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How to Live Without Guilt

teacher avatar Illuminated Space, Live Brighter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Energy Of Guilt

    • 3. Guilt and Thinking

    • 4. Moral Code Violation

    • 5. A Limited Perspective

    • 6. The Lesson

    • 7. Resolve and Harmonize

    • 8. Living Without Guilt

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Can you imagine living without the soul-sucking burden of guilt? 

What if you lived out from under the chronic weight of this crippling and horrendous feeling?

Guilt can serve a purpose, but typically, it long outstays its welcome. 
If you’re taking this course, you’re no stranger to guilt. You may be sitting on a painful burning pit of it, or it may be a chronic, low-grade sizzle creating a general discomfort in your life. Either way, I’m here to enlighten you on:

  • What guilt is from the energetic perspective
  • The damaging effects guilt has on your life
  • How to neutralize it
  • How to avoid it moving forward

You do not have to live with guilt. It is not healthy or beneficial to your life.
When you finally let go of guilt, you’ll feel a whole heckava lot better! You will notice that: 

  • Your frequency rises, uplifting your outlook and mood
  • You naturally attract higher-frequency people and situations 
  • You release self-sabotaging tendencies
  • You allow yourself to receive love and to be happy 
  • Your energetic flow improves, along with your physical health
  • You are free to express your authentic self
  • And so much more! 

Are you ready to learn how to banish guilt and finally live life without it?! 
Let’s get started! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Illuminated Space

Live Brighter



Perhaps you’re experiencing what we did: We were lost and feeling incomplete and empty. Inner peace and happiness were rare temporary blips in an otherwise mediocre existence. We were certain there was more to life, but had no idea how to uncover it.

After years of inner exploration, humility and healing, life started coming together. Massive energetic and paradigm shifts led to increased harmony and joyfulness. Happiness and fulfillment was no longer unattainable. It was here now.

Our mission is to streamline this path to happiness and spiritual awakening and make it attainable for everyone who is willing to put forth the effort.

We bridge the gap between spiritual theor... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Can you imagine living without the soul sucking burden of guilt? Growing up Catholic, I know a thing or two about feeling guilty. For me, I lived under the chronic weight of this emotion. It's a crippling and horrendous feeling. Guilt can serve a purpose, but typically, it long outs days. It's welcome. If you're taking this course, then you're no stranger to guilt. You may be sitting on a painful burning pit of it, or it may be a chronic low-grade sizzle creating a general discomfort in your life. Either way, I'm here to enlighten you on what Gilt is from the energetic perspective, the damaging effects guilt has on your life, how to neutralize it, and how to avoid it moving forward. You do not have to live with guilt. It is not healthy nor beneficial to your life. When you finally let go of guilt, you'll feel a whole heck of a lot better. You'll notice your frequency rises up, lifting your outlook and mood. You naturally attract higher frequency people in situations, you release self sabotaging tendencies. You allow yourself to receive love and to be happy. You're energetic flow improves along with your physical health. You are free to express your authentic self and so much more. Are you ready to learn how to banish the guilt and finally live without it itself. Let's get started. 2. The Energy Of Guilt: Let's start by taking a closer look at guilt. You may know what it feels like, but you probably haven't sought to understand it much more than identifying it as a gut wrenching feeling. Guilt is a complex emotion. It's a feeling of anxiety or remorse that arises after you do something you believe is wrong. It can be real or imagined, intentional or accidental. You may have experienced guilt when you took an action that resulted in someone else feeling pain, felt like you didn't do enough to help someone accidentally harm someone or their property, performed better than someone else. Secretly wanted someone to do worse. And countless other reasons. Guilt is a complex emotion. Indeed. There are so many reasons to feel guilty. It's no wonder it's such a prevalent emotion in our society. Like all emotions, guilt is an energy. When the energy starts to vibrate in a particular pattern, at a particular rate, guilt is formed. This energetic pattern isn't warm and fuzzy. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's dense and punishing. Guild. Different than our other passing emotions. This energy wraps itself around your energetic system or Orfield, and then it just hangs out heavily weighing down on your system. This punishing heavy field of energy is called the guilt layer. So how does the guilt layer impact your day-to-day? Let me count the ways your reality is created from the inside out. It may be helpful to thank energy comes before matter. When your physical reality is manifested. Light is projected through your energetic web and results in the physical reality you experience. I know it sounds super sci-fi, but just hang with me. That means the situations and people you attract into your life are manifested through this heavy punishing guilt layer. The guilt layer is like a thunderstorm, expelling rain and lightning bolts, making your life a wet and miserable. Additionally, it obscures the light needed for your dreams at happiness to blossom. Another way to say this, guilt creates self punishment and self-sabotage. As long as you experience guilt, you will manifest your life through this field of self punishment and self-sabotage. You will survive, but never really thrive. You'll be unable to truly succeed. You will be unable to live a joyful, vibrant life. The guilt layer will hang on you and sabotage your future until you subconsciously believe you've suffered adequately. Guilt is like a debt that you pay off through suffering. And the bad news. The guilt layer works whether you're conscious of it or not. If you feel like you've gotten away with something like You didn't pay for items and the bottom of your grocery cart, or you gave yourself a bigger tip, then the customer actually wrote on the credit card slip or you stole something. Well, the guilt layer will be sure to correct the imbalance. It won't be long before you have an unexpected expense parking ticket or endure some form of suffering to remedy the guilt. Don't believe me. Well, now that you have this new understanding of the self sabotaging guilt layer, start paying attention to the cycles of Gill and suffering in your life. So what can be done to get rid of this doom and gloom called guilt? You can either consciously resolve your guilt or unconsciously pay it off through suffering. It's totally your choice. But I strongly encourage being a proactive badass. If you want to be free to create the life you desire and truly live in alignment with your authentic self. Then you have to dissolve the guilt layer and learn how to not recreate it in the future. To do this, first, you need to understand where your guild is actually coming from. Buckle up. Because in the next lesson, we're going to dive into your beliefs and get to the roots of this painful energy called guilt. But first, take a few minutes now to become aware of any Gil you may be feeling currently. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. And ask yourself, am I carrying any guilt right now? Next, pay attention to your body. Where do you feel the guilt in your body? What does it feel like? Is it burning, stabbing, a generalized pressure, hot, sticky, explosive. And on a scale of one to ten, how intense is that guilt? And just something to consider. Do you experience guilt more frequently around specific people or in a specific kind of experience? Okay, great job gaining awareness of the energy of guilt in your life. Awareness is the key to true transformation. Each lesson, we'll have a reflection section like this one. Feel free to pause the video and resume it if you need more time. 3. Guilt and Thinking: Okay, wait to open your mind and embrace the energetics behind guilt. Awareness is an important step to living a more joyful life without the burden of guilt. In this lesson, we're going to explore the source of your guilt. I'm going to walk you through some concepts that you may not have considered before. I encourage you to keep an open mind and journey with me as an explorer, an uncharted territory, or an archaeologist, unearthing layers of fascinating new discoveries. Through this process, you will begin to reframe your guilt and dissolve the guilt layer. Guilt is created in the mind. Yep, this horrendously uncomfortable feeling and self-sabotage mechanism all comes down to your thinking. Your thoughts and beliefs or thoughts you've chosen to believe and taken as truth, create a sort of irreconcilable rift between what is and what should be. Let's step back a bit. If you truly incompletely knew everything was unfolding in divine order, exactly as it needs to. Well, you would be enlightened, rock on. And you would also be without guilt. Simply put, you would know that there's nothing that you can say or do that is wrong or bad. It was all supposed to happen exactly the way it did. Because you are part of a bigger perfect plan. Judgment happens when thinking gets in the way of how life is unfolding. What creates guilt is the thinking that life should be different than it is, or how it unfolded. Specifically, that you should have done something differently than what you did. Are you with me? We're going to break this down even further. There are two ways our mind generates guilt. Number one, when we go against our personal moral code. And number two, when we view life through a limited perspective. In the next lesson, we're going to explore how guilt arises when you violate a personal code. And in Lesson four, we're going to explore how a limited perspective can create Gilt. Before you jump over to the next lesson, take a few minutes to just start exploring how your thinking is creating guilt. Consider a situation where you currently or recently felt guilty. Describe what happened. Now. Explore why you feel guilty. What should you have done that you didn't? Okay, great work. You'll continue this inner exploration in the next lesson. 4. Moral Code Violation: One of the ways our thinking creates guilt is by first establishing a personal moral code. Then breaking that code. A personal moral code is a set of rules that we create for ourselves to live by. These beliefs are the context for which we live our lives. They make up the invisible ruler from which we measure if we are right or wrong, good or bad, or if we should be celebrated or punished. Here's some examples of standard beliefs that form moral codes. It's wrong to cheat, lie, or steal. Killing is wrong. Eating animals is wrong. Good people are punctual. Good people honor their word. Best friends share everything. God punishes sinners. Homosexuality is wrong. Good people follow the rules. All creatures deserve respect and compassion. Men should be the providers and women the caretakers. Spiritual people should be poor. Good people get married and have children. Success is determined by money and status. A huge amount of your personal moral code is formed when you're young. It is heavily influenced by your family, society, culture, and religion. In your past, you typically unconsciously agreed to certain beliefs and they have slowly started to build your personal belief system in moral code to live by. Let's take a look at a few different personal moral codes. So you can see just how different they can be. Individual a. I'm a vegetarian. As a spiritual person, I lived very simply and always help others. My success is determined by how much I help others. I live by the spirit of the law, not the letter. I would never kill or physically harm anyone. Yelling and getting angry is unnecessary and unattractive. I honor my own flow in timing. Even if that means arriving late to appointments. Individual be. God, put all the planets and animals on Earth for me to survive. And so I enjoy them and I'm grateful I help others when it feels right to do so. I'm successful when I'm in a position of power where others honor and respect my authority. I'm extremely punctual and expect others to be to its right to get married and have kids grown. Men shouldn't cry, and women shouldn't raise their voice. My word is my verbal contract. I always follow through on what I say. I'm going to do. These examples illustrate just how different personal moral codes can be. They vary greatly from person to person based on their beliefs of what makes a good person. But what you may not realize is that your code goes beyond the mind. This web of beliefs is also made of energy. It's logged in your subconscious and energetic system. It becomes a sort of powerful, invisible contract that you have with yourself. The sneaky thing about your personal moral code is that it doesn't fade over time. Just because you're not always conscious of it, doesn't mean it ceases to exist. It's still there. So here's why all this matters. If you act in a manner that goes against your personal moral code, no matter how big or small guilt will arise. Basically, you've done something you believe is wrong and therefore deserve to be punished. Okay, let's look at an example where two people act in the exact same manner. Yet one will experience guilt and the other will not. Two people eat a steak. One of those is vegetarian, the others a meat eater. Which one feels guilty. You got it smarty pants. The vegetarian. The vegetarians moral code includes a belief that eating animals is wrong. The word wrong could mean bad, unhealthy, immoral, and so on. Maybe this belief came from the religion or family or a deeper soul conviction. All that truly matters here is that they've gone against what they believe in. It's not the action that creates guilt, but the belief about the action. Are you with me? Your personal moral code establishes the basis for which you judge yourself. Therefore, you are actually the one creating your guilt. And the best news you've heard all course, you are the one who can get rid of it. So how do you do this? When guilt arises, you stop ignoring it and sweeping it under the rug. Instead, you take a very close look at the code or belief you have violated. By pulling it out of your subconscious and into the light, you can determine if this belief is in fact true for you. Maybe it was, but it isn't anymore. Maybe it's what your mom believes, but you don't have to. Maybe it's appropriate in some situations, but not all. Or just maybe you can let go of the belief completely and allow yourself and life to unfold. Trusting it's exactly how it needs to be. We're gonna take a closer look at the Gil, you recall in the last lesson and learn how to dislodge the belief creating it. There's one more way you're thinking can create guilt. In the next lesson, you'll learn about how a limited or small picture perspective keeps the guilt layer hanging around. You're doing great. Stay open and keep going. Referred to the previous lesson or select a different time when you felt guilty. Consider what you should have done that you didn't do. Now, take it a step further. Which personal moral code or codes these you go against? Ask yourself, if this code or belief is truly an alignment with you in this specific situation, why or why not? Is there room to modify this moral code? Swift feels more flexible or in alignment with you. If not, that's okay too. In lesson six, you'll learn how to bring harmony to actions that you feel needs to be remedied in the physical world. Alright, good work. There are a few more steps to take which you'll discover over the next few lessons. And in the next lesson, you'll learn how to backup an open to a larger perspective of the situation. And less than five, you'll learn how to let your guilt help your evolution. And in lesson six, you'll take steps to apologize or harmonize the situation. 5. A Limited Perspective: Right, on, keep up the awesome job, shifting your perspectives. In this lesson, we're going to bust your limiting beliefs and wide-open. I'm going to ask you to widen the lens of your camera and zoom way, way out to find a much larger perspective. Guilt arises through our thinking when we assume that we know everything about a situation. Really take that in. We think that we know what should have happened, why something else would have been better. That causing pain and suffering is bad. How we've ruined something forever, and lots of other things. But the truth is that we really don't know much of anything, really for any given situation. I'll bet that you don't know what. So lessons each person has to learn from this experience what soul contracts or agreements were established before this lifetime. Your karma or the karma of others involved. How this situation is a necessary stepping stone to greater healing. Why the universe needed to witness or experienced this. And so much more. When you assume, you know what's supposed to happen in any situation, you're viewing it from a limited perspective. Thinking is actually a very limited tool that humans possess. Additionally, all those thoughts spinning in your mind are actually getting in the way of a more comprehensive picture. Intuitive information, on the other hand, is only available beyond the mind. And to access a greater context or perspective of life, you need to create a space in your thinking. A still opening between thoughts grants a much wider perspective. Now we're not here to practice your intuitive skills. Instead, we're going to dissolve your guilt by using another powerful tool, your imagination. But first, I'll share with you an example of how the bigger picture perspective is a powerful tool for releasing the guilt layer. For years, a client of mine was suffering under massive guilt because while driving his car, he did an illegal U-turn which resulted in killing a motorcyclist. In the physical world, there was no one else to blame. My client was completely a fault. Years later, he struggled to create a productive, happy life. His relationship was on the brink of collapse. He couldn't seem to get ahead in his career. And now his health was failing for no reason. He was stuck, lost, and desperate to understand why he couldn't move forward. He felt that after the accident, his life took a turn for the worse and never recovered. He took full responsibility for the accident, but continue to feel deep guilt, especially anytime he was close to being happy. We zoom the camera out and looked at the accident from a much larger perspective. What he didn't know was that the man he killed was actually a soul friend of his, even though they hadn't met this lifetime and that they both agreed to this sole contract, that this incident would take place as a part of both of their Earth school lessons. The soul that passed on was at peace with their contract and encouraged my client to understand the importance of forgiving himself and to move on with his life and be joyful. This perspective resonated deeply within my client. Some quiet part of him remembered, after many tiers of relief, he started to let go and rebuild his life. This time, not living with guilt, but living for his soul friend that could not. If you build through life thinking that you know, all of the hows and whys of life, you're bound to take on more guilt and responsibility than necessary. This can keep you stuck suffering and unable to manifest your dreams. Try opening to the possibility that you may not know the reason, the lesson, the contract, or the karma that any soul is experiencing an Earth school. The more faith that you have, and the more you surrender to what is, the more piece you'll experience. In the upcoming assignment, you'll be utilizing the power of your imagination. All help guide you at a rigid small thinking and open to a greater possibility. Ready? Let's do this. Describe a time when you felt guilty. What should you have done that you did not do? Now stretch yourself to open to a wider perspective. If this was a movie and you were the director, what might the characters be learning through this experience? Are anyone's old wounds being brought to the surface for healing? What are some possible reasons this situation needed to happen? Really go big? Could a sole contract or karma be involved? I'll write way to challenge your limiting beliefs and open to a wider and very possible perspective. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to use this situation and the remaining guilt to propel your personal evolution. 6. The Lesson: I'll write rock on you. I'm so proud of you for sticking in here with me as we explore the many facets of guilt. Exploring how your guilt was created by the mind may have resolved the feeling. Excellent. But if it hasn't, or if you want to learn more steps for the future than just stick with me. There may still be a few more steps to take in order to get rid of the guilt completely. And the next step is to learn all about what guilt can teach you. It's pretty common for people to be swallowed up by guilt because the situation is in the past and they think that there's nothing that can be done except to distract themselves from the uncomfortable emotion and hope it just fade swiftly. But they're wrong. Guilt doesn't have to be just a painful self punishing emotion. It can also be your teacher. Guilt can help you evolve. What do I mean? Let's jump in. Have you ever heard the saying, life isn't happening to you? It's happening for you. It succinctly points at the possibility that there is a greater context for experiencing life. What does that mean? Well, imagine if Earth was more than just a planet containing life. What if it was a school where souls go to learn lessons and explore facets of human experience. Maybe souls need a place to grow and balance karma. Could those possibilities exist? This concept is what I commonly referred to as Earth school, life and the situations in which you find yourself or not just by chance, they are aligned with your souls lessons. In Earth school, there are tons of different classrooms, including compassion, Patients, self-control, gratitude, kindness, empowerment, power, boundaries, and you guessed it, Forgiveness. Additionally, there are different levels for each classroom. Your friend could be inpatients 101 while you're currently getting your PhD and forgiveness. You see each soul is completely unique. Each has their own specific curriculum for learning and growing this lifetime. Which also happens to mean that no two souls can ever accurately be compared to each other. In order to pass the exam and graduate to the next classroom, you have to learn from your experiences and Earth school. When you do this, you evolve, you gain greater perspective. You open your hearts and grow and compassion and humility. You may learn how to not abuse power or have healthy boundaries, or how to express kindness to all of creation. When we view life from the perspective of Earth school, then everything becomes a lesson. Life is not happening to you. It's happening for you. Even really great students get wrong answers from time to time. They don't know everything. They're not supposed to. They're in school to learn. So here's my proposal. Instead of sulking in the heavy weight of guilt or beating yourself up over something in the past that you cannot change. What if you chose to evolve? What have you looked at this situation as an opportunity to learn and grow? In the assignment, I'm going to guide you to use life to work for you. Instead of against you. You'll be exploring what the situation that generated guilt has to teach you. Okay, in your journal, answer the following questions. Consider a situation where you currently are recently felt guilty. Describe what happened. List at least five takeaways or things that you can learn from this experience. Here are some questions to consider. For example, how will this experience make you better, stronger, are wiser in the future? Did this experience helped you to open your heart or grow compassion? What will you do differently in the future because of this experience? Now, give yourself permission to forgive yourself and let it go. Right? And say aloud, I give myself permission to let this go. I hold onto the wisdom and release the guilt. I give myself permission to let this go. I hold onto the wisdom and release the guilt. Great job diving in way to let life work for you, instead of weighing you down. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to take actions to dissolve the remainder of your guilt, such as apologizing to others. Don't worry, you got this. 7. Resolve and Harmonize: Oh, okay. Guilt crushing rock star. Keep going. You got this. Now that you understand why your guilt has arisen and you've been able to learn from it. Now it's time to fully resolve it once and for all. Sometimes simply by examining your beliefs or learning from the situation, your guilt will dissolve. However, sometimes it requires taking action in the physical world to fully released the guilt layer. That means it's timed that own up and take responsibility. Remember it, this is Earth school. You are not here to be perfect. You are going to make mistakes. Part of growing and evolving requires taking responsibility for your humanness. It can be exceedingly challenging to admit when you're wrong. But this is a crucial step on your path to being free of the punishing guilt layer. By taking responsibility, there's no longer a need for self punishment. Your energy starts to flow more. The self sabotaging guilt layer is neutralized and your guilt is dissipated. Admitting you're wrong is no easy task. But through it, you will grow and self-respect and inner strength. You can be proud of yourself for courageously taking responsibility for your actions and communicating your regret. The first step is to courageously Take a moment to ask yourself, do I need to apologize to someone? Is there something I need to do to bring harmony to this situation? If you realize that you need to bravely offer an apology to someone, consider your method of communication. Tune-in, dear highest good, and determine if it's best to apologize in person, over the phone, in a hand-written letter, in an email, or on the Soul Plane. Great. Now that you've got who you're going to apologize to and how you are going to do it. Here are a few helpful apology pointers to consider. Take full responsibility for your parts. Hurtful situations aren't always one-sided. They may have done some things to hurt you as well. But this is not a time to get acknowledgement. It's about you growing in your integrity and owning up to your missteps. Release all expectations for forgiveness or counter topologies. You may be in the forgiving spirit, but they may not be. They may be surprised by your outreach and unsure what to say. They may still be angry or hurting and not ready to forgive. That's okay. Allow them their personal journey. This is not about you getting forgiveness, is about you owning your missteps and expressing your remorse. Tell them what you've learned from this experience. Even the most challenging relationships and situations inspire evolution. Let them know how they've helped you learn and grow. For example, have you become a better person because of them? Or what will you do differently in the future? Be sincere. Take a few minutes before you reach out to get centered in your hearts. Avoid arguing, raising your voice, or dismissing their pain. They may have an entirely different perspective and Earth school lesson than you simply kindly offer your apology. There may also be something you need to do in order to harmonize the situation beyond just apologizing. In the activity, you'll spend some time reflecting on what feels like appropriate actions to resolve any remaining guilt. And purely for your enjoyment. I've included some of the ways I've resolved my own lingering guilt over the years. When I was in high school, my friends took me to a party where I1 the door prize as smash box makeup kit. I felt badly that I want instead of her. So I told her I'd share it with her, but I never did. I intentionally kept it for myself. This is a low-grade guilt. It didn't cause horrendous pain or anything, but somehow, I always remembered it. And I thought a little bad even ten years later because this could be remedied in the physical world. It needed to be. I found her on Facebook and asked for her email address. I went online and bought her a $50 gift certificate to the exact makeup company and sends it via email with a note. I'm not sure if you remember, but I still do. I said I'd share the makeup I won at the party with you, but I never did. This is for you to buy your very own. Sorry, it took so long. It's Jennifer. In another situation. I was in between jobs. So my boyfriend at the time covered my rent for a few months. I explicitly told him that I'd pay him back. He told me I didn't have to. But again, I repeated that I would do so. My personal moral code includes the belief that I honor my word. A few months later we broke up in the midst of my grieving from a broken heart. I thought about the money I still owed him. Then I quickly dismissed it by thinking, oh, well, whatever he said, it didn't have to pay him back, so I won't. But the thought or the energetic debt never really went away. On some level. I always felt like I still owed him. So years later, out of the blue, I decided to finally sent him a check. He emailed me and disbelief in gratitude. This is a situation where I had a past energetic debt that needed to be paid and nagging reminder accompanied with a low grade guilt would arise whenever sitting down to do my monthly finances. Sending him a check was not about him or our relationship. It was about me honoring my word. My energetic debt was paid and my energy was restored in the present moment, my thoughts rarely ever wandered back to that time or the relationship since the energetics we're harmonized. And finally, one time in my past, I did the unthinkable. I made out with a guy. My best friend was madly in love with. The guilt was eating me alive. Technically, I hadn't done anything wrong. I mean, they weren't really a couple. But I went against my personal moral code. I knew I needed to come clean. I need to own up and apologize for being so shallow and inconsiderate. I also knew that it might mean that I no longer had a best friend, but the integrity of the relationship needed to be resort or at the very least honored. Despite my falter. I couldn't go on keeping a secret. So I came clean and apologized. But our friendship with never the same ultimately and never recovered. I know that's not the resolution you may have wanted to hear. But being a student and Earth school isn't always about taking the easy and comfortable path. It requires you to courageously live authentically in alignment with your soul while embracing your humanity. In the upcoming assignments, you will consider where you need to take responsibility and the appropriate action to take in the physical world. By courageously taking this step, you resolve your guilt. Take a deep breath, give yourself a big, loving squeeze. Be proud of yourself. You are doing it. You're dissolving your guilt layer and evolving. In the next and final lesson, you will look at ongoing situations creating chronic guilt. You'll explore whether you're honoring your authentic self. And you'll learn how to make choices aligned with your soul. You're doing great. Keep up the awesomeness. Consider a situation where you still feel guilty. Describe it briefly. Tune into yourself. Do you need to apologize to someone? If yes, list to whom? Is there something you need to do to bring harmony to the situation? Get brainstorming. What are some options for harmony? Now, out of all the options that you've brainstormed about, which option feels like the best path forward. And finally, commit to courageously taking action to resolve this guilt. When will you do this? And I'll write, great job. I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. Living Without Guilt: Great work. Now you have the insights and tools to dissolve your guilt when it arises. But what about those situations in your life that generate a sort of ongoing or chronic guilt. Maybe you've noticed there's a pattern to this self punishing energy. If you suffer from chronic gills or resentment, pay attention. Your soul is trying to get your attention. It's likely you're living out of alignment with your soul or authentic self. The emotions of guilt and resentment are there as a sort of red flag waving you to move in a different direction. How do you know if you're living out of alignment with your authentic self? Look out for this one word. Should. Are you doing things in your life because you should or because they really feel right for you. Sometimes what society says you should do matches up with a true expression of your soul. Awesome sauce. In other times, however, you will wrestle with what is expected of you by others and what is truly right for your soul. In this situation, it seems like either path you choose will create suffering. You do what the world says you should do. You'll likely feel resentful. If you do what's really right for you, you'll likely feel guilty. The painful conundrum. How did just live free in a way that doesn't create any guilt or resentment. This isn't Earth school lesson in bravely expressing your authentic self, it takes true courage to listen to your soul and follow it. That's because while some part of you wants to grow and evolve, another part still wants to be loved and accepted by others. Let's face it, fitting in feels better than striking out alone. Being liked is more pleasant than being disliked. Being part of the pack is safer than being a lone wolf. But if you're finding that you have chronic guilt, it's time to upgrade your way of being an honor your soul. Fear not. This may be challenging at first, but as you take small steps to live authentically, joy and freedom will grow within you, making it easier and easier as you progress. It's a delicate dance to balance what others expect of you while embracing your unique soul. It's time to let go of other's opinions. Honor, what is right for you? It's time to follow your highest good. Your highest good is your north star. It's a shining light connecting you with your soul, guiding you towards wisdom, inner peace in your divine purpose. When you follow your highest good, you can't help but to discover your true self, you let go of all the goods and start living in authentic alignment with you. In the upcoming assignment, you'll start by taking an inventory of all the agreements that you have with others that are not truly in alignment with YOU, resulting in guilt or resentment. These agreements or contracts we have with others can be explicitly stated. For example, all drive the car, pull every day, or they can be assumed you do the grocery shopping. So I just assumed you're in charge of cooking dinner every night. Then you'll consider how that contract should be adjusted in order to bring it into better alignment. For example, you might drive the car, pull on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and ask someone else to do the other days. You might ask for gas money or for everyone to be on time. Or you might consider creating a grocery list and weekly meal-plan together so you both know what to cook for dinner. You might ask that the responsibility be shared. You might say yes to the shopping and cooking, but asked that they are in charge of cleaning. Or you might ask someone else to be in charge of takeout on Thursdays and Fridays. Finally, you're going to renegotiate your contract by communicating what would be in better balance for you. In fact, what you're doing here is creating healthier boundaries for yourself. If you want more insight on this topic, we have a course for that that you can check out. Ok, so here are a few tips on renegotiating your contracts in living your truth. Give yourself permission to say no, contrary to what you might believe, sang no doesn't make you a bad or selfish person. It means what someone is asking of you right now isn't in alignment with your highest good. Therefore, you're choosing to love and honor yourself. When you truly care for yourself, your frequency and energy increases. You can more easily help many more people. You're light and compassion extends further and you feel joyful and inspired. Find a win-win. If your soul is requesting that you say no, but you find it's hard to do so. Make a return offer that's more in alignment with you. Create a situation where you both when, for example, I'm sorry, I can't watch your kids tonight, but I'd be happy to take them to the park on Sunday. And finally, make piece being the bad guy. Sometimes a decision that's an alignment with your highest good. No one else will understand. Instead of seeking understanding from others, seek approval from your soul. It's OK that not everyone is always going to understand you. Okay? Are you ready to start living a life more in alignment with your authentic self? Make a list of your current contracts, agreements, or obligations that are generating guilt or resentment. Consider what is truly in your highest good in each situation. What would be in alignment with your authentic self? Now, what needs to be done in order to modify this contract? And finally, do you feel any resistance in taking the necessary steps to bring this situation into better balance? If so, why explore your concerns by free writing in your journal? 9. Conclusion: Congratulations, you've done it. You've completed the entire course. You've learned that guilt is an energy and has negative consequences. Guilt creates self punishment and self sabotage. The guilt layer is created by your thinking. Guilt can be your teacher for personal evolution. Self forgiveness is a vital part of a joyful life. Apologizing and taking action helps resolve guilt. Chronic guilds or resentment means that you're out of alignment with your soul. And hopefully so much more. I hope you're proud of yourself. I know that I'm proud of you to continue your evolutionary journey through the lens of spirituality and energetics. Check out our other courses on self-love, self forgiveness, healthy boundaries and more.