How to Learn a Language Fast And Speak Like a Native | Oliver King | Skillshare

How to Learn a Language Fast And Speak Like a Native

Oliver King, Language Coach

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15 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Learning

    • What is a language

    • Preparing yourself for learning

    • Finding Your Learning Style

    • What to Focus On

    • What is Accent

    • How to Learn an Accent

    • Developing your listening skills

    • The Instant Method

    • How to Learn Words Effectively and Fast

    • How to Think in The Target Language

    • Apply

    • EUREKA!

    • How to Choose Resources


About This Class


Are you tired of hearing "immerse yourself" in the language and want some practical knowledge you can apply to learn a language faster, and speak with a native-like accent?

The Language Recipe System is a result of countless analyses conducted by a language learner, meant to help you learn a language as fast as humanly possible. 

The first part of the Language Recipe System is directed both at beginners and advanced students, and it's meant to start you thinking about what a language is. Knowing what a language is greatly helps acquiring a new one.

In the second part, you'l get the sauce you need for fast and effective language learning (How to learn an accent, how to develop your listening skills, how to think in the target language, how to learn words faster, and most importantly: The Instant Method, invented by me, a way to learn words so you don't translate in your mind, and EUREKA! - the one piece of knowledge you need to speak a language like a native).

As a bonus, you'll have access to videos that show you how to choose resources, that will allow to learn a language for free, and THE UNIVERSAL VOCABULARIES, 3 lists of the MOST COMMON words that I personally put together to help kickstart your speaking adventures!





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Oliver King

Language Coach

One day it just hit me...

There are approx. 6000 languages in the world, if I were to spend 5 days learning one language, it would still take me roughly 80 years of constant learning to get to all of them...

Translating in real life, if it takes me 1 year to learn a language, and after I learn it, I want to learn another language, that's 2 years time in which I'd be investing approx. 1 hour per day to learn a language to a good level.


With just 1 hour per da...

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