How to Grow your Business from $1 Million to $2 Million in Revenue | Michael Clark | Skillshare

How to Grow your Business from $1 Million to $2 Million in Revenue

Michael Clark, CEO, Father, Consultant.

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13 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Don't End up in an Ambulance (Vid #1)

    • Keeping Profitability High (Vid #2)

    • Hit the Right Level of Quality (Vid #3)

    • Systematise Everything (Vid #4)

    • Outsource Like a Master (Vid #5)

    • Winning Mindsets: Goalsetting, Balance & More (Vid #6)

    • Rethinking Minimum Viable Product (Vid #7)

    • Smart Thinking Creates Results (Vid #8)

    • Mastering Company Culture & Health (Vid #9)

    • Consulting is Like Steroids (Vid #10)

    • Smarter Growth Planning (Vid #11)

    • Your Project for Big Results (Vid #12)

    • You've Got This, Go Get 'Em! (Vid #13)


About This Class


This course teaches you how to double your revenue.  At About to Fly, our team of business profitability experts wants to help entrepreneurs and CEO’s make the jump from $1 Million in revenue to $2 Million. CEO Michael Clark discusses all the moving pieces in the process of growing a business, covering topics like the minimum viable product, winning mindsets, the art of delegating and outsourcing, healthy company culture, and much much more.

In the course you'll learn:

  • How to increase your business's profitability
  • How to get optimal customer satisfaction without skyrocketing costs 
  • How to create and sustain a healthy company culture 
  • How to plan for growth the smart way 

Why should you choose our course?

We give straightforward, practical advice you can implement right away. We’re not saying that you’ll double your revenue overnight— but you will develop a mindset that will transform the way you make business decisions, and within 3-6 months, lead to significant business growth.





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Michael Clark

CEO, Father, Consultant.

Hello, I'm Michael. I'm one of the founders of About to Fly, a profitability consultancy helping business owners increase profits and cut hours at the same time. We help business owners implement certain strategies and tools to make their companies run in a smoother, more hands-off way. I'm also the CEO of Big Improvements Tutoring, a tutoring company with nine locations all over Australia. It's a business I built from the ground up and learned a lot from, and I'm excited to share those insig...

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