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How to Host & Share Your Videos Completely for Free

teacher avatar Mirsad Hasic, Systemintegrator/Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Free Video Sharing Site One

    • 3. Free Video Sharing Site Two

    • 4. Free Video Sharing Site Three

    • 5. Free Video Sharing Site Four

    • 6. Free Video Sharing Site Five

    • 7. Free Video Sharing Site Six

    • 8. Free Video Sharing Site Seven

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About This Class

Why Free Video Sharing Sites Rock…

Video is here to stay and if you have not realised it yet, for each day that goes, the more clearer it becomes that videos are easier to rank comparing to pure content.

Chance is that if a video and a post discusses the same thing, a video is most likely going to outrank that specific post, especially if it is published on a "authority service".

In this class I am going to give you hot and great video uploading services completely for free.

I ensure you that most webmaster never reflect over the true power of video, en't be one of those, take advantage of the opportunities offered, today!

Just hit the enroll button and you are ready to go!

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Mirsad Hasic



Mirsad teaches you in a simple to understand way so that you can avoid experiencing the same frustrations as he did.

Mirsad doesn't promise you the world, but what he does promise you is that if you follow his tips and advice, you will reach your goals, guaranteed!

His courses are easy to follow and he does his best to explain difficult topics in an easy to understand way.

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1. Introduction: boy in these class I'm going to share. The most popular video sharing service is available on the Net today. And Harv, you can find those and use them completely for free. So why should be used or services anyway? Well, simply because certainly in services are lost you to do different thing, some off those services or went along beautiful to, for example, and creep Garrido's while other services are going to allow you to actually put captions on your redos. So while YouTube is the undisputed king off, all off the freebies Ocean services, there are other services that are actually better than you do when it comes to certain task . Consummation earlier, for example, encrypting adding captions, etcetera. So I'm sure you are going to enjoy this class, and you are really going to appreciate the sources that I'm going to share with you, which all comes with a free plan and doesn't require you to buy anything. You know that. Use them. I ready to join the class, hit their robot on and Syrian site 2. Free Video Sharing Site One: I, The first video sharing site that I'm going to show you is the premier dot com. Now this is a site that I have been using for a while, and it works really great. It is stable, and there's a lot of different options that you can play around it when it comes to uploading your readers so you can see here that I am low Giddings on my accounts. I'm gonna just go ahead and click on Start applauding now, board mentioned is that you have only 500 megabytes to play around with that you can upload . And if you would like to upload more than you basically need to upgrade to the paid plants , which cost a little bit. But you might want to consider doing that later if you find it necessary anyway. Here we concede that you can upload the file instantly. You can also set the privacy depending on hall visible. You're you're like your reader to be, for example, against at the password or choose only people that you would like to see you. We, though you can also upload your be those immediately from the popular cloud drives. Such a school drive Dropbox one drive in box. Anyway, I'm gonna just ical street heading click choose fight upload, and I'm going to upload the video from my computer. Right. Saudi should be called pretty fast, considered that the video is only two megabytes. All right, so if you scroll down here, you can see that the upload is complete and you can go instantly to the video. You see also that you can enter some description for your video and tags, select language and concentrate the amber. And just leave that US cities and let's click on upload complete kota video. Right. So here you will need to wait anything from several seconds. Two minutes, depending on whole big victories in order to complete uploading and rendering off the video . Sincere. That commission under way, you read has been converted to right this very second. All right? Just finishing up a few things. So this went pretty smooth. Actually went faster than I told. And here is the video not great quality about decisions toe demonstrate how email works. I'm not going to upload any 80 videos, considering that I only have 500 megabytes to play around with. Anyway, This is how we upload the videos to be meal, and it is pretty much straightforward. Not again, Plan said. And as I say, there's a lot more different options to play around because we are free to do so. But if you are ready to share this video, just copy the Ural up here and just basic wherever you want. For example, forum to your email East Friends, etcetera. All right, that does it about how to upload videos, only meal and help to share them. Stay tuned. There's a lot more to come see you next. 3. Free Video Sharing Site Two: I in this lecture, I'm going to cover the undisputed king among all the free video sharing sites, which is youtube dot com. YouTube is great, because if your account is verified, you can actually upload videos longer than 50 minutes. Ford er the maximum file size. You're able to upload you to be small on the 28 gigabytes. And also the maximum duration is 11 hours. There is no limit, and all YouTube users are able to upload videos upto 50 minutes each in duration. So YouTube is really the king off albedo freshening sites. I'm going to just show you how you can upload a video to YouTube. So what you need to do first is to basically sign up for your account, which is pretty abuse. And when you're done, you just crossed two https, www dot com and heat this upload button. So we're gonna just upload a small video to show you how it works. So select five Stop load. I'm gonna just click here, choose a video from my computer. Uploaded here can enter the description whether you were like the Republican least of the private at the message to read. Oh, share to play least attacks and also share on several social media platforms. So I'm gonna just click this link you see here that your reader will be live at, so it should be done by now because it's a pretty small widow. I'm gonna click here. All right, so the video should play now, and here it is. So it basically works this way, and it is pretty much straightforward. Nothing. Advance it really easy to do, and anyone can do it. So I'm sure you are going to I really love you to Justus much aside. Do. Because it has worked really well for me. I have never had any issues with them. And YouTube is really the undisputed king off all free video sharing platforms. All right, that does it for this lecture. Davis. A lot more to come. So stay tuned. See? Next 4. Free Video Sharing Site Three: Hi. The third source for uploading videos complete for free and share them with others is the daily motion that come at the moment, that's I'm recording this. Dale Emotion is a French video sharing websites that simply allows you to view, upload and also search for other people's videos. So the way it works is that you sign up for on account just us with other sources that we have covered in this class. And then you hit this Parton appear at the top, right, upload, And you can drag and drop your videos files here, or click select video files. So is all right. I'm gonna just click here now. So you see, here we does best the racial 60 minutes. Maxim provided Oh, file side two gigabytes. Maxim profile resolution up to four K for months, all computer for months. And the frame rate specified the spell. So I'm gonna just go over to select video files. Click this fire just speeded previously, and he should go pretty smartly. So you see your that you can also select the title category, language, tags, description and whether you would like to have a private public or Passo protected You can also set age restricted content in a way to publish a reader, just feel automatic trip feels below. Then click the publish bottle. So you see those ass tricks here? Those needs to be filled in and we have basically done that. I'm gonna just choose the cat category sport Flutie or fifties and let's see, this is enough. Let's click on Publish Wallach. Congratulations. You read It has been published on this available. He fits. Click here and here. Is it this our widow has just been uploaded to daily motion That come and we can just copy this your l and share it on form with our least with our social media followers etcetera. All right, there's a lot more to come. So state agency next. 5. Free Video Sharing Site Four: I always source number four for storing and sharing videos completely for free is the Amazon s tree. Now, as you can see, I have brought it to do a double B s that amazon dot com slash s tree which is basically the page where you sign up for the service. So in order to sign up, you need to click on this get started Vitamins industry for free. Once we have done that, you will be looking inside your console which looks like this. So I am already a member of the off the arms industry. So I am able to logging inside the consulate mutely and first time you see this, you will most likely get completely overwhelmed. I felt the same way. But once I started playing around with it, I realized hab actually logic And is it waas now? The port we are going to use for this class and in this lecture is the storage and content delivery and s tree. So this is the only thing you need to know right now. For this class off course, you are free to export other options or spell. But I'm going just to show you how this works. So I'm gonna just click on the street and inside here you will need to create something called buckets. I'm sure you're wondering what this actually bucket? Well, a bucket. It's simply a container where you put all of your stuff into. So what we're gonna do next is to create the buckets. I'm gonna click you create the bucket, and I'm gonna name it, too. Test and region. We can pretty much choose whatever we want. Here. I'm going justice scroll down and see what can locate the closest city to me, Which is Frank for time based in Sweden, by the way, and I'm gonna click Concrete. So because he year that request the buck, a name is not available. Obviously someone has already created this. I'm gonna just name it to soccer. That's that's soccer test issues were great. All right, let's we can create It went well. Fine. Now, when we have done that, I'm going to click on this bucket and you see that the bucket test soccer testes empty. So what we're gonna do next is to upload a widow here. I'm gonna click, you upload, and I'm gonna click on add files and here I'm going to choose the reader. Want to upload? Right? And I'm gonna click on the start up world. So once this is done, you will notice that we can do ah lot off different other things that were not able to do with the other platforms. All right, so the video has been uploaded. Let's market. So next thing we're gonna do is to click on properties. And here is where the magic off the Amazon istea rice So you can see that the link is here . So you can pretty much shared this link with anyone you want and they are going to be able to see your reader instantly. However, if you click on details, you will see that you can actually encrypt the reed. Oh, you will basically be able to encrypt to be the beat the military standards, which is awesome permissions you can grant and you want to see it open downloaded. You can edit the permissions. You can view the permissions, add more permissions, for example, a bunch of other permission things. And under the meta data, you can pretty much set what kind off content this actually is. usually Amazon history is going to identify what kind of confidences automatically. But if he doesn't, then you can help it by choosing the right one here. So this is basically how we upload and share redos on Amazon at ST. I'm sure that you already have your own ideas on how you can taken advantage off the Amazon a street. Personally, I used Amazon history for one off my membership sites. And it works really great because I'm able to and creeped and share the videos with my other uses without having someone outside being able to view those videos. All right, so that does it for this lecture. Stay tuned, Sue next. 6. Free Video Sharing Site Five: or fifth source for uploading and sharing videos completely for free online is the break dot com. This is a site where you can find a lot of fun stuff. Break is actually highly well known among the all Internet user for sharing funny videos, clips and also a lot of funny pictures as well. For their on break, you can upload any major video four months, including a V i mpg M O V. Etcetera. However, it is important to understand that your videos cannot be longer than 60 megabytes. You're able to upload the videos in tree different ways. For example, you can instantly upload from the page that you're browsing. In my case, I'm gonna use that option, you my uploaded videos from the cell phone. Or you can even send a video to break by using a special thick email address. So in order to upload a video, I'm gonna just click the little button here, and I'm gonna find the video. I would like to upload. One thing that I really don't like about break dot com is that it is really heavily adds optimized, and there's a lot off adds that disturbed the users browsing around the site. However, it is free, so you can complain, actually. So first you need to confirm that this video is appropriate for Councillor viewership and agree to break their most submissions. All right, so radically calm. Brause. And here I'm gonna selective video We like to upload, and this is going to be done in just a few seconds. All right, I'm gonna continue. And here you can, pretty much to the same thing like you did on the previous platforms. You can add the title description category, keywords, alot, embeds or a low comments. I'm gonna just click on save details, right? So basically requires us to write something here. I'm gonna just paste this category and wanna chew sports and keywords. Well, soccer that you've been off, right? Same details now. Ritual. Nope. It actually wants us to add more keywords. I'm gonna do that. The cell. All right, try again. All right. So it working. When this is down, you're going to receive a link to a video that you can basically share with anyone. For example, you released your social followers groups on Facebook. It said so. This is how the upload videos to break that. Come. All right, So that's it about the break that com Let's move folders, you next. There's a lot more to come. 7. Free Video Sharing Site Six: or number six source for uploading and sharing videos completely for free is the live leak . This is a nuclear base, it video sharing service that lets anyone publish their readers online. Even if lively is actually majorly oriented to politics and other world events, you're pretty much free to post whatever you want us long us. It doesn't relate. They're lively policy. The policy simply states that you are not allowed to upload any other tasing music that you are not actually owning the copyright to videos showing a different kind of criminal activity and other kind of stuff that are pretty shady. So let's go ahead and upload a video to live leak. I'm gonna just show you how it works. Off course. You need to register for a free account in order to be able to upload the video. So I'm gonna just click on submit and here you can see that the maximum file size is 2000 megabytes. You can even add a pole or at the playlist to your upload, and you also see the different along extensions that you can upload someone. I just click on add files and I'm gonna mark this file at the moment I Osama recording this decide doesn't look like the world's best design, but it really works great and it is fast. So I am really satisfied with Lively. All right, so let's click on start upload and down here we can enter the type of someone just enter the rain, both soccer move and the video. See, it's uploaded. And here here we can enter the body. So I'm gonna just based East Texas well, and the category. I'm going to just do something that fits my vido right or sports. And, let's say, Sweden keep private. No disable. Risky comments. Yes, and concentrating general audience. All ages will be able to view this item. Enable feeling support? No, agreed to return to service. Yes, and let's click on at item. All right, we seem to forgot the tags. Someone just at tags soccer play that if that works at light them, all right, successfully added. So the beloved is currently created to get included Bar system line. I'll play property until compressed data secrecy already place so you can pretty much embedded code switch the player or at a notation spells. So in order to share this video. We just need to copy this urinal appear Carol's embedded down here. If you were like so Anyway, it is up to you to decide what you want to do and how we want to share it. So this is how have you upload videos to live? Leak. All right. So that proceed for this lecture statements you next. 8. Free Video Sharing Site Seven: Hi, The number seven site for sharing the free videos and uploading is the wister dot com. This is a mainly business oriented site and it is not the same like the YouTube break dot com a lively that we discussed earlier in this class. So, Justus assayed the propose off Wister is to upload highly business oriented videos. Even if you can upload that every want as long as you follow their policy, I'm gonna click over to pricing and I'm gonna show you that you are only allowed toe upload three videos maximum so you can see that the standard futures is that you can get all the tools. We don't only takes a basic integration that the stairs famous for the standard battery and all off the standard plans Come with that You under gigabytes so bad we'd prevent which is used when you reduce the load. Wretched. So basically, you can share those three videos as much as you want. One more thing is that you will see the Wister logo on the video that you have uploaded. However, it disagreed service And if you click on get started, you're basically just lining up and you're ready to go. I have already signing up for the service. I'm gonna just click on again. And inside year I'm logged. Any sign, my pieced account. So I'm gonna just click upload the radio, and you can see that it actually tells us learn, halt, upload a video. Well, I'm not going to learn that, because I know how to do it. So I'm gonna go straight away and do that. So the first thing we need to do is click on new projects and create the project. This is similar to the Amazon s street. So it is here that it is untitled project. I can change to soccer redos and soccer be those year. Swell and save it. And now I can upload to be them in a browse, upload garrido, and they should be pretty fast as well. Almost done. All right. So the video's uploaded, and now we can cost my sit. You can, for example, customize you're read. Oh, and when you click on that link bottom, you're going to be able to play around with different options. Such a superior's controls sharing whether you were like to alot sharing, for example, embedding or you might do not want people to embed to be the paso, protect that chapters, timeline, actions and also captured a step. So this is also and this is really what I like with Mr. The main drawback is that you only are allowed three videos per account, and this is basically the only thing that I do not like with which there, plus the high pricing that we saw in the pricing section. Anyway, this is how you upload a video to be ST dot com. And I'm sure you will really enjoy the service because you can see there is a lot different things that you can play around with. And most off the services that we discussed in this class doesn't have those options. All right, so that was it for this lecture. Thank you for watching.