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16 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Do you want to Jump Higher?

    • 2. Welcome To The Program!

    • 3. The Power Source

    • 4. Slow Twitch vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber

    • 5. Strength Efficiency

    • 6. Instant Inches Jump Technique

    • 7. Poor Jump Technique Examples

    • 8. Simple Tech FIXING Drill

    • 9. The Deal with Fat

    • 10. Protein is Key

    • 11. NO CALF RAISES

    • 12. How to: Arms

    • 13. Month 1 MONDAY

    • 14. Month 1 TUESDAY

    • 15. Month 1 THURSDAY

    • 16. Month 1 FRIDAY

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About This Class

Get the great inside knowledge it takes to grow your vertical jump to dunk and overall jump higher! 

Get a free month of vertical jump training and drills to get ready for your basketball season.

Meet Your Teacher

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Matthew Brice

So do you want to jump higher?


Hello, I'm Matthew. Vertical Jump Trainer, Vertical Jump Consultant, dedicated to helping athletes jump higher!

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1. Do you want to Jump Higher?: do you want with the basketball star? 80. We'll tell you the only things you need to start jumping much higher. Two day a. Okay, let's get massive leaps. Steps to getting massive leads the bonus workout, plus the older together jumping higher. 2. Welcome To The Program!: a welcome inside the program. Inside, you will see before every module there will be an education Siri's so you can get the inside knowledge on what it really takes to jump higher. And also at the end of those modules, you will then see the visual demonstrations of him. But those air kind of extra bonuses what you probably really came here for was the workout counting. Do the actual workouts and exercises. You can just wake up, get him out the way, and then you're on your way to jump higher. That's where the real values out. But enjoy the modules. Get the demonstrations if you need him. And congratulations on your investment. He sell. Daniel didn't peace is he's out. 3. The Power Source: in order to jump higher, you need power. The combination that's being a strength to be exerted from the ground. I wanted to your vertical. If you need power, it makes sense to train but is responsible for that power. So what's the power source exactly? Is it the Cavs? No, the guys okay, kind of is the hits when I meet hips, I'm referring to the so sis glutes and hamstrings. This exactly why squads dead lifts and those other heavy leg exercise are good for jumping . You could be made innovative steak. If you're only training this way, as he's doing supplies string to your hips. But that's often about what they're only good for and power formula. Many well over train with squats and build a boki thighs and Emma jump in lower. This is because Waits alone does not hope you jump higher. They to the strength part of the equation. When you need a speed or what we call strength efficiency, what we call play metrics the speed part of the formula. This turns a bulk. You building raw, finely horsepower. Well, women explosion this dress, fast twitch muscle fibers that will get into into the next video peace 4. Slow Twitch vs. Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber: LeBron can jump, and I mean, like, really jump And Dirk, He can barely dunk and he's saving foots off specifically. What difference of bronze. 40 inch vertical from Dirk steps. Still, hops are the fast twitch muscle fibers in their body composition. Fast twitch muscles are would allow your body to absolutely a reupped. Imagine you saying both Sprint style or Derrick Rose before the injuries there. Yeah, all right anyway. Slow twist. Most of fibers are the long, enduring muscles that marathon runners often have. The long, lengthy little didn't calves. You see. They have fast twitch. Muscle fibers are primarily bigger and add to the speed part of the formula. We will naturally infuse best which muscle training enter your workout. So no need to worry if you can head on to the next video. 5. Strength Efficiency: Oh, don't mind me. I'm just getting these games. Excuse me for that very cringe e intro. Uh, let's get into it. Forget it. Fluff. Strength, efficiency. Why you need it? Had a train for you, Frank. Deficiencies required. If you want to jump high, this means for your relative size and way. How strong are you to put it into perspective, you have to men or is your women two men in this example? The both 59 £180.1 squats £250 the other dude squads £400. Who was more strength of fishing? In this scenario, you're absolutely dead wrong if you said to do because who squad in £250 based? No, since the dude who is squatting Mawr for his relative way is more strength efficient. So for that, give him weight. Those who could get more other muscles more strength efficient 6. Instant Inches Jump Technique: There are four positive technique. The approach takeoff momentum and the landing straight up. Many people message the approach. The errors people make are retained, a slowing down in some way, shape or form before the jump. This includes hesitated started stepping, slowing down before the approach. This will harm your vertical, the approach of you, a smooth acceleration into the jump. Now let's get into the take off the take off first of last three steps all the way until your body leaves the ground with during the takeoff phase, it is important to strain your core upwards, not not into it. Well, look, something like that. This enables you to put more force down as well. A speed which equates into the power that you used to jump higher Olympics furnace use this technique as well to hit top speed, so uses to jump higher answer is, for the moment of more efficiently. The next part I'm going to tell you about is probably the most important part of jumping, and that is a normal step. So the, uh, excuse me the pedals misstep is the last two steps into the gym. The pureness of the jump. What takes the energy you've generated into vertical explosion. These last two steps should be the quickest and longest drives going into your jump loaded back with relax, it's and exploding upwards. This is where Momenta manipulation comes into play right after the penultimate step off one leg jump. Drive your knees strongly upwards. It should be natural already, but make sure it's a strong need. Dr. Next, pump your elbows into the Joan as the upper body quest for lost inches. Pump the elbows directly up and make sure to flare your legs up at the end for a complete transfer of energy. And it is Porter landing a squad multiple steps or just fall because you do not want to risk entry just from landing from a jump. 7. Poor Jump Technique Examples: be discussing poor jump technique in this video, and first off, we got slowing down or just coming in with a flat speed, as you'll see in this example here. I'm coming in at a flat speed and not accelerated, not even decelerating. Just one constant speed into the jump. Therefore, leaving inches on the table when I could be actually jumping higher and same goes for slowing down. You do not want to slow down right before you jump for takeoff, because that'll lose momentum from your approach into your jump. You want to accelerate into the jump to get maximum force to air and another form of slowing down and started stepping. It's often occurs if you are not as confident in your jump or you're just not comfortable yet. So through reputation you'll become comfortable and started. Steppin will cease. Otherwise, you only see Amber should do with this. They, like, kind of hop into the vertical not gonna get too much into that one. So we're just going to the next one, which is leaning forward. This is when people shoulders are like over there body, and then they try to correct it. At the last second, and it just looks weird and awkward like Don't do it, as you see in this example right here. Now let's take a look at some ideal forms. Perfect form, as you say, or whatever this one, I'm accelerating into the jump and look how how my head gets up compared to the other ones . Have you noticed my head higher than the other ones in the previous will? You can remind if you need to. Now, let's look at a professional example of LeBron his perfect jump technique. I'm just soaring through the air, about to throw down later. Yeah, right there. And here's a couple to foot examples. 8. Simple Tech FIXING Drill: Oh! 9. The Deal with Fat: I do not have my script with me right now, but we're gonna get into in anyway. So the deal with fat if you are not under 10% body fat will probably have a hard time. Dunkin, it's not you personally. It's just gravity and all the scientific laws on earth. If you are not under 10% body fat, you would just have a hard time getting that way through the effects of gravity in comparison to your strength efficiency ratio. So, basically, in this program, we're gonna try to cut you down as much as we can on your fat. You're your body fat percentage. Therefore, you'll have more strength efficiency compared to the rest of your mass in your body, your flesh on your bones to get them through the effects of gravity. We're really gave some bounce because, you know, you know fat fat man can't fly. Remember that we're gonna be cutting down your body fat. The less body fat the better. Well, not unless you get to like 3% body fat that that is just not healthy. You need you need some fat stay LV under the next video 10. Protein is Key: yet again. I did not have my script. If you did not know this, your most is are made of proteins. And how can we rebuild those proteins? It's simple. You consume proteins specifically after workouts after your muscles have broken down so they can build that dealt with the proteins you've eaten or a and or consumed to then rebuild him. A. K A. Proteins are amino acids in amino acids building, you know, acid. So it makes sense to consume amino acids after your workouts. Like I just said. So I'm not getting into all the science behind that. If you If you want a little lesson on inverted demonstration, just go to Google. Like, seriously, anyone could look it up but actually learned in school whatever school was good for, um, on to next vivid 11. NO CALF RAISES: calf raises. Please stop. You're probably doing them wrong like awfully wrong. Are you on the balls of your feet? This going slowly, upwards and slowly downwards. We want to train them to be fast twitch, which means you must execute the movement rapidly. Do your calves move slowly when you go to jump? I think not. So why would you train them that way on Lee time? You should train your calves slow. It's a build up strength, but all the highest jumpers. You see they don't have bulky calves. So for the most part so for the most part, they're pretty lean. Sorry, actually have. That's right. This is Christy. Another brain one is jump rope as it doesn't include jumping. But more like hopping. Trade with jumping high with the jump rope is not these fast. Many reps you see box is doing but full hops as you return to the ground absorbing energy Now onto the next one. I didn't ask for onto the network. Freeze! Who Somebody bring me better money is eight 12. How to: Arms: how to train your arms. Let me just flex on just a little bit, anyway, is important to know the hotch free of arms or the most of composition that they're made of . The forearms are slow twitch muscle fibers. The biceps triceps are primarily fast twitch muscle fibers. And the deltoid can be broken down into three parts because there are three parts to the shoulder. The frontal part, which is the slow twist, part side deltoid, which is the neutral part mixed in with a good majority of slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. And you have the rear deltoid, which is primarily fast twitch muscle fibers and no one this weaken. Now train accordingly. Training for slow twitch muscle fiber is crucial in the forms and the front deltoid and training for explosion in the bicep tricep and we're deltoid. We'll be insurmountable for your gains. The balance between them Well, a Jew and transferring all made from the ground upward into your vertical as you as a split vertical jump. It is so dang, Is that it for the modules? Um, actually, depending on when you see this, uh, we're gonna have Module five released so and that's like two week at pack. People have done like, really great results out of actually getting abs in like a week. Then they, like, totally blow off the second week. So but anyway, do both weeks, then keep doing them to get even better, yeah. 13. Month 1 MONDAY: Oh! 14. Month 1 TUESDAY: 15. Month 1 THURSDAY: 16. Month 1 FRIDAY: don't make me.