How to Kickstart your Music Career Today | Mikael Baggström | Skillshare
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13 Videos (1h 34m)
    • Welcome

    • Go for your Dream

    • What is Your End Game?

    • Create your Masterplan

    • Don't let People Kill your Dreams

    • Your Amazing Adventure Starts Today

    • 10 Steps to Kickstart your Music Career

    • 7 Tips for Creating a Professional Music Career

    • Choose Your Hero Path in Music

    • ACTION: Complete Your Music Maker Strength Chart

    • ACTION: Create your Milestone Tracker

    • ACTION: Design your Vision Album

    • Congratulations + Bonus Gift


About This Class

Start Your Music Career Today
Do you want to make a steady income from your skills and experience in music? Do you dream about a full time successful career as a Professional Music Music and Artist? Now is your chance to take action on that dream!

Get Ready to Level Up in Music
You will learn my Top Tips, Tricks and even Secrets from my experience as a Music Composer and Sound Designer since 1998, and running my own business since 2004. I have condensed all my years of experience into a compact learning experience for you. Basically, this is your shortcut to Kickstart your Music Career.

Examples of things you will Learn

  • All the Main Steps to Kickstart your Music Career
  • The 3 Hero Paths in Music
  • 10 Skill Trees of your Music Career
  • 7 Top ways to Make Money as a Music Maker
  • How to Design your Vision Album and Milestone Tracker

Start Today

Don't wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end. Invest in yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow. Time is always of the essence, and this course will teach you how to save it. So enroll now.

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer





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Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer

Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

You are more than welcome to visit my website to learn more about who I am.


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