How to Learn: Strategies for Starting, Practicing & Mastering the Skills You’ve Always Wanted staff pick badge

Mike Boyd, Learner of things... teacher of things

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8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mike’s Method for Learning

    • 3. How We Learn & Mindset

    • 4. Getting started: Finding passion

    • 5. Practicing Smart

    • 6. Pushing Through the Dip

    • 7. Success: Setting and Refining Goals

    • 8. Closing Thoughts

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Project Description


Learn a new skill and document your progress to help accelerate your learning.


Your assignment is to learn a NEW skill from SCRATCH! Choose a skill that you have always wanted to do but just haven't got round to starting. Something achievable, like learning to solving the Rubik’s cube, or learning to write your first programme in Python. You are going to use this skill to train your brain and to put into practice the ‘Practice Smart’ techniques and other tips covered in the class. Download the template provided to help set a goal and journal your progress; it will give you something to look back on to remember your struggles and achievements. Get creative with your ‘Journal of Progress’ film yourself on your phone or take photos. The more memories, the better!


Upload your ‘Journal of Progress’ to the project gallery, whether that be a video, photos, or simply the template with your annotations. Update the project as you progress. Don't be afraid to include changes to your goal or in direction. Your final project should include your thoughts on how you progressed, your struggles, and your achievement along with what techniques did and didn’t work for you. And as is tradition, it should have the number of days/hours/minutes of how long it took you to complete your goal (if you can remember!).