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How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Mandarin

teacher avatar Amy Lin, Online 1-1 Chinese Tutor & Podcast Host

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction & Goals

    • 2. Prerequisite (Optional)

    • 3. End Goal / Class Project

    • 4. Hello, I am Amy

    • 5. I am Chinese

    • 6. I live in the US

    • 7. I am a teacher

    • 8. I like blue

    • 9. I don't like to sing

    • 10. Class project & Thank you!

    • 11. Q&A - July 2021

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About This Class

Chinese (Mandarin) is often viewed as one of the most difficult languages. It doesn’t have to be. Nothing comes easy, but we can make it fun! If you are willing to put in the work, I will be honored to help you get started with Chinese (Mandarin). In this short course, you will learn to introduce yourself in Chinese (Mandarin) (no English allowed, except your name! ^^).  


By the end of the course, you will be able to say the following sentences in Chinese Mandarin, with your information. The final audio recording will be in Chinese (Mandarin), or text (Pinyin) if you are shy ^^.  


  1. Hello, I am Amy. 
  2. I am Chinese.
  3. I live in the US. 
  4. I am a teacher.
  5. I like blue.  
  6. I don’t like to sing. (It is not that I don’t like to sing… it is because I can’t sing ^o^) 


Meet Your Teacher

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Amy Lin

Online 1-1 Chinese Tutor & Podcast Host


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1. Introduction & Goals: Hello, I'm Amy. I have been teaching online Sandstrom 2013. I'm love thing online, teacher, because it's very interesting for flowing. And I get to meet so many amazing people for over the world, my teachings. That is very first help. I can be very structured and tough, or I can be very conversational and fun. And this begin. Of course. I'm going to teach you how to introduce yourself in trance mentoring. By the end of the class, you will learn six sentences you can use to talk about yourself, such as your name, nationality, and so learning a new language means you get to talk to different people. Keyword, tug. So our cost part, it will be an audio project. If you have really, really, really shy a text part, it will be fine, too. I'm really excited to hear you speak Chinese Mandiri. So click on the enroll button and let's get started 2. Prerequisite (Optional): there is actually no Parex A for this class. If you can just repeat after me, then that would do. But if you want to learn more about Chinese Mandarin, I highly recommend the following three videos. They are all very short. Last time. Five minutes each. The first video talks about pinging, which is the fanatic system off Trans Mandiri. By knowing how Penny works, you would know how to pronounce any word I'll say Anything you want in Trans Mandiri as long as you know the pinging. The second video talks about how trans mentoring is different from all the languages. This video also explains why you will see three Collins First column to trans characters. Second column Pinging the Fanatic system and last one. Translation. The last video is mastery, mentoring tones. Mentoring is a tonal language. What that means is, if I say ma, and then if I say ma, this two sounds are completely different, even though they do share the same basic sandwiches MMA. But the tone that's applied to the character changes the meaning off that character. However, like I mentioned, you do not need to watch the video to proceed with this course. 3. End Goal / Class Project: Let's take a look at our and go This is your class project Lega mentioned in the introduction. I want you to talk in trans memory So if possible I would love to hear you speak trance mentoring So an audio recording will be great. But if you cannot do on all the recording texts will be fine too. This other sentences that you will learn in this class by the end off the cost I wanted to say a list Three Chinese Mandarin sentences talking about you. 4. Hello, I am Amy: in order to start a conversation. It's probably nice to say hello first, right? So this is going to be all first word in Chinese men dream to say hello. We actually need to learn to characters. The 1st 1 is me. Eat me Which means you and the 2nd 1 It's how how? Which means good. Here is the phone part by putting me and how together we create a work. Hello. So to say hello A mentoring we say ni hao ni huh? So literally it means you get so hopefully whenever I see you, you are always doing well by learning how to say Ni Hao We have learned one prone out which with me so says this course is going to be talking about you. I mean, where you had to say I am that that that we are going to need the curator full I, which is war war and then followed by the curator Shoot, Shoot. Sure, it means to be the basis structure in Chinese men during its subject verb object In order to say I am a me any I and I need em. We already you learned how to say I How do we say I I'll give you about three seconds so that you can think about it. War. Very good. Hopefully valley. Right? If you didn't, it's located somewhere. Violet. Next we have em. Which is to be So how do we say to be in China's mentoring? Shoot? She okay By putting them together, we will have the sentence. War shoot and then your name. So for May, I would say what should a me war? She Amy, have you heard? The same practice makes perfect. So now I want you to practice. You can either do an audio recording or just right out the sentence impinging whichever you prefer. And you know my preference. I will love to hear you speak of boundary. So complete the following sentence. War shoot followed by your name. 5. I am Chinese: This is the sentence we are going to learn in this lesson. I am Chinese or I am and then your nationality. We already know how to say I am so that's a great start, right? So now we need to learn how to say nationality. Here's a very short list of country names I have in Chinese men dream If you don't see your country name, I mean, you probably won't, right? Since this list is pretty short. If you don't don't worry about it. Just let me know your country name and I will answer your question in our class discussion . Or you can use the dictionary to look it up. That's learned this country names June. I want June Gua that is China May War May Go USA Dude War, Duke War, Germany. One of the reasons I picked this three specific countries is because they are in in the same character, and that is what What do you think? What my main says they are in all this three country names. Take a moment and think about it. Core. It's country. Did you get it? Before we can say our nationality, we need one more character which is Jen gen gen means person to say nationality in Chinese Mandarin All we need to do its combined the country name waved the curator Jen literally. It means the person phoned their country or that country's prison. That is how is it nationality. So, for example, I'm Chinese. So what I would need is a country name. China, which is Let's go back, June watch. And then I need one more character and the character for present, which is Jen. So together I have drone war gin, which literally means China person, and that it's how a state Chinese and this works for everyone. So repeat after me. Drum Corps Gen. June Core Jen That's Chinese may go Jen May Gordijn that it's American. The corps Gen. Does corps gen that is German. Okay, now we are one step closer to say I am Chinese. Do you still remember how to say I am? That is what shoot Well, she then followed by your nationality. So for me I'll be say Well, sure Caution what she drunk? We have two more examples. Ni should make war. Gin me should make Gordijn walk. She dug wash in Who will shoot does go again. Have you noticed that all the verb does not change? It doesn't matter who we're talking about. Al verb stays the same. It doesn't matter what your took my you I he she lay the verb stays dissent. Isn't that just awesome? Practice. Tai, I want you to tell me your nationality in Chinese memory, as always, audio its preferred it. But pinging age is fine too. 6. I live in the US: in this lesson We're going to learn how to say I live in the US The first character we have is true true true means to live And then we need to buy sigh by means Ain't all at combined it we have true side do This is how we say to live in all at a certain place So all together we have well truths I make walk war truth I make what? Which means I was in the US Ni June Tsai Dakwar Ni Truths I do cool. Which means you with a in Germany. I have a few seasons for in Germany and that it's really cool practice Now I want you to tell me where you live. Any chance men dream? You don't have to give me the full address. I'm not a stalker. So, Jesse, a country name will do 7. I am a teacher: And this wasn't We're going to say I am a teacher. Here's a short list off occupations, so looks like you're don't really have all the choices, right? If your occupation, it's not on the list living no in the class discussion or use the dictionary to look it up . Or you can always pretend to be a all doctor or nurse or a policeman, whichever you like. So repeat after me. Wow, she Lau shu, which is a teacher. What? Yeah, what? Yeah, and that it's either a painter on artists. I like to do those So hopefully I have the honor to teach an artist or a painter Anyways, next one, we have e shun e some and that it Doctor. Next we have who shoot who shoot that. It's nurse, followed by June chat Dean Tap, which is Pressman. And lastly Siachin. Yeah, sure. Which means student using the saying I am. We have learned previously. Now we can create the sentence to say I'm a teacher. What She she what she that is I am a teacher. Nishi Ni Should you are is Didn't I really like the same something along the lying? Every teacher was a students and always a students. Anyways. Next sentence. Nishi. Who should Nishi who should precious time Tell me what you do. 8. I like blue: do you remember? These were We only have black and white TV shows. It was too entertaining all that time. I I think color makes us so much more interesting and so much more fun. So in this listen, we're going to learn about colors. Here's a short list of colors lancet, Lang said. Blue, which is my favorite color. Well, my fear costs more lie somewhere lament. But blue will do, too home. So whom? So home. So it's red, which is a very lucky color in China, Lisa Levy said. Grain by so by. So what? One. So one so yellow, Hay said. Hey, so black. Okay, now we have all colors. We are going to learn two important key verbs. The first song we have, It's C one See what, which is in the example Sentence would see what Nancy War. See what Lancer see home means to like. So I like blue. We'll see where Mansour and to say this like we just need to add a word boot a front of it . So now we have food. See Kwan Bussi, Juan, which means to dislike war. Bussi Mom once said War Bussi. One Quansah I do not like yellow. That's not true, though. Just an example. Okay, Dad. Conclusive. I'll listen. Own colors. Now it's your turn to practice. Tell me your favorite. All your least favorite color. 9. I don't like to sing: activities in this. Listen, we're going to learn about activities. I'm usually a staycation person. After meeting so many students who love to travel, I am slyly okay. Maybe more. That's life. A tent to travel one of these days. So let's see what kind of activities I have for you. Well, I think I forgot travel. That's OK. We still have all these PFI ideas we can pick foam. The 1st 1 we have is Jones Go Chung Go singing Tao Chow dancing Tung shu can shoe treating Can you shoot fun to shoot? Watching TV? Treat Yeah, trade gel sleeping I mentioned earlier that I'm a staycation personal life. Which one do you think It's my favorite activity, Probably sleeping right now. I am catching on my reading, so hopefully next time you see me, I would say my for active day is reading. So now let's talk about your favorite activity. Hopefully one of this activities as your favorite, bringing back our seek one in our Porc one. We're going to talk about your favorite activity and your least favorite activity. So the 1st 1 we have, it's war. See, one can shoe. We'll see Quang Khanh true. So as a good student you are you probably like to read books, right? That means I like reading books. Next we have knee boots, Ikhwan condition ni poussey hung contention. Which means you do not like to watch TV. You are definitely a very good student. If you don't like to watch TV, I love watching Korean dramas. I should probably watch last, but anyways, let's see what you have to practice. So for your practice, I wanted to tell me your favorite or least spirit activity. 10. Class project & Thank you!: That's the end off our cores. Remember to do your class. Sport it. Have love, love, love to hear you speak trans mentoring. Thank you so much for taking this course. If you have any questions on these situations, please let me know in our class discussion. I look forward to seeing you again in our future courses by 11. Q&A - July 2021: Thank you for posting your questions. Here are your answers. The words are listed alphabetically to sit nationality of a country. And then at the end of the country name, yeah. Columbia, me, yeah. Estonia. Do nice. Yeah. Indonesia. Indonesia has another name. And that is being ne la may Latin America. This is where if you don't want to be specific and you just want to say that you are from the region, Latin America. In that case, you can say Maven, maven to say Latin American, if you want to be specific, is you go back to our first one, Colombia to say Colombian. Learn. Next. We have bad TCS time. Pakistan failed The being Philippines shot to allow poor Saudi Arabia. Since yeah, pool Singapore. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck. Says yen.