How to Launch a Startup Without Writing Code | Tal Raviv | Skillshare

How to Launch a Startup Without Writing Code

Tal Raviv, Entrepreneur and Mentor

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9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. You're Actually One Step Ahead of Technical People

    • 2. What's Your Problem?

    • 3. Are You Creating a Marketplace?

    • 4. What About a Super High Tech Idea?

    • 5. It's Not About Tech, It's About Guts

    • 6. The Web is Full of LEGO Pieces

    • 7. How Can *Wordpress* Help Me Launch a Product?

    • 8. Build a Deceptively Real Prototype

    • 9. How I'd Build

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81 of 86 students recommend this class
Easy pace. Comfortable narration. Simple, efficien graphics. Flows well. Download material at end of course is a worthy desk reference.
The best Skillshare class I have ever taken. He really made my goals feel possible. It all feels super attainable. I could have watched another hour!
Fran H.

New Art City

This class is very helpful to bootstrappers who haven't yet found a technical co-founder or even a skilled hire. Some good resources! Also, just feels empowering that you can get started on your own.