How to Illustrate a Cute Alpaca, Step-by-Step | Amy Richards | Skillshare

How to Illustrate a Cute Alpaca, Step-by-Step

Amy Richards, Whimsical Illustrator

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Intro and Supplies List

    • Sketching and Drawing

    • Transferring Your Drawing

    • Skillshare Alpaca Painting

    • Skillshare Alpaca Final Details


About This Class


In this step-by-step class, students will learn how to sketch, transfer and paint an adorable alpaca in watercolor and ink. 





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Amy Richards

Whimsical Illustrator

I'm Amy Richards, a Raleigh-based freelance illustrator.

I have a passion for vintage children's book illustration and watercolor painting. I get daily help in my home studio from my 3 pups, well actually, they just keep my feet warm:)

Fun Facts: I have a collection of paper goods featuring over 150 greeting card designs. I am a big fan of the anything outdoors, flora and fauna are some of my favorite illustration subjects. Also food, love to eat it, love to paint it too!

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