How to Increase Your Reading Speed in a Week | Mano Rame | Skillshare

How to Increase Your Reading Speed in a Week

Mano Rame, Never Give up Persist

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About This Class


This class will help you to understand the common mistakes people make when reading which has a drastic impact on their reading speed. By learning the techniques taught in this course one can improve his/her reading speed in as little as one week. It is all about knowing the right techniques!





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Mano Rame

Never Give up Persist

Mano Rame has been teaching online marketing skills since 2006. At the beginning he did not know how to put up a site or how to make banners and he struggled a lot and had to learn the ropes by himself for many months but it was worth the effort as he now generously shares practical tips to help others.through articles, blogs and videos.

He believes in paying it forward and does not hoard information. His interests include drawing, movies, social networking and growing exotic fish.

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