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How to Improve the Self Esteem of your Children

teacher avatar Manuel Echeverría

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Why self esteem is so important in childhood new

    • 3. Effects of a low self esteem new1

    • 4. How to detect a low self esteem condition in our childs new

    • 5. Do not compare

    • 6. Talk a lot

    • 7. Set clear limits

    • 8. Caresses, a lot

    • 9. Play together

    • 10. Allow him to solve problems

    • 11. Keep contact with close family

    • 12. Spend quality time at home

    • 13. Do not critizice, advice him wisely

    • 14. Be clear to have is not to be

    • 15. Show him how to loose and learn

    • 16. Teach him to thank

    • 17. Give him responsabilities

    • 18. A bright future with your help

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About This Class

You will learn how to help your children to develop a healthy and strong self confidence

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1. Welcome!: hi, I am a knowledge of area on. It's a real pleasure for me to welcome you to this course. How to improve your child self esteem. The self listing is a very important topic. It's important for us US adults, but even more for a Children, because in childhood is when we laid the foundations off our own character off our own life off our own future. So a good or about self esteem, I high or low self esteem can be the difference, you know, lives So we can on we must or how to help oh, Children's to improve their own self esteem in order to have ah, healthy self esteem. They need our help. I will teach you some topics on this curse. First of all, we will learn what is the importance of the self esteem during childhood. We will learn also what are the consequences off a low self esteem? We will learn how to detect a low self esteem estate. You know, Children's on. After that, I will show you Morton. 10 practical techniques that's your aspirants can use were widow Childs to help them improve their own self stem. Let's work together to each lecture, keeping in mind that we can create a difference in our Children's life. We can help them to be successful, to be happy, to have ah, healthy character, a healthy life. So let's work together. Thank you to be here. Thank you for your interest in this topic. All needs to start to work on this. Let's start to learn how to help all Children's to be happy, to be successful, to have a strong, unhealthy self steam. Thank you. 2. Why self esteem is so important in childhood new: Hello. This is minority. Very a gang grid you like. The self esteem is so important for your Children. Self esteem. It's a basic emotional need for every human being in another human being. Self esteem is critical. Do not only Jim success in your life, but they have a good emotional and mental health. But that self is team begins to take shape from childhood. It is there in childhood when it begins to settle how a human being will see I interpret things that happened in his own life that is different ation of the self esteem. Their roots off, emotional on maintaining stability are in childhood. In a nod, Aled, his emotional estate depends on himself on his out attitude because that adult is conscious off. It sounded entity on can't recognize the effects off his out additives and actions. But in a child, the self esteem of emotionally states depends greatly on their family and the school environment. These interactions are forming the first building blocks off his own personality. It is when a healthy self esteem makes the difference between a personality that can supports the problems on the life. On a personality that falls apart with the first problem. One important thing is that the child has two different birds. His biological Bert on his psychological birth. I'm not both happened at the same time. Their 1st 1 The biological birth, occurs when the child is born off hiss, mortar womb. The 2nd 1 the psychological Bert. Awkward. When did child develops a sense of Warner's off its own individuality? And he recognized himself. I stopped different person than the other ones. While these processes godal Italy concrete's around age tree when the child is able to say I am Charlie or I Am Mary on, he is nigh that she's my mom. At this point, the emotionally string off the child is very vulnerable on flexible. On the first blocks off, what will be his own self esteem and personality are being pleased. Which friend angels do you want to place in the minds of your Children cells? His team, the final, the degree of interest strength that a human being will have a now. Also, he's ability to overcome the problems at the life place in front of him, keeping his emotional integrity on his own piece. The self esteem also defied the facility that that person will have to seize the opportunities for success, that the life blaze in front of him. Every human being is precious and repeatable. We all have it skills on potentials that make us unique under special, to know how to find and use that value is key to reach. Happiness and success of life I'm not depends a lot in the value that we give. Ours helps. Let's think on this. If your own future depends a lot on your own self esteem, that happens. Ulcer for the future of your childs on their just beginning their path held them to learn how to work it. How to recognize their own value as human beings. How to develop Ah, healthy self esteem you can make at the difference in the lives off your Children. 3. Effects of a low self esteem new1: Hello. I have my relative area. Welcome to this second lecture. Get that is Hello. This is miniature reacting with you. Thank you to be here unwelcome to this second lecture. What is the impact of the low self esteem in Children? Don't know. Self esteem in Children is a very critical situation. A child like any other person in the war has physical Another emotional meets like feel loved aceptar feel himself a spouse or family to receive attention, to receive care, to receive love sometimes just requirement. So this needs are not field on that Kaus negative situations on down much to his arm. Self esteem. What is the impact off those situations in a child? This could ghost negative situations or problems in her Children such as feeling unhappy because the child's want to be different off what he is right now because he feel that being like he is right now, he don't receive the attention of the love that he needs. So sometimes he could feel or thing that he needs to be different. So this cuts problems toe except himself. As here's feelings off axity pain on security. Shame, Elsa, All these is translated to conditions that are done much his own relationship with himself , with his pints, his family, his friends, his partners on the school on every other people. Also, this problems on childhood CASS. Bigger problems when this child become an adult ocracy. Meanness, shame, drug use ish in extreme cases. Suicide. Let's think on just to achieve your success, genital. Believe in yourself. You need to have a very strong values and a very strong value of yourself. You need to thing I believe, that you're something worthy to get something important on that you are capable. Do things touch of your girls to be successful, to be happy, But in order to do that, you need to have ah, healthy on a strong self esteem. So how important is this self esteem in Children? I'm not because it will change your life. It will change the life of your Childs on. It could be a difference between to have Hunter Rich his own success on Be happy on Be Productive on Me, something that can't reach his on dreams on somebody that country, his own creams on somebody that thing's on, believe that he's not working to meet them What do you think for your child's or your Children's? Let's work on that. Let's war widow Children's. Let's help them to be happy, to be successful, to reach their own goals. I'm where we need to do is to help them to have a good self esteem, to guide him, to create a good foundation in his mind and his heart and his feelings that believed to believing themselves on. They will do the rest They will work his arm at, but they will have good tools to help them to reach their own goals. I want to be successful. I want to be happy and to realize he's own dreams. What have we learned? So far? We have learned that a low self is thinking because different problems in childhood aggressiveness shame axity paying indecision. Announcer We learned that this selfish thing could cause bigger problems in another h depressions. Guilty complexes drug usage on in extreme cases, suicide on also inability to reach his own goals. That's what we have learned on this lecture. So it's a reflection with very important on the objective for this lecture. WAAS. If we understand the effects of the low self esteem. We will be willing to hell our child's to create a good self esteem what we will learn in the next lecture. In the next lecture, we will learn how to the deck, a low self esteem condition in our child's. So it's another very interesting and very important topic to the take. I love self esteem in our child's will. Help us to start working with them on to react to hell them to correct that, to fix that issue, that problem on avoid problems because there. So let's just time with that next topic. With the next lecture, let's start thinking I'm keeping in mind that we can create the difference in your Children's lives. Let's go. 4. How to detect a low self esteem condition in our childs new: Hi. This is my knowledge. Avery. Again, would you welcome to this lecture? So far, we talk about the importance off the self esteem in your Children. Also, what are the effects off a low self esteem in them? No. Let's talk about how to detect a low self esteem condition. In order to do that, we have two different wasted it. The 1st 1 is through dialogue on the 2nd 1 It's through observation, using dialogue. We can peek in the emotional wallop for Children's to try to get a gleams or when it's happening there off what is happening in his own world. So it's important to have a good day. La Willow Children's on not just to have a daily, but to set our attention in what he's saying or what he's telling us, because normally our Children's tried to let us know what is happening in his war, but we don't always put enough attention on them, so that's important. Let's communicate little Children's. Let's try to understand what is happening in his world. The second witness observe ation using deserve ation. We can see the effects off the low self esteem ing them. One situation is when our Children talk with us about the hist relationship with his friends or classmates we can detect if he has problem to get to make new friends. Also, we can detect if he don't have friends on that. It's a good flag that let us know that there is a low self esteem there. I know that one is if there are Children, does not talk about his own achievements are also his failures. He he don't talk about that. It's second. There's a good chance to have our low self esteem under normally a child with a good cell fisting talk about his achievements and also his failures. But if the Children does not talk about achievements or failures, there is something that we need to analyze there. We need to put attention there. Another one is if the Children constantly used negative statements about his own behavior. Let's say something like I do it again. I fail again. I have the same mistake again if the Children as questions about where he is good or not, if he's handsome or not, if he is nice or not, if he often feel that everything that happens, it's something against himself if the Children issue stated because he don't have nobody to play with or if he needs to be alone. If the child is not able to do what is proposed to do because he always think that everything will go wrong if the Children is afraid to make mistakes. If your Children is always looking for attention, if the Children does not feel valued by the other Children's my dear friends, the situations are potential. Things that we have allows self esteem condition in them, so we need to take care of that toe dialogue on observation. We can detect possible possible things off low self fisting when it to analyze and reputation to dust sinks used to confirm it. We have a low self esteem condition on it, start working and then immediately to sell to fix the situation. So what are the next steps? The next steps are to learn how to help about Children's to fix that, to improve his own self esteem. So what I will learn so far we learn that we can use the day look on observation to try to detect a low self esteem condition in her child's released some situations that we can use a PSA signs that we have potentially low self esteem conditions. So now when we learned that, let's the start to review the techniques that we can use our spines as teachers, as close friends, as close relatives, to help our Children's, to develop a healthy on a strong self esteem. Let's continue. Let's start with this process to learn how to have all Children's. Let's continue, Let's go. 5. Do not compare : do not compare, sometimes green, as parents tend to make compressions off our Children with another Children's looking for them to be different. Or to this, something different phrases like, Why'd you are notice for India's John? Or look, waiting a Jew Behave like Rosie are typical in some parts, but these kind of comparisons this kind of phrases can heart the child self esteem because it is possible that the child feels embarrass. It feels that he would last on. Maybe he can think that we believe that the other child is spared on him. This good cuts and by I'm pressure to compete, to be something different on problems. To accept himself as he is it in positive comparisons could be potentially harmful because it can cause in the Children the feeling that he needs to be the best in order to be accepted or loved. Let's remember, in comparisons someone always loose. It is important that the child is valued at he is. So we have to tell him. I let him know that we love him as he is. He can always be better, but this will not cause any difference in her love teaching the Children. The continues quest to be better. It's important, but this should never cause that he feels that that conditions our love for him is important, that we let him know. I feel that we love him as he is. 6. Talk a lot: don't I look? Learning to communicate is key for a good self esteem on an ability to communicate, creates delves, hesitations. I'm fierce to being excluded or rejected. You should establish ongoing communication with your child. Can be true. Games, dances Very effective this such as music or just spending time with him doing something together where you can tuck untracked when the child feel close to his parents and feels that he can easily talk with them and get an answer it, producing him the sense of support on security as they feel that their parents will always be there for him. On these Willis strength. Also his ability to communicate the interest on his concerns. This parents can learn about the concerns in question off their Children on their more about what is happening in your child's world. A good communication can be the difference between all living with a child who trusts us as parents on make us part of the war there affection and interest. I live within a stranger, which we have no notion off what is going on in his mind on his world. The key ISS duck with your Children 7. Set clear limits: sit clear limits for our child. The mark clear limits is how way of teaching him to consider the consequences off his actions that the consequences arm it is essential for learning if you don't make your homework, not TV today also helps them to build their self decently. It is important that Hillary is that some things are immobile. Examples. Jim Us eat at the table, so do not let them it for the Wall House. You should pick up your ties, so do not let them remained around the next day. Why it is important to set limits because they learn that not always hey can get what they want when they want it there. Learn to tolerate some degree of frustration. They learn to wait. They learn social nerves. They lend to result conflicts in a healthy way. How to set limits. Select on here's opera pill limits for the age of your Children to set limits. Speak with is an affection used positive statements instead of negative. A bite completely conflicts between the parents. That means Mom say s That's a no Do not give multiple orders. It should be only one at the time in a simple and shirt sentence. Patients to injured patients maintain visibly un consistency. That means that the limit is mitt and not just once easily explain to your Children why it is important to comply with a limit on what are the consequences off. Not doing so, making feel that the limit does not represent a lack of love but redder. Enact off love. Sell limits us impersonal instead off. I want you to do this or I need you to do this years. This is what needs to be done. It is time to go to sleep. In his way, we can avoid being taking us a power struggle where possible, define alternatives so that instead of crossing a limit Hey, Candace, something different but acceptable when correcting focus on the actions, not at the person. This approval is tower the behavior, not power, your son The key. Yes, said limits. Explain why those limits on make them to be Mitt 8. Caresses, a lot: occurrences I love The receiving affection of Carris is is one of the fundamental needs of human beings, even more so for Children. Choruses can be physical or psychological and should always be without heart or effect the physical, our psychological integrity of the child. Remember that the purpose it's to demonstrate the love on curses provide security on self esteem on the Children. Paris is should always be positive, that is, bread is in place and sensation and emotions. And I m biting the hip positive, constructive on a healthy way, like kisses, hugs, works a phrase, smiles, etcetera, cuddling. It's a way to provide care on show interest. That way the chills feels love, unimportant and also feel that he has a backup that will support him in any difficult time . That my hand, the key, is give love on curry. Assist to your Children a lot 9. Play together: wait together. Playing is one of the best resources out there to improve your child self esteem. By playing with them, you can accomplish several things your Children play with his Barnes. That is a precious time that they will crash your all their lives days, pain time with their parents and have fun. They feel important in your life because you spend quality time with him. They share with you the giant playing on the challenges involving the games. They'll land from you. You can use the games playing with him to teach him values. Sports responsibility, decision making, strategy, respect, order A lot of things. You can use the games to teach a lot to your child's. They're feeling off success. Share it with his parents is an indelible treasure of 100 Children. G b film friend of your Children on your Children Devil Laps Confidence of you. The key is play with your Children's. Have fun with them 10. Allow him to solve problems: allow him to solve problems. Each problem situation that occurred in the life off a child. It's an opportunity for their parents to get him to learn to make decisions on so problems . This will not imply to leave him alone. But the guy him in this way, his confidence on his own ability to confront and solve problems and make decisions will grow. U S parents can help your child's to get his on solutions using a series of questions such as very well, you have this situation. What do you think that you can do with it from all these options that you have? What do you think is the best one to follow? Etcetera. When he defines his on solution, he self confidence will grow and he will keep rowing more with every salted problem on, this is important that US parents confirm and validate that the solution that the child is selecting and choosing it really have Selves. The problem. The challenge for the parents is to be up in minded to have set proposal on solutions that might be different for what you consider correct. But we should not forget that the Children's could find very creative solutions for the problems on teach us a lot. The key is get ditch I sin 11. Keep contact with close family: maintain regular contact with close family. An important element to good self esteem for the Children is the love off his other family members, especially grandparent's, because it enriches the relationship with a child on the strange. This sense of belonging on unconditional love, grandparent's socially quantity, that major influence on Children's his love also supports the effectively structure of the Children. Grand parents are often the second child hears. Keep freaking contact with Ram parents. Also, with uncles castings under relatives. That's to strength family bounce that multiply these sorts of affection off your child. The key is keep it strong. Family Ties on Enjoy. 12. Spend quality time at home: share time to get it at home. Home should be up less in place to spend time together to rest on play breakfast. Launch on their time are good opportunities to share moments and create a place an environment where you can be together. Ah, listen weekends to look for dusty spaces like these to share time to get it reinforced. Family, Tyshon, Children, Rainforest, The left Unsafe T on him. For this, it is important that thesis spaces are used to share your time on attention, so it is advisable to about the TB at that time. A news that time in activities that you can do together. The attention should focus on the family on the people, looking at your eyes, giving attention and interest on at the end providing affection. The key is spent quality time with your Children at home. 13. Do not critizice, advice him wisely: don't criticize at nice. Wisely, constant criticism can damage self esteem not only in Children but on anyone. It is important to recognize that a child has their own character under own pace instead of criticizing him. 25 the situation that is not correct. For example, instead of saying you're on a deadbeat, not pick it out your ties, you can see it's pretty a nice to see your piety and clean. I like it that way. So focus attention in correction in the situation are not in the child. It is important to Ankara Children and repeat that we believe in them. Recognize his Air Force on adjusted results that will make him feel capable on supported by tells who believe in him Dickey is they not criticize at Nice wisely. 14. Be clear to have is not to be: that's a supple temptation to feel with material things, the emotional needs, using the gifts to divert the attention objects on material things create the false impression that the problems are avoided. But instead of fix a problem, it creates problem in the Children because they're start to feel or to billet that to help is to be. That means that the material goods count Corber some emotional needs on mean that you're a better person. The dependence on material things indicates at the lack of attention on affection. To give excessive value to things can cause a large internal devaluation with huge effects and the self esteem. The task of the parents is to fill with personal attention UN affection the lives off their Children on to teach them the for validated things without creating dependence on them. A Richman s poor If his weld lies in his possessions, I'm not in his heart how to buy this. We care on love. The material goods create dependence on Lee. If there are emotional empty in space in your child's, if your child has enough attention on enough love, the goods, the material goods will be only that material goods. The key is to provide attention care. I love to your Children 15. Show him how to loose and learn: teach him to lose. I'm here the Children. Like any human being, I also have to learn to lose rental. Loose means learning how to see those situations on learning experience on avoid negative emotional estates. It means maintaining the integrity, objectivity on a clear be of things. Even if the results are not asked, we want it. It means learning to see things in a positive way on, take every event, to learn, to grow and to be better. How to do this with guidance advice on example. I think it is. Every failure can become exorcists with the right guide. 16. Teach him to thank: show him hope to be grateful. It is important that the child recognize everything. He has to be grateful. He has a family. Barron's friends held etcetera on. Gratitude is the gateway to more happiness and blessings. Thanks. Excelled is so I'm feeds this sense of emotional well being in Children. Teach your child to be grateful and happy. The key is teach him to think. 17. Give him responsabilities: gave him responsibilities. In order to learn to be responsible, the person must have responsibilities for a child to learn to be responsible. We must assign responsibilities according to their age on capabilities to assign responsibilities to a child. Help his self. His team for several reasons. The responsibilities. Hell him to get mature, the alot, the child to feel important. He can feel that their parents, believing him on his abilities when fulfilling his responsibilities, reaffirmed his confidence in their personal ability to achieve goals. It did him discipline. It's important that responsibility is that were signed to the Children's, are appropriate to the child's abilities. We also need to orient him to learn how to comply, how to meet those responsibilities. Otherwise, we could cause the A positive effect on the chills because he could feel unable to fulfill their responsibilities on these good cuts. A low self esteem instead of the high self esteem. So we assign responsibility, store child will lead to hell him to learn how to meet those responsibilities. Those responsibilities should help the child to learn and grow out, so we need to be there with him. Help him to learn from those responsibilities how to meet them, How toe learn from them on toe. Let them feel that, even when he is responsible, were there to help him. Some responsibilities that could be assigned to the Children's are. Pick up your toys at under. Remove your plate on cutlery on the table, brushing your tits, running a little bit of money, etcetera. Dickie here is let your child be responsible. 18. A bright future with your help: Ah, break future with your help. Every child is a potential greener. His triumph will depend largely on his ability to ask his himself. Try and get ahead on the vicissitudes that life puts in front of him. Your son. It's available, being held him to recognize their own value. I'm for a strong and stable self esteem. You have the ability to lie different ation of a happy answer. Sexual future for your child. Hey, will choose on work his own pat. You can teach him how to work, how to climb the mountains on how to stand If he comes to fall. Small actions today can make a big difference in the lives of your Children tomorrow.