How to Live a Creative Life - 5 Ways to Bring Inspiration into Your Life! | Susan Yeates | Skillshare

How to Live a Creative Life - 5 Ways to Bring Inspiration into Your Life!

Susan Yeates, Artist - Author - Teacher

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15 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Fill Your Cup

    • 4. About my Creative Journey

    • 5. 1.a Learning

    • 6. 1.b Learning Action Points

    • 7. 2.a Reading

    • 8. 2.b Reading Action Points

    • 9. 3. Looking

    • 10. 3.a Looking Action Points

    • 11. 4. Collecting

    • 12. 4.a Collecting Action Points

    • 13. 5. Sketching

    • 14. 5.a Sketching Action Points

    • 15. Thank you and Project

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About This Class

Getting Inspired and staying inspired is so important and I believe one of the foundations of living a creative life... and a creative life can bring so much joy! 


So this helpful Skillshare class shows you the things I personally do to tend to my creativity on a regular basis. These are the ways that I charge my creative batteries and say goodbye to artists block or fear of the blank page. These are things that spark ideas and massively increase my creative output - i.e. I make loads of stuff!

This class is packed full of advice, exercises and tips on how to implement these ideas into your regular routine so they become second nature. The class is split into five main sections – each one a separate method or technique that gets you inspired and seeing the world in a new way.  Each section has an explanation video plus a project and accompanying worksheet so that you can take action and implement these ultimate creativity boosters. Plus these things are super-easy, don’t require any previous art skills or knowledge and anyone can do them!

This class is perfect for anyone with creative hobbies, for creative professionals such as designers and illustrators, or anyone that is currently stuck in a rut and needs a little creative joy!