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How to Grow your Instagram Account (For beginner artists/creatives)

teacher avatar Maggie Roman

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Who is this class for

    • 2. What will this class cover

    • 3. Disclaimer

    • 4. Your Bio

    • 5. Instagram Stories

    • 6. How to make your stories better

    • 7. Posts

    • 8. Pictures

    • 9. Captions

    • 10. Hashtags

    • 11. Additional hashtag ideas

    • 12. Where to place the hashtags


    • 14. Genaral Do's

    • 15. Consistent posting

    • 16. Batch work

    • 17. Good content

    • 18. Host giveaway

    • 19. DM Groups (Instagram Pods)

    • 20. Dm Pros and Cons

    • 21. Feature Pages

    • 22. Produce Engagement

    • 23. Bad practices

    • 24. Thank You & 10 Day Challenge

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About This Class

The is nothing more frustrating that putting a lot of time and effort into a new Instagram Account and feeling stuck as you see no growth, no engagement, no results!

This class is for beginner artists & creatives who want to grow their Instagram Art Account relatively quickly and consistently without sliding back and forth.

In this class we will break down all the major chapters of Instagram like: Posts, Captions, Stories, Comments, Hashtags etc. and provide tips on how to improve each and every one of those aspects in order to have a quicker and more consistent growth on Instagram.

At the end of the class, there will be a 10 day challenge to help you implement the tips provided in the class from theory into action. From my experience it takes a week or two of hard work to get things moving but if you keep at it, your account should start growing faster and more consistently. By the end of the challenge you will start feeling your account ''awakening''. Enjoy!

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Maggie Roman


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1. Who is this class for: If you are a new creative and you have just started using Instagram and want to grow your account. Then this course is for you. All the do's and don'ts regarding posts, comments, hashtags and stories to get you to your first 1000 followers. So he didn't roll. And let me take you through everything that I have discovered since starting my Instagram journey. See you in the class. 2. What will this class cover: Hello and welcome to the class. If you're here that that means that we want to grow your instagram account now, starting is the hardest and actually a lot of new creatives making rookie mistakes that either keep them stagnant or they grow a little and then they slide back and then they grow little on them was like, Bye. So in this class, we will talk about a lot of instagram inspects to help you avoid those mistakes and help you grow as fast as you can. Sounds good. Let's begin. 3. Disclaimer: 4. Your Bio: So let's take it from the top. Your bio. This is where people who visit your profile will look first before scrolling down to your feet. This is where you can tell them a bit about yourself, and least any details you believe would be important to include the space in your bio is limited, so I would recommend taking advantage as best you can buy. Being precise. Show your advantage if you do something differently. Are you a photographer who only shoots newborns or only shoots in black and white? Pointed out, Have you been included in a publication? You can also include more personal details that you believe could be important. Like How many cuts do you have? Are your tea or a coffee person? All those little things help other people relate to you as well as get to know you a little better, and I always fun to read. Instagram also allows you to include one link. Now This could be a link to your website or YouTube or your shop, and you can rotate the link depending on where you want your audience to go at the time. Or you could use an up like link tree, which allows you to include a page with a few links all at once. This is what I have seen majority of people use on their profiles, but also hear people say that instagram doesn't particularly like it. So another alternative to that could be for you to create your own London page on your website and include the link to that on your instagram instead of using an app. Now, another thing you might want to include in your profile bio is your hashtag. If you have one, your commission status, your agency if you're represented by one, as well as your permission for other people to repost your work or turn it into tattoo art , mentioning your agency will save you the trouble off having to reply to every person that will contact you individually as they will direct their enquiries towards the agency and explaining how, or if you would like your work to be reposted and credited might help you avoid a few and pleasant experiences 5. Instagram Stories: now stories let you do a lot of interesting and different things, but I see new creatives disregarding them because they are not quite sure how to use them. Stories allow you to open a dialogue with your audience and have your most loyal crowd updated on where you are and what you up to without ruining your art. Feed with pictures of your cat. They also serve as a reminder off you to your audience when you might have something interesting to say or share, but not necessarily something to post over a period of time. Stories are the feature that allow your audience to get to know you and gives them the chance to like you and trust you. If you are inspiring artists who is looking to grow their instagram and sell your art, then the trust of your audience is definitely going to help with that. Stories are also great. Announcement tool for new posts and new items in your shop and conserve as a brilliant feedback loop. If you want to ask your fans, what product are they interested in? But how can we make our stories more compelling? 6. How to make your stories better: so over a period of time, I discovered a few tricks to make my stories have more engagement and pick up in views. First of all, try adding a hashtag I have not is that a story of mine will be seen by people who regularly view my stories, but adding a hashtag to it will bring up your story in the search page and sometimes double or even triple your views. Now don't go overboard as adding multiple hashtags will not guarantee more views. In fact, adding one hash tag has worked the best for me as when you have many hashtags. For some reason, you post won't get any extra views whatsoever. Now, if you would rather that your hashtag is invisible, you could either pinch. It's more with your fingers or could color it to the color of your background or even at a stick her over it so that people who watch your story don't seed. I would also recommend showing your face more often. Video is a powerful tool that can grow your audience, and people can relate way better to people that they know than two accounts that look and sound impersonal. Talk to your audience consistently and tell them about your life, your practice, your struggles. Engage them in a way that will open a dialogue. So try making five stories a day for 10 days and see if the number off people who watch your stories increases. 7. Posts: And, of course, the main course of your Instagram menu are your posts. Your post consists off pictures, captions, hash tags and comments, and we'll be looking at each component separately. 8. Pictures: So let's talk about pictures. If you're posting on Instagram, please try to post good pictures taken with good light and not blurry pictures taken with your phone in the evening full of weird shadows. Now this is a big one, and I wish somebody had told me this when I was starting as taking. Those good pictures require some work, but it's worth it. You see, we're so spoiled with great imagery that we're not going to stop scrolling unless we really see something that's worth stopping for. So try to make your pictures as good as possible. If you are photographing your work, then try to do it in natural light, and I would also recommend editing the picture in photo shop afterwards. Arrange the picture composition beautifully so that uplifts your work and try to avoid, which are those oh, angles. You can always can you work in an edited and photo shop, or ask a professional photographer to take pictures off your work. I would especially recommend that option for work that you plan on selling like Prince as it presents your work in a professional manner and as a last tip, try and keep your editing process as consistent as possible for all of your pictures so that your feet looks good as a whole. 9. Captions: and on to captions. A lot of new creative. Skip the caption entirely and just post the image and a bunch of emojis in the description . Now this is not the best way to go, because usually the picture off the post is what stopped someone from scrolling, and the corruption of the post is what makes them engage. So sit down, think and write your captions for the week and do not rush it. Allow your audience to understand you and your process, as this would allow them to immerse themselves into your art into your post and make them want to know more. See what people who inspire you right in there. Captions. Do they write long captions? What are they talking about? Don't be shy. I know that it can be awkward writing those captions at first, but practice will help, and you will be great in no time. 10. Hashtags: so onto hashtags. Hashtags are what helps categorize your content and what makes your content searchable. So I would say if you're a beginner and you want your post gain as much traction as possible, do not skip them. A great advice that I often hear but sadly see very few people put to action is hashtag research. Find the creatives who put out content similar to yours creators who you admire and who are head and look at their hashtags. Then click on toe each one of those and see the 1st 9 post that come up. Are any of these posts similar to yours? What hashtags do they use? This takes you down to a hashtag rabbit hole and allows you to see what hashtags contain, what content and which ones would be most effective for you. Often we use a hashtag that we believe describes our content well. But if you click into it, sometimes you will see that actually there are no post similar to yours. So maybe this is not where your crowd is, and therefore it's not worth using this hash tag as it will bring. You know, engagement may be different. Hashtag could be way more effective, so heartsick research helps you discover those hashtags that are more relevant to you. You can then write all of the hashtag singer spreadsheet and categorize them, depending arm size. That way, when you prepare your hashtags for a post, you can ensure that you have a good mix off both big and small hashtags. Which brings me to my next point small versus big cash drugs. Now, when I started, I felt that it was all about the huge hashtags, as this would show my content to so many people to as many people as possible. Right? Wrong, big, harsh tax. Have thousands of new posts added to them every second. This means that your post will have a very short lifespan before being buried under thousands of father newer posts. Therefore, if you are in your artist trying to find your audience and grow, I would actually recommend adding more smaller hashtags into your mix and restricting the very large ones to minimum that where your post will stay visible for longer, allowing them to gain a little more traction. Last but not least, check the number of hashtags you've written before posting as Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags. If you write more hashtags in your post, Instagram will automatically post just your picture with no caption and no hashtags. So this is why I would also recommend copying your caption along with your hashtags before hitting the post bottom. So copy the text and then check the number of hashtags you've used and then off you go to post. 11. Additional hashtag ideas: If you find yourself out of ideas regarding Hashtags, here are some more tips. If you find that your industries hashtags are way too saturated, maybe you could add a twist to make them more niche. Try different combinations to discover smaller, less competitive hashtags. Another idea could be hashtags regarding your equipment. For example, I often include the brand off the water colors that I use as a hash tag. What brands or piece of equipment do you use? You might also attack the brand in your post. Sometimes if they find your post interesting, they will repost it on their story. Another good hash tag is your location, your city or your area, depending where you work. What are you selling? All making include that as hashtag. If you're making ceramics or selling original paintings, those could be potential hashtags. And last but not least, you can create your own hush up that way. You can encourage people to use it if you create a fun challenge in the future, and people will be able to see all of your posts if they search your hashtag without having to go into your profile. 12. Where to place the hashtags: next comment question about Hashtags would be where to add them. So caption or common section? Now the advantages off writing them in a caption is that you can edit the caption if you've made a mistake, whereas if you write them in the common section and make a mistake, you would have to delete the whole comment and rewrite it. Having said that, I wouldn't recommend editing the caption too often, either, as this will take your post off of the hashtags and then put it back on when you're done editing. But you would have lost some time where your post would have no hashtags. So what I would actually recommend whether you add your hashtag in the caption or in the Commons is spell checking what you wrote as well as counting your cash tax before posting. Another argument that I've heard from people is that when you add them in the corruption and you have 30 hashtag sitting there, this might be perceived us trying too hard on the flipside. Adding your hashtags into the comments might result in a cleaner looking post, and when your post acquires more comments, it will become more difficult for your competitors to discover your hashtags off course. If you end up adding your hashtags in the comment, I would definitely recommend having them written and copied beforehand so that as soon as you posed, you just paste them in a comment. And don't waste your time writing them afterwards. 13. Comments: Now let's touch a bit. Own comments. Instagram is all about engagement these days, So if people stop scrolling to comment on your post, don't leave them hanging. Reply to them as soon as possible. And if you want to be a bit extra, engage with the people who wrote them to you. Start a conversation in your diem's or comment on their posts. Not only will this form a new relationship where they will return and possibly engage again with your content, but it will also form a community around what you're doing and boost your contents. Visibility on the platform A useful thing that I sometimes do is engaging with people before as well as after I post something. This gives me a higher chance of my posts being shown to this people in the future, which means that they will actually have the chance to engage with my content on a more regular basis. When replying to comments, don't reply with a simple emoji. Try to reply mindfully and perhaps even in a way that will start a conversation going under your post that could potentially engage even more people. And last but not least, if you have no comments on your post but are trying to create a bit of a buzz. You could potentially be the first to right yourself comment, perhaps further analyzing what you have said new caption or asking a question. I know it sounds a bit silly, and I'm not saying you should overdo it, but when I have done it, it actually prompted other people to follow lead in leaving longer, more meaningful comments, so worth a try. 14. Genaral Do's: So what have I discovered worked best for me? Consistency. When you have a consistent posting schedule and post frequently maybe even at the same time , it will bring you more engagement as your audience will know when you're going to show up. Much working has somewhat helped to achieve this, even though it's not always easy. But if you do have a few hours, then I would say choosing your pictures, writing your captions as well as writing your hashtags will help you say consistent and on topic. Instead of panicking and editing your posts and writing your captions on the fly, try to create good content. Take good pictures, right. Interesting captions. But in the end, don't let perfectionism stand in your way. Your post might not look the way you envision them to be right away. It will take a bit of practice improve, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't post until then. After all, you can always delete a couple of posts later on if you think they no longer represent your vision. But getting traction in the meantime is important. So go ahead and hit that post button some other ways to bring more engagement to your account would be to host a giveaway, be part off a D M group. Oh, many be featured on pages that share work from creatives, do shout outs or try and produce more engagement by actively engaging with other people. So let's talk about all those things in a little more detail. 15. Consistent posting: Now, When I started posting my illustration on Instagram, my idea off posting frequently was twice a week. That made me grow a few followers on the days that I was posting, but lose a few during the days that it wasn't posting and resulted in an exhausted back and forth. It took me ages to reach 100 followers, and I would not recommend doing that if you're just starting, unless you are very patient. If you're starting today, then I would say try to prepare as much content as possible and post every day. Do that for us, long as you can, or until you get an audience and then start reducing the number off posts per week to make it more sustainable. And I'm not saying it's always gonna work. We awful off the ball and life happens and you will have days or even weeks when you don't post and that's okay. But in an ideal situation, I'd say posting every day would be beneficial if you are just starting out 16. Batch work: much working means that you prepare your content in advance. So looking ahead, we'll allow you to prepare for any holidays or trends that happen annually, allowing you to take advantage off the general buzz that's created. It will also allow you to get into the headspace that you need once a week, get your flow on and be as productive as possible. Not to mention that it feels super nice when you have something prepared to put out there without having to stress about it every day. You can use a scheduler like later dot com to schedule your post for the week or have them saved on your phone and dude manually for every day. I would say tribal off and see if there's any difference and choose the option that works best for you. 17. Good content: once again try to just combine a good picture with an interesting corruption and carefully chosen hashtags for maximum impact but trying not to fall victim to perfectionism. Give it your best and post. After all, the best thing about being a newbie is the fact that there's no pressure to perform. Nobody knows you yet, so don't be afraid to try different things and experiment. 18. Host giveaway: a brilliant way to engage your audience would be to host a giveaway, ask people toe like and comment, or to follow you or tag a friend in the comments. Your first giveaway might not get tons of engagement, but as you repeat them, you will find out what works best for you and improve hosting. A giveaway is also lots of fun, and people are more likely to engage as they are. Provided an incentive. Now these people might or might not stick around afterwards. But as they might tell their friends or share your post in the stories, other people might discover you through them. And gradually you will find your true funds. Remember to start small in your asks and work your way up. As sometimes we might feel the urge to ask people a 1,000,000,000 things in order to participate. And then, actually, nobody enters because it's too much effort. So start small. Make it easy. Keep it simple. Your 1st 1 might be just toe like and comment or comment and tag a friend. And as you do more giveaways and people are getting more used to engaging with your content . You can then ask them to follow you or share your post in the stories and so on. My personal favorite is to ask them to talk a friend or two as this spreads the word, and then whoever likes my art can then choose to follow me. 19. DM Groups (Instagram Pods): another thing to help you get engagement are GM groups or engagement ports. So let's talk about that. D M's are direct message in groups, and people who are in the group chat agreed to like and comment on each other posts as soon as someone posts. All you have to do is send your post to the D. M, and everyone in the group will like and comment on your feet. You will have to do the same as soon as somebody else posts. A lot of people are in multiple GM groups, meaning that as soon as they posed they also send their post to the D M groups that they're in, and that gets them engagement fast. 20. Dm Pros and Cons: now, As you saw in the previous section, D M groups have a few advantages to them. Let's see a few more. Along with some disadvantages, D M groups can level the play for people who are just starting the fear off. Hearing crickets is a problem for a lot of people when they start as often when nobody engages with your post, it can be quite discouraging. D M groups give you likes and comments, and if somebody else comes across your posts, they're also more likely to like and maybe even leave a comment if they see that a lot of people have already done so. Sometimes it's easier for us to prove something that has been already pre proved or chosen by others. The disadvantages of a D M group is that you have to like and government on everybody else's post when they send a message to the group, which might prove a little time consuming. And if you are trying to start a business than your newfound popularity, sadly, one translate into profitability as well as these people are not likely to become your customers. And as you spend your time engaging with people who are not your fans or customers, you might fall into the trap off, tailoring your communication to them and your feed to them instead of trying to find what your funds like or what your deal customer might want. 21. Feature Pages: featured pages is another thing that I've tried. These are pages that repost content from other creatives. For example, there are pages that reposed Children's illustration from virus artists. They usually have a large following, and getting featured on their feed would mean that little fresh eyes would get to see your work. Some of them feature artists for free, but they think would look good on their feed and others require a payment in order to feature you. I have seen artists getting featured on different pages and being discovered by a broader audience. And having tried that once, I would say my results were inconclusive. I didn't see much result on my page, but then again, I only did it once, so I would say Try this one for yourself and see what happens. 22. Produce Engagement: So what else can you do to bring engagement here? A few ideas. Shoutouts. You can feature somebody else in your story. If there's an artist that you like or another maker, you can feature them on your story and give them a shout out genuinely because you admire them without expecting anything in exchange. Or you can go for an S for s, which is a shoutout for a shout out. So you can send a d m to somebody and suggest that you both give each other a shoutout on your story. Now your general attitude here should be to act like a creator like a business owner or like an artist, not like an instagram consumer. So be consistent in producing good content and engaging actively with others. The next best thing is comments. So reply to comments on your post like and comment on other people's posts. And I for a long time had a goal off 3200 comments daily. So that means that I sit down and actively right 100 comments on other people's posts. The next thing is to respond to stories. If you give somebody a reaction to a story all right, Um, message that will usually make people curious to check out your profile or watch your stories say, if you go and reply to 10 stories in row, you see that most of those 10 people will watch your next story, and that will bring you more engagement. Try to find your ideal audience. Your customers find followers who Reggie consume similar content to the one that you produce and engage them. So a tried idea would be to go to a competitors profile. So say you're in an illustrator golden illustrator whose bigger than you, who produces similar content to yours and try and engage with their followers Chances are that people who like their art might also like your art and that will bring some off to follow you as well. Try to find your community or to create one start conversations. Make friends be active. Now do it for 10 days and see what happens. I dare you 23. Bad practices : and to finish off. Here are some things I found that there are not so great. So first and foremost do not hide behind your work. I have found that people engage way more and tend to follow and like and comment when they can see your face. Do not self promote in the common section of other people supposed. This looks desperate and rude and just little bits on. Do not follow on follow. Now I know that this tactic is generally effective, but I personally find it annoying. And I find that this is the reason behind people growing and then falling back and all that back and forth, gaining and losing followers, which I find quite frustrating. So although I know that other people do it, I personally choose not to. The next thing would be follow someone because you generally like their content, not because you feel like you have to. So if somebody follows me, but I don't want to follow them back, I'll give him a few comments and likes and move on. I will not follow somebody back because they followed me because that makes my feet clattered, and I don't want that and last, but not least, give proper credit on re posts. So if you choose to repose somebody's picture, you might want to try a repost up as this allows you to include the handle off that person in the picture, tagged them in the caption, Try to do it in the first line and explain what's going on. So tell people that this is a repost and do not alter the image. So try not to put any filters on the picture any other crops or anything else like that. And if you are re posting reposted as is and mentioned the person that you re posted from and this is a 24. Thank You & 10 Day Challenge: Thank you for taking this class, Jane Li, hold that. You found a few helpful ticks to help propel your instagram forward. If you do the 10 day challenge, do let me know how it went and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you and goodbye.