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How to Juggle

Niels Duinker

How to Juggle

Niels Duinker

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25 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Which Balls To Use

    • 2. Body Position

    • 3. Basics with One Ball

    • 4. How to hold 2 balls

    • 5. Juggling Two Balls in One Hand

    • 6. Two Ball Exchange

    • 7. Juggling Three Balls, The Three Ball Cascade

    • 8. Your First Trick: Throwing a Ball Over The Top

    • 9. Three Ball, Half Show (Trick)

    • 10. Three Balls, The "W" (Trick)

    • 11. Three Ball, Reverse Cascade (Trick)

    • 12. Three Ball, Clawing (Trick)

    • 13. Three Ball, Columns (Trick)

    • 14. Three Ball, Neck Catch (Trick)

    • 15. Three Ball, Box (Trick)

    • 16. Three Ball, Giraffe (Trick)

    • 17. Three Ball, Super Start

    • 18. Three Ball, Under The Leg Throw (Trick)

    • 19. Three Ball, Shower (Trick)

    • 20. Juggling with Four Balls

    • 21. Four Balls, Columns (Trick)

    • 22. Four Ball, Wimpy (Trick)

    • 23. Four Ball, Shower (Trick)

    • 24. Juggling with Five Balls

    • 25. Juggling with Six Balls

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to juggle. A lot of people think learning to juggle is near impossible. When you take the right step everyone can learn how to juggle with three balls in about just one afternoon. Once you can juggle, you have gained a new skill for life! 

Learning how to juggle has a lot of benefits. It builds your motor skills, it is fun, it is good for your brain. Also you will impress your friends! 

The teacher in this skillshare course is Niels Duinker. Niels holds 7 Guinness World Records in juggling. He is originally from The Netherlands but he is now one of the headliner performers at The Comedy Barn Theater in Tennessee, which is the longest running and most attended clean comedy theater in the world.

Have fun to learn how to juggle!

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1. Which Balls To Use : you probably have practice juggling with fruits or tennis balls. Now it's time to get some good equipment. I'll tell you a bit about the different types of juggling balls that are on the market, the first type of juggling both. You can get it at WalMart or any toy sword, or they're very cheap. But also they do break quickly. So when you're really start Brexit juggling need to get something more durable. Would you want to get? Is this thistle juggling Wien Beck? Every juggling shops sell these, and they're really good, because when you drop them, they don't throw away. Also, they fit nicely, never comfortable in your hands. And there's some way to it when you troll them. You really can get a proper direction a little bit more pricey. That last your love longer. It's well worth the investment. If you like juggling third time, you can only get him a professional juggling show you called the State Bulls when you're performing their very bright, very big, a little beautiful in states. Downside is when you're starting out learning new tricks, the's roll way when you drop them. So for states is perfect for practice, not so much. Let's go and juggle 2. Body Position: all right body position. A key element in juggling comes back in every trick. It's very important she put your feet shoulder width apart. This relax your shoulders. 3. Basics with One Ball: this'll exercise is to get comfortable with a throwing and catching off one bowl. But you soon we'll see into the balls in the basic Tribble Juggle bull move exactly like this. One more control you have moving one bowl easier. It soon be to learn to juggle three bowls, throwing and catching one bolt may feel very basics you, but the time spends learning this move will save you quite a bit of time. Later on ball moves through the air into your hands in the shape of incident. Sign for the bottom cards off this infinite sign your hands make a scooping motion. Catch the ball just a bit on the side of your body. Bring your hands in, throw the ball kind off in front of your belly button. Throw should make should be equally high trying to control the hide To improve your skills . Catching becomes easier if you look at the highest point in the art of the pro in job. Big when throw is perfect. Catching is gonna be easy, but sometimes you are always in that crazy have to catch us all the way here. So what you wanna do, Dan issue. Bring a decade so you have to ride to start from just like your practice 4. How to hold 2 balls: all right, designed whole tools. One hand this'll long. The red one is going to be the first woman troll on the blue bow to roll top of my fingers so I could get proper direction. Troy. Troy. And that's how you roll two wars in one hand. And now how to hold the bulls in your hands when you finish your judgment. Better red ball is on the front, so in a role so that my singles free I got the space. It gets a second bowl, and that's how you juggle better. And I want exercise to get used to two balls in one and starting on reducing throw, throw gets. That's how old tools one hand saw your juggling better. 5. Juggling Two Balls in One Hand: notables widely to the outside. We started. Throw front, you batty bottom. You bring your hand to the outside. That is where your releases in the column variation. You throw the ball straight up, you keep them next to each other and inside, found in the bulls go from the outside to the inside. Now I've lost my dominant hand, but for you it will be very important. Breakfast with your auto handles well and get comfortable with that one columns and to the inside. And that's a trick to bulls in one hand, you got it. 6. Two Ball Exchange: when learning to juggle. I like to build every better in up with every step. We will get one step closer to the final trick here, throw doubles straight up. First you throw the balls with the same hands first right and throw, and then the left and one. Make sure that both hands throw equally high is get your hands used. Throwing alternately next up is the exchange is the most important step in learning to juggle with three balls. It goes like this. First you start with throw with your dominant hand Detroit a ball to your other hands when that ball is almost their authority. Otago underneath. No, you do the same exercise, but you start with your non dominant hand. The rest is the same. A common mistake or problem is just This is a lot of people think juggling is, but it's not. With three balls, both hands will be juggling throwing balls in the air, so it's much better to control this one, he said. I'm just passing it on there. Throw to second, throw high into the air, same height, visit first. If you can do this, you're well on your way to juggle with three balls 7. Juggling Three Balls, The Three Ball Cascade: is the big moment Now you're very close to becoming a juggler dependent. We gonna learn school, the three ball cascade you're going to juggle with three balls. That's more balls in good hands. That may sound like an have stretch it to you, but no problem. I got a couple exercises and I'm gonna take you through them step by step and off this, you will be juggling three balls in no time to juggle three balls. You would need to start with two balls, your dominant hands and mambo on the other hand, to get used to holding, trolley and catching. Disturb old practice. Drawing is back and forth from one hand to the other way. Go for the exchange. We're holding this third bowl in your dominant hands when this feels comfortable. Tried to throw the third bow on the need to second throw doing troll. Weiss is right. Left rides. If you're right handed is an important step. Tried to get it down really well. By the way, one rotation of the better it is called flash in job in terms. Now, at 1/4 row, there are You can go over six throws 10 and even more throws. It's important that you build the duration of the runs slowly. Control is more important in the face on long runs. If you're know what you're doing, your progress will be much faster later on. From the sides, you could see that the bulls are in one plane off my shoulders, relaxed and most of work. I come from a huge biceps muscle. Most of the time, only one more is in the air. So don't do this and released too quickly because you will match up your own rhythm and you cannot continue in the beginning. If you have to work behind your juggling balls, it means that Detroit you're releasing them too early, and when I release, the ball here will fly to the front. If I really use it here before the ball replies back on what you want to do? Do you want to release the full perfect make year your total trade out for people just starting out? Don't join in front of each other. Instead of releasing the bulls from the gutter, released from the side to improve from throw with your new three ball juggling skilled try to pattern in different heights and also try to look around the room. Hi. How you doing? You're over there on If you Minnesota that congratulations. You could juggle three balls. Well, you have my permission. Told all your friends. 8. Your First Trick: Throwing a Ball Over The Top: Now it's time to learn some tricks. Do you remember the change? Were there two ways that you can do it? Control from underneath. But you can also throw over the top charge from the outside. And if you do that, enter the trickle job better. You got a trick up. Schools over the top if you try to read one continuously. Okay. Atop you get a trick. That's cold. Joggers. Dennis. Yes, I did points. 9. Three Ball, Half Show (Trick): this trick is gold haul shower boards like this, You're dumber test. You're gonna throw over the top and the other hand's gonna normally like it. Used to record through the cascade on now the all power the other way around. 10. Three Balls, The "W" (Trick): I got a letter for you that you can juggle. It's cold. W wear gonna learn this trick in a couple simple steps. The 1st 1 this one goes straight off in the long goes back. Looks like this. If you have monster than one side's, you also want to practice the other side. So now I'm going to start with the right one like this when they put it together, we always have to trick already. Bright rise left. That's right. 11. Three Ball, Reverse Cascade (Trick): e I would like to continue on. The prints were all over the top. Trolls I'm not gonna teach you now is a trick that's called Reverse Cascade. You're gonna throw over the top from both sides. Looks like this. This is the normal cascade. It is the reverse one. You see, everything is pretty much the same. Except in the reverse cascades. Every throw is over the Gulf Reverse gas capes at fun practicing. 12. Three Ball, Clawing (Trick): Oh, yeah, I was pretending to be a lying, and that's for the next trick. Next trick. It's called Flowing. You set off throwing like so you're gonna claw the ball like this, The better, and it's the same is the regular cascade, but you're getting the patrol. All the steps are pretty much say as learning how to juggle three. But you can do take one Mr One bow from one hand to the other. That way you get used to the new throwing and get method. Thereafter, you build about two and then you could think three. At the end of scary of friends, your alliance. 13. Three Ball, Columns (Trick): The name of this trick is gold columns. Or before, When you start, you're gonna throw the one world for to go one up to our You catch one up, two up, one off to up to make this trip look nice. Really? Try to have two balls at the same height. You can notice it for yourself. You do it correctly or not, but it really come down at the same time. You're fine. If not before is a little bullets because you already can do the columns gonna play with a red one. You can have it move around using to figure eight or even over the top. These were some common variations. Can you find inspiring? Make up your own variations and then you got it. You got a great trick. Have fun. 14. Three Ball, Neck Catch (Trick): I'm gonna teach you French Finished its gold get What's this? Ways you can finish judging better by dropping a bowl. I think you already have some experience in that war. Offense away. I'm gonna teach you catch. Did that catch? You don't want to throw this booth back. Gonna throw the bowl trade off when it comes down. Gonna bow. You bring your neck on the booth. When he catches, you kind of put your shoulders up almost like a And then when you want to lose his ball having to roll down 11 you feel bullets here on your half flip, fly up straight and that's the net gut. 15. Three Ball, Box (Trick): this trick. It's called the box. They're a couple steps that you need to practice first. To make the straight work for you on those steps. I'm gonna explain to you now, first throwing from indepent your hands troll together breakfast, starting with the rides starting with. And now the loss exercise we're gonna add 1/3 bowl goes like this not to no way. 16. Three Ball, Giraffe (Trick): Okay. Still probably wondering what I'm doing. Well, I was just practicing for my next trick. It's cold. Is your off goes like this when I loathe shower. Are you ready? Another animal imitation. I will show you The horse goes like this. I hear you. Thanks for laughing. 17. Three Ball, Super Start: Now I'm gonna teach you a spectacular way to start. Your juggling goes like this. So the way you prepare for this trick, you're gonna take three balls in one hand like this. Two wells had your fingers on your gonna play third role in your hands like this. When you throw everything up until here, you really have to give the flick with The wrist was done Because of that flick, blue balls will get more force than the red one will fly higher. India, look So And also goes like this behind your back or under the leg. 18. Three Ball, Under The Leg Throw (Trick): right now it's time for somebody. Trolls. I'm gonna teach you how to trouble under lack. And behind the back first way going to start with under leg goes like this. Step over your hands. There's a little secret to it. And that's before being stepped over your hands. Throw the ball a little bit higher that we have living more. Time to trouble ball on your left. You're gonna put it into the three ball better. I'm gonna throw the Red Bull on the my leg blue ones a bit higher. When I throw a ball behind my back I aim the ball over my opposite shoulder Keep practicing your aim until you hit that sweet spot While the same trick that I explained with under let applies to swell for behind the bag Right before your body moves you're gonna throw the bolt slightly. Bid higher. I'm going toward a red one behind my back. Hi, 19. Three Ball, Shower (Trick): Do you remember earlier that I told you not to do this trick? Well, you can make it into a great trade. It looks like this. Your dominant hand does overthrowing and you're out ahead. Is all the passion true? We're going to start with two bulls. You wait until the very last moment and then you throw the other ball on the needs for next step. We're gonna do the opposite. Shall we try it together? You wait. And now the big moment, We're gonna add 1/3 bowl. You're gonna start with two bowls, your dominant hand plus one bowl. In the other hand, you have pro with the dominant hand. First twice. If this works well for you, you're gonna add more trolls and run the pattern in the shower. Your dominant hand does all the high trolling you oughta hand that's over low trolls, if you noticed. Did you got trouble with these low trolls? You may need to practice this move for a little bit. That way you could use the throwing and catching very low troll without actually seeing it 20. Juggling with Four Balls: This is what the basic formal pattern looks like. As you can see, I'm juggling with doubles in each hands. Let's break this pattern down and go through it step by step. In this pattern, each ball fly slightly to the outside. That way you create space for the other bowls. To juggle four balls, you would need to be able to juggle with two balls in your right hands as well as in your left hand. They're two different rhythms sink and a sink way. We're going to build a strict off first over four trolls catches you have to go for 68 and 10 Ski building and thereafter tried to keep the better in the air. 21. Four Balls, Columns (Trick): four gold columns. The column pattern similar to the fountain with you. Juggle two balls anytime you don't have the balls to the outside ball, staying columns next to each other. This'll way you can create different shapes, and it works on global columns, variations. 22. Four Ball, Wimpy (Trick): things trick school to the wimpy. You throw with your right hands and your left and pretty much at the same time, and the balls cross one ball tested. Otherwise, they hated Charter India. Do you notice which hand trolls higher? I prefer to have my non dominant hand try a bit higher than my dominant hands, so my non dominant hand trolls are a bit higher. 23. Four Ball, Shower (Trick): The formal shower is almost the same as a shower with three balls. You only have to make one extra goal fits into the pattern. He will start with two balls in each hands. And you started better with two high trolls. And this is how it looks in slow motion. 24. Juggling with Five Balls: Hey, you want to learn how to juggle with five balls? I'm gonna explain. That's you right now. Wait five or juggling the balls cross, Just like with three on with five goals. Need to throw much higher. This about the high. You're gonna need to get ourselves ready. You need to get used to the high five. You're gonna take three balls and Joe them five. All right, I got another exercise for you. This one, it's improved. Our speak. Juggle! Throw three off. That's the time I'm gonna need later. Off road access to now. Another exercise set us up for five. Jugni, you're gonna start with three balls were dominant throughout the old city of it, so I go. 123 123 and keep going. 123 We're gonna move up one bowl golden across them. Start with your dominant hand. 1234 All right, now, another exercise with four balls. With this one, you can keep going. I will show you what I can start my dominant hands. And in Tordella ones, I go right left, left, right, right, right. Things start off. Three balls with one hand. Okay, Now moving up to five Bulls. We will go for the flash. Now. We'll go for seven throws and seven catches. But I will do now. I will go for two rotations and better, so we'll go for 10 throws. This is five balls for 20 catches on. That's it. Remember more. You practice, the better you get. 25. Juggling with Six Balls: six ball, juggling the base veteran to jog on even number of objects. There's also six balls is called the Fountain. You can throw using a synchronized or on a single nice treatem. It's kind of like the four ball juggling its gold defaulted on what we're gonna do. We gonna juggle with three boats in one hand and three of the other. We'll start with my right hand. How about my left hands? And when I put it together first, go for the flesh, which means you six droz try for six sketches and they're off to try to add more trolls and keep going.