you that you can prepare in a way that you're going to enjoy. What I want you to dio is take those five and write them down on a note pad or open up a word document or just grab a sheet of paper and write those five proteins down and then start strategizing some ways. You can start integrating protein into your diet and those proteins specifically during breakfast, lunch and dinner and for your snacks, too. So go ahead. As soon as this lectures over, write those down, right, those five down and write down your strategy for how you're going to start putting them into your diet. 8. Let's get to it!: I just want to say thank you so much. And congratulations on completing this course. You now have a fully fledged education on why proteins are so important to your body in general. Why proteins are so important from losing weight and losing body fat. What kind of proteins you have available to you that you can start integrating into your diet, how you could make them taste great and the exact amount of protein that you need to eat in order to be able to lose weight, lose body fat and build lean muscle tissue if you need anything at all while you're taking this course. And while you're integrating these proteins in your diet, all you have to do is feel free at any time to sending a personal message or post the discussion section of this course. And I'd be more than happy to help you as soon as I can. If you enjoyed this course, please, please, please feel free to leave it a positive review. We have huge obesity problems not only in this country but around the globe and by sharing this with your loved ones like your friends, your family, your co workers or even your close acquaintances. We can help end this obesity epidemic, help people lose weight, lose body fat and helped make this country in your country so much healthier and put an end things like heart disease and joint problems and osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and all the health problems that are related to being obese and being overweight. So please feel free to leave this course a positive review. And please share this with someone that you love so that you can have an accountability partner and a friend to work through this information and work through this process with you. It's so much easier when you have a teammate to do this with, as opposed to doing this alone. Don't forget to complete your project in this course, which is simply writing down this five proteins that you want to start integrating daily into your diet and where you're going to start integrating them into your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep in mind you have all of the tools you need to make protein tastes great. Now, just a matter of getting those proteins getting the seasonings, sauces, salt and fat. So make those proteins taste amazing and integrating them into your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks throughout the day to the ones again. Thank you so much for taking this course. Please feel free to leave it a positive review. Share this with somebody that you love and care about that you can work through this information with. And I cannot wait to see the results that you achieve through this course and through this program. Please keep me posted on your results. I can't wait to see your progress when it comes. A losing weight losing body, fat re composition in your body to the body of your dreams. Thank you. And I can't wait to talk to you soon.