How to Install the New Facebook Pixel on WordPress Easily

Michel Gerard, Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher & Internet Marketer

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13 Videos (47m)
    • Introduction

    • Facebook pixel explained

    • Where to get your pixel in the Facebook Ad Manager?

    • What WordPress plugin to use? Installing the pixel in the whole website

    • Installing the View Content pixel event on a single page

    • Installing the View Content pixel event using the page editor

    • Installing the Lead pixel event

    • Installing the Purchase pixel event

    • Excluding some specific pages and posts

    • Verifying that the pixel is correctly installed

    • Showing the pixel’s results in the Ad Manager

    • Simple class project

    • Congratulations!


About This Class

In this class you will learn what the new Facebook pixel is, how to use it and why using it. You will then learn how to easily install the Facebook pixel on a WordPress blog using a recommended free plugin in order to build an audience for remarketing, optimize your Facebook ads and track conversions.

You will understand how the Facebook pixel works and how to use different events like View Content, Lead and Registration.

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Brilliant tutorial - thorough, well explained, engaging presentation style. Overall, excellent. Thank you Michel!
Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare -

Great Class. Interesting and very useful. Keep me informed from new courses. Thanks Michel.
This was a great class! Full of great information on how to use the Pixel. Goes beyond the base pixel install and has a great plugin suggestion too. Highly recommend.





Michel Gerard

Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher & Internet Marketer

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