How to Launch a Bestselling Book in 7 Steps | Ricardo Fayet | Skillshare

How to Launch a Bestselling Book in 7 Steps

Ricardo Fayet,

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9 Videos (1h 56m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Identifying Your Target Audience

    • Ensuring Product Market Fit

    • Deep Dive Into Categories and Keywords

    • Creating Your Street Team

    • Building A Mailing List

    • Price Promotions

    • Building A Writing Career

    • Closing Thoughts


About This Class

So, you've written a book. 

What's next?

In this free Skillshare course, you will learn how to plan and execute a winning launch plan, whether you've written a novel, penned a non-fiction book, or crafted your own memoir. Countless self-publishing authors are turning their passions into successful books every year — and these are the steps almost every one of them have taken on the journey to Amazon's bestseller's lists.

The topics covered include:

  • Identifying the correct target audience
  • Ensuring that your writing and book design is fit for market
  • Mastering keywords and categories on Amazon
  • Building an effective mailing list and assembling a "street team"
  • Running a price promotion that will boost your sales long after the promotion has finished.

This course is taught by Ricardo Fayet and Martin Cavannagh of the publishing marketplace Reedsy. They have worked with hundreds of literary editors, cover designers, and book marketers to help independent publishers create and publish thousands of books since 2014. They will provide you with the tools you need to launch your book like a bestselling author.

With practical tips at every step, these short lessons will help you take the next step in building your career as an author.





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Ricardo Fayet

Hello, I'm Ricardo.

I'm one of the founders of Reedsy, an awesome network of authors, editors, designers, ghostwriters and book marketers. Since 2014, we've devoted ourselves to helping people create and publish better books with our professional marketplace, free online courses, and live webinars.

I'm a lifelong fan of Real Madrid.

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