How to Hand Letter the Alphabet in Unique Lettering Styles | Sarah Ensign | Skillshare

How to Hand Letter the Alphabet in Unique Lettering Styles

Sarah Ensign, Hand Letter Artist

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro to Creating Unique Styles

    • 2. Cheat Sheet to Create Letters

    • 3. How to Practice Different Styles

    • 4. Style Inspiration A-M

    • 5. Style Inspiration N-Z

    • 6. Final Project: Your Unique Quote

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About This Class

Are you learning hand lettering? Maybe you've been learning the basics for a little while and now you're wondering how to branch out and create your own unique alphabets. In this class, I will give you a cheat sheet with techniques on how to start thinking about your letters in different ways so you can create alphabets unique to you. I will also give you plenty of style inspiration. You don't need to copy someone else's font anymore. Let this class show you that you can create your own alphabets.

Join me in this class and see how fun it can be to come up with different lettering styles!


Under the projects and resources tab, you will find the simple workbook that includes the cheat sheet as well as some extra practice pages to get you started.

Note: the workbook can be downloaded from your desktop, it doesn't work on mobile.