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How to Import and Export Data in SQL Server

teacher avatar Artemakis Artemiou, Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Create the Sample Database

    • 3. Using the Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS

    • 4. Using the BULK INSERT T-SQL Statement

    • 5. Using the OPENROWSET Function

    • 6. Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard

    • 7. Using the BCP Utility

    • 8. Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

    • 9. What we’ve Learned in this Course

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About This Class

SQL Server is one of the world's leading data platforms. It allows you to store, organize and retrieve data, as well as transform raw data into useful knowledge. One of the major functions that every database developer and administrator need to know, is how to import and export data in SQL Server.

This class is all about how you can import and export data in SQL Server. It discusses and demonstrates all the built-in SQL Server tools, which can be used for efficiently performing data import and export operations in SQL Server.

More analytically, the class consists of the below sections/lectures:


  • Welcome to the Course!

Sample Database with Data

  • Create the Sample Database

Data Import and Export Methods and Built-in Tools

  • Using the Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS
  • Using the BULK INSERT T-SQL Statement
  • Using the OPENROWSET Function
  • Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard
  • Using the BCP Utility
  • Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)


  • What we’ve Learned in this Course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Artemakis Artemiou

Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.


Hi there! I'm Artemakis. I'm a Senior SQL Server and Software Architect, a professional Author and Speaker, and a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles and I'm also a certified SQL Server Engineer.

Moreover, I'm the founder of SQLNetHub and TechHowTos. I'm the creator of the well-known software tools Snippets Generator, DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. I'm also an author of many eBooks on SQL Server.

I currently serve as the President of the Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) and the International .NET Association Country Leader for Cyprus (INETA).

I'm here at Skillshare, to share my expertise with you, in a simple and understandable way. My classes include ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course!: Hello and welcome to the online course. How between put an expert Dayton sequel server. My name is at the Motta's after meal and that we are instructive in these course. So what will you learn in these cars? His cause. We will talk about how to import and export data and sewers, ever using a variety of methods to do that. First, we will see how we can create a sample of the visual data sequel server in order to use it for showcasing the different methods off. Important expert in data in single server in then demos. So the first approach for important exporting data is to import data using the import flat file wizard in Super Several management stole you the next metal his twin potato using the bark Insert T sequel statement using the Super server Open rosette function using the secret server import and export wizard. Then we're going toe import and export data using the PCP utility. And finally, we will important export data in simple server using symbols every decoration services by a package. If you want about me, I'm a senior super server and software architect. I have over 15 years of experience with super server Internet. I have bean in Microsoft Platform every P for nine years. I'm a provisional author and speaker and certified sewers have engineer. Moreover, on the founder off sequel near Cup, where I blow glowed about civil seven with a net as well as publish software he books and many other useful or nine resources. Now about the course requirements, you will need basic knowledge off Super Server. And they're the basis in orderto understand the different methods off important export data in cigarettes ever. And, of course, as always, a willingness and excitement to learn something new, which I'm pretty sure that this is a case if you're watching these introduction right now, a few words about the structure of this course. The course consists off lectures them, ours and a class project in the end, which will allow you toe test the skis acquired via these course. After the course, you will be able to import export data in civil server with any of the below methods, such as the import flat file, wizards bag, insert, physical statement or Ponderosa function, Super sever import and export with that busy P utility end sequel server integration services. Great. Let's begin the course 2. Create the Sample Database: in order to be able to showcase the different methods off important experts data in Sequel Server We need to use the sample database onto it. We would be applying these different techniques For the purposes of this course. I have created a sample database. It is called sample DB one. It has three tables. It has a customer's table orders table and the other stable. Now in the order table, there's a foreign key called Customer Ready, which points to the ID column of the customer's table. And the customer's table has a foreign he called other Saidi, which points to the Addy column off the others table. This is a screenshot off a sample data in the database is you can see there are three records in the customer's table on other three records in the order table, and another three records in the others is table. In order to generate the sample database called Sample DB one you can find in the class Project in the Resources, a Pdf file that contains statistical, d, d l and the M L Scream for generating these sample database. Now let's jump toe the first demo where we will create the sample database using the script provided lesson down available resource. Okay, now we are in our test environment, so I have opened the PdF file with a tous equal deal in the in my script. First, I will copy their DDS script for generating the every sample db one. So just click there and copy the entire coat for the deal script and I will be using a local named instance called Sequel to K 17 days that it's a secret seven total of 17 developed her addition environment. So I will running the query and paste the DDS script, click on Mexico and let's see by refreshing that the delivery is here. So if we open the debates, we can see that the three tables are here off course together they don't have any data. Seems we need to run the second part off the provided file. So now it's timeto committed the email script, so I will copy the entire called again for the demons, create and rounding new clearly and execute. Okay, Execution of this of this second script was also successful. And now let's check the contents off them three tables because he the three records in the others is stable. The other theory course in the customer's table in the last, the three records in the orders table. At this point, I would like to mention that if you want to create a sample that every with another name, make sure that you replace everywhere in the provide this creep the name of the sample DB one with a new that of his name. And last but not least, make sure that you are using a test environment off Sequel seven. Okay, we're ready to proceed with the next lecture and the rest of the demos that all these demos will be using these sample database we have just created. 3. Using the Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS: the first data implemented to talk about in single server is the new import flat file Wizard in Civil seven. Management's told you this is a screenshot of the first page off the Wizard, and, as you can see, it allows you to import flat five since he was ever that is text files or CSE files. So using the import flat file with that, you can import CS Freon text files. A civil server, it was originally released in Secrets. Every management stole your restaurant 17.3. It uses the Microsoft programs seen faces using samples of this process as decay. And this allows the wizard who identify patterns in the flat face and proposed table structures for the data to be imported off course. It allows the user to modify the table to be created. You can learn more about the flat fire with that. This is a mess by following the blowing. This is another screenshot on how you can launch the tool. So you just the right click on and database go to tasks and from there you select import flat fight. Okay, lets see at them off using their flat file wizards and see what's ever imagine studio in this demo, we will important simple CIA's refiled Sequels ever using the Wizard. So in this demo, I will be using a sample see as if I have created for this purpose. This is the CIA's V File, where you can see that it has three records and another record for the column Headers. It contains an I D. Ordered a total amount and customer i d. It follows the example of this sample. Db Wonder the Base, which I showed the people's lecture can now back to see what seven management studio we find. Our sample database that is sample DB one. We right click on it, Go to Tasks Import Flat file, and this is the first tile of off the Wizard. No, let's click on next. And in this step, we need to specify the input if I as well as the new table name and the schema to be created. So I go to the dimmers and select their sample Fi called Sample orders dot c is V. So based on the file name, it proposes the same name for the new table to be created in civil server on know that if you specify the name off on existing table, you will get on error, since it does not overwrite any table. So if an example could hear the name orders and click on next, you get on informational dialogue, saying that the provided table name already exists. Okay, so if you want to import a flat file, you can specify a new table name. And then, if you want to use the date of these newly created table inserted into another table, you can also do these using TC quit. So let's name these table sample orders. Let's use the DP Oh schema. Click on next, and the next step is to get a preview off the data to be imported. So, as you can see, there was that identified that the first record in the file was actually the record with the column headers and automatically does not include these records in their data. Toby important. And here you can see the three because we click on next and here you can modify the columns so you can change the data type created Pamela Key. Allow Knaus or not. So let's say we want panicky to be created for the I D column and we do not want any announce. So we want to check these boxes here. We could go next. This is somewhat of operations to be performed with Click on Finish and the operation was successful. Okay, let's close the ways that. And now let's refresh our to the base in order to check if the table was created and also check its contents. We go to tables and you could see the table. Sample orders has been created. Let's expand two seats. Columns can see the four columns I D is a primary key, and now let's check its contents. And, yes, you can see that the data has been successfully imported into these newly created table. 4. Using the BULK INSERT T-SQL Statement: Okay, Now let's talk about another method off importing data and civil sever. That is the bulking statistical statement. The backing statistical statement allows to import data from a data file to Civil Servant Table. Of course, the file can have a user defined for month, and this is an example off a simple TC course statement using the bulk insert statement. So these command here says insect into the Debbio dot order stable the data that exist in the orders dot that file in the network for today that we import. You can learn more about the parking statistical statement by following a glowing. And now let's jump to another demo in order to see the balloting. Sustainment in action Where will import Osias Wi Fi in civil server using the barking Statistical statement. So in this demo we we import says we filed was the bag in statistical statement in the sample debut under the base we created in the previews the demo. So this is the file will be importing. It is called sample orders Don't see SV. It has for a course. A festive record is the computers that this I d ordered eight total amount and customer i d . It is based on the three tables contained in the sample debut under the base and the referential constraints. So we were going toe MP import three records with these values into the existing orders table. So first, let's check the data in the artist able prior to running the Balanchine's the statement. So where we are making sure that we're using the correct that raise that these Sampo DP one . Okay, now let's select all the records from the Yorkis table. Okay, These are the existing records in the table. And now let's around the Balkans that command this is them back in SEC amount. I'm running for this example. You can also specify more options for the balancer command, but I want to keep this simple. So let's use this common and also explain. So the first line says who? The seven to the base engine that who will Inserting data in bulk into the sample db one database. GPO orders table. The fact to be used is located in the Seed Demos directory. It's called sample orders Nazis vtc file. I have showed you area now I'm using some options here. I'm specifying that the first roll begins in the second row file. So this way we won't be importing the column togethers as data in the table. Also, I'm specifying refute Terminator, That is the same column. This case, you could also use a coma if this is a If I was based on comas instead of same cause. And so one and Acero Terminator, I'm using the new line character. Okay, lets around the symbolic insert command. As you can see, it was successful, So fair of affected is the message we get and the less check again the authors table To make sure that these three new records have been successfully inserted into this table using the bag instead command, these are the results of the queries. And as you can see, the three records in the file have been successfully insisted in the orders table. You can make many combinations using the Balkans T sequence statement. Make sure that you also check their official Microsoft documentation about this great command in order to explore um, all possible options off using the barking statistical statement. Okay, we can proceed to the next election now and check another method off importing and exporting data in sequel server 5. Using the OPENROWSET Function: the open roasted functional civil server, not hook method off accessing data remotely. However, it also contains inbuilt in back provider that enables data from a file to be read and return. It's arose it. In order to make use of these functional, however, you'll need to use a former file. These an example off how you can read data from a series if I using the open those infection. So you're on a select state man and then with the bulk key here, you specify the file to be imported as well as the former file. And in this way, the open Rosa function will return the data from this fire using the formal fight s in new table. Then you can treat this data and perform any other operations in sequel Sever by following their below leading, you can learn more about it. And now let's jump to another demo in order to see in action the open Rosen function when it comes through, importing data from fight into super saver. So in this demo, using the open roads and function with the bulk key, we will import these Osias Refinery called test file into sequel server and used in Stay that So this is the file has three records and pilot writing the T sequel statement. We need to generate a former fight. So in North, generally for my father two ways you can either created mind rally or you can generated using the busy P utility. I will be using the busy beauty for this example and let's check it syntax. So I'm calling BCP and specifying them a database name, the schemer name and the table name. And here, with a four month keyword, I'm saying to the BCP utility to export the four month based on this table. So I'm specifying with minus T keyword that I want the fields to be separated using, say, McCollum. And I'm specifying the four month file Toby exported in the Seed Demos directory and to be named formal file dot FM T. And last but not least, I'm specified their connection that is amusing. Attested connection toe My local neighboring Stan's Secret took a 17 death okay, lets around the command. It was successful. We didn't get any errors, so let's check the seat. Them was directory and this is the former file generated using the busy bee commands. So this former file we let the open rosette function. Now, what is the structure off the file we want between port? Interested? Course ever. OK, now list around the query and this is a command. So I would call up and rosette and passed its parameters. The bulk key specifying that the fight will be important is the file test file dot says be in the scene Demos directory. Using the former file we created earlier using the BP comment, we click on execute, and as you can see, we managed to read the contents of the season file using the open road command. Okay, this was a simple example of the open road isn't functioning. Using the bulk key, we showed how you can import a flat fire using a form of fight. And she was server via the open Rosen function. You can use many variations of thes function for doing many, many stuff in secrets. Ever. Make sure you check their limitation for more options and keywords about the open Oros it function. And now we're ready to proceed to the next lecture 6. Using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard: another 100 really great option for importing an expert in Dayton sequel server is this. It was having import and export wizard by using the was ever input. An expert who is that you are presented with many options for managing your data so you can select and they thus also by a variety of providers as well s destination again using the same providers in start in your system. So, for example, you can select the frame will get a provider for all BBC the Net framework provided for all our core foreseeable server flat five source actually access provider except provider, Super Server, native client provider and many other providers she was ever import and export ways, I suppose, important exporting data from multiple sources via the use of multiple providers and its support saving the process. It's a sequel. Server integration services package is very useful in scenario where you want especially fix. He was seven import or export process to be repeated on their schedule. For example, having it saved us on a science package and use these package in a secret sever agent job in order to regularly execute are the logic within these societies package. You know that who launched these tool? You just right click on the database, you select tasks and then you go to import or export data that there with that launches which guides you through the rest of the process. So now let's see. And demo using this it was ever important Next ball with that in this demo, who will perform to actions the first action would be to impetus has re file civil server using the import and export wizard. And the other task would be to export the's table back tresses. We find again using the import and export Weezer's. So for this demo, we will use another sample file that's called sample orders. Knew that she is. We it has again for records with Fest record is the column headers and the other thing their courts, our orders data. So we go to our sample database sample DB one, and we have killing Goto tasks and fast. Let's import this year's refiled so we select import data and that she was ever import export with launches. Click on next and now we need to select their provider for our tethers. Seems we will be importing, Mrs. We find that this flat fight who was slavery provider for flat face? So here was elect flat file source. It will were about to import data from another file or the base management system like or a call, for example, or on a single server or excel or access would be selecting the appropriate provider. However, this is flat fire. So we select the flat five source and the next step is to select the file name. So go to demos, which elect their sees refunds here. And this is our final sample orders. No dot says we when it's also to make sure that it was like the proper code page we used these depends on the database, of course. And the default collisions. He was ever the escalation and so on. So in our case, the correlation is English minute states. So I will be using this court page with these look ale we click on next as a colony limiter . It is the same column. It was identified, so if he had had comma, we would select, for example, the same color. So this is a preview off our rose in the flat file it looks good, so can proceed to the next step and its destination. We shall live where we want our data from the file Toby imported. Since we would be putting this day that in our sample database I will select the super several native client as it several name is our named instance that these secret took a 17 death. I would be using Windows indication that I base into which I want to import the data sample DB one to the base so we can proceed for the next step. And here we have two options we can either creating new table, you know, destination. That is our sample debut under the base or we can select to use on existing table. For example, it was elected order stable. These data will be imported into the order stable. That is an interesting people. Also, it would kick in my toppings on it is my pings. We can change what's going to happen in the existing table so we can select with delete their arsonist in the destination table and just insert these rows s the noon date of the table or we can upend rose to the destination table. So since our data in the file container contained an I. D. Coleman as well, I would be enabling the identity insert functionality because I want we set my own ideas in the table. I click. OK, click next can. Next here, I'm presented with the option off saving thes entire process a Senate science package directly to sequel server or with high systems file. I won't be using these factually now because we're going to talk about six or seven technical services later. So I will Just around these process, this is a summary of God will be ran when people finish. And yes, there. Three records has been successfully inserted into the office table. So we close the ways that whoa into our database go to tapers and the less on a select statement against the orders table to see if our three records have been successfully inserted. This, as you can see, these are the three records are displayed in the sample file. Let's take a look in without these 10 11 12. And as you can see, they have been successful insulating to the table. Okay, Now, let's protect with the second part of this demo where we will be exporting a table in two essays. Refile. So we're going toe do exactly the opposite than what we have performed just right now. So this is the kind of state of the ordinance table. It has nine records. We're going to export all these into a fight, so we're at killing in their base. Got tasks, Export data again. This is the wizard. Now it's a day that's what's now will be using Super Server. So I'm selecting Civil seven. Native client. This is the instance Name. This is the best abused with Windows Indication, and it's a destination since I would be exporting into A says we file again, I will select flat file. Ah, it's a destination of his time, so in see their muscle will create this year's Before I see SV experts Okay, making sure about their location Quote page, proceed and now have two options. I can either cobe data from one or more tables or rather cool to specify the day that Toby our return into the destination. In our case, this is before I. By writing query. You can select on data from their tables so you can expect specific data. Or if you just want to export a single table or even more tables, you go the first option since I would be exporting the authors table. In this example, I will select the first option that is coping data from one or more tables or views. So keep on next, let's select the table toe expert that is the artist table. As a column identifier, I will select the same color. Let's preview what is going to be exported. These are the records to be explosive. You keep on next again, we can either say this isn't Is this I? Yes, package thes procedure or just run immediately. I will just run it now this is the summary we click on finish and yes, you can see the process was successful. Let's click on close and let's go back to the sea Demas directory A check If the file was created and this is her file CSB expert dots his we let's check its contents. And yes, these are the records are the founding the artist able successfully exported into our fight . Okay, now we can proceed with the rest of our elections Demos 7. Using the BCP Utility: in this lecture will talk about the Bishop utility. It's another method off importing and exporting data. In sequel server Bizzy P stands for about Corby program and it Corbyn's data between Civil seven Instance and identify in a user defined program. For example, you can see these command where we specify database in the table, the parameters with the busy bee Command. Then with that, he worked out or in the specify whether we're exporting or importing data in this example. Have the out cured. So the data off this table there's a stable will be exported into the authors export dot That fight. You can learn more about the busy P marry utility as well s. You can download it by for the below link basic utilities shaped with civil service client tools. But it is also available, as a separate download knows jumped with the next demo, where we will be performing toe tasks. The first task will be to export an existing table that is the altar stable in our sample database. Sample db one. Interesting, as we find using visit P. Then he put them back using the busy P command again. So first, let's take a look on the contents of the artist table in this happened debut under the base show, The Table house and nine records show it. Let's expert always condoms using the busy Pekerman, this is the commander will be using bizzy P. Then I specify the database name that this sample DB one daughter to be on the schema, and that orders that is a table. Then I specify the out keyword. So that means all the data in thes table in the orders table will be exported into the authors expert dot That file in the scene Demos directory And again, I'm using a tacit connection to my local named instance off sequel to K 17 days. Okay, let's hit the enter key. We can see that these expert, a patient was successful on nine Roche indeed who are exported into the file. Now let's go to the sea Demas directory and check the orders. Expert thought that file to make sure that all nine records in there prior to import them back into sequel server. This is a file orders expert on that. We open a file and we can see that. Yeah, All right, cause we're here. Okay, Now let's import these, uh, file back into sequel server this time by using the in cures instead off the out key words . So not or not to change anything in the office table. I'm going to create a clone off this table and import there. The file previously exported with the busy bee comma again. By using the Visit P Command, I will populate the table with the cons off their horses table. So I was way to close this table. Is that run them selecting to command. I will name the table orders to Okay, let's refresh yes, the orders to tables here. So now you go back to our command front in order to use a busy P utility. And the only thing I'm going to change besides the table name, of course, would you sort us to Now I'm going to change the out keyword to in. So now we will try with the busy P Command to import into the artist to table the contents off the orders expert that that file let's hit enter and the operation was successful. So nine arose Corporate. So let's go back to see what seven management studio and its electoral records from the orders to table. To make sure that that has been successfully importantly was in a busy P command with a in keywords. So we'll click execute, and here you are. You can see that our data has been successfully inserted. So in this day, Mom, we exported data from a table using Mississippi in tow fight. And then we used this fight in orderto populate a new table. The exact scheme I like the one we used to export together with the peak month. Okay, Now let's jump to the last metal off importing and exporting data that is super server integration services. 8. Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): this election, we're going to talk about civil servant decoration services. I am. I thought off importing and exporting data and see what's ever. Please know that serious everything Country services is a topic by itself, so we will thoroughly talk about Decorator's services. Another course that's coming up soon. But within the context of this course, we're going toe. Create two packages, one for expert later in another one for implement data following the same concept. Like the previous demos in this course, No, a little bit of fury about she was a viticulture. Services, also known as a society, is so this is how, yes, I love to import, export transform and process data or load data that is GTL position singles ever. It allows you to create integration service packages. You can do that via visual studio with Integration service Project Off course. In order to make use of these personality through visual studio, you need to install Super several data tools for visual studio. We are free available on the Internet on the official Microsoft websites. Another way of creating integration service package is if you remember in the previous demos off Super Saver import and export wizard, you can save their entire process. SNS size package. You can learn more about the size by following the below league and nowhere to jump to our next demo. So in this demo will expert a table interest is refined again things time by using a science package. And then he put this year's be filed back in to see what's ever using an exercise package as well. So we went toe desire these two packages using visual studio we want deploy them in Civil Sever, for example. We won't set an escrow sever agent job for angry package. We will just depart them by a visual studio and execute them from there just to see the functionality. And s said earlier we're going toe thoroughly. Talk about a society s in and dead again course, because it is a huge topic prior to start designing my packages in visual Studio says that will create another copy off the also stable and after two important data in this table. Okay, so first, let's design a package that will export their data from the order stable and then another package that will import the data from their general file into the orders s I s table. So in visual Studio 2013 go to new project since I have installed see was their deductibles having new category of projects here It's called Business Intelligence. So I selected decoration services. I will name this project as expert borders. You click on OK, that were what expresses bean creative. You can see here I have a minute Taps have the control flow top data flow parameters event handling package Explorer and also have my tool box on the left on the screen It is full of components and connectors and many stuff you can do so many things with a sires can beat sophisticated it here processes and technician said these packages So it is a topic on its own and it's worth creating and dedicated course fully. But other time being, let's export the authors data into a says B file. So I click here in order to be able to add a new nephew task you can have many difficult tasks for this example will just create a single the flow task. So I go to other sources and select and the older the net source. My sort will be sequel server, and my destination will be flat five. So I go to other destinations and select flat Fi destination. Okay, First, let's set they deodorant, that source. So here I will need toe create a connection. One database. I have, ah, connection I used in previous project, but let's delete the usual and create in one of the start. So we go toe No. And here I'm specifying my symbols ever instant name is as credit took a 17 death, I would be cruising with the Windows Indication and as a different name. Of course, I will select the sample db one. It's test connection succeeded so we can proceed. And this is my connection to the database. The last step here is to select the table Toby expected. So I would be expecting the artist able and this is the preview off its contents. Okay, we'll go to columns. These are the columns. Click OK, and we continue the flow by and driving the there blue arrow to the next component of the flat file destination. Now let's configure the flat five destination We creating no fire connection merger Tous and delivered it flat file. Other options as well. For except can be fixed with fixed with with roading limitation Act right for months I will be using in the living. However, this is the name of the connection of culture. I won't change. Consider the name you like And let's select the destination The special would be exported Fortress See SV. Okay, here you concept little case and cold pages. Now we go to columns. He said the quantum names And here it is putting click these checkbooks Call names in the first day that, uh Oh so Angela, the file will also contain the column names. Okay, let's check them up. Ings It's correct. Okay, let's build our solution the bit Waas successful and let's get back. So now our decoration service package is being executed and that you can see execution was successful. You can double check by going into the progress a tap and check all tasks that took place via these deep accession. Let's stop the bagging and let's go back into the sea Demos directory Check if this is a file was created and indeed you can see that next What orders not Sesay file is created. Let's check its contents. And yes, has nine data records and another record on the road that contains the column names. Okay, great. That's creating new product. Now, in order to import the contents of this file into the authors in society s table here, you can see that the order SSR years table currently doesn't have any data. So let's create on a technical services project that will be importing the data from specify right into the orders in societies tape Again. A new integration service project this time, let's call it important orders leave. Okay, we go to the data flow top click here, not creating new data flow task. So no. Again. Using the size toolbox, we can select our connectors and any other components we need for these data operation. So in the other sources, we select flat fine. The Destination 80. Order now destination. It is similar, like that previous project, but we use the component in the opposite order now, so our sources have flat fired in this destination is a secret server connection. So let's set of our flat five source because you're creating new flat file connection manager browse and we selected the source ourselves if I got columns, can see a preview here called the Emitters comma and again called him names in the first day that, uh oh, So it will read the file. You will consider the fest row as column names. So it want importantes throw into the Super Seven table. However, of course, it is very important to include the column names and because they help into the mapping process a lot. Okay. Okay. And with dragon, drop the blue arrow into the age old of no destination. Now let's configure these components we just do remembers from our previous project the connection to the secret seven instance seems it is the same. She was seven. Instance, I will use these data connection if you would use another destination. She was seven. Business. You would create a new connection. Okay, I will be using the orders and society s table. And this preview shows that this table currently doesn't have any date. I need go to My pinks can see that the map ing's are correct because we are importing back to secure server They exported from the same eastern from the same table structure. So the wrappings are the same. The same column names. Eve. You had difficult names. You could control the map things from here. Okay, let's being a solution. You can see that the bill was successful and the let city back again. Okay, that's a crucial for successful. You can see here that everything went well. Okay, let's stop the bagman. Go back to she was having matters to you and check the contents off the orders. Exercise table. Okay, that's executed. Query. And yes, as you can see, the day that has been successfully imported back to sequel server using these sick on the decoration services package have just created using the just todo Okay, That was great. This wasn't the last demo in this course. Let's proceed with the rest of elections. 9. What we’ve Learned in this Course: now let's have You would have learned in this course this course we've learned how toe import an expert tater in civil several. Using a variety of methods to these handed by in life demonstrations, we've left out important export data and secrets ever using the flat file wizard in Civil 7 March, Mr. Audio, using the belt in statistical statement there open the road of function the Super Server import and Export Wizards, the busy P utility and last but not least, sequel server integration services. At this point, I would like to kindly remind you to provide your valuable feedback about this course. Excellent. Now you are ready to proceed with a class project where you will be able to test what you've learned in this course.