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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Food Service worker.

teacher avatar Nexus Canada, Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 10m)
    • 1. Food service course promo

    • 2. Introduction Food service

    • 3. Food service topics

    • 4. Food service industry in Canada

    • 5. Best Workplaces in Hospitality in Canada

    • 6. Canada top employers in restaurants and food service

    • 7. Recipe Unlimited Corporation

    • 8. Recruiters in Canada

    • 9. Job hunting tools

    • 10. How to find email contact information from Canadian Employers

    • 11. Optimizing your job search

    • 12. The Canadian Hidden Job Market

    • 13. Emerit

    • 14. Work permit

    • 15. LMIA

    • 16. Work permit application outside Canada

    • 17. Where do you want to live and work in Canada .

    • 18. Course Summary

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About This Class

This course has been developed to assist International trained workers like you in the foodservice industry to learn how you can become eligible to apply for a work permit and eventually for Canadian Permanent Residency under the different immigration programs available In Canada and what you will require in order to begin your application.

It also covers some resources like LinkedIn, Interviewing skills, Job search strategies and Canadian Resume templates that are designed to assist professional immigrants to navigate the Canadian labor market and secure employment.

Checking other sources besides the Job Bank in Canada.

This course also prepares you for the settlement process, from getting your things across the border to finding a job in Canada. 

During this course, we will review information such as:

  • Canada work permit eligibility,

  • Canada work visa cost,

  • temporary work permit Canada,

  • job offer from a Canadian employer,

  • Canadian work permit with a job offer,

  • Post Graduate work permit,

  • Rural Canada,

  • the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program,

  • Labor market initial assessment (LMIA),

  • processing times,

  • NOC codes,

  • Canadian resume,

  • Open-work permit in Canada,

  • Canada work permit jobs, 

  • and much more...

You're going to get over 8 hours of video lectures, access to the recommended resources, our student discussion forum, and the ability to ask me any questions you may have as you progress through the course. 

Associated profession(s)

· Cooks (6322)

· Conference and event planners (1226)

· Chefs (6321)

· Hotel front desk clerks (6525)

· Casino occupations (6533)

· Food and beverage servers (6513)

· Bartenders (6512)

· Bakers (6332)

· Accommodation, travel, tourism, and related services supervisors (6313 )

· Food service supervisors (6311 )

· Executive housekeepers (6312 )

· Other services supervisors (6316 )

· Cleaning supervisors (6315 )

· Butchers, meat cutters and fishmongers - retail and wholesale (6331 )

· Receptionists (1414)

· Maîtres d'hôtel and hosts/hostesses (6511 )

· Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations (6711 )

· Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation, and sport (6722 )

· Light duty cleaners (6731 )

· Accommodation service managers (0632 )

· Restaurant and food service managers (0631)

On top of all that, you get lifetime access.

In summary, this course is a good do it yourself guide for working and immigration to Canada.

By the end of this course, you will know some of the strategies and resources used in your immigration journey, job search in Canada and how to integrate into the Canadian labor market and start your new life in the True North.

This course is taught by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nexus Canada

Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant


Hello, I'm a certified and licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. I am a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultant of the Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and an of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC)

My primary role as a Licensed Immigration Consultant within the firm is to assist clients and prospective clients in determining whether they might be eligible for immigration to Canada and how Nexus Canada might be able to offer assistance. I do this by reviewing and considering responses given by persons visiting our website who complete the convenient online Canada Immigration Eligibility Assessment questionnaire.

I also respond to questions relating to eligibility assessments, once the questionnaire is completed... See full profile

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1. Food service course promo: 2. Introduction Food service: welcome everybody to our new course. Help him. Great Takada As a food service worker, this is me and the Vegas and I'll be your instructor. Why I am the best person for teaching this course. For starters, I'm on a meagre myself and also irregular reckoning. And get your consultant for the government of Canada. So I have some experience helping people to immigrate to Canada. I have created this course in building to be a guy for people interested in in Green took another to say before the Rodriguez Peralta. I was born in Dominican Republic. I'm fluent in English Spanish languages. I received my bachelor of science degree from federal triggers wearing at national diversity. It's on to the Mingo Andre with high honors on, also still in the US For some years I'm working in the U. S. Has a name again, and I moved to gala in 2007. Qualifications they might certificated the graying immigration law from Humber College. Toronto have been practicing immigration law, insisting client since 2000 and 10. I am a certified A license, Canadian immigration Consulting and I'm member in good standing of the immigration consultant of the Connecticut Regatta concert. I ccrc on what the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration consultant escaping. We're presence in the Web and Linton. We managed a group called the Canadian Immigration Network with more than 11,230 members. We also managed to block immigration Canada. We have our Facebook page nexus Canada with more than 6000 followers, our YouTube channel very popular, one with more than 1700 subscribers, you can check out testimonial of past clients. We have help in the process of immigrating to Canada and looking over in check recommendations in our LinkedIn page from past clients. 3. Food service topics: Why would I be able to do by the end of the cost? Basically what? You're going to learn this course it's gonna be about. Can I work? Permit eligibility. Aiken, be Toby illegible. They cannot work based coast everything that you need to know about them. Party work, permit Canada. You're offering. Can any employer to get it? How to get a can? A work permit with a job offer, you will learn about post grad way work permit and everything about World Canada. How you can use it in your into contact Canada or social information about Atlantic Immigration Pilot program. You will learn there. What is the labour market nation assessment? L m I have to use it to get a work permit. He also we're learning about how to get information about processing times where we're permits also, how to create a your occupation in Canada on how to navigate the Canadian labour market. As a full service professional, you will learn also, it'll be Perica nail rest in May. How to prepare job sources Stages in Canada for now side of Canada, the most important skill for foreign workers are demanded by connecting employers most popular employers in the industry in Canada. So you know what to look for? How to work us a student. If you're in Canada, they can and I work for me jobs. You confine how to use your affairs. I'm much more You ultra we're learning this course got to use They come to car whistle What ? I've always your language knowledge How to get your educational credential assessment how to use the NLC metrics or not, How to research the Canadian labour market on fundament You will learn how to raise their with the job Bank toe I hope you enjoy the country of the course and we'll see you in the next section. Thank you very much. 4. Food service industry in Canada: working told lecture canvassed the restaurant industry there. Nearly 97,000 restaurant bars and cultures across Canada. This industry, generally $85 billion in ourselves on represented 4% off the conference GDP graph. Dramatic brother. 277 million have been contributed by restaurant owners to charities in 2011. 30 billion in food deliveries problems purchase every year was helped agriculture in Canada . There's around 22 medium business to restaurants every day by Canadians. This 1.2 million people glittery. Employing the restaurant industry, Andi represents 7% of the country's workforce. One in five young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are employed in the restaurant industry. On 20% say that working at a restaurant can I was their first job is the highest in any industry on these industry. The restaurant into three genera around 283,700 direct jobs related to the industry. So if we go to the details, 1.2 million is the number of people directly employed in the Canary restaurant industry, according to the statistic. Current Labour Force Survey 7%. That's a dimension before that gown floor they possibly patient of the country were forced 7500 in the number of full time jobs that were created in the food service industry in 2006 . Thing based on the survey growth in four time for service employment outpace part time employment last year is more for time positions in for service. In part time, 3500 is the number of part time jobs that were created in the four service industry in the same year. In total, the Emitter created 11,000 new jobs last year. Won him fi. It's a fraction of young Canadians aged 24 under our employees in the restaurant industry, 42% 18% in the 1st 3 employees in Canada who are 24 under. All right now the rest of interested number one social first time job for JUM workers to the 2% percent of Canadian calls. First, there was the restaurant business, the highest percentage of any industry in Canada. 23,800 the the number of senior age 65 over who work in restaurants intestine sexting. To supplement her income. Seniors account for 1.9% off all full service employees in Canada. Cooper Toast 0.5% in Tulsa Mary 4290 It's a total numbers or restroom bars on Cater's across China. In cousins, this team restaurants are the number one pleasure in Canada for spending time with family and friends. This is based on the restaurant Canada on Herring. Spring Article What is the stay of the Canaria food service industry? Since it doesn't 14 Canada's full service cause it's still early growth on average of 5% per year. The Canadian National Restaurant Industry Group have presented to doesn't anything growth rate at 4.3% within another 99 2021. Full service sales are forecast to grow this year by 4% and again the same for immigrants. It's a good opportunity for you to start in the industry if you're looking for jobs out on immigration. Canada closed toe half of Canadians off either work in the restaurant industry for know someone in the immediate family that works directly or indirectly in the restaurant industry is through my yard. If Canadians agree that working the restaurant digital valuable skill there are comparable to other jobs. And that's why you see students working in another little her name the ways in the first job. That way, they learned survival skills to later move to other jobs on industries you can enter. Full service industry denies 70 five billion yen, all cells representing about 4% of the national Gross Limited Brother Careful Service industry is comprised of a commercial sector during restaurants, bars and cutters. A no commercial sector leading through hospitals, hotels. The industry, meanwhile, is the fourth largest private sector employer in Canada. So good opportunity in the sector. Thank you very much for chicken. This lecture about the statistics off the food service industry in Canada are working in the next section. Thank you very much. 5. Best Workplaces in Hospitality in Canada: we're going to a lecture. Best workplaces in Hospitality in Canada in the selection will discuss the choices that you can have in working in the big employers. You know, hepatitis in Canada When he goes to work in hospitality hotels in Canada, you can work from any anywhere in Canada, you confined hotel can be from a small my mom pop bed and breakfast to the main big change that we know the only in Canada. But all for North America and the rest of the work here. We just mentioned the main ones and also the most recommended one for foreign workers. Starting with the Four Seasons Hotel Resource, they're all over the world. I'm very popular in Canada, The Firm Rough Waters International, the Marriott Hotels of Canada, Starwood Hotels and Resource Well, why, as international shame they win hand hotel group, especially if you work in the career and you will find a lot of hotels belonged to this group. Have you had experience when you're going get some opportunities in the change in Canada? The Intercontinental Hotel Group's I A. She the Hilton can accompany Mary popular water change, the in best rate, the best Roster International. I'm finally the choice. Hotels Canada. You can search for this names in in search engines like Google come binge, and you can find a more information from the hotels that belong to this change. In Canada, you can locate and through the provinces territories by doing some searched. You also can use a job bank when looking for jobs, and you can identify the job are available in those companies as well as long using, linking or indeed as a job, or so you can find more information. So there's different ways to find out about these opportunities in these hotels. But it's important for you to know which one of the most popular in Canada was given more changes to apply for jobs. We continue the lecture, the firm a motel somewhere, so it's very popular. Probably one of the most recommended their opportunity, especially for 40 workers. Just go to our website, go to the career section, and then you can check the opportunity to have available. I have recommended that you focus on provinces Ne doesn't have a limit. Ellie, my butt. The Atlantic proposition, for example. You can find those opportunities Andi trying to counter the employers directly as the process is very is very more stay four for you Hilton Hotel. So so is wrong work well known. Brand off What else again? You go to the What's I location Canada. Take a look at the job opportunity and you can do it. Quicks a job search Newcastle Hotels and results again in the carry of section. Look for the opportunities and this office off tourists and thrown on the bigger office. Um, they are spot awful lot of activities related to tourism in the city of Toronto. Um, in Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, offer the opportunity for people to work in the industry in the Syria specifically, if you go west, a Scotch on Indian gaming authorities and other place recommended. It's all the top employers in discussion, and you can not together career choices in the website find out about what programs over 20 taking over especialistas. Gosh wrong is employers through the different immigration problems and also but really my then actively higher for a nurse toe work in the province. Finally, the conquering time and group. This is a group off different businesses. Coaching of witnesses and you can see the names there. And you. Bhuvan, Rome, Bridgette. Different brands that are under the umbrella of the conquering to claiming group. Which means you have a fever, sir. Opportunities based on the different branch of every present. So how do you recommend Also take a look, sign up for the newsletter and shake their employer section? Or which of these divisions on brands? I hope you enjoy the lecture about paternity and works in the next one. Thank you very much. 6. Canada top employers in restaurants and food service: women to lecture cannot stop Employees from restaurants and food service in this region were was saying. Basically, the top 10 restaurant changed in Canada, um, normally the most commanders, since they are the biggest employers in the restaurant and food service area. Starting with Restaurant Brands International, these brands have a 19 point separating of the market share of or restaurants in Can we continue is McDonald's corporation. We have 10.3% of the market, the car operations with 7% and also the largest full dining restaurant. Shaka Doctors attaches on Subway, which 4.4%. Joan brands with Always the Pizza Hot, KFC, Karada and Taco Bell. The 3.5% of the market and W Food Services of Canada with the 3.4% Starbucks Corporation, with the 3% market share. Most of picture of Canada very Canadian brand with 3% piece of pizza, 1.8% 2 very popular kids home finally in the National Dairy Queen, which 1.4% off the Canadian market. So this off the top restaurant chains in Canada. If you're looking for jobs restaurant, especially if you have experience fast food working outside North America. Then you're equipped toe apply for this job. Also, you have experience and education and foot service restaurant, not a tighty from beverage. Then you have big corporate bigger operation, my carry operations. You if you can find all that kind of change, there are no least of here like right. Lost third. Another American prayers are very popular here. Other numbers are smaller than these brands in this presentation. Most Olympics in the Russian er you go to the What's I said the career and they are in a lot off cities across Canada. Alice wanted to check the website. Check the city that you like to Sarah on. Take the opportunity, Remember, tried to get the city is located in Atlantic Canada or anything closer to any new rural community that can help you qualify faster for a job over. Cut the thread through international go to the works. I full dining, you take the careers on. You will check the information they have for coronary and service, especially if you're coming from a background education in culinary with a degree or school from back home. The opportunity to prove your skills, especially if you have money, gifts of experience working at these hi in restaurant, the Compass Group, Canada. Also with the operations you can apply and lying to get for you off course. Remember that most of the job will require you to be a citizen, all right, resting in Canada. But checking the company became Find information where are located because most of the company half operation in several Siri's and see if you can ah, final opportunity, either Looking for foreign workers In some occasions the restaurant group conflict. The manuals get familiar with the main years, the locations and also the career choices in the website. And it's such a walk off the most recommended on praise that restaurant chains in Canada caves in Canada, the gang of which other ways part of the jump promise I had. You can see the curry opportunity based in the main What's I and again, check the Siri's does keep see everywhere, too, and you can probably start a career special angle. Cities that look they're looking for foreign workers to fill their records is this is a company that it's more the company the operate in Canada and also managed job brands brands . So here you have a page. When they have the career choices, you can count the death of the website. I apply with the company. Starbucks, of course, take the career section in the website. And is that the location to confide opportunities? Toe work for us? Our books, too, If you are as internationalized Julian Canada and you're looking for a part time job or Starbucks. Is it a good church for you? And now we have the Restaurant Brands International is the biggest drying in another. When it comes to a restaurant and manage, the burger came brand, and the thing Horton's think holdings is Canada Brand is probably the most popular brown of all operation for food service. They're everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It's the Nike always is carrying as the hokey. So most of the people always start a job. At some point at the Hortons, very far pays selling hot coffee and donuts so very populous spot to star. So a good job for immigrants looking for an opportunity, especially in those cities that are looking for people on have more labor shortages. Well, this is a good choice to start just taking the think ordered choices. Okay, when this popular run to while the voice and they have some locations across Canada, may Popara swell on with a lot of vacancies for people. Look up to work again. You can see the eye on the website in the career by provinces, and you can see, for example, they have 69 locations in telling Alberta Freddie, Tom, British Columbia when he thought, I have eight in France, where they have nine locations, you fell in love with all they have. Four. Was coach assisting on carry A 194 called the biggest presence is in Antalya. Prince Edward Island Health for Could beg 13. That's a Scotch on seven. So if you are a foreign worker looking for opportunity, you can see that there they have served provinces of Atlantic Canada. That was Scotia New Brands way You finally, Labrador Prince, other island that you have several location that can you can check, For example, I am I giving a potential for you to enter working for when this we're also provinces like discussion. May 7 locations are more prone to look for foreigners to fill their names. If you had opportunity. Another province ages Telling other the province's. Also you can find those opportunities nearby. Um, Love Margolies, the giant around the world, my daughters with a Web page you can find the opportunity for employment on Is that one of the main progress in common for younger people on also immigrants? So how you enjoy your section, Please take a look at this brand. Look for the Web size in Canada on trying to find opportunity. Ammon the biggest Think of the Marshall would you in the next section? 7. Recipe Unlimited Corporation: we're going to a lecture. The Recipe on Limited Corporation. This is one of the biggest corporations that managed restaurants in Canada. If we can see they have several brands, they're goingto be a costume to see once you come to Canada. The recipe limit Cooperation, used to be called Character Operations LTD. Is a Canadian company that operates several restaurant chains, as well as major food distribution for correction facilities, educational facilities and other large operations. The company's headquarters is in back Antalya on the ground Toronto area. In May 2018 CEO Bill Jackson announced that Cara Operations Limited will be changing its name to recipe only Marie Corporation. With many changes and the positioning of brands, the this company having growing and they basically operation now include more chance of restaurants in Canada definitely makes in one of the biggest corporation in or Canada. The former Cara Operations Limited is the leading food service company in Canada. Kata has both the largest number of four star restaurants in Canada, and it's a family oh enterprise, with the history beginning in 18 83 the company employs approximately 26,000 Canadians in this cooperate on franchise restaurants, locations. So this restaurant, half operation the corporate level and also have operation through the franchise system. Carrots operations suspend the country and include the Revere switcher late and have his brands among the two more popular brands in Canada. The long history. The company keep pace with convenience and innovations, so just location right through while it's on her guests. Payment Technologies Online. Take out ordering more to brandy gift cars on 20 off brands in single location. Sometimes you have to brands in the same location. Thus some other things that Canada's for their operations, so that position off their businesses on the sell off system, Venice's over many years can have a ball to becoming more focused. Enterprise. The company is developing its current portfolio off living restaurant brands. To ensure is continued success Back Perrin Sectional team off people, and they'll focus a lot on the people. So when it comes to Cara Operations Limited, we're gonna find chance. Like Switzerland, Harvey's sunk over Monster one. Tennis Kersee's deci Marius Your Fries, Burger Prayers, Praying Pops or, you know, Joe's stay in Maine Elephant and Castle. We're Mark landing restaurants on the pickle barrel. It is an example of one of the restaurants is running Good beauty mark. They have seven locations in Canada. It's a flashy Ali Off Garris roster. Off stay family focused restaurants. The beer back boasts a 150 strong beer mania on life music performances. Cases Grill bar. They have 24 locations in Canada. The change retains its more precious across Ontario and give it on its offerings are similar toe stablemate causes E Se Marius have more doing 86 locations across Canada, the largest brand that can acquire the prime deer hospitalization in Eric and I Am Province . Although the majority of the locations are in suburban Ontario, the Castle dining changed, nor of a kid friendly making to this parents lays of the country's best family restaurants . So when it comes to family restaurants, Canadians love is I'm areas Harvey's. There's a lot of fuss with oceans out there. I'm very few of them have high quality meat on that tour grill. That's Harvey's Kirstie's. They have more than 88 locations in Canada. The Family Focus Restaurant bar is one of a kind of US order full service chains. Having open this door for the first time in 1978. The chain has president run the four locations in the smaller communities. Buttering this Logan. Eventually her working on socially unpredictable. On this I off its building on job. Justin up Interior ALS, Milestone Grill and Bar more than 45 locations in Canada when can acquire Demolished on Brown for 34.4 million, the chain was like limited to its British Columbia home on the new ownership responded rapidly, opening in smaller on Tahrir Urban Center like the Market and Bullington with a many developed by talk to have kind of, I guess. Josh, Jason Russell, militant target the upscale castle crowd. So you're looking for off scale Castle crowd. Milestone is the place to go. The chain now has locations in B C, maybe with the Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, on informal on Dana's Cookhouse and Bar. With more than 90 locations across Canada Braves are they big seller for Montana's the Castle dining chain, emphasizing in barbecue ditches awful distractions. The bank initially took his inspiration from hunting lodges with a meat heavy menu on hunting trophy record too much. Montana has locating every problems except give it, um Prince Edward Island but withdraw from brief USA Foreign in 2000 and nine trying to open the U. S. But they can't stop that prime pops. The Brian Ching operates various guys across auditorium and told us Discussion of Delta. If you're ever bean toe if I chemicals by the funny Darcy McGee or Kingston Turner or do you know the drill folks? Irish name wood paneled walls, Plenty off Guinness on top, that is the Prime Pops switch away more than 214 locations like Rusk, another, the rusticity grilled your in Caress crown, which allow accounts for almost 1/4 off the parent company's 100 37 restaurants across the country. So, in total cooperation, have Dolph 837 restaurants across Canada. They have 214 to each other. Some Hoover is a change of candidate castle dining restaurant, best known for his rotisserie chicken. So whoever is most popular in Quebec and the other French canyon areas such a sister, Ontario, on New Brunswick San Goober is this extends largest restaurant chain operating in Canada. Your fries Your Fries is a Canadian quick service restaurant that mainly self french fries hot dogs and Putin. There are 120 locations in Canada, as well as locations in brain China, Egypt, Macau, Omam Enema, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. They check is take how close bar the cake is secondary own. Chain off a steak house, restaurants and bars between Canada and the United States. Greener. The Keck and Clever Resident was funded by your Skibo in 1971 I location in North Vancouver , British Columbia. On this is the end representation, I said you should to go to the website off these restaurants to have a better idea and also toe take a look at the career opportunity that they offer. Remember, if you are in Canada as an a student, then you can have chose to work in those places in a part time basis. If you're outside Canada, did you focus on those places where employees are looking for foreigners on willing to do l . M I or in provinces? When the l m I might be no require hope you enjoy this lecture and was in the next room. Thank you very much. 8. Recruiters in Canada: we're going toe or lectures. Crackers in Canada Hospitality are foot service. In this lecture, we would talk about regressing Canada in general, and they want are more focused on hospitality and for several jobs that can help you well paying employment in Canada. India Feel of an experience grooming a year zipper by surgeons, toe hiring companies with specific needs. They favor the quality of your relationship with recruiters instead of the quantity of agencies to contact. Always include a cover letter when forwarding the rest Memento, a recruitment agency. So it's important to understand. You know how many recruiters you contact on the daily base about the quality. In this case, it's that you are a person. There is a professional. I was experience in food service like a chef lying cook the baker or a personal in contact with customer service. Don't you understand that you need to choose the right recorder? They came offer you the type off your that your experience became much for the reason is simple in that you know those recorders give me that was a website and also be able to create cooler when you're assuming in the rest euros a man. So they have old information about just dictations and also a way I can contact you back when the opportunity arises. So it is important toe on this 10 the requirement from the recruitment agency what they're looking for because they represent them connecting employers. So the closer you understand the system on the expectations that the better you can focus yourself in in meeting those requirements Now something the u turn on those things that had him process what careers do in Canada in general, they're gonna go for the following process. The group will receive that a semester Lying records will review once a lot of the rest of Mass. Based on your skills and experience, the Grizz will call us at the group of candidates that best match their qualifications. The crew will sketch our interview with a few candidates that it Chris my ass, the candidate to do an assessment. The grid would check reference and support documentation. So whatever you put into application or in your resume, we're gonna make sure that those reference can be check and supported. And also documentation about little employment certifications. Diplomas, except the girls were extend again offer to a successful candidate on Basically at the Everything is, though there will then okay, extend the job offer on behalf off the employers on the Canada. Finally, we have the choice to a set. The job offer what you said, the job offer in the marsh, your expectation. Then it's a foreign worker. You can be sure that the rest of the process you will live easier. Example of a recorder in hospitality in Canada is global appetite. This is your picture of the website, and you can see they they could explain the areas of opportunities. The search process, the position that they recruit for because no ever recorded have all the positions they specialize in different position, different type of industry end, either in the hospitality business, because it's a very broad area they can specializing in Pacific era crest around fast food hotels, cantering Xterra. So you need toe. Be able to check in the website. The information is when you understand why is the focus as a recruiter? A lot of companies a pinnacle. This company have especially specialty in restaurant on hospitality, and this is the just picture of the website when you can find a job. Check the little employees that represent. Also check their block with information on how to contact in. Okay, we have another popular One is we're now international authorities. Search consultants again. It is the website. You can check the list of employees they have. Yup. Seekers. You can search for jobs in the website and off course Employee. How the choice to contact them. But also, your secrets are the choice to go through the services. Drake International. This is the work site, and you conserve for jobs in different places. For example, in this picture, we have ah locations in Montana and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and give you a smart in the meaning off. Looking for a choice that doesn't require them, am I? Well, look for those records are located in those provinces. Now way you have other changes occurring. Some gonna job without the requirement off. L m I, especially the record, is aware on know the system on programs off immigration to Canada. So Joe Scam said that 94% of recorders used linking too low for candidate, especially North America. That's what is very important. Toe optimize. You're Linton Profile now. right away, for the reason just can give us an advice. The something called a passive job search an active groceries were you Look for the job. Look for the job destruction tried to mash arrested meant to the job description. Did you research about the company? Include information a couple in Xterra in a passage out search. He's a different basically, in a passage of said Your signal to recruits that you're available on Bring about twenties right to your inbox So you put your word out there for recorders, and that way, in a passive way, comes on every girl. That's it. Information can continue through email. Now you need to make sure that you or lamb profiles can be searchable so the records can find it online. For that reason, most requesters lending toe first candidate for open positions. That's why it's important to have a good profile and linking how the money is. Also source that extend the Neckar when looking for potential hires on a complete optimizing. Came perform is a magnet for recruits, emails and job opportunities. So how can you get started? I need to feel our US many profile sections as a king in your profile Lending you need to create a key were rich lynching. Help line, especially related to your occupation. Are you experience? Take idea from just pause in Canada that you firebird ties been about jobs, opportunity and get at their world. Most common were that the use and try to include that were in your profile. You can also use the NLC coat so you can see their responsibilities a standard in Canada for that position. On that where you can use the most common terms and key were angry in your profile that where you if I can be found very easy the light you need to all day You linking career preferences at all times. You need to use linking optimization to create target profile for the type of your you want And once you provide is ready to roll. No, my Lillington will try to Rikers Triggers can find you profile. So the important thing is to ensure that you follow all the recommendation. With the link in profile, you're gonna make it easier for the chorus. Go find you in Lynton. You can also feel out a career friendly online profiles based on your industry. If you have a what side that he started for people in the restaurant business, for example, then trying to create a for a fire there on that way you can have opportunity. Sometimes you have a small towns that have profiles those online profiles that you can create in the websites try to go for every little detail, not only for the most popular, but also for the most specialized, the more niche and the way Do you mind if I an opportunity? The only way you can do in your passive search is to a large arrests man to job boards. The differing is that instead of applying for a specific job, you are of lowering arrest a man that is like a master restaurant. You probably use job boards to search for openings, but most of board also allow you to a lawyer a semester rigorous concerns for you again because there are girls can sell for you. Indo show bore we saw yesterday too include a restroom A. That it's like a master rest. May we have old experience or education off every time off you have Okay, well, it Joe can typically advise you talk to my director man for a specific job in this case, you want to quote order 11 competing? That's what I said before our skill accomplishment you want that's most complete us possible. So my feet for 23 pay years because, remember, this is a passive way off getting contact. So email by recorders in Canada don't worry about the pace count. The goal is to make these master resume such a for all the jobs your inter him and that's the Estadio of luring a master resume in your boards when you know records can contact you . So you're focused on. Does your wars are located in Canada in this case, and you just love the master restaurant again when you're applying for a specific job, you use there the other day starting for active searching. But in this case, we're looking for a passive way to get countered by rigorous or lord your resume to job boards and a green platforms. Okay, one off those regret platform is indeed the most popular job, or for your seekers and rigorous alike in North America or Lauren your resume to individuals or in quite a least, be a email from cooperating Ace and the crews alike, depending on the market. And I can tell you no only Ihsaa immigration consultant that's in India myself, but also as an employer when we were helping other employers in. That is probably the most efficient way to get people to apply for jobs. So he's very effective for job seekers and it's very effective or employers on a lot of websites. CareerBuilder sound. You're sick. A report receiving more regret Contact record. Career Better because CareerBuilder really attract a lot of records, especially if you are going to be based in Canada and you jump starts in Canada. Career beliefs very have a good pressing in North America. Overall, you are saying, however, the quality and relevance of the job piecing as consistent, of course, because it's very general. The others. You get some action in your inbox on Bible practice, speaking with agency and rigorous, and you can try all the re portable size like sip recruiter, the letters rubber half that might help you also brother your tourism. When it comes to your passive passive Wales searching for jobs, I'm finally a job more like H career specialize in hospitality jobs for cooks, restaurants for service staff, hotels, Accetta just Goto s careers dossier. And in that you're gonna find progress but also recruits them. I be looking for talent like you, and I can help you. Especially specifically. You're looking for a job in areas that are hard to feel close to small towns in Canada provinces that doesn't require them. I like Atlantic pilot program or rural programmes that might help you find jobs in those areas. So H s career dossier. He's probably the biggest place to find employers and recruiters in the quality business. OK, I'm finally over it all at a commendation for prepare for Kanna when he timeto locate time in your effort in your job search methods they're working when you turned to penetrate in tow, target companies represent probably 80% of the time. You have to spend probably 20 out of 32 hours a week trying to respond to polish up as probably fight to 15% of the time, you can indicate probably toe 0.5 hours of 2nd 5 hours. Working with the recorders might take 10 to 20% of your time, like five out of 10. I was a week on contacting companies directly through the website, then open their different for information from content of those companies. You can probably spend between five and 15% of your time around 2.5 hours to 10.5 hours. So this is just an idea based on a recommendation for websites like they prepare for Canada so highly recommended. Thank you very much for the intention following these lecture and, uh, hope I see you in the next one since a lot I 9. Job hunting tools: job hunting tools. Resume cover letters and references you CV also call arrest. May is the most important document you would give a potential employer. You describe your education work experience skills on contact information resumes don't include personal information. So set your age picture, social insurance number, marital status or religion. You cover letter. Introduce you to a potential employer if you include your contact information. How you find out about the job you are applying for hard. Your skills and experience make you a good candidate for the job. It should be no more than one page long. It is very important that you cover letter and resume are written in grammatically correct English or French recommendations. When preparing to apply for a job, the cover letter and resume should be tailored for a specific role. Search online for engineering specific on your job specific language. Knowing the exact operations on engineering terminology who help you write your resume and cover letter. One told that we can use to build our resume can be found the joke march for just seekers in the bank. If you go to your profile, you can see here the rest. My builder have you click on it? Who will be taken to a section in the website in which you can build your resume following the Canadian standards. So we're in the page of rest, my builder. You can click here to create a restaurant. I'm basically you will be find information provided it's gonna have a kind off questionnaire. So, for example, I can say in your language, say English. I want a traditional restaurant. Kemplay can save it based on information that I is in my profile wrestle my builder. I know until we can find it in the money. TOBA Korea Developments. I When you have a north to another restaurant builder, when you can just go like started on with his resume builder, you can fill out the information here you be able to clear arrested may also Kabul error answer reference. You'll be able to review it and you'll be able to print it. Please follow the link in a resource patient election so you can go to this link and start working. Building your resume in the government cannot works. I, in the job back with also can find recommendations on how to write a good resume. The link is provided in a lecture so you can see here the dues on Don off writing arrested me following the committing standard so you can re here, keep your arrest me clear and concise. Does the does put of redress a minimal erstein's seeming to resume to two pages is not recommended me more than that. Tailor your resume to suit the position you are applying for high lie what you have accomplished. Be honest, quantify your achievement. You need to sell yourself through the rest of may. Remember, it's a marketing tool. Your simple words and action birds include on pay work that show off your skills on double check and include your contact information dunce. Resume writing down, say, don't use him in I prepare email address there, including necessary personal information. Getting to a picture of yourself and I was standing in curriculum. Be tying other part of the world, but no in North America. Don't use too many bullets. Now Use personal pronounce. Dont simply lease job responsibilities don't make either statements that include reasons for leaving previous jobs, the include or doing through references on going through Harvey's or answers. There's no necessary if you have to into reference will be up on the employer request. So please check. This page can be very useful for you to give some tips about how to make ah good impression by running an excellent resume. Another interest inside I recommend, is H Loom. In this website, you can build your rest of may. They have more than 447 professional rest of my templates and copal letters you can use to tailor yours. Andi can use it in a different format, like Microsoft were open office, Google docks and other former. So he's fray the basic. That service you can get a guy you can see here on to create rest of man, organize your wrist mad. Some links off skills on, uh so yes turns. You can lower professional rest of my 10 play. You can see all the information here, so all right. Highly shot suggested. To use this website, you can build your own template. You concealed the four months here All the different type off rest amounts. So take a look at this. What page? You probably will love it. And, uh, again you have a little samples here. So the name is Asia Loom. He's actually very interesting. So many temporaries to choose from what, again? Give a little advice and recommendation. It's a very popular sigh. Um, it will be good to use it as a reference. Thank you very much. 10. How to find email contact information from Canadian Employers: more than two. A lecture. How to find the contact information of Canadian employers. These leisure. We will learn some strategies that you can use during to get the counter information off. Canadian employers for networking on looking for opportunities. Best practices. Collect employer from your job search. You can also search then in Google Link Teen and Facebook to connect with people who worked there. You can join Facebook group, and you can use applications or extensions toe fire, name or contact. You can email them directly if you have the information. So what are the ways to start reaching out toe azure monitors. Human resources managers are recruiting companies in your industry and as to set a new informational interview or check they open. Beckons is in the website or Joe Banks. So that's the way you should do it. Basically, if you go to the website or in job banks, you can start collecting that information from the human resource managers, the people that have they say in the hiring on recruits, companies also on the purposes for you to investigate the company and learn about the company what positions are looking for If you meet and I have to repeat this very clearly. If you meet the requirements off those positions, then you can. His pressure interest to settle informational interview with one of those people in charge , and that way you can making contact with them First. Granny to make a list of potential employers What size toe Apply for jobs or informational interviews? Use the lease of employers posted by the province of corporate job banks doesn't know where you can find that, and you can also use their reference for best in Probably in Canada by province, published by The Glover Mail on This is the link, and we will see that later on in another lecture is that, too you can find the email addresses using email hunter off drug content. Those are two applications on tools that you can use it only for you to get information from the email address off those content. Step three. You can reach out to them be a email. I'm pasting about having an interview with you again. Also, the three step there. Now there are three easy way to find email addresses for free on. We gonna do the following recommendation for you. Action wine. You can try various airstrikes to find email. Address is on your own. This auction is for you to do it on your own. I'm for that. The main searches of information will be the company about page. If you go to the company of our page, you can find the information for the email. That's not a website of people that work in the company. Like linked in profiles through pages, blocks ex editor, Social Media again that's mentioned before. They have a you to China Twitter account. Facebook. You can explore the auction, you go search looking for the company, and normally you fund a company. You might find the lease of the people that work in the company. Auction two will be two former educated guess and tested, So if you cannot find it in auction lines, you can try this. Basically, companies often use a consistent format when creating the new employee email addresses. Example. First name last name at company that come for the first name that last night when they come so you can try to use that set up for guessing, but you can use first name last name, a company that come or first name dot Last name a company that come. Oh, first in Asia last name a company that comes I'm finally first name at company dot com. Okay, so this normally is the set up of most of the email, so you can try to find it this way, the tears, but give you a chance to find it on. Okay. Now, when using email search tools, the recommended email so stools we can tell his email generator or is a free too. The email pill imitator is a free tool. Hunter is free upto 100 searches per month. And here is an example of how they look in the website. So the image generator email pill imitator Onda works I for hunter and Haunted Part is one of the most popular right now. Free email testing tools you can use Also free email testing toe like email checker demon people Emily Checker. This is the website you can explore the use of. They have a current application and he can help you check the emails too seriously is correct or not. Email he put is also another tool. If you can see here, that's the website and the link will be provided in the election. Gmail Freest engines on our way to find those emails. The videos D mail type in the leaves, off email addresses. Click out that to fill and then ho over each email to see if a picture pops up. Okay, if it does, and particularly the victories of the person you're trying to get in touch with, you found the email address you need. That's the way to do it with Gmail. You can also install the Lincoln Cells. When we get a life extension free for Gmail, I will pull up a personal Linton profile information. When you enter the email address. That's another way to do it. Using the Linton Sales Navigator light extension, you can get it in chrome. If a profile a pulls up is the person you're trying to reach. You likely found a valid email address. Okay, Auction three. Use these 73 applications on extension to find email addresses, and here we're just gonna give you the lease. This ah, more complex applications, but they do a very good job. The seven application and extensions listers are either fully free offer a set number of free surges to start ways or offers a number of free searches per month. So you're gonna have the three choices. I'm on the list. 73 applications are Albert. You say Web chrome for Gmail, you have a good accuracy and funding email address. Clove it. Connect also for human outlook for funding email that's without living in your inbox. Broken reach again. A wet and chrome dot A nice insider. Also a crumb get prospect. Well, im ground for professional. Probably a lynching, but you can use it also for for searching jobs, find the late hours of popular one for wet and crumb and any male finder for finding loss off emails at once. And I hope you enjoy this lecture. Please check the all the stools on guitar practicing and include this in your strategy or finding the contact information of employers. Make sure you do you due diligence before you contact any person. Thank you very much. 11. Optimizing your job search: optimizing your job source in Kenya. How to Be an Active Your secret. It's meant to be an actor. Your secret. You would need to have goals and objectives people to create your resume. Go over later. Reference Layer interview skills to have a no lie impression onto network recommendations. Research In what, cities or regions. Your occupation is in high demand in Canada looking for jobs outside metropolitan areas. My helping. Since there is less competition in those areas, a potential employer may want to see your academy documents which degree, certificates and transcript these movie translated into English or French, depending on employer check with your potential employer for specific requirements, you may need to use our proof. Translation service is so do we have to pay for the translation? I'm provides certified translation, original documents or copies not right by a lawyer Reference letter. Religion to your resume and cover letter. A potential employer may want to see reference letters or speak with someone who can provide reverence for you. Reference letter is a document written by a former employer flying a professor that describe your personal qualities. For example, how are you were with others? It should be no more than one page long, depending on the job. The potential employees may I ask for long 23 reverend letters, so there is no stunned the rule. Most important are that your reference letters be positive and include the full name Korean contact Information. Unprofessional destination of the personal Refer you. It is weird to provider for a letter from people in varying professions and, if possible, from both overseas and Canada. Job search platforms. You comply for job in person by participating recurring events in your affairs or by direct application to companies. Or you can do it online through job bores, limping Baghdad and your bid. What is the jobs canto? Let's take a look at this interesting toe. Jobs can hunker. We use it. You know it started to get a job in can just scan toe wearing the website and these online tool Help us toe optimize our recipe that what you do is basically considering the keywords on your link. In profile against your descriptions, you can read old information in the work signed. The link is provided in the election basically the objectives of these tools to past the rest Amir Roberts tracking system the only for you to be more successful and rank higher in the your search from employers. The way you get started, it's basically you. Pace are lovely. Rest remain this I Oh, the paged online page. And then you can pay. Sure, the judge description. In this I and the application basically scan the worst and give you a rating based on how close your estimate is, matching the requirement in the job description. It's a very popular tool on the what. I give you all the specification and figure the technology how you can use it to improve your resume and then came profiles, so it's highly recommended. Also, we have increasing links to the YouTube channel when you can see the tool in action. So please go to a website using our link. You'll be able to see this website and probably sent up. Why not? And I want to let you can use. It's Also Visual City Is Wrong helped create standout rest 20 minutes. It is very popular. Over one point 10,000,000 members use it on. Basically, you can create templates on the side of temples and track it so you know, we stamp it of your estimates are working better. So this tour in combination with jobs can can really improve your chances for communing employers. So that's why I saw yesterday to check their link in our lecture. I'm take loca these. What's I? I hope this information means cheerful and thank you very much. 12. The Canadian Hidden Job Market: the Canadian giving job market best practices in uncovering job opportunities in Canada. Do you know 80% of the jobs in Canada are normal ties? The hitting your market is never advertised, but rather employees prefer to turn to their personnel on professional network and pro. You're scared. Referrals from employees, restaurants already on file. Corey Interns on Volunteers How to us as the hidden job market. You can answer the hidden your market by networking using informational interviews doing company research. Poll Contacting on voluntary networking The most popular way to find jobs in Canada. Professional in bigger network, P. I. N s association. Help. Remember, prepare for the Canadian workplace and connect to employment opportunities they are wrong by on four school immigrants. Benefits off pains If you're looking for opportunities to build the network and get support with your job search, the PINS program can be a useful razors by yearning and pains. Association. You can network with professionals and you'll feel in cream. Employers learn on the Bellagio skills by participating in events and activities. Such a workshops, networking events on volunteer positions. Ask this information for your job source, such as labor market trends opportunities. Programs are resources. This is a sample of the Pains website in the big ones. Are you confined the Immigrant Network Directory? You also can do a search in the world side through this option. Another center that you can use for network is the Center for Professional Integration. Here is the website Inter Nations. On our way to network, he threw organization. Like Inter Nations International isn't on lying community, that is, they could be found around the world in different countries. In Canada, you confined group off inter nations going through the website and just in the city that you are living in a one to live in. It's highly recommended that you can do network through internationals. You can meet with people in the local city. In a way you can Network is through Facebook groups. There is an example of Facebook group for engineers Camilla. But you can also find other groups related or immigrant groups. Linking groups for unions is also know the way to network. Once you clear your profile glinting, you can have the choice to search for groups related to your career in Canada. In this example, we can see in the webpage. The list off engineer groups in Linden are in Canada. Informational interviews definition an interview, you any say, to gather information about employment opportunities? In this interview, you talk to the person who does the hiring in an organization. You also question about employment opportunities that you have preparing in advance. How to schedule on informational interview virtually to determine who is going to be interview. You need an introduction through a motor contact. You can email directly thing I for 30 minutes at a time, convenient for them either or lying or first meeting offered to pay for coffee or meals. That's a good practicing Canada, especially if you're in Canada. If it's online, you can find other ways to thanks the person recommend to be using you, too. Please see the link in every source of section off the lecture and take a look at the interesting videos about informercial interviews. How to do company research, how to find companies that interest you use the Internet to research those companies, you need to check their human resources page in the website to understand the hiring process. You will also to revise the website, identify who are responsible for the hiring us were off their staff members check the small and medium sized companies 500 party unless since they create 80% off all jobs in Canada. One useful directory is the Scott Directory, and that's the one of the best way to find Canadian companies here. The website of the Scott Directory and against his cry on try for seven day for free. But you have all the pricing information about the website, your information about the membership becoming. Remember if you want to subscribe and get information about companies in Canada. So basically, the Scott directory is a database that it is a civil online and cannot city to flying. Small businesses and people quickly on that that are based includes ever industries and also several provinces. How to use this caused the factory. It's a searchable database of potential connecting employers. The factory give you the names of people working. You prefer companies. You can look those people up on 19 on request to join their network. There is a monthly fee for this service. Once you should cry to the website call calling how to use it in your job search in Canada . Call calling, who in calling, telephone or Skype? Or send an email message to someone you do know know, or someone that is not in your network. To explore employment opportunities. You rejected if to be introduced by someone in your networks so you can turn the cocoa into a warm core. Glinting and other networks can help accomplish this. Our boys banging on one to calls or email misuse to potential employers. It is important to emphasize that spamming is not a good practice and actually can hurt in your interests off getting a job so boys farming are all time telephone etiquette. You have to remember when calling that the listener cannot see you. The lettering may No, no, you you want to make a good impression. The listening may want to take notes. Couple mistakes in cold calling You're talking to self or on Clearly, you're speaking too fast, especially. We live in a message. No passing or making sure that the listener understood. No writing is scraped to cover all the important points. No leaving the phone number or date and time in your message on no spelling your name in your message. This other co mistake that people make when they are called calling. Just keep in mind while they find you. Prepare a call calling script and no mention in the person in common. That's another mistake that people make recommended videos in YouTube place. See the links in the resource of section off the lecture when you could take a look at videos related to call calling, Volunteering in Canada the Benefits of volunteering. Although he's on Paye volunteering with organization within the engineering profession, it's a good way to gain valuable work experience. Build your network voluntary in schools. Community centres on places of worship is also rewarding way to introduce yourself to Canadian culture on society, work on your speaking, reading and writing skills, and contribute to your community some common. What's I for voluntary in Canada? Is the charity village very popular? You can find their jobs, opportunity, volunteer opportunities in Canada and you can explore the website. No one is a spark. Ontario. Also you confined volunteering opportunities in the entire through this website 13. Emerit: we're going to our new lecture, emery dot c a. Getting a you cash in a liquid interest in full service from outside Canada, as we have been discussing in this course, the labor shortages that cannot eyes experiencing. Right now, it's forcing employers toe look for talent inside and outside of Canada. But why the laboratory is this sort in general, like off African for open positions connecting employees also say that many of those people who do apply are in qualifying. And that's what's in that you were in carbon in it from people outside of Canada. When they find out you're posting, start applying even without having the qualifications, and that's something that we're really I recommend people don't do. Instead of doing that, you need to identify the quite the skills that you need to meet for the your position and trying to acquire those skills in your home country. The lame minute tell off Manpower Group Canada explained that today your secrets don't always have the skill employers need. This is very important to understand. Then why are those skills and a way to find how toe learn and to Mito skills? Mainly quarter 24% of employers in this country. Canada SE applicants like the right skills, well, Davy technical skills, cognitive social emotional skills or all of them both. Well, that is. Basically, they complain off a lot of employers in Canada, while the labour shortages is resulting in a general lack off Africans for open positions can Employers also say that many of those people who do apply aren't qualified were Repeat is again basically the same complaint globally, more than half 56% off. Employers say communication skills, both reading out bubble are the most value humanist er and followed by collaboration and problem solving. However, there are also that hardest to find. So when it comes to communication skills, especially for people looking to come to Canada to focus on your English skills, speaking and writing are very important because that's probably one of the tour skills are communication that employees are looking more us well as collaboration didn't work, I'm province solving nearly 1/4 24% of employers in this country say applicants like the right skills, whether they be technical skills, conductive social emotional skills or all of the boat again, you said, repeating what we said before and we repeated out because you need to understand that if these are the skills that employers are looking for, the best way for you will be to focus on acquiring those skills back home Technical skills training The skill tell you that we recommend for people looking to work in the food service industry of restaurants in Canada are the following food hygiene is offer on require about food safety division skater, of course options. Several of our online you can find out, of course, is available about food safety. It's very important that people looking toe work in this industry in Canada at least acquired training available online off for safety quarters. Sometimes you can find out if you work in restaurants, international restaurants in your home country, you can find that kind of money available. Just take advantage of that right to take those courses. Get certified because you can use that doesn't defecation in Canada. 1st 8 CPR quarters are available through the Canadian Red Cross, but also Red Cross around the world. If you have the choice toe CPR and 1st 8 your steak it in your home country because those kind off training are require on demanded in the food service industry, especially if you are are the supervisor. Oh man, you're and liver it is. Hello. Ereka acquired a You take those courses he had Canadian employ us. We're request that money is a supervisor. Take those kind off training every year. However, two year depending how the qualifications are. I know my food safety and first aid are require on this card on compulsory. They have to take these cultures every time to result if I all the time. So try to do that before coming to Canada. Workplace Hostage Monte Information system Women's trading in several or also and it's a lot off private training agencies of schools. Also, some kind of training that going on line. So this is one of the always killed people are looking for special employers for people that want to work in the service industry work break house of material information systems need to deal with how toe were with materials, chemicals, cleaning, ah, substances that can be used in the restaurant or hotel. For that reason, you need to understand. Okay. How to be cautious about working. Also thought Oh, boy accidents on all the type of off accident that king happened. The idea is that you work in a safe environment, knowing the chemicals that you use work for cleaning, processing it and kind of work. So we must. Training is important as well in the rental Kontic Una and off course that responsible beverage program training for Trevor's of Money years. There's one offer for the during Human Resources Council, and you can go to that website, and I says the information by those courses are require my law in order for people to be able to serve alcohol on if you're working with any of our restaurants, anything, any entity, the FARC, a whole to the public, you will be able to help that requirement to take. Those cannot trainings. Justo understand their your responsibility asi business as an employee, and I'll see you at your guests and clients. Okay, so it is possible. Beverage program is most Andi. It's very you find out through nine training while these available Sometimes you can take it Once you come to Canada. Sometimes you can have some trainings online, available thought Let's do you research and you can find information starting for these website, you can also go through these website access Emirate. Emily provides a wide range of training recessions, including online learning on training for over 40 occupation within the tourism and hospitality sector, Causton training programs, instructor guys and a range of other tools to assist with the stuff threatening a management. So America is a wonderful program that allowed you to guess on training and certification on learning, and some countries already were working on. Some multinational companies are working away with his gun training. The good thing about Emory skill training and certification yes, is developed by the industry. Um, small businesses, big companies that work in the industry For that reason old information on train that you have These is designed to meet the demand in the rial workplace. This is the standard for Canada, but other countries are implemented is gonna training and your king also what a visit. The website I married that See a when you can find the training available and you can buy books, courses and that way you have a better idea. The requirements are your occupation. In Canada, Emily has to 20 application for smartphones, so you can get they up service on a one on built a menu are free samples of material found in two of the Emory four line learning courses. The most ray, the ease of use and effectiveness of memories are Lila in quarter. So if you want to have a sample of this kind of training, are 9/4. Memories are justic the logos to applications on. They are available for free from Google Play and iTunes, so don't waste tying. Just do it now. So you have a better idea or how these programs on living quarters works. You can also. For example, if you're in British Columbia access, they go to HR website. When you can also find different courses available by distance learning, I get forced safe level one by this thing, education or the foundation off workplace safety course again, another kind of quarter you can access through the Internet in the website superhorse customer service training again, and you can become a super whole certify again. This is just initiative in British Columbia. Under again check this website and the lingual Binkley in the end, in the course on also, if you are in British Columbia working for any of those employers. If you Samper is starting in in British Columbia and have a part time job in a restaurant or hotel or whatever, they always have some washings collective of a level for for people in the industry that you can take a look at these websites so they have their right there for differing a scholarship on the wards. Or you can apply to if you meet their requirements, we can try to. So, please, please explore this information Onda that might help you gets an opportunity about Wharton , his color chips, and with the information that we gave you. You can also use the tool there and go to a sharp like find a job. And you can, brother, you are is an opportunity eventually if you have any kind of identification later on. So, have you enjoyed the lecture? We're gonna see you in the next one. Thank you very much. 14. Work permit: the definition off work in the Canadian immigration system, work is defying its activity for which enumeration is earned, or the activity that competes directly with a series of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the Canadian labour market and isn't related to that. An activity that, complete with Canadian open residence and in which you get some benefit or remuneration is considered to be work. Under the definition, basic facts about were permit. In most cases, you will need to receive a job offer from a connecting employer in order to apply for a work permit. Work permits are temporary in nature often can be extended in Canada. Most of the time, you have a choice to extend your work permit as far as the employer. What to continue employment with you. I'm thinking over a job offer or extended at a My we're seem all details during the course . Normally, a work permit should be supported by a positive level market ample assessment, really. My letter issue by Employment and Social Development Canada Years D. C. In some cases concerning immigration regulations, allow for open work permits, which are no employer specific, and for these open were permitted special situations are allowed, and we learn about it. In this course. Another fights about what permits This year, more than 300,000 foreign workers come to Canada or a 10 party work permits, depending upon the foreign workers. Country of citizenship. A temporary resident, Bisa TRV may also need to be a thing in order to enter Canada. Some countries are required to have a temporary resident visa issue before they can come to Canada. Other country. Use a e t A. Choice. They're making trouble with our temporary visa. Depending on your country off origin, you will need a temporary resident visa or you might not. And now we will explore the government of Canada. What side to find out of? You are eligible for a work permit in Canada. Mystic, look, And here we are in the what side of the Garden of Canada In this section off how to find out You're a lever to work in Canada. We wish to this page we can see that they have some general delivery requirements. If we read information here, he tells about that tomorrow. Would you applying to most proof toe on officer that you will live Canada where you work permit expires. And to show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay in Canada until return home. You boss also away the love. I have no record or criminal activity and that's gonna be through a police police clearance certificates. Also, you need to prove that I know want to be a danger to contrast security being good hurt and have a medical exam if needed. You need to know plan toe work for an employer. Lister, with the status in the level, will see that information more I had in the lecture. You need also no plan to work for an employer who are regular visit offer Still these erotic dance Xcor services orthotics messiahs accepted This kind of employers are no permitted to employ temporary workers in Canada and you have to give them any other document they asked for to prove looking into the country. So we're just so at a glance the general requirements for work permit. As for us, you made those requirements. The officer will be in a good sense off granting you a work permit. We see a lot more information if you continue to go down the page Wow, the requirements for a outside of Canada. And in this case, it mentioned that you need to be sitio the office visa does have your country. No, my would provide you with all the documentations. A special foreign documents support Donald another you need in your application. Also the pace Talk about what to do if you can apply from inside of Canada. And of course, it tell you very clearly here that this there is pressure situation When you can do that especially, you have to be in Canada and have a value story. A work permit, all your spouse or pairing half a story a work permit. You have graduated from the program where they can university. So this have the conditions that the officer will see in order for you to be able to apply for the War department from the inside of kind of again. Well, going to more details here in the course about the specific off these requirements I don't enjoy that you have that You can also apply when you enter Canada. Report off entry boat and here tell you the information about the be sexing countries and the different cases in which you can use this choice. It is important to remember about the services that are available for people applying outside of Canada on those countries that have on a t a. And they require ni ta also there. So so special situations have to be and review before you can do any applications for permit. So another person a week in check in the website of the government of Canada is the one that can tell you if you need a work permit to work in Canada. This basically a self assessment on the way you can use that you go to the page. The link is including the course will be able to choose the occupation. I'm bicycle patient that you come into Canada. It will tell this to will tell you if you need a work permit or not. Okay. For example, if you come into Canada Notables Bay an event for article coach and you choose OK, I make another year, which is that s will meet the two will tell me that I do not need a work permit. I'm were coming in and Steptoe to continue. Okay, So in this case, if I'm coming accidentally or coachable to paying an event, just asking me, probably gonna need a temporary resident visa for my for my country. I need a visa. Oh, if I'm a continent is e t a required that are gonna need a ta But in this case, I do need a work permit for that event. If I come us a business visitor, for example, when I so meat here you will tell me that I do know Need a work permit again. You have the Fenical patients to be based on your occupation on the purpose of your trade coming to Canada. Of course you need to support that with documents that proved that. That's actually what you the purpose of your trip. Any of these a good patient? Of course, you will see that the most of them don't know. Do no require a work permit. But if I say my job is not in the list and I submit again, then the two would tell me you definitely need a work permit and then you just give me a link on how to find out if I'm a lever to work on the base that we sell previously. So in this interesting tool, if you didn't know sure. If you need a work permit or not. Well, this talking help you to clear that question. OK, So how did you enjoy these Lecture on? Uh, we'll see you in the next one. Thank you very much. 15. LMIA: working to a lecture. The labor market impact assessment l am I What is the labour Market Impact Assessment? Labor market in process manila? My, he said I commend are employed in Canada. May need to get before hiding in foreign worker A positive l m. I will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job. You were also showed that no canyon worker is having about to do the job. A positive l m. I is sometimes called a confirmation letter If the employer needs and let my they must apply for one. Once an employer gets the l. M I. T. Worker King apply for a work permit. The program has multiple streams, including high skill, lower skill caregiver primary culture. I'm filled, entertaining any my asking also be used as an instrument to support an application for permanent resting, so they process that the employers use in Canada to hire foreign workers. Based on the AlumAI is the following and player will reporting jobs, the job bank and other recognised platform for job. I were interview a documented or the recruitment process. When the process is completed, legal fill out the forms that require on pay, the require fees to service Canada and then after assessment, the more it takes a few months. If everything goes well, the service kind of will issue positive. L A My and I let my most of the case we will have the name or the foreign worker tohave being higher in more detail for better understanding. This is a process, the connecting and grenade and a new employee could I start to do? Ah, recruitment process both in jobs, and that's in different places. They cannot find suitable Canadian candidate but resident but fine at a nap again. For now, bro before team worker, then they can get you an offer of employment. The question comes either offer employment nearly my. If he's yes, then the King Chire, the foreign worker to the temporary foreign worker program. We'll need to choose. They let my category wish the employees gonna be higher and then apply for l. Am I. If they are nearly my, they're gonna hire them through the International Mobility Program. And where was he? More details. In the next life for the employer, you need to choose the right program for you the immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada. I also see offer to programs that allow international talent to be higher as temporary foreign workers to fill temporary labour and skills shortages. They are the International Mobility Program I. M. Pei. I am temporary foreign worker program T ethel loopy in the case that they let my he's needed. The employer need to choose the category in ways it will apply. They might have two main categories. The higher skill A group patients, which can be highways, positions on low wage positions on the lower skilled occupations that can also be the highways. Position on lower wage positions. The warriors positions you will be or the terming based on the market based on information in the province, normally through the job bank basically requirements deposit high skill on lower skill is paying on the comm peixian that requirement for the occupation. So this is a category that they employ only to take into consideration on determine before they can do on application for l am I. So this got taken. It has two categories. Again, you're to refresh the L. A. My house took a terrorist. The higher skill occupations and lower skilled occupations. According to the National Occupational Classifications and no see high risk. Erica patients include nausea, skill type zero, sq, lever A and B occupations lowers Chemical patients include NLCS Skill Level C and the occupations. Each of these categories has two secretaries. High wage, low skill positions on low ways, high skill positions. If we follow the median hourly wages by province or territory reposted by the Garden of Canada, we can see the different by provinces based on the date prior to April 29 when the changes were made, um, from April 29 2017. And what you see is the difference 25 30 years in that time 25 86 depending on when the L. A. My supply in time with the position it's required by basically the cigar lime problem in province will see the difference, of course, that the media now leeway shouldn't toe taken to the region. Also the occupation in question. When it comes to Al In my evaluation, ive they wish off about the employer is below the meeting Our warriors, then Holly likely Dodge l'm. I won't be approved. You need to make all the requirements by the position on by the warriors standers when it comes to the approval of AlumAI. How I wish positions are over, sonny at or above the provisions retorted a 1,000,000 hourly wage. Employers hiding on the this category must provide a transition plan. This is but important if you're planning is necessary in these circumstances, planning to ensure future human resources needs without using their temporary foreign worker program. They're the eyes that yes, his employer is authorized to hire foreign worker. He can do so as far as they have a transition plan, which means that the contemporary warm depend on the temporary foreign worker program for future growth. Food your opportunity. The plan is that different workers just help with this girl shortish in the moment, but that the situation will improve your into higher Canadians and permanent residents. The transition plan to this crowd activities the employers are agreeing to undertake to recruit, retain and train Canadians, implement residents on to reduce their reliance on the temporary foreign worker problem. Anything that is included in the devastation plan can be already on a later date. Therefore, it is important to follow through on the initiative included in the plan is not just a fill in the blank. Everything that is put in that plan has to be followed because you can be already any time , then parking me already and when they had no comply with A with the audience, that's when they get into trouble. So in the best benefit of employers and their foreign workers, Theis transition plan had to be buyable and realistic. Low wage positions are offer a sorry below the provincial territorial median hourly wage. Lawyers hiding on the dis category also it to a cap on the proportional. Foreign workers employed a specific work location when it got too low wage positions. They're low in consideration with the provincial 1,000,000 hourly wage, but in those cases, they're gonna have so limitations some cop, so the area can now hire as many as they want. But in proportion to the general workforce that works in the company, 10% cap is a normal if they have no higher any foreign worker in low wage position prior to June 22,004. Team on 20 ca 10% cap is if they have hire foreign workers in low wage positions prior to young 22. Name 14. Those are the cap. Impose one of the problems. L m a freeze and processing times. The application fee fall in my request is now 1000 Canadian dollars per worker. If you ever wonder why no many employers I like to use the way off going through the process while the reason is the high cause letter percent. Of course it employers really in Asia, Andi, they have a really name. They will go through that. But just understand that the process of AlumAI is not a place, um, process for employers in Kenya. I only know every employer knows about the process, but also they have to face the costs off this process. Then my president time can be somewhat unpredictable and my process can great for a couple of weeks to a few months. The pain of the location, the position, the need off employer employment and social development. Canada. Yes, the sea has placed to process Certainly my application within 10 business days. There something Okay. Certain cases when they were Espen Eide, they application. The following categories will now be process with a 10 Business Day seven standard all L. A. My application for the highest. The medical patients Skill trays, highest spake stopped in pursuing of occupations, shoulder aeration, work periods 120 days off less. They process our view once employees received a limb. I hate the potential. Employees can apply for a work permit us loveless. He or she has a job offer letter, a contract, a copy of the early my on daily, my number. The top fire reason for that. My refusal. But you can find the on the Internet are insufficient or another quick recruitment efforts . No continues over Tyson or erroneous NLC code analysis. His employer did undocumented, right? Is employer. Did they advertise enough? Or it employer use the wrong NRC. Then that's a reason for L. A. My toe. We refused no men in their prevailing wage, believe it or not. So implore Kylie employers, my main Let me stay off no part in the right prevailing wage way. So before they have to make the requirements and check what the industry of the markets, this painful deposition and also the 1,000,000 average wages in the province when the job will be located. Incomplete application on a little reason sick matures dates blank lines in in the form this fuel rations. That's why the application has to be Throw it up. Have to be check. There are times when there are people to make sure that every information that is requested is included. And all the supporting documents are included in application no meeting program requirements. Again, the first thing you need to do in Prague to make sure that they understand all the requirements of the program and also them really the potential foreign worker. Also me there. The requirement for the immigration program. Ill preparedness for the interview. Sometimes you know of an interview them for it can be interviewed. There's any doubt, or so the food and water convey interview. But in this case, because we talk about my with focus on the employer and if they're not ready for the interview, they can also eso staying and and prove that they really need for the forum worker to be higher then that my research for they might be refused and this is the end off a lecture. Thank you very much. 16. Work permit application outside Canada : are blamed from outside of Canada. Requirements, you know, don't apply for a work permit outside of Canada doing to get all the work permit forms Document checklist. You will need to use their work permit application guy. They work for me. Application forms will also need to take into consideration the medical exam. For foreign workers, you need to find a detonated medical protection. Er your country of residence. You also will be able to learn how to get the application processing times on how toe have to criminal checks or police certificate down for immigration. Now, I think you look at the guy for applying for a work permit outside Canada. Here we are at the guy 54 87 applying for a work permit. Also, I cannot us the what page on this guy is very interesting guy that you need to use a lint. Apply. Basically, you have the table contents here with an overview information about before you apply. Then they go toe for every step of the process. Step one. Gather documents step to fill out the forms that three pay fees. Step four so made application and then what happened next and then after that, you have sown blink toe help. You have any questions? Deborah? Arresting application. Photograph the specification that you need to consider entering toe Use the photograph and also on appendix A for sex feel on the immigration document. So he put the information that you need to check. This guy is always available on the link is provided in the lecture again. This the guys know So So to be a legal document. Everything in space how to be refer toe the immigration and refugee protection regulations . All the citizenship out regulations applicable. Okay, so he's just a document that put everything together in an easy way for users on potential applicants. So we go to the over view park for the process. It goes through the application package it a little the instruction guy on the phone. So you need to feel out the important part of interaction. Guys, I will tell you also information that you need to check during the process of filling out your forms and they were permit. They have some symbols that you need to use. You need to understand when the used during the process and before you applied you have information about the definitions of what it's work. But it's work. Permit employer complainers regimen and also worries that my aunt, some of those topics we have seen already and also the offices for the employers they can contact employer portal questions about the uni work permit. And then you have links to the preference. What site we're going to you apply again, gave you the information that we know before we learned before. He's doing everything job offer or employment contract. On another, my decision letter for your employer that I received from he s D. C. Also a asked question about just to confront a draw eligible on then it is a lays off the scenes and you need to meet in rent to be eligible for a work permit. Other conventions conventions off the any other conditions on the word perfect. You took about again If you need t r v o r e t A process also for a postal, their work permits up. You say good, good guy, give you a lot of information and then go into the definitions So you understand through the other forms while they're talking to again. If you continue scrolling down. You would go to informational biometric that we would cover letter. Step one is every step during the process that one has got the documents and you have a checklists in pdf, you can access through the link also how to prove your identity, not to prove your employment in Canada to prove a relationship and other documents so you don't need to be reading old information. If your frontal working came back, then you have the important information about KBIG. On also the link to the kid back Immigration website also mentioned something about a translation of documents. What is suspected for immigration on English or France? Affidavit. Don't certify copy. So if you have any question about translation translating documents, then you have some guidance in this part. Also, it'll who? Kang Actually a Translate Tau Bay unauthorized person, basically most of the time in Canada and not a republic, a commissioner of those, and commissioner off. Taking a feed of it can actually do their freedom. It but outside of Canada have to be not the republic. Okay, certified true copies again information about documents, but important they won't go to a step too fill out the application. What the works and do very well. It's just leave all the forms. Are you gonna need full application? Some of them I apply something my not but muscle thing you would need to use and then it give information. Bow are completely like a You need to feel out information you need to sign on day the application. You were surprised how many people that try to do their application on their own forget to sign the documents or don't put a date. And most of the time they just get rejected or they have to start the process again. So when it comes to Philly now, the informs you need to take some time in checking the details. Review it three or four times. Make sure there's nothing blank. Every question is answer, and it is no applicable years mark as applicable. But you need to make sure that those documents or forms have your signature on the day of application. OK, and then the important things go through every major form and the late and start giving hints how to answer every question. So it's a very good guy for you. That's what is important to have it. So I can have you buried your forms in the right way from the beginning. So they have all the sample on explanations to fill out every form the continue, it's crawling down. You cannot see also other forms. And then when Once the forms are finished and you check all the information, then you go to step three. Step three, you gonna have the baser fees. Information hard to play. Pay the fees to calculate your fees. And you have the chart here about the fees for work permit to this day or 55. The spending for artistic panel every time for permit open work permit. So they have all the fees charged here. Also, they have the environmental face for person ratify dollars for family 1 72 more. Okay, ending. Continue to give you more information about the fees. What? They including where overpayment, Every single scenario. He's gonna be at least two here. And then finally, some of the application. That's what you have this information. All right, so take a look and I hope you find this information useful was in the next lecture. Thank you very much. 17. Where do you want to live and work in Canada .: our changes on the best places to leave. So one we are in the What's I? What do you want to live and work in Canada from the government of Canada? We can explore this website Andi, this can help you to understand and to choose the right choices for us. If if we want to move to Canada so was missing the website. You can see several choices in the right. You have jugglers, you have public ties. Yours than search. I have explore careers. You could think you look at occupation education program, wages, skill knowledge outlooks continue down employers it can post for employees. They have choices for posting job on resources and also they have a job market trends a news. So all this information you can find these website if we go toe the main topic work Should I leave didn't give you its own information. Respect to housing cause the city the town comparison for much in front of the Canada special of the main big cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and give us all the links useful for you research about the best place to move off course our buys too. I see him moving to can I will be to look for the job when your occupation or your specialization is in more demand. That will help you only get your faster but also helping integrate farther to a level market. And also to the Canadian society. We have the results, of course, that we already know. Did your bank and other all the choices down here. So housing for newcomers from the CMHC. What side, as they were outside the agency in the government can either that it was housing have a also the guy for the Canadian house. And you will see those those guys included in the lecture in the part of our researchers. Okay, so let's dry to look for less. Do a search, we can say engineer. Uh, Ottawa. Lissy. What? While we can get from that search? Okay, So what we found is engineer or a one job search. Just put the patient on the city, and what I have is basically you have a choice of the scullery job. He any job search you can get? They are all right. As your feet give you the distant from Ottawa. So this go. How big the radios is the main expected. If you're gonna include several, there are locations near the city that you're choosing. Yeah, we have several locations composed. The Ottawa area and here, Well, you see, is basically the jobs that are posted in the occupation cells in union Chemical process Engineer Network. That's engineer. So you can see all the jobs. So if you if you think, like for a camp Oh, I like to go to what? A one. I'm an engineer. Well, you can take a look at more or less What? Just balls are being, you know, presented opportunities in your occupation are presented. Was this tall? And you can say, Yeah, this is our new Newport Him. They're recently. Did you keep your the date? If you click any of that, let's go for the chemical process engineer. If I click the link that I'm gonna give you more information, give me that. I can see the employer. When I was posted and number off off the job. Berman in it said the agency as soon as possible. He mailing to see more jobs in the employee kay back. That's gonna live in the cave Excite and they don't have also the the choice of the job. Much An email print. Reporter King Get shared. I was seeing email to me and my friend. Whatever printed controls the page if I need to give me already the n l c off the chemical process engineer median wage, I can look more into detail the outlook So I can go to this s problems career and get more information, labour market news. They can learn about the market trends related to also the occupation. That is basically what you get using the tool. So far, Let's go back then on this. See what if can we find Okay? Good. So we tried that job search. I can set up your alerts for specific jobs that I want our mentor to in. I can check the top advertise job. So for Goto Educational program, I was killed Knowledge or wiggles. And that's straight wages. Just to be curious here again, just put the occupation engineer What? What type of engineer I need to specify based on the n l C. Let's see. Let's try civil engineer. I wanna search and again I'm gonna give me this poor Correa's waste report. If I go down, you gonna give me Bassem everything a community province and you can see the provinces and some have information. So all this they don't have yet to be need to be updated, but most of it they have the information. So in Alberta, in the market Athabasca will be $2085 corporation in the low end of the warriors. But if I goto the Rocky Mountain about a pound Jasper that that same complexion will pay 34 66. Interesting. If I go to Atlanta with 31 25 let's bridge mothers in half region 32. You can company them even among the same province, in different locations in province. They waste rate off what your occupation is paid from the low the meeting on the high and low interest in another work side that we confined, also making help us. The sigh about how were to live in Canada is a city in Canada that was mentioned also in this website. And this is from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation institution that basically managed and have anything to do with House and in Canada on this information is useful for newcomers so they can check the data off the city that they want to you have or dealings here basement cities. You can not the game or on health. Also, some more information about renting a home, buying a home, housing for newcomers, going to another link from immigration Canada. So everything is on this link is data that can help you compare city against city when it comes to how easy it is to ran toe. How is is toe by how on the requirements they have a house in market information Porter. Here they have a mortgage long insurance by So all the information portmanteau renting or buying houses have over India's What's I on golf courses? One off part of your research when it comes to choosing the CD that you want to leave, even if, for example, you get a job offer or you get an invitation to apply and you want to pick deceiving because you know that's really have a lot of potential for your occupation for jobs prospects. Then you can use this tool toe have a better idea about the house, an opportunity that you can find their also know another works. I have you in the government off kind of tools. This is a tool. It's called Living in Canada. Special for people are gonna settle people that already have ah pr granted. But you can use it even before that just to have a better idea. Just gonna take a star here again. These website this link will be included in the in the lecture on the results apart. So you're going to live in Canada are also a Canada. So he is gonna stay at live outside of Canada More. Right, So go next. Where is your home country? Let's say that I leave the Dominican Republic and they're gonna ask me if I are cc or cc usedto name. I approve my application to come to kind of you say yes. That's a permanent resting on so glad. Good. So you see, they could take her here. I know how and apply yet? No, I apply, but I'm still waiting. Yes, that's a permanent resident. Yes, student, this is the living caregiver is all the immigration classes of Let's say for the sake of this practice that you were approved arse a permanent resident gonna go next thing off course. This is a game. This is an interview Is more question just to give you their Tell me what? Waiting for much. And you need what province of those who do you like to leave? Okay, let's say I want on Tahrir. We need a place to leave when I say yes. You like a place to leave? Do you want to improve your English or French? Yes. So it was good to improve languages, especially in in the host country. Do you plan to working? Can I say yes? Of course. The Apprentice starting kind of know this time, probably later. With any anyone with 18 Go to can I with you, I say Yes. Let's see. Yes, OK. Do you have a job offering? Candid, I say No, I got PR based on my points, but and then, based on the answers, give me old information about Struck's young opera. Five. Before you leave crossing the border, your first week's find services everything you see that I might need. Based on the the answers that I provided before and the banking email this plan, I can bring this plan on. Basically, this is your sermon plan. This is a several plan that's gonna help you get ready. Since you gotta proof in this case, put the case. I got a pro for PR. So this is my sermon plan Deng yearly. You could convey the instructions you can print, and you can mail it. Can I just go for review every detail of my profile. So you go down there before you leave and links and information causing the border recommendation where I need to do with the Causton. First weeks where I was supposed to do are supposed to get there in the first week from Canadian for identification to sourcing insurance number, public health insurance, car accident ranging in home again, opening a bank account. L'd information finding immigrant services. So it give me the whole several plan. So that's why it is important to used his information. He can help it for them, in which, with plays really cool bass measure on your assessment, you will continue into the next government website. We have a start your life in Canada. Another ah link that is included in our lecture on it. Terry, about services and information get to know can find a place to leave enrolling in school for kids. Improve your English and friends, you know, So healthcare plan your finances, get rivers, lies him orders, information you seem Just start your life in Canada again because you're doing everything you are doing. Ah, research on the best places on then this in from all this information, it's like Piece is gonna put together to have a really good Thurman plan. And from there you can. This I What is your final destination in kind of the ones who get you PR or Grant they were permit or two. Then permit whatever your case is when it comes to other sorts of information, These are mostly the one provided by government to newco Marie. We have also on institution core money senses the magazine and they do kind of serving every year when they're running the best places to leave in Canada on me does, based on their own criteria on day have several choices like they have overview of the best places for ranking the give your details off every place City town in Canada, they have a quiz or so Vaccarella the propensity to retired with places to raise kids the best present for new Canadians. Based on the criteria research, they place it with the best weather in Canada on depressive with the lowest taxes. So they have very, very broad approach to doing the server in different areas. That you might be interesting. Him or off court have been in this article here posted by Mark Brown. But I was again total 17 the best city to lay. Based on this the survey. So give you boy the given information by region also about take effect. Prayers have gone to Canada. Antalya. We see the persons related to discussion Manitoba again. Interesting. What? Sire? So we're gonna provide a link. And also, every year they released the new lease off can I was worse places to leave. So always you get formula with this was cried to this magazine and you'll be able to get her and your email. Okay, so I hope this information and she'll full and, uh, was there in the next election. Thank you. 18. Course Summary: working to a conclusion off our course. I want to thank you very much for being a long in this court's. We have learned a lot about how to work in Canada in the food service industry, me as an immigrant and consultant and also professional in the food service and restaurant business. I can tell you that this information will be useful for you. I'm gonna help you, too. Get the goal of coming to Canada in practice, your profession. We saw that during these course you learn how to apply for a work permit in Canada. Can a top employees in hospitality industry will learn about the top employers in Canada? Biggers Employers in restaurant business? And also we don't know about the recruiters that specialize in the food service and hospitality business. We also reviewed the most popular job site for foot workers and also the most popular. Jeff sighs of it all in a way that you can find information and apply for different jobs in different sources. We also review how to prepare it can never assume a onder how Tebow the mistakes. A lot of foreign workers may go sending just regular correctly die before Mother is no formula for Canadian employers. And how, then, to prepare the goddamn press in May and how to be more appealing for kidding and poet. There are more cost into its structure off the Canadian coast away, and they cooler, too. We also learned how to complicating employers, leaving a way to do it. They're right away, of course, in a way that you can get more points when it comes to networking with employees in Canada . We also practice how to create jobs. Market reporting can a smidge of bad tool how to find the opportunities in the provinces of cities that you might be more inclined to go to also, those any opportunities. More towns are now selecting immigrants to come to Canada, and finally, we review song labor, market information for every province and some tools that you can use in the different provinces, depending off which one you like to settle in. So anything in order for me to have you in this course, I really appreciate that. And remember to check our bottles lecture. You're gonna have some, uh, special offers there and also information about what to do next. If you want to really come to China as a foreign worker and full service, you can get contact with us and we'll give you some advice and recommendations. Thank you very much for the journey. I hope I can see you and cannot. Very soon we'll keep you posted since a lot, but