How to Increase (Internal) Energy & Boost Psychology

Michael Hetherington, Natural Medicine Specialist, Yoga Teacher & Author

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11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Explaining Qi

    • 3. The 3 Energy Centres

    • 4. How to Use This Course

    • 5. Lower Dan Tien Demo

    • 6. Middle Dan Tien Demo

    • 7. Upper Dan Tien Demo

    • 8. All 3 Dan Tiens Demo

    • 9. Activating Extra Powers

    • 10. FAQ's

    • 11. Conclusion and Final Words


About This Class

  • Do You Get Tired Easily? 
  • What about Daily Motivation, Focus and Willpower?
  • Do You struggle to Get to Sleep Easily at Night without Taking Sleeping Medications?
  • Do you Have a Tendency to Over Think Things?


The good news is ~ there is a 100% NATURAL and SIMPLE way to trigger, increase and heal any energetic imbalance in your system. 

In this course, we will show you how to work with the Human Energy Field (HEF) to generate more "Qi" energy inside the body, heart & mind.

Many people are walking around in a deficient and weakened energetic state. The aim of this course is to bring more awareness to any parts of your body that may be deficient, and to show you how to "charge up" and heal those important energy centres of the body.

We will go into the Taoist yoga system by focusing on the 3 main energy centres of the body. Each of these energy centres helps govern the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the human being.

When all 3 energy centres are strong, healthy and balanced, the being becomes "potentialised". 

On the journey to such a state, most diseases and illnesses tend to dissolve.

Doing the techniques and power moves explained in this course can effectively assist with:

- Increasing Physical Energy

- Boosting Confidence

- Improving Willpower

- Emotional Stability

- Connecting with Others More Easily (Clearing Social Anxiety)

- Getting Better Ideas

- Working Smarter, Not Harder

- Living and Working More Efficiently and Effectively

- Building a More Powerful Energetic Presence

- Attracting the Opposite Sex

- And Much More...