How to Install KODI onto your Amazon FireTV Stick | Gary VenRooy | Skillshare

How to Install KODI onto your Amazon FireTV Stick

Gary VenRooy, Programmer and Web Marketing

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    • SkillShare Kodi on FireStick

    • SkillShare Hackelodeon Build on FireTV stick


About This Class

Learn how to install KODI onto an Amazon FireTV stick or box, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows or Movies for free.






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Gary VenRooy

Programmer and Web Marketing

I'm a self-taught Computer Programmer. I'm proficient in PHP, Java-Script, HTML, Python, and I'm learning others all of the time. I'm a huge believer in websites like SkillShare that help people to help themselves. The world is changing at a fast pace, and offline Universities are no longer a good investment. The best and most economical way to keep up with ever changing technologies is through online courses.

I'm also an Online Marketer. I create, buy, and sell products through many ...

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