How to Learn and Discover Secret Memory Skills,Improve Your Memory and Unleash the Mind Potential | George Hadzic | Skillshare

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How to Learn and Discover Secret Memory Skills,Improve Your Memory and Unleash the Mind Potential

teacher avatar George Hadzic, SkillShare Little Helper

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. So What Are We Going To Learn

    • 2. Some Basic Information About Memory

    • 3. Still On History

    • 4. How Do We Memorize A Term

    • 5. Dynamic Relationship Of Both Sides

    • 6. The Number-Shape System

    • 7. The Rhyme System

    • 8. imagination Is The Key

    • 9. Alphabet System

    • 10. How To Double Everything That You Have Learned So Far

    • 11. The Middle Is Also Important

    • 12. Multiplier Method

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About This Class

This course has been created to inspire, encourage and most importantly, EQUIP you with all essential Memory systems and tips. This will help you move from a place of potential to optimal performance in your personal, academic and professional life.

These "tools" are primarily lifestyle-based, which is wonderful news. You don't need an expensive prescription medication or any medical procedure at all to boost your brain, and your memory. You simply must try out the following techniques and strategies to improve your memory.

Unless your memory is failing and causing you clear problems at work or in personal life, you probably take your memory ability for granted. You may think it would be nice to have a better memory, but why bother. You are getting along well. Besides, you may well believe you can't do much about your memory. Wrong.

Imagine that you can that you could memorize a 10 digit random number in 6 minutes or less and recall it minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months later. Would you believe me? What if you could memorize a long list of word and numbers in 50, 100, 1000 units?

Let me first clarify some issue about thinking that you have a bad memory. There is no such thing as a "bad memory", and everyone can improve their memory, as long as you are not suffering from memory loss as a medical condition. If you want to improve your memory, there are a number of things you can do, from eating blueberries to using a variety of mnemonic devices. If you're optimistic and dedicated, you'll be able to improve your memory, whether you want to win the World Memory Championships, ace your history test, or simply remember where you put your keys.

Still if you still feel or have a bad experience with your memory. You're not alone. Everyone loses track occasionally. It kind of feels like as we age, our minds and memories just don't work like they used to. But is that really true, or are there ways to improve memory power? The fact of the matter is that certain aspects of brain function and memory capability are not necessarily linked to getting older. Lifestyle choices and whether or not we implement memory-boosting techniques in our day-to-day lives contribute to the overall health of our brains and our ability to remember both new and old information. So we got to wondering: Is it possible to counteract the memory decline that already seems to be taking place? How can we improve memory power?

Also it is all about boosting your memory skills using key memory principles, proven memory tools and memory techniques. By the end of this course, you'll be able to increase your memory vastly and easily overcome mental barriers that restrict you from achieving a successful career and personal life.

Every moment you delay NOW is going away from your secret memory system to be unleashed.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George Hadzic

SkillShare Little Helper


Since I began to work both online and offline, I was interested in how to be productive more than just busy. More over when I had to managed a team of people then it become must rather than I might do it. Then I have specialized in professional training and improving peoples performance and efficiency.

As years go by I have perfected some of these methods and start to implement both my professional and private life. After that my life have dramatically changed, I am still learning and it will never stop but I want to share my knowledge.

As I am growing as a person I want to share this knowledge that I have collected with as many people as possible.

What I do want to do here is to have people said that i have changed their life to better.

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1. So What Are We Going To Learn: Welcome aboard. Now we're going to see What are we going to do in this course? I put this course in three separate segments. First of all, we're going to see a bit of history off our memory system. After that, were immediately going toe cover some basic and advanced techniques off our memory system, and we're going to complete it in the main system and the last segment, we're going to call it the mind mapping, which we will learn for their own, how we can use it to further boost our memory. So again, what we learn here, we will clear our current abilities will put them to test for the wrong. We will double the amount of terms in any given system that you will learn. And I will teach you how to use a memory rhythm for further improving your memory. And by doing this kind of techniques, you will have more fun than usual. The next system is a top system. This is called because it includes a lot of under system and combines and into one also the mind. Nothing is going toe give you help to multiply. Your built is to store them and to recall whenever you want. This is a new approach in the art of memory. Okay, To conclude your here are going to learn a lot of new techniques and ways to further improve your memory. Make sure that you have fun while doing this and I will help you and guide you throughout this whole course to keep you on the right track. You will soon realise how easy it is and how quickly you can adapt your new skills. Last but not least, enjoy the whole course itself and have a nice day. 2. Some Basic Information About Memory: So let's quickly wrap some basic arguments about our perfect memory. Is it perfect? We'll see. Most of people actually cannot remember the names off the people that they have just met, or even the phone number that they were handed over. And it is decreasing while we're age. But don't worry, I will guide you. By the end of this course, you will overcome this problem, and the Hewlett sold it very easily. First of all, on Lee, if you don't train or use your memory, then it will get worse. Whatever you're young or old, the reason for that are quite simple, negative attitude and lack of knowledge. It's quite simple. If you do not do sit ups, your stomach gets fat. Now ask yourself, How many informations can you remember during the day? The real answer is couple of billions. The human memory is so perfect, and it functions quite simple and unnoticeable that every bit of information, every word, every picture, every thought that you have is remembered by your brain considered these arguments. For example, do you have a vivid dreams about your relatives, your friends, your parents or even love affairs that you weren't think about it or hang out for like quite a while. But in your dreams, the pictures and the details off them are quite quite detailed. And they're exactly like in the reality that you have. Remember, this statement actually defines that somewhere in our brain there is an infinite storage room off perfect pictures and associations that is not changing during time and it can with the good trigger, Toby recalled. Practically anyone had the experience off sudden recall off people or the events from the earlier periods off their lives. This is very often when adults visit their primary school, or they had a bit of taste or smell, touch view or the sound that it can trigger the avalanche off the memory that we thought that they were forgotten. The ability off any senses to reproduce the perfect memory pictures means that they are exact trigger situations, and we can recall the vast majority of the events. With those experience, we know that our brain in this way can recall the informations from the past. The photographic memory is a specific phenomenon that allows you toe in very short period of time toe perfectly. Remember anything you want. This type of memory is weakening over time and shows us that from person to person. Of course, the those photos can be so precise that are in a great great details. This is showing us that we alongside the long term we have a short term memory and the ability off instant photographic memory. The memory techniques are the gathering off memory codes or the keys that is allowing people toe without any error to remember everything they want. These techniques are helping us toe search in a vast bank off data in our memory and for us easy to find anything that we want. 3. Still On History: as I mentioned in the beginning, we're going to talk. Adjust the small details about the history off, researching our memory, the first known researchers off our memory. I have to mention them, of course, were the Greek philosophers. They were researching the physical as a supposed the spiritual aspect off the memory. They have developed the scientific approach of thinking and terminology that helped them to develop these concepts. Next on the list are the Romans, and after them was the influence of the Christian Church. And then we have the translational period off 18 and 19 century with development off the science. All those Greek thes ease were discarded and the work on the memory was expanded, including the biological sciences off course there. Ah, lot of modern theories. But I'm going to single out the Mr Wilder Penfield direct stimulation of the brain. He was really the pioneer off doing this kind of research. So how did he manage it? Well, because he was a doctor. He was operating on the patient skull, so he was stimulating the brain off the patient with low electric current on the different places off the brain. So the patient, which were the conscience all the time. Give him the report off what is going on after every stimulation. Soon he realized that stimulating the vast areas off the brain, we're getting various answers about our memory on the events from the past. Next, research from David Bomb and his co operatives are suggesting us that brain functions on the way that hundreds and millions off the brain cells can actually function as the miniature brain. Collecting on some fantastic, complex way the every data and creating us a perfect memory as extra off this new researchers, we have in an achievement and discovery off the Roger Sperry, which had the noble price for his an astonishing achievement in this area. So the Rogers Perry have discovered that everyone has the brain, which is divided on two more physiological parts that are getting their jobs done on the various mental functions. The next skills that I'm going to tell you, we can attribute them toe hole cortex, which is divided on the left and the right hemisphere. In this manner, the left side of the cortex is dealing with the next skills. Logic. Words list serious numbers, linearity and analysis, and the right side of the cortex is developing this mental functions. Written imaginations, dreaming colors and feeling of colors, three dimensionality and the space of Airness. So these two assemblies are combining in one, and they synergize in order for you to have a perfect memory. If you're using a vast proportion off your capabilities, your going toe, increase your memory and your going toe, gather the information with more ease. 4. How Do We Memorize A Term: long before we have discovered the physiological separation off the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. Our ancestors initiative Lee. They figured out that there are two fundamental principles that is allowing us to have the perfect memory that is, imagination and association. Today, most of us are discouraged to use its imaginative capabilities, and we learn a very, very little about the nature off our mental associations. It's quite simple. If you want to remember something, anything that you have to do is Onley, toe associate, or to connect with something similar or a common item. In order to have a perfect memory, you have to imply these elements in your mental image. The first element is synesthesia, which refers off mixing your senses in order to look. Develop your memory. It is proved that is quite necessary to increase the sensibility off your senses and to practice them as much as possible. So you have to practice your eyes, your ears, your smell, your taste and your touch alongside with Keenest easier motion. Give us the best amount off abilities for our brain to connect with the motion and with the event or the item that we need to remember. Therefore, it is quite necessary for our mental image and our memory. Images toe have a rhythm. If we have a rhythm in it and we have a variations of rhythm, we will remember it even better. And if we want to remember something, quite often, we associate it with something that we can remember it by heart. The next element is familiar with everyone. It is sexuality. We all have the great memory in this area, so simply use it. And for the humor. If your mental images are funnier, more wackier or unreal or doesn't even have any sense, therefore you will remember them very easily. So play and have fun with your memory. Imagination is like an engine for your memory. Even the Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited. Wild imaginations holds within the whole universe and its stimulus. The progress and evolution gives a life breath. The more you use your vile imagination, the better you will remember, which is the fundamental principle off memory. The next on the list is numerical order. If you count something, you're giving it a specific and efficiency in the principal off order and logic, while symbolism is substituting the common boring and obstructive terms or ideas as, for instance, the signs stop or the light bulb. If you turn that term in something interesting with more meaning, you're going toe vastly improve the probability off, recall it and whenever is possible for you, use the whole specter off rainbow colors and simply caller your ideas and terms and therefore make them easier for remembering. The next on the list is the principal off order in the combination with the in the combination with the rest of the principles. This is allowing the information toe immediately being stored and toe. Analyze it and to increase the possibility off the brain for random, receive the examples for it are degradation grouping by color, sorting by categories and hierarchy. The positive mental images in most cases are quite easier to remember because our brain wants to return. Tow them similar to it. The negative mental images, no matter what you have read before they can be blocked in our memory because the brain in the process off searching is seeing that they're uncomfortable. In every memory system, there is a key word and this word we're going to call a key memory word, which is represent the hook that you will trigger the term or the idea that you want to remember. This word simply needs to produce a picture or show in the mind that is using these memory systems if you use the memory, principles and the techniques on the right way. Not only that, your memory is going to increase invest areas, but your creativity is going to skyrocket. And with improving on your memory and creativity, your complete mental functioning and assimilation off knowledge is going toe increase in a fantastic way. In this process, you're going to get a one new dynamic, Synthes E off left and the right hemisphere off the brain. 5. Dynamic Relationship Of Both Sides: Now you're going to find out that your memory can be improved and improving your memory. You're releasing a vast amount off energy off your imagination and creativity. The most simple one off the memory system that you're going to learn in this course is the chain system. This system is basically like a short list off items like the least for the shopping, So the main point here is that every item is chained toe oneto another. To put it simple, this system is based on the list off the items, which is connected one to each other. While you were using the system, do not forget to use all 12 off the memory principle that you have learned so far, which is synesthesia movement association, sexuality, humor, imagination, numerical order symbols, multi colors, principal off order, positive mental images and exaggerating. And, of course, do not forget to use all the six senses that you have. So instead, in a hurry to write down every item that you need to buy or you just simply repeat the list over and over and over till you get it out. You simply can use the memory principle in the next manner. Be original. Use your imagination and colors as much as possible, as I already have told you so. Heavy mental image off every item that you have on that list. Use your own imagination again and make it Inuit way so that you can remember it with more ease. Try toe. Also exaggerate anything. You can even speed up the time off the protests off that image that is going on overall, make a fun, short speed up exaggerated story off you and those items that are on the list. Remember to use all the memory principles and to use all the senses in that story. And you will be amazed how easier it gets to remember a whole bunch of items on that list without even breaking a sweat. And the more fun an exaggeration you put in that story, the easier it gets. 6. The Number-Shape System: So now you have learned chain system off remembering in which you are using the every memory principal. Accept the principle off order and a miracle arrangement. Now we're going to learn the first off the several system off my miracle hooks. The biggest difference from the chain system is that this system is using the list off the key memory pictures that is never gonna change. The first memory hook is going to be number shape system, which is the first method off the memory hooks. It's quite simple. Words are representing the numbers. The best system is the one that you're creating by yourself. It is a lot better than anything else. This is because your mind is vastly different and your associations, your mental images and connections is going to be significantly different from mine or anybody else's. So the associations and mental images that you're going to create from your own imagination is going to be a lot more significant efficient, and it will last longer from anything else. So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to explain how can you create this kind of system ? And I moved to give you the example for its practical use help Piece of paper next to U N right on that piece of paper number from 1 to 10 with empty spaces between them. And you should choose the term. That is easy for you to visualize it with a lot of colors and with good, imaginative potential, so that the mental images can be easily could being connected with the terms that you want to remember. For instance, Number one could be column pencil, candle, for instance. Number two can be sworn duck or geese. Number free can be heart chin with the whole wind within or sitting area number four can be chair table or a sailboat. Number five can be hook drum or a pregnant woman. Number six can be an elephant trunk. It could be a pipe. It could be a cherry with the thing on top number seven can be X can be a boomerang whatever you prefer. Number eight, of course. Snowman Sand Watch number nine ca NBI. Some kind of stick record for tennis number 10 can be baseball on a bet. It could be umbrella also, so you name it. There are a lot of examples and it's up to you and your imagination to put them and to make them even more. Remember, born this way. So what am I going to ask you to do right now? For every number, try to put your own terms so that you can easy remember them. You can also use the examples that I said and choose the key memory images for every number . Now, when you finish this, turn the page, draw the suitable images for every number. Don't worry, this is not art class, but just simply draw something that it will brought your attention. You will easy. Remember that term and, of course, use as much colors as you can. Now, when you finish this, you're going to test yourself like this. Close your eyes and you just mentally flyover from the number one to number 10 by order. When you visualize the number, just simply connect it with the key term or the memory image from the system number shape that you have choose and that you have written and draw and use all the 12 memory principles, especially exaggeration, multi colors and motion. When you finish your tests do exactly the opposite. Go from number 10 to the number one. So when you finish this, goto a random number from your list and connected immediately or very fast with the adequate keywords and image. So why should you have written down that list and try to remember each and every item for it? These terms that you have written on that piece of paper are simple terms, but try to remember something more abstracted, less easy to remember. Key here is. Try to visualize that abstract term from one off the list terms or the list number, so that you can connect that term from one of the numbers on that list and what you will remember that term or abstract term image. Whatever with quite ease, practice and experiment with these technique as much as possible. Put it into a test, or you can ask your friend toe. Put a list from 1 to 10 off the abstract terms that you want to remember that you want to practice for it at the moment when you heard or see the new term that you want to remember for testing or just want to experiment, try to create the most wackiest the most colorful, the most exaggerated and the best association that you can find so that you can project it on your mental image. You'll be surprised how easy it gets to remember all those terms, and it will be more impressive fact that you will be able tow recall the remember terms by order, reversed order or random. Try and practise this technique at least couple of times before you move on. 7. The Rhyme System: The next system is number rime system, which is very easy to remember because it is based on the same principle as the previous run the number shape system. In this system, you're going to search the world's that is going toe, have a rhyme or to be similar by shape with the numbers as before, I'm going to offer some few examples toe just to get familiar with the system. And, of course, please do consider to create your own So the number one can be sun bun, none Han or gun number two Shoe pew Blue crew blue number free can be tree flee See ni me Number four can be door more whore Bore Poor number five can beehive jive Dr Dive Chief number six can be sticks bricks, bricks, wicks licks Number seven can be Heaven can be Devon number eight can be bait Gate Wait Date Fate number nine can be wine, wine, wine line dine number 10 can be can pen, then ran men. You get the idea. So choose the appropriate key rhyming image word and draw your image with as much as imagination and colors as possible and test yourself exactly as you did in the previous lecture. First, run through the system from 1 to 10 in the normal order. Next, run through the system in reversed order and next run through the system in random. Finally picked the image out of the air and connect the numbers through them. As you do each and every one off these exercise, please repeat them, making each repetition faster than the previous one until you're in the position that your mind will instantaneously produce the image as soon as you think off the number. As you become more skilled, keep a continuing and growing list off the areas in your life in which you will apply the systems you're currently learning. You will then be able to use the system with confidence, with pleasure and for entertainment. And for practically use, of course, and for exercising your general memory 8. imagination Is The Key: shortened, simple as usual. Next, we're going to learn a very, very special system called the Roman Room system, which is excellent for using both left and the right side of the brain and to the memory principles because it would cries very precise structuring and ordering as well. Ah, lot of imagination and sensuality. The best part off this system is the room is entirely imaginative. So you can have in it every wonderful item that you wish. So imagine a room. Imagine every item that you wish things that please all your senses, items off furniture, objects off art. And you have always wanted desire to possess in real life and similarly foods and decorations that are especially appealing to you. Oh, yeah. And of course, another major advantage off using this system is that if you begin to imagine yourself in the possession off certain items that exist in your imaginary room, both your memory and creative intelligence well, begin toe work subconsciously on ways in which you can actually acquire such objects, increasing the probability that you will eventually do so. This system also eliminates all boundaries on your imagination and allows you to remember as many items and Jewish. So grab again a piece of paper and draw up one room. Don't worry. Still not an art class. Just simply put every item that you wish for in the one room. Draw the first thoughts on the items you would like to have in your room, the shape and design off your room and the sewer. Next, you'll draw the ideal memory room, either as an artist growing or architects plan both for them will do and printing in the names off items with which you are going to furnish and decorate the room. And if we eliminate the boundaries off the imagination, we're going to eliminate the boundaries off the room. So please use an enormous sheets of paper on which you will include hundreds of items in a big, gigantic room. If you wish to do this, by all means do so. And here is the best part. When you have completed this task, take a number off kind of mental walks around your room, memorizing precisely the order position and the number off items in the room. This is on the left brain and similarly sensing with all your senses, the colors taste field smell sounds within the room, so use your artistic side as much as possible here and have fun while doing so. 9. Alphabet System: final system, called the Alphabet system, is similar in construction to the number, shape and the number right system. The only difference is that instead of using numbers, it uses a 26 letters off English alphabet. As with all the other memory system, the basic memory principles still apply here. The rules for constructing your alphabet memory system are simple. You select a key memory image word that starts with the sound off the letter and is easily memorised. If you think off several possibilities for letter, use the one that comes first in dictionary or first in your mind. For example, for the letter L, it will be possible to use elastic allergy. Alphand elbow l'm etcetera. If you were looking up this words in dictionary, the 1st 1 is going to be elastic e l. A. So there is the 1st 1 in that mansion, and that is therefore the world you will select for your alphabet system. The reason for this rule is that if you should ever forget your alphabet key image word, you can mentally flick through the letters of the alphabet in order rapidly arriving at the correct word. For instance, in the example, given if you had forgotten your alphabet system image for the rhetoric. L You will try E l. A and would immediately be able to recall your key image word elastic. Another rule in the construction of this system is that if the letter itself makes a word, for example, still, we're looking at the letter. L makes the word I and J makes the world j the bird. Then the world should be used. In some cases, it is possible to use meaningful initials instead of complete words. For instance, you end. So again, grab a piece of paper and for every letter in the English alphabet or off course your native language alphabet, try toe. Have a single word for a single letter. Make sure you have started your words with the sound off a letter or letter word, and not simply the letter itself, for example, and bottle case dog Eddie would not be correct because they do not start with the sound off the letter, which is pronounced when you have completed your list and completed your alphabet image word. Review them in the exactly same way as the previous memory systems mentally visualising them in a standard order reverse order and then random order. Similar. Make sure you test the system individually and then with the family or friends or colleagues. Whatever you prefer, Try and test yourself again. From now on, you're going to learn more advance expensive and sophisticated systems that will enable you to remember dates, jokes, languages, information for examinations, names, faces, books, dreams, list of hundreds, even thousands of items. 10. How To Double Everything That You Have Learned So Far: Now we have completed the five individual memory system, the link number, shape number, rime Roman Room and the alphabet system. Each and everyone off. This system can be used either independently or in conjunction with another system. One or two off the system's off. Your choice can be set aside if you wish as constant memory banks. If you have certain list or orders off item that you will need to be able to recall over period of a year, or maybe even more now, before we move on to the broader systems, I want you to introduce with a simple and intriguing method for instantly doubling the capacity off any of the systems you have learned so far. Now, when you have reached the end off a system but wish to add further associations, all you have to do is to go back to the beginning of your system and imagine your association word exactly as you usually imagine it. But as if that were contained in a huge block of ice, this simple visualization technique will drastically change the association pictures you have formed and will double the effectiveness off your system but giving you the originalist plus that list in its new context. I'll give you an example. If your first key in the number shape system was telephone pole, you would imagine the same telephone pole either buried in the heart off your giant block of ice or protruding from the corners or sites. If your first word in the number rime system was a son, then you could imagine it's fierce race melting the edge off ice blocks in which it was contained. If your first word in the alphabet system was a space, then you could imagine a John playing card either frozen in the center or forming one off the six size off the ice block. If therefore, you were using your second alphabet system, the alphabet in a huge block of ice and the first item you want to remember. Waas Parrot. You might imagine your parrot crashing through the center off a heart spade club or a diamond of your card shattering with lots of squawking, cracking a grabbing the block of ice. You now have the ability to remember randomly linked items two sets off 10 items. Ah, large number off ordered items and 26th ordered items and you can institute double the capacity by using the block of ice meth. Now here is the catch. Having reached this stage and having by now enormously increased the flexibility off your mind, your abilities to imagine associate sense and create are ready to take on a major system a system that can be used to create a limitless memory system. 11. The Middle Is Also Important : In addition to the memory principles you have been applying throughout the whole course, there are two major areas. If you understand them, you will be unable to double the efficiency off your memory while you're taking information and then double it again after you have taken the information in to recall during their learning and to recall after the learning. In order for you to see clearly how your memory written function during a standard learning period, it will be useful for you to experience a brief recall during a learning period yourself. To do this follows these instructions very carefully. Read some long list words one word at the time, once only without using any memory systems techniques and without going back over any word . The purpose of you reading the list off those words will be to see how many off the words you can remember without using any off the memory principles. The order does not matter. So when you're reading the list, simply try to remember as many of the words as you can. And when you have finished and completed reading the list, write down as many off the words as possible. You can recall after you have checked the way in which your own memory worked. As a general principle, people remember more off what they learn at the beginning and at the end off the learning period, many more things that were associate with each other and always more items that stand out in some way. Thus, the words in this test that we are commonly remembered are the 1st 3 to 5 words and the last couple of words, and you'll remember some other words because they stand out from the rest of the text. In addition, people remember their own special associated group of words within that list, as well as the words that for some personal reason, are outstanding to them now. What is really important is to observe what WAAS not remembered anything that was not at the beginning or at the end off the learning period that was not associate with other parts off the learning period, and that was not in any way outstanding. In many cases, this means that the entire book off the middle section off the learning period can be forgotten. Relating all of this to yourself and time. Ask yourself this. If you have been studying a difficult tax for 40 minutes, had found your understanding fairly poor throughout and had noticed that you're in the last 10 minutes of your reading. Your understanding had begun to improve slightly. So my question now is, would you stop? You're studying immediately in conclude that as you had started to do well, you could now stop and have a rest or carry on. Assuming that now you understanding was flowing more smoothly, you'd be able to keep it on and keep going until its trade Aled off and then take your break. If you choose the last of these two alternatives, assuming that if your understanding is going well, all other things will also be going well. It can, however, be seen from the results off the test. You have just taken the one with the list and from your personal experience that understanding and recall are not the same. They very enormously and the factor that defines their difference is your own time management. So this basic memory rhythm applies no matter what you're learning, and that includes the learning off the memory systems, what you understand, you do not necessary recall and as a time progresses while you're a learn, you will recall less and less of what you understand if you do not in some way sold the problem off their large gap in the recall that occurs during the middle off learning period . So this basic memory written applies no matter what you're learning, and that includes the learning off a memory systems. So we're looking at the situation when you can both recall and understand what you are learning or working in a maximum harmony. So to create this situation, you need Onley toe. Organize your time in which you're learning in a such a way as to enable understanding to remain high without giving the memory a chance to sack too deeply in the middle. This is easily accomplished by learning to divide your learning periods into most beneficial time units. These units, on average turnout Toby between 10 and 60 minutes, and after that, you're going to break your break should usually be no longer than 2 to 10 minutes during each break. You can allow your mind to rest by going for a short walk, making yourself some drink, doing some physical exercises. You can meditate you can listen toe some quite music whatever you prefer, so to consolidate and to improve your memory even further, it is advisable at the beginning and the end of each learning period to perform a very quick review off what you have learned in the previous learning periods and what you're going to learn in the coming ones. This is helping you to further consolidated information you already have, giving you the growing confidence and success as you progress, allowing your mind toe direct itself toward the next learning target and gives you a bird's eye view off the Thera terry that you're going to explore mentally during the attire learning session. So this will be a short term memory. Now how can we give this a long term memory review? For instance, First review should be exactly after the 10 minutes that you have finished your learning second review, which should be after 24 hours. The 3rd 1 should be in the next week, the 4th 1 in the next month, the 5th 1 in the next six months and on the long term memory, you will need a further review if it is really necessary and if you continue to use the numerical, linguistic and a little collage, ical and sequential abilities off the left side of the brain. And if you continue to use the rhythmical musical imaginative, colorful and dimensional abilities off the right side of your brain, along with the memory principles and the memory time rhythm all in a continual self educational approach, your memory will not Onley not decline with age but will actually improve enormously. The more it is fed, the more it will be ableto buildup, imaginative and associative networks with new areas of knowledge, and thus the more it will be to both remember and create. The more you give to your memory, the more your memory will give back to you and with including a compound interest. 12. Multiplier Method: Now I'm going to tell you how to with thank quick leaps off your imagination. Create memory system off 1000 from a basic 100 off the memory system off a 10,000 from the basic 1000 words. You use a similar method to that explain in the previous chapter, which simply toe coat, color or color section off your major system in different substances, for example, to expend the basic 100 words to 1000. Using the new multiplier method, you would adjust the section off your major system like this from 100 to 199 in a block off ice toe, 200 to a 299 covered in a thick oil. The next 100 should be in flames. The next 100 words should be pictured as colored a brilliant and pulsating purple. The next 100 should be pictured as a maid off a beautiful, valid the next 100 completely transparent images. The next 100 smelling off your favorite, sent the next 100 placed in the middle off a busy road and the last 100 floating on a single cloud in a beautiful, sunny, clear sky. As with all previous system practiced, the major system privately and with your friends and colleagues. You can probably already begin to sense that the memorization off books, the preparation for examination, those are becoming increasingly easy task. The applications of the major system are almost as limitless as the system itself. In the next lectures, I'm going to help you to memorize the cards, long numbers, telephone numbers, dates, history, birthdays and anniversaries and information for the your exams.