How to Know th Number of Your Premium Students

Daniela Andrea Guasti, The best way to a great day is to learn

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About This Class

Hello again!

In this class I will teach you an easy and fast method to know the number of premium students in your skillshare classes. So, this class is made to help all the teachers who have published a premium class in skillshare, but also promoted it for free, and then don´t know the exact number of your premium students.

Hope you like it!


PS: Here are some of my students testimonials about this class,

"Thank it helped me to know how many premium student i have"

Dekel Cohen

"Nice class, many people will need to know a lot about basic Skillshare navigation and you provided plenty already!"

Samuel Wilson

"Very helpful class for SKILLSHARE teachers !! Thanks !!!"

Ruchir Kumar

"Thanks for the helpful tips! Very easy process to find out how many premium enrollments you have :)"

Misti Hammers

"This class solves a puzzle. Thanks"

Ashish V.

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Nice course- thank you
Mike Ingram

Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

Nice one
Nuthan Murarysetty

Always Learning and sharing my knowledge to others

Eléna Leprêtre

Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover





Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn

Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I´ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!