How to Hire and Train Virtual Assistants

Robyn Johnson

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9 Videos (1h 35m)
    • Introduction

    • WhatShouldIOutsource

    • Why Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant

    • How to determine if you can afford a virtual assistant

    • AboutVirtualAssistants

    • Making Your First Hire Successful

    • Managing Virtual Assistants:Tools and Bonus Strategies

    • Preparing and Posting for Your First Virtual Assistant

    • Hiring and Training Virtual Assitants: More Time, Money, & Freedom in Your Business


About This Class

How to get more time, money, and freedom from your business.  In this course we will go over what kind of businesses can use virtual assistance including traditiional brick and motar business, service based businesses, and eCommerce business (like Amazon, Ebay, and independent website owners). How to prepare for hiring, posting the position, interviewing potential hires, and how to hire and train the right people. 

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Really good class, lots of useful and real world information!
EXTREMELY insightful and helpful!!!
This class was extremely helpful. I didn't understand what a virtual assistant was and why I would benefit from it until I took this class. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in creating their own online business.