How to Live Meaningfully in a Digital Age: For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs | Samy Felice | Skillshare

How to Live Meaningfully in a Digital Age: For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Samy Felice, Live a Meaningful Life

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12 Videos (59m)
    • Introduction

    • See Time Differently

    • Divide your Day Into Chunks

    • The Chair Analogy to Life

    • Optimizing Each Day for Clarity

    • The Playful Time Technique

    • Get Motivated by Noting your Hours

    • Healing your Smartphone Addiction

    • Healing your Smartphone Addiction - Continued

    • Avoiding Internet Burnout

    • Hack Each Day for Gratitude

    • Summary


About This Class

Advertising boards. Bright lights. They caress you, and sway you into their lure. Your attention is stolen from you, being projected outwards, while the sensory wonders of the world pull you in. Emails are being delivered to your phone. Whatsapp messages alert you. You've received a new Snap. Google tells you your apps need updating.

And then you wonder about all the things you want to do today, tomorrow, and so on... Where are you? But here... And you always will be.

There's an underlying global problem our generation is facing.

And it's an incessant lack of gratitude perpetuated by our digital environment. Bikini clad models on Instagram. Check. Sports stars blazed over your newsfeed every day. Check. Tons of pressure to make a breakthrough in your career. Check. 





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Samy Felice

Live a Meaningful Life

Samy Felice is a writer who eats books for breakfast. He's captivated by the idea of blending eastern philosophy with western ideals of achievement and productivity.

Tired of the old bread and butter advice on "making it" and "doing the most amount of work possible"; he's focused his writing on how to live more meaningfully, in balance with the desire to achieve more.

His work has been featured on top authority sites such as Medium, Addicted2Success, PicktheBrain, and TinyBudd...

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