How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Mandarin | Amy Lin | Skillshare

How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Mandarin

Amy Lin, 1-1 Online Chinese Teacher, Learner & Doodler

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10 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction & Goals

    • Prerequisite (Optional)

    • End Goal / Class Project

    • Hello, I am Amy

    • I am Chinese

    • I live in the US

    • I am a teacher

    • I like blue

    • I don't like to sing

    • Class project & Thank you!


About This Class

Chinese Mandarin is often viewed as one of the most difficult languages. It doesn’t have to be. Nothing comes easy, but we can make it fun! If you are willing to put in the work, I will be honored to help you get started with Chinese Mandarin. In this short course, you will learn to introduce yourself in Chinese Mandarin (no English allowed, except your name! ^^).  


By the end of the course, you will be able to say the following sentences in Chinese Mandarin, with your information. The final audio recording will be in Chinese Mandarin, or text (Pinyin) if you are shy ^^.  


  1. Hello, I am Amy. 
  2. I am Chinese.
  3. I live in the US. 
  4. I am a teacher.
  5. I like blue.  
  6. I don’t like to sing. (It is not that I don’t like to sing… it is because I can’t sing ^o^) 






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Amy Lin

1-1 Online Chinese Teacher, Learner & Doodler

I am a language learner and an online 1-on-1 Chinese (Mandarin) teacher. When I am not teaching or learning, I will indulge myself in Korean dramas or Japanese anime. I also like to doodle every now and then :D I recently started watercolor because of YasminaCreates on Skillshare!

I started a podcast show for Mandarin learners in January 2018 :D You can find Chinese Mandarin Cafe Podcast on iTunes or Stitchers.

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