How to Install Wordpress on your Domain - Domain & Hosting Setup Beginners Tutorial | Rino De Boer | Skillshare

How to Install Wordpress on your Domain - Domain & Hosting Setup Beginners Tutorial

Rino De Boer, Designer & Content creator

How to Install Wordpress on your Domain - Domain & Hosting Setup Beginners Tutorial

Rino De Boer, Designer & Content creator

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Install Wordpress Introduction

    • 2. Why you should use Siteground

    • 3. Ordering what we need

    • 4. Installing WordPress on the domain

    • 5. Configure WordPress - Basics

    • 6. What's next

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About This Class

In this basic (but very essential) class I will show you how to install Wordpress on a domain using the most popular hosting provider in the world called: Siteground. With Siteground it's super easy to install Wordpress because they have a 1-click-Wordpress-install feature that anybody can use. 

In this class we are going to do the following

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Siteground
  3. Ordering a domain & webhosting
  4. Installing Wordpress
  5. Configure Wordpress

Meet Your Teacher

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Rino De Boer

Designer & Content creator


Hi, I'm Rino and I've been in design for over more than 10 years now. I started with design as a hobby, but I quickly realised that this was more than a hobby for me. So that's why I went to design school and studied: Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

I was so passionate about it that I started a YouTube channel about design. This grew to a channel with more than 30.000 subscribers and 4 million total views.

Because of this YouTube channel I was approached by big influencers and brands, and I got the opportunity to start my own company and work for brands like: Coca Cola, ICI Paris XL, RTL and a lot of big influencers (with around 100k to 1m followers).

Because of these projects and the YouTube ... See full profile

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1. Install Wordpress Introduction: So you want to get started with WordPress and you want to make your own portfolio website something like this, or maybe something like a business website. But you don't know where to start with war press in this video, I'm going to show you how to install WordPress on your website. I will do this by buying into main aim for my own portfolios when you can follow along with me. It's an easy process that I always follow when I'm working on my own website or on a client's website. And as a bonus, I will also show you how to install Elemental, which to page builder used to build his website that you're seeing here. 2. Why you should use Siteground: after you've done this, you can get started right away because we're gonna use a method that will give you instant excess over press. This is better, because with most other methods, you will have to wait a few hours or even a day before you can get started. The blood from never gonna use this side, Graham, because they have a one click WordPress installer, which makes it super easy for anybody to do this. I've made a page on my website with all the things that you need. It's a living pictures dot com slash links. I will put that link down in the description. Or you could just type it on. The space I get are different resources that you will need to build websites things as hosting page builders, honey plug ins. For now, it's side ground, an element, or there are links to those websites here. So you just scroll down and you click on site ground hosting, and then you will go to their four options that they offer off course we're gonna go would were pressed hosting because we want to install WordPress. We're gonna create the cookies. And, as you can see, they offer free packages. Let me zoom out a little bit. But before you actually gonna buy this, of course, you want to know if it's a good investment. So let's just take a short to look at the other options in the market. So you probably already noted If you want your website life, you will need hosting and domain, and on your hosting you install were a press. This is the only thing you have to pay for. You cannot have your website life without it. Um, where press is free. The page bill is ever going to use this free. So we're gonna keep The budget is very limited in this video. So let's just look at the best and cheapest options to do this there. A lot of companies where you can buy hosting in the main. I have almost 10 websites now Life and I paid $5 per website. Berm ove eso. I almost paid $50 every month and I paid this amount for like two years and I thought it was a little bit too much. So I started searching for other options and then I discovered psych run where they have a package that's unlimited. So if even if you have 20 websites, um, it's still one price and that price is $18 per month, but now they have a special price, and it only makes it $7 a month. So I went from $50 per month to $7 per month. Um, and this price that you're seeing right here you can lock that price for a few years, so you won't Behm or, you know, next year. And I don't know for how long they're going to keep this price, but I luckily bought it for 47 Polish Promote price. I defy shoe that you buy at least your own personal name dot com. So your first name, last name dot com, Um, simply for the reason that you don't want anybody else with your personal name, dot com or dot or or for the extension that you want. And that's why I bought reno DeBord dot com so nobody else can buy it. And now we only talked about pricing, but of course, you know, hosting his way more than pricing because cheap doesn't always mean good, but they are officially recommended a seat top free hosting companies by repressed itself and I've get are some screenshots off Facebook groups where a lot of people voted for their for their favorite hosting company. And as you can see, a lot of people you cite round and also for the speed. People who have switched to side ground date both of their screenshots about about the speed, and it just went up dramatically. So that's just so cool. They have superfast servers, and what I also really like about them is their support. They have checked, they have phone and they have support tickets. And this is really nice because a lot of hosting companies they take, like, one day or two days to respond. Andi, that's not what you want. When you have a problem, you want it to be sold, so they're fast. Support is also super nice, and the last one thing I want to say about it is that the interface has just changed, that they have updated their whole interface and me as a designer, I lost the new interface. I'm going to show you after we vita domain name. It's super nicely designed and that's you know what I care about? Most people don't, but you know I care about it. 3. Ordering what we need: So let's just go and get this plan the most cheap plan for now. And here you can, you know, choose your domain name. So I already have my own name. So right now I'm just going to go with the English translation of my name. Which Serena The farmer. I hope it's still available, and I click. Proceed, and now it's gonna check if it's still available. Yes, it's still available because it says congratulations. If it's not available, it will tell you like, yo, this name is not available. You choose another name, so But if you choose your personal name, you know, chances are it's still available. Unless you have a very general name like John Peterson, for example. Right then you you should choose something else, but at least you you want your own personal names, and I'm gonna just filling my info. And when I filled in his info, I will get back to you. All right, so I filled in my info, and now we're here on the payment information. You could just babe I guard Um but I'm gonna use ideal for now because I'm in the Netherlands in this the payment system here, But you can just feel in your credit card info. And this is the section where you can lock that special price. If you don't want to pay $10 a month, you can pick this $4 a month and you can lock it for a certain period of time. Theo Onley gone. That I could find is that you have to pay now. But it's also an advantage because you know you're gonna pay that price on. That's it. So you can choose how long you want to this special price. So if you're gonna put it on one month, you will only bay $4 for one month. But then after one month, it will go to the D higher price. Um, so if you know that this your own website and you want it at least one year or two years or maybe free years life than you shoot off course, just big this one on Ben, you have to pay a pretty huge amount now. But if you calculated its off course really cheap because it's for free years, so you can also put it on 12 months. And if you scroll down, it's only $74 that's the prize for the whole year. So then you will have your domain, and you will have your hosting for a whole year for this price. You can also make it more expensive if you want, with domain privacy and side scanner. While you didn't really need to cite Skinner domain privacy something you can do if you don't want your personal name connected to your domain. Because if your website is life people concert for who's the owner off this domain. And if you don't check this, they will see your a personal info. Eso If that's not what you want. You should also check this one for me. I don't really care if people see my personal info. So I'm just gonna uncheck this and now it will be 74. All right, so now it's $74. But I'm gonna put it on one month for now because this, for me, is just a test website to show you it's on a real website already have my website, but I will show you how to set it up. So for me, I'm gonna put it on one month, but you know it's your choice, whatever you choose. And then you just confirmed that you have read and agree to the cyclone terms. I don't need the newsletter. And just click on pay now. All right, I have bait. And now they say thank you for purchasing Sankara hosting services. Your transaction was complete. All right. We're currently processing your email, in case you have not received your welcome. Seem Okay, so I need to check my email, So I'm gonna open my email. All right. I've received one email from them, which is just the information about my payment. But that's not the email that you need. You need to wait a few more seconds and they will send you another email, which is this one? Yes. So this is the lock in for your site. Ground account. Eso You need to click on this and then go back to your email and they say that your user name is your email. And the password is what you just filled in when we signed up. So I'm going to use that password, all right. And as you can see, this is the luck in 4. Installing WordPress on the domain: This is the whole new designed interface off the my side ground account. Andi, they've just made its super beautiful and super easy. There are a lot of tips here, but it's it's, you know, insulting purposes is super easy. If you have multiple website, you will see them here. Your billing information is here, but let's just insult workers for now. So we're gonna click on set up site and then you've got this cool animation and here they will ask you the question if it's a completely new website or do you already have toe website on a different hosting platform? S O. This is a new ones. I'm gonna click on start new website, you scroll down and then there were press you selected, and here you can just create the lock in for your brother press. So this is not your site ground looking. This is your repressed looking. So every time you're gonna lock into your website, this is the info that you will need so you can use the same email if you want. All right, so I'm gonna use the same email and then you will choose another password. I suggest that you don't use the same password as site ground because that's that's not really safe. So just use another password here. They have to generate button. Ology is used that Have a copy it and I will save it somewhere in my notes. All right, I will continue. And now they will ask again if they if we want to buy some more services, But we don't want that. So we're gonna just flick on finish. And now it's installing repress in the beck, and you don't have to do anything. You just wait. And now we're gonna wait till workplaces installed. All right, so now it's done, and it says you're all set, so we don't need to care about this. We can just go to manage site. 5. Configure WordPress - Basics: So now how do you get to your website? Well, with WordPress, it's always the same. You just go Teoh your domain. Right? For me, it's arena. The former dot com you type slash WB dash Ackman. And if you're really bad at remembering just safe this link as a bookmark because this is the looking for your website, it's always the same. So you're gonna press enter, and now it will ask 40 looking that we just created. So we're gonna use the email and we're going to use the best. We're dead. We have Safed a few minutes ago. All right, so now I'm gonna click log in. Welcome to your WordPress website. Now they have this started menu. This is not were pressed. Looks like they want to help you with installing, you know, a lot of different blood gains, but we know really want that because we just want to clean wordpress install. So we're gonna click on exit down at the bottom here and now we are inside of er prince. But as you can see, it has to site from branding and they have installed some cycling. Things is not how worthless looks like So the first thing that you want to do if you have your repress insult, is go to plug ins and then deactivate to cite grunt optimizer and deactivate diver PRA starter. All right, then, if you click back to your desk board, this is her WordPress, how clean were present. Still looks like all right. And now, as a bonus, I want to show you how you can install elemental on your website. So, like I've said, I've put the direct download link here on liver pics of dot com slash links. So go back to that link and then click on download Elemental for free. You're gonna click on it and you will wait. You will need to wait a few seconds and then it will download. Ah, here in the bottom. Or right now we have this. That sip fell. We go back to our website, we go to plug ins again, you click on at new, you click on upload Blufgan. And here you need to choose the Fells to never gonna find that sip that we just downloaded for me. Here's here in my downloads. Fuller, you're gonna click, answer and you click on install Now it's insult successfully. And the last thing you want to do is activate Blufgan. All right, so now L A mentor is installed on your purpose, and you can just start building up your pages. 6. What's next: So, like I said, now you can start building up your pages with a page builder like Element of Pro to fill all of your pages with contents. If you don't know how to do that, and you want to learn how to create pages with Dragon drop, there's also a full gorge on my profile where I will show you how to create a whole website with elemental or both of those are on my profile for No thanks a lot for watching. I hope you enjoyed this glass.