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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This Course will run you through the step by step process I use to create & grow an endless audience around whatever niche/topic you're interested in.

You'll learn to create a Facebook Fan Page based on that topic. You'll then learn how to come up with content ideas.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to leverage Facebook the right way to grow your audience and scale up to whatever size fan page you're looking for.

This Course details the exact strategies I've used countless times to build a fan page. It's a lot simpler than you might think.

Enroll today. No matter what niche you want to start growing a page around, you're only a few steps away...

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1: our guys. So I'm gonna show you today how you can grow a Facebook fan page around any niche, regardless, one of of what it is on basically grow to an unlimited amount of followers and people that like it and then use that for whatever you know, the reason you see fit. Maybe you want to, you know, just grow a fan page. Maybe you want to use affiliate marketing in that specific niche. Maybe you just want to grow it so that you can travel and have a bunch of people you know, pay for it and stuff like that. Now, this is an example of one that I used to dio. It's around venture travel on it's called vacation Spots. And what I basically do is I post different vacation spots here on this post, and people follow and they like it Now there's a bunch of different ways that you can do this, but I'm gonna show you a way that's full proof that works, and I've done it with about five of them. This is one of them, and clearly I didn't scale this up. This is one that used to test ads on for adventure travel when I was basically doing social media marketing for an adventure travel company that was relatively close to me. But I'm gonna touch on how you can grow any fan page. We're just gonna use this specific one, and I'm gonna show you how to grow it. And then you can take that and mold it and modify it towards whatever and me she want to get started. So this won't cover this. This entire course won't cover. You know, the nuances of how to actually create it from business manager. It's a relatively simple. You just need to sign up for a business that facebook dot com account. And then you can basically create a fan page and you know around whatever niche possible it's it's literally not. It's not difficult. I'm not going to solve intelligence and basically assume that you don't know how to do that because the majority view, if you're watching this, should know how to do that. And if not, it's very, very simple. You just go to business dot facebook dot com and sign up. So this specifically has about 2000 followers, and I literally just started re posting to it about a week ago. Now, I posted four posts and, you know, gotten a little bit attraction here, and I'm gonna show you how I would potentially grow this Like I said, So you can go ahead and take that to, you know, whatever niche or fan page you want and the way that you basically do this regardless of what you're told. And I've done this across the board, I have an entire Facebook adds course and Facebook marketing course on. If you're looking for that, that's always linked on my website. BG media innovation dot com, under the BGE University tab and all those discount courses and discount links to my courses will be at the end of this course in the bonus lectures, which is that last white article essentially on. You know, you could basically go to be Jim University from there or, you know, simply search it. But the reason I'm telling you that is because if you're looking for a more in depth study on Facebook ads and how to basically home down your demographics than that courses for you , But regardless of what your people tell you, you don't actually need an in depth. You know, Facebook add knowledge to grow a Facebook fan page. Now, that's you know, if you're trying to be profitable with an ad to an outside or external website, then you're gonna need something like that. But if you're strictly trying to just grow a fan page on Facebook, it's not that difficult and all you really need to dio you don't need Teoh spend money on ads. But you do need to spend money posting, you know, on your potential post, and you only need to spend a dollar a day. Now, I promise you, if you spend a dollar a day, you're gonna identify your demographic and then once you find that one post that one post that is really that's literally all you're doing, you're gonna post you know, consecutively. Every single day, you're gonna boost that post to a certain demographic that I'm gonna show you. You're going to slowly home down that demographic. We're gonna go through that process, and then from there you're going to slowly get better and better and better and more reach . You know, you'll reach more people with less money, and as soon as you see that your spending, you know less than a penny per post engagement. Then you're going to turn on the heat and the fire because then that's where you get the most bang for your buck. And that heat and fire comes in the form of money so you could turn. You could pour like I said, a dollar a day, But then once you find that out, you're literally spending, you know, it could be like 1/4 of a cent, and that's like I think the lowest I've gotten is like 1/3 of a cent. But it was really, really, really low. And then literally for about every like on my page or every follow I was spending less. I was spending 1/3 of a penny or 1/4 of a penny or something like that, and so you can scale that up and imagine if we just take a calculator it here and you wanted to get to 100,000 people following your pager on that nation. You finally identify that demographic, then how much would you have to for 1/4 of a penny? Or I believe it's ah, 100 or whatever that number is a penny, obviously is, You know that. But sometimes you get lower than that. You even get like, you know, one that looks like that we're spending literally to I think I believe they're called. Uh, I want to say Pence, but I don't really know what that exact number is called, but when you're spending anything under a penny, that's literally where you're gonna get the most bang for your buck. Like I said. So as soon as you see a number that has double zeros next to it, poor on the ads, poor on the money because that's where you're going to scale up because that ad is working and it's finding the most people so specifically, let's just go with 1/4 of for a uh not 1/4 a. What's it called? Let's go. The fourth were not so that would be double zeros in a point too far, a double zeros in the to five would be 1/4 of a penny. And let's just assume that you wanted to scale that up to 100,000 followers, and you finally reached demographic where this was. This is what you were spending to get you know post engagement where you'd essentially, you know, And I'm gonna show you all this again really fast. Just kind of briefly go through with you. You know, all these people that like that you could basically invite them to join. And I'm gonna show you. So you're basically just going for likes initially. And I'm just giving the overview of the course, and then we'll get down into the nitty gritty of it how to actually go through it. I just want you to understand the concept now. So, like I said, let's say assume in the future. You understand what I'm talking about here with the ad spend, and this is what you get. Now, let's say that you wanted to pour, you know, for every engagement, that was what you're spending. And you wanted to pour on, you know, 100 bucks. Let's see what that would turn out. That would turn out That was not Oops. There we go. And you wanted to, you know, get let's say, 100,000 people. Sorry. That was your spending. You want to get 100,000 people. So how much would that cost you? 250 bucks. to get 100,000 followers or 100,000 likes Now, if you wanted to go back and let's clear that again and you wanted to, you know, maybe get 10,000 people, how much would that cost you? 25 bucks. So you literally just paying 25 bucks to get 10,000 Facebook likes in Facebook follows. But the key to that is you have to find the demographic that works. So you'll see here that I spent, you know, on this ad specifically, doesn't it actually shows you here, but this one's still going. I boosted on March 14th and I'm spending about a dollar a day on it and it finishes. I believe at the end of today wasn't that great and only reached her 806 people. But I'm slowly homing down. The demographic will go through that with you. And then as it starts to reach more and more people, you'll see that in your business Manager. That's when you're gonna turn on, you know, literally pour on the money. So I'm testing demographics out right now. We're gonna go through that process with you. And then as soon as I hit something like that. I will just literally, you know, add $100 that ad and see how how fast I'd scale and how many likes I could get. And then I would invite those likes. It's literally that simple. So I'm gonna run through the entire process with you really fast, just to give you a slip a slap. Whoa. Excuse me. A slight overview of how to actually do that. We're basically trying to get likes and post engagement on our posts by boosting them like this. And then what you're gonna do is by all the people that liked it, you'll see are outside of your network. A good majority of them are outside your network. This person are has already like this person I've already invited. But then what you're gonna do is you're gonna invite these people to like your page. Essentially, it's literally that simple. And then, you know, out of those people, maybe, you know, 10 to 20% actually like it. Maybe some of them come back and, like, your post what they follow you. They don't necessarily like your page. But that's how you can grow your Facebook fan page around any niche whatsoever. So first and foremost post every single day, and we're gonna go through an in depth study with this in this entire course. But I'm going to try to keep it as simple and short and sweet as possible so as not to waste your time but give you the most bang for your bucks. You understand how to do it in the shortest amount of time possible? Because one of the things that I've been trying to do lately and one of things I say a lot is you spent your good money for this course You spent money, but you're also spending your time trying toe learn how to actually do this. And so not only do I want to, you know, give you the most bang for your buck money wise that you spend on this course. But I also want to give you the least amount of time that you have toe wearing this because that's also a currency. Both time and money are currencies, and I want you to understand that. So I'm trying to give you, teach you this method in the shortest period of time in the shortest lectures. You know, just to kind of get you to the point where you can do this yourself. And it's not difficult. So we're gonna jump right into all that in a second. But I kind of wanted to touch on that for you here because I'm really, really excited for this and literally any niche, regardless of what it is. If you know what your purpose is, you can grow it up and scale it up once you find your right demographic. 2. 2: all right. So the very first thing that you're gonna want to pay attention to and the very first thing you're gonna want to dio is something that we all already know how to dio. And that's post. So where can you get these posts? You know, obviously, if you're creating them yourself, that's great. It depends on what your niche is, what your purpose of doing it is now. Obviously, I don't travel the entire world. I am getting more more traveled, and I have a camera now and of on camera. But that's neither here nor there. I don't travel the world and take pictures, you know, all over the place. And so I need to find a specific example for this niche how to get better pictures. Now that I can post that, you know, in audience is going to engage with essentially and that I can basically advertising boost those those posts so that people will like them. You know, pictures like this specifically and pictures like this specifically clearly I didn't take these. So where can you go now? Typically, you know, in the past I would go to Google and I would just search for them. You know, a search engine and you can definitely do that. 99 times out of 100 you're knocking 99.9 times out of 100. Honestly, you're not gonna ever run into a problem if you do that. However, I suggest that you go to stock photo sites and basically go to Google and type in stock photos. Right now, there are a bunch of them. You know, I stock photo pecs, ALS picks, obey. There's literally a bunch of them. If you want to go to Google and just type in stock photo website and what a stock photo website is is you know where people basically post pictures and you know you can use those pictures and nobody owns the rights to them. So that's important, because you just want to kind of avoid it, that a potential future issue wants you. You scale because if you plan on scaling this up to like 100,000 likes or 100,000 followers , then you could potentially run into problems as more and more people start to notice the pictures that you're posting. So that's why I suggest taking stock photo sites because you'll never onto a problem on with pictures from stock photo sites. And there's literally thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of pictures that you can, you know, basically post from these, that our great high quality images from photographers already that you can use and utilize your advantage that people are going till like. So this specific example right here is a great picture. Write a post this specific example. This specific example. You know this specific, specific example. Any of these would be great. This is a great one, and basically what you're gonna do is search for you know what your knee shays and things regarding to your niche and you'll see here that I search for Travel Beach. You know, Hotel summer, anything like that. Let's try. Let's try, um, with see what? What's different in that. Maybe vacation would be one of them, and that is literally like the like, the same stuff you could see here. It literally just keeps going and going and going. There's a bunch of great pictures here that you can use now if you're if you had a different niche, you could basically search that. But I'm looking for, you know, potentially a picture that I could post. Now, if you're gonna wanna resize it and get it perfect for Facebook, you could always take it over somewhere like Canada. I use Campbell a lot, and then basically, you just want to resize it. So it's, you know, it's an image fit for Facebook. Now, camera has a bunch of templates that you can use. I suggest that you do that and, you know, you could go to social Media instagram post Facebook Post. I'm gonna go with Facebook Post, because that's the best. You know, in my opinion. And the literally going to give you the most bang for your buck when people are scrolling down there feeds baseball closest is literally the best one. So I was used canvas size them depending on where I'm posting them. Just because if you're gonna run an ad to them, you want that to be optimized so specifically, let's find one that I want to run an ad to. I'm gonna make a post here, and like I said, you're gonna want to post every single day and boost that post two for a dollar a day to a certain demographic then, as you see what works in that demographic, you know, maybe it's like people 18 to 20 that are, you know, from the the UK where maybe it's, you know, women 35 to 50. The Pentagon issue could literally vary across the board. And as he posts for a week, you start to notice that you know, when you're looking at your demographics and your feedback in business manager that, you know, maybe women 35 to 55 from Australia, Europe and you know United States respond to your content the best. Well, then, what you're gonna do is you're gonna turn off all the other adds to other people and just send you know it to them. And then you're gonna see you know what works the best in those in those women 55 to, you know, you know, 40 to 55 or whatever in those specific countries or territories, and then send the ad straight to them and see what works better again and read home down your demographic. Eventually, you get very, very good at it to the point where you can scale it up with some money on one, add, but that's the key. You're looking for that one ad that's really gonna do it for you. So I'm gonna look for, you know, specific Post that I'm going to post here and we'll try to get some likes. Now, which one should we go with? That's a cool Juan. That's a cool one. That's a cool one. This is a really corner here, and basically all I'm trying to do is I'm trying to get likes on this picture. So it's got to be something that can kind of go viral that could be shared, that people were strolling down the newsfeed. It's gonna grab their attention. This is a good one right here, and some of my best ones have been, you know, little like hothouses in the Caribbean like this. I believe I've gotten a couple of, you know, quarter of a pennies from them. That's a great one. This would be a good one, too. That's fine. That really speaks to me, and then we'll go with that and I'll show you what to do with it. Let's go back up. I kind of like this one. I don't know how viral it's it would go. But I kind of like the view there. And it's pretty crazy. Maybe not. Let's go with Where is the other one that I liked? That's that's a cool pick. Cool. You know, colors and anything that's gonna offset, to be honest, offset the colors down. You know somebody's normal news feed. So you know, your oranges, your bright colors are really gonna pop more in people's news feeds. And that's completely, you know, something you want to take into consideration. You don't want to just go with normal, you know, colors that they see all the time because then they won't notice it as much. Even this would be someone good. This little vacation house right here would be probably a good post. But I'm gonna look for a little bit better on it's, too. Let's go with you know what the hell Let's go. That 1st 1 I liked it. I'm just gonna roll it. So at the very least, this will give me information on who is, you know, responding well to my post already basically know who's responding well to my posts. But we're gonna, you know, on this specific page, but you're gonna have to figure that out for yourself, depending on your needs. You know your demographic where you're at and what you're actually posting in the type of content that it that that iss So I'm gonna download this really fast, and then we'll open it up. That waas pixels photo will open that up in Canada in up loads under that Facebook post, obviously. And we'll look for Was that Donald? So really? No, it was downloads and it was a Well, Peter is freaking out. It's running a bunch of software in the background pixels. And there you go. Now we're gonna post it and obviously center and make it good for the Facebook post so that when people are scrolling down their news feed, it really hits home for them. So let's give it a like right there, kind of like that, and we'll save it as test photo view and then download it. And we've just created our post for our vacation spots Now, Like I said, you could go to any stock photo site. You could literally go to a search engine if you want. I just suggest that you take them off. Stock photo sites. So you don't run into any future problems once you scale. Because as you scale like I said before, people will start to notice you more and more. And that's when you run into issues, Not when you first start. Then we're gonna post that which is in downloads. And that was test test photo. Yes, there we go. We're gonna post that. Then you go once. Caption it. And also, you could do this on your There's also absolutely down, though Clearly you have Facebook, but you can't post from Facebook to your actual page. You're gonna download the Facebook page manager app so you could post and then an emoji here and there is also good. Also, if you're gonna hashtags, let's say, for example, I was going Teoh right this post Well, if you're gonna hash tag, I suggest you hashtag all the way at the bottom, like, farther down and then Facebook will cut that. You'll only see right here you don't want maybe post. I suggest 2 to 3 hashtags max. But for the sake of not just kind of showing you I won't do it here. But like I said, if you do hashtag do it down. You don't want hash tag right under. It doesn't look that good. And it won't pop in people's news feeds as well. You kind of want faced with the cut and hashtags not to be visible. Just little caveat there. So let's come up with a cool saying that's gonna entice people to click this or like this or share this. You know what, Maybe, like, what would you do for review like this next weekend? Something like that. Make him think a little bit about it. What would you do for a view like this next weekend and then post it? And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna boost the demographic. Now I'm gonna show you how we're gonna do this in a second. You see, someone just liked one of my images, so we posted it there. What would you do for a view like this next weekend? And then we're gonna boost the post Now, already figured out my demographic and you'll see here that I figured out that my demographic works best from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the U. S. In between ages 14 and 27 I don't have it selected right now. But typically in the past, it was women. So it was girls that were 14 to 27 that were from the Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States, Obviously speaking English, countries that speak English because I'm writing in English and vacation spots is clearly English. And they responded better to my ads in my m my potential post than any other demographic possible. And then slowly I would start to drop the mic and then, you know, as I slowly got more more profitable and more and better, you know, engagement. And you could literally just drop this down right here in total budget. And I'm gonna show you all this in a second when you actually go into creating new audience and show you how to actually do this. You create your audience for these, and then you're slowly tone them down, but that will be in the next one. But then, you know, for your total budget, I'm just gonna keep it at two bucks on that will post over a certain period of days. But if you wanted to change it, you could just go to a dollar and make it for one day. And that's what I suggest. You only need to spend a dollar a day notice that they estimate right now that you could reach about 192,002 1100 people per day, spending a dollar a day to these, you know, potential demographics. And then what you basically dio is you boost it and then it would start. It would start generating. Mawr likes to people that are outside your community. Now, once people start liking and in the next, you know, specific lecture, I'm gonna show you how toe basically create your audience. And then once you create your audience, you're gonna want to slowly tone down that demographically said and that will be the lecture after that. But for right now, specifically, I also want to go into really fast. We just x out of this how to actually get these people to to like your page and your potent and follow you once you actually, you know, get them toe like your photos and your actual posts. So, like I said before, you're gonna want to click into this and see how many people can get invite here and then just gonna invite all the people that liked it. It's literally that simple. And most people don't know that you can do this, what you can. And I have about three posts here of people that I can invite, which is probably another 200 likes or 200 follows, at least because I haven't done any of this yet. Got this post? We've got a stroll down a little bit. We've got this post right here with 20 people on four shares and some comments about this post 190 people with six shares. And I could invite all these people. And, you know, that's what I plan on doing in between lectures. But I kind of wanted to touch on that. That's how you grow it. So you're gonna post boost your posts, and I'm gonna show you you know how to find the demographics. Like I said in the next lecture, and then you're gonna invite the people that, like that post to your page until, like, your page and follow your page, and that's how you're gonna grow your page. And then, like I said once you find that that one post that's really, really profitable. That's when you pour on the money and scale it up, because that's when you'll see them. You know the max potential growth possible for right now, you're just kind of testing it out and seeing what works as you slowly grow your page. 3. 3: All right. So now I want to show you how to create your target audience because most of you probably won't understand right off the bat how you're gonna boost your posts. So the way that you're gonna boost your post to a target audience is by first creating add to that target audience that you're not actually pay for this sad. But you are gonna create that target audience to save it. Now, I'm in my ads manager from business manager, which is, you know, business. Stop facebook dot com Once you sign up and you can have five at accounts, this is my specific ad account. As you can see, my post engagements right here. You know, two cents a post engagement, three cents post engagement, three cents post engagement. Now I've had if I could scroll all the way down to the past where I used to test this to show the, you know, the other account that I used to manage for social media for whatever reason, I guess it doesn't show my reach of my impressions or my cost per result anymore and the amount that I spent. But you know, because clearly I've paid that it's been a while. But when I used to actually do that, you know, I would get some of them that were, like, 0.2 point 03 And that's what you're gonna be looking for for cost per result. So were you good business manager, And then you want to go to the ads manager in this top little three bars right here. And you won't have any of this because you probably haven't turned on any. You know, you haven't created any ad sets yet, but that's basically what you're going to be looking out for. So you're gonna want to basically go to create and then you're gonna want, um Where is it? It's ah, reach maximum number of people traffic. Get posting gate destination. No, that's not at which one is its engagement. There it is. I was looking for it. I was like, Where is It's not here. It's engagement. So you wanna you wanna go to ads, you create your new ad and then you're gonna go for consideration engagement, And that's basically, you know, send your post out. Facebook's gonna optimize it to get the most people that are more inclined toe like it or engage with it. Share it, you know, comment. And the reason for that is so that you can invite them like I showed you before. Now, what you're gonna do, you're not gonna create a split test. Was not running any ads to try and get, like, profitable or anything like that? You're just gonna, you know, potentially name it. So I'm gonna name this test ad for course, and I'm gonna continue name whatever you want. You something you're going to remember so you can look at the demographic and then, you know, figure out how to do that. Now, here we are in, you know, the ads manager. And like I said, if you're interested in in that course on this, you know you don't need it by any means to do this and scale it up. Trust me. Just need to know how to set your initial audience and search for some things, and then, you know, slowly hunt it down. But if you're looking for an in depth study, like I said, I do have a Facebook ads course on my website, offer it for 10 bucks for my current students and you can go ahead and get that at the end of this course, However you don't need it. So we're gonna create a new audience. And, you know, you can name your car, your audience, whatever you want. Um, basically, what you're gonna do is we're gonna pick locations. You know, I specifically picked locations here where that were English speaking, and that's how I kind of turned it down there. And the way you're gonna do that is by basically either typing in a in a location or browsing to find them so you could browse my country region or, you know, anything like that. But if you wanted to, potentially, if I wanted to, you know, basically just goto Philadelphia, which is the city that I live in You could type in Philadelphia is a city. If I wanted to go to you know, maybe I was in Germany and I wanted to target German people I would have in Germany and I could do the country of Germany. It literally is unlimited. You could literally just type in any location if you want to do it by city. If you want to go by country, it's hard for me to kind of give you a specific, you know, way to do it, because everybody's gonna be in a different niche in a different area with a different purpose. Trying to generate, likes and follows for a different reason. But for me specifically, I did the United States and I also did Nam creating new ones in the United States, United Kingdom because that's English speaking as well. I did. Canada. Now Sweden, I believe I did like Sweden, Finland, some of those other countries that also speak a little bit of English, like skin and navy and stuff like that. But they weren't as good for me. So I stuck with the United States, the United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Sorry, Canada. I think I went to New Zealand. Australia was the other own. And I think that Mexico is pretty good for me too. But I won't put them in just for the sake of showing you here. And then you're gonna want to keep it pretty broad, depending on what you're actually trying to, you know, use your common sense here. Just like you'd use your common sense here. And none of this really matters to too much, you could literally keep it global and then slowly figure out what countries are responding better to you If you want to do it that way, just like you could keep this broad if you wanna keep it. You know all the gender all your age 18 to 65 plus, you know, keep it brought in and slowly figure out who's, you know, it's gonna be a slower process, but then you can slowly figure out who is responding to your ad better and then slowly target it down. Works that way to for me specifically, I'm you know, it depends on what my goals are. So if my goals to create this vacation page potentially were to sell affiliate links, well, then I wouldn't really want to mark my demographic toe like younger kids or people that are like, you know, in their loaded low twenties. Potentially because typically they don't have a lot of money to spend on, you know, traveling or, you know, on affiliate links. So I might want to go a little bit higher. But since my purpose for that isn't actually, you know, cell affiliate links on this I'm just kind of kind to drink. What kind of trying Teoh Generate a following it and build a page that I can basically, you know, sell brand ears, their sponsors or whatever. I'm gonna just I want the most post reach possible. So I specifically know that about 14 you know to about I think it was like 24. 27. We'll keep it low, because obviously I'm not trying to market the 14 year olds or anything like that. But we want to get all these people in here to see who responds the best of 15 16 17 18 1921 22 23 etcetera. You get the point, and I put it to like 30 specifically. Maybe we're gonna like 30. We'll go to 35 and I know specifically that women also respond better, but we'll keep it all just to kind of show you on. And then slowly, as I post more and more every single day, I would slowly figure out what age groups respond best, and you mix the ones that aren't responding well. And what gender responds better. And if one specifically responds a lot better to your niche or your posts than you know the other one. Then that's potentially what you're gonna want to focus on when you narrow that demographic down too. So I'm gonna take in English as language, English, all it could be different, depending on what you're going to potentially market it to. And then here is where your detailed targeting matters. So now you finally have all this. You can keep this broad if you want, or you can kind of slowly hone it down. If you're unsure, I suggest keeping abroad, like I said before, and then you can slowly hone it down. Now, your detailed targeting is where you're gonna make your money. So what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna browse these and really familiarize yourself with these these type of you know, the demographics, the interests and behaviours. Not so much more categories. There can be some good ones in more categories, but you're really gonna focus on interest, demographics and somewhat behaviors, depending on what your niche is and your purpose. And if you have any questions on how to actually target that potentially drop either. A comment in the Q and A on the course message me on UNIX platform or shoot me an email to Brian. That's Bryan with a Y at BG Media Innovation at com. And I would love to honestly help you out with that. But for specifically, I just want to kind of touch on these, you know, depending on what your niche is, it might be different. But I'm just gonna run through a couple of these that I might target for vacation spots. So you see, if we look right here in demographics, there's a bunch of different things. You know, I don't necessarily want to target any target, any education level. You might. I don't want to target any specific financial level because I'm not, you know, like I said, trying to sell anything. But if I were, maybe I would want to go, you know, with an X amount of income. And these are all things that you can play around with. Check them if you want on check them if you don't, and that will. Slowly, as you see here, if I wanted to tow potentially sound of anybody making over $100,000 a year or more, what I would do is I'd come down and check everybody that was above that, right? It's that simple. Literally. Go down the list and just check everybody that was above that, per, you know, different country. And then what I would do is that come back in and I would say, narrow my audience. You can also exclude people too, so you can continue to add things here. If you wanted to potentially add another one. You know, you could go into Maybe you want people wet that only our single mops, you know, Then you would find single months or, you know, maybe you're marketing a you know, a baby product. And you really don't think that men are gonna buy too many potential strollers or baby bags ? Something like that you could market to, You know, corporate moms you could market to soccer moms. You can market to stay at home moms. You could market to new moms. Clearly, they're going to be typically have, you know, an interest in buying baby stuff. Maybe you have. You know, it's so broad. It's hard to kind of give you a specific example, but I wanted to kind of touch on a couple of these demographics and clearly you can see how many people are in these potential list. So if I wanted people parents that all parents with preschoolers, there's about 12 out, 12,132,809 people in that demographic in that description on Facebook that you could potentially target. So let's say I wanted to target parents for whatever reason, with preschoolers and parents with early school aged Children, for whatever my reason was that I was trying to grow this page that all make above 100,000 year from these countries will slowly start to see my potential reach get narrower and narrower, narrower, narrower and narrower and narrower. As I continue to add detail targeting, I don't suggest you don't want to be in the tens of millions. Anything a little bit lower than 10 million is good. Anything lower than one million is great, especially when you're only doing a dollar a day that something keep in mind now way that you can really, really kind of honed in your down, your demographic, especially continually adding some demographics here and some interests here. And like I said, if I wanted to add interest or behaviors and maybe potential. You know, maybe they have a history of buying, you know, whatever it is for for baby products. And you could basically go into consumer classification. Maybe you wanted to, you know, people that, like baby products will. Then you want to go into digital activities. Like I said, look at these. Familiarize yourself with them and then it's really easy to kind of target things that you think that they'd be more inclined to like. Now, this is good because you want to keep it relatively broad initially. And then you're gonna slowly like I said before, in the next lecture. Like, I'll show you how to target. You know how to hone down that demographic. So you get more and more, you know, bang for your potential, buck. But just gonna show you there. I wanted to touch on that. Now, if you wanted to get really, really narrow, you could basically say, you know, people that make over 100 grand a year that our parents with preschoolers or parents with early stage, early school aged Children, but also and then you narrow your audience, but also, you know, have a behavior of, you know, charitable donations. I don't whatever it is that you want. Like I said, it's the same thing. It's the same demographics. But then you're essentially narrowing it down. Maybe that you want, like, nurses, and then you go into a job role or something like that. It's really, really hard. Like I said to kind of give you specifics. But just familiarize yourself with these. Try to get anywhere from, you know, under 10 million people all the way to, you know, I would stay above 5 to 10,000 people, and then you'll slowly start to home that demographic down and then simply save your audience. You're not actually gonna go continue, you know, onto all this. You're not really too worried about any of this. I suggest keeping it when you're when you're actually you know, you're just basically, we're focused on you know, your audience. You're not really focused on the placements. If you wanted to get fancy with the placements, you could, you know, basically suggest feeds. And then, you know, I don't ever do instagram because you're focusing on growing your page. But you know you don't want toe you. I suggest giving it mobile and desktop. Some people will say Jessica Mobile, but I think that's nonsense. I've seen a lot of engagement on desktop to. So, Like I said, don't worry about any of that other stuff. Just focus on narrowing down your demographic to recap you want to basically name your audience So you remember what it ISS. Then you're gonna, you know, select your location, your age and your gender. If you want to go narrow. If you want to keep it broad, that's up to you. Depending on your goals, select your language and then figure out what demographics, what interests and what behaviors you want in your detail targeting. Then simply save the audience. Now, when you save that audience and you go back to post your initial post like I showed you in the last lecture, you're gonna be able to boost that post to that audience because that audience will be saved from your audience. So if I wanted to boost this again specifically, you know I could use the audience that I have now, or I could, you know, potentially go into a see all my audiences and that audience that you created what? Whatever you named it would be right here for you to choose. Or you could simply create a new audience from here. If you didn't want to go with that, it's that simple. So that's how you do it. That's how you essentially, you know, create your first target audience. And then in the next you know, potential lecture. I'll show you how to slowly home that down. So you get more and more profitable to find that one potential ad that's really gonna make you the most bang for your buck. 4. 4: Okay, So now I want to show you how to hone down your demographic once you actually run an ad. And here I am, in the demographics. So the way they're gonna get that is going back into your ads manager and you'll start to see all your posts in your ads Manager under campaigns. And clearly, if you haven't ran a post that you won't see this. I suggest running, you know, 123 potentially initially. So you can kind of look at all of them and kind of gather data from all of them because it can kind of very post the post. But you should start to see consistent numbers overall on what's working towards what demographics and vice versa. So just to give you an example really fast, if I was pulling data from, you know, these three posts right here, I would look at them all and I go to view charts on these posts. Like I said before in my ads manager on her campaigns, you'll see the posts that you posted now view charts, and I'll start to see that under my demographics. You know who responded best to this? And it doesn't look like 25 to 34 people aged 25 to 34. Whether they're men or women responded to this at all. It doesn't look like 18 to 24 year old men really respond to this too. Well, only about 3% and 5%. And it doesn't really look like, you know, women even 18 to 24 responded to two. Well, where? My boast bang for my buck was was 13 to 17 You know, pretty much women, but, you know, I'm gonna keep it, you know, because I can, you know, three posts three days isn't necessarily enough to speed 100%. Sure. I'm gonna kind of want to keep that 3 to 3 days to a week, potentially before I'm sure, and I really, really honed it down. But once I saw that for a consistent week, if I really, really wanted Teoh, I could just go women 13 to 17 and then I would really get the most bang for our buck. And, you know, obviously the majority people that come came and like, my posts in my page would be women 13 to 17. But, you know, that's where you're getting the most bang for your buck, so it's going to vary from the Eastern mission of yours. Could be, like 34 of the 44 year old, and then it really depends on your niche on your posts. Who's responding on what your goals are? But then when you finally figure that out, you know, maybe let's take another will get a taking one more look in another one. We'll go to the 2nd 1 I did two days ago and similar results. So that would give you that would pretty much indicate, even though men kind of responded well to this in the younger age demographic. So maybe I would keep them for, you know, a couple more days and see if maybe that was just, you know, specific to those two posts or if it was a trend, and now I could kind of see that over time. But clearly, 25 to 34 wasn't responding that well. 18 to 24 didn't really respond to to well, to this one. But, you know, I might keep 18 to 24 just going forward, and I might keep this for a couple more days unless I saw that it really wasn't responding . And then, you know, I would, you know, potentially x that out. I'm gonna show you how to do that in a second. But let's check the last one just to kind of show you and give another example. Okay, so this one's a great example. You know, 25 to 34 year old women still not responding. 25 to 34 year old men, Okay, Responding and okay. Responding in the 18 to 24 year old age groups on both sides to So that's something to keep in mind. And then, obviously with age, this looks like a good indicator for the men's side, so I would probably keep them on. We might just run this post to 13 the 17 year old, both men and women, and see how they responded to that. Now, another key indicator that you're gonna patronage attention to with all these posts is your placement. You know, where were these people actually looking? And specifically, you know, maybe it depending on if you were doing it mobile and desktop, and you'll see that I have mobile, and that's stop here, you know, you could check on you know whether or not your mobile or your desktop was actually performing better and then kind of home that down. Now it's also important to recommend or recognize What did you do that where you know what specific, you know, country it is, too. So you can also look at those things in your demographics too, as well. You know, I'm not gonna bore you and basically insulting intelligence. But it's all right here in view charts. And then what you're gonna basically dio is gonna come back to your post and next time you post something else, Let's specifically didn't do that. Let's go back and, you know, pretend that I posted this one. It was brand new, and I wanted to boost this post specifically for the first time. But I wanted to switch my demographic a little bit differently this time because I noticed that it wasn't really responding to a certain age group. So let's pretend and use the information that we had that I just looked at. So what I would do is that go people you chose through targeting. And then I would edit that and I could lift This is exactly where I changed that demographic. So I might, you know, change it to women that were 13 to 17 this time under all those locations and type them in under all those demographics and type them in. And then I would save that audience and it would tell me how many people have potentially reach. And then I would go through and see how that responded. And then with that data, I could form a better conclusion on what is working and what isn't. And then, you know, on my next post re kind of home down my demographic and that's what your base gonna want to do, you're gonna want to go in your ads manager and check your charts to see what demographics and, you know, basically, locations are performing best for your ads and your niche, and then you're gonna basically tone that down and hold that down, you know, on your new post until you get that one ad, that one ad that makes all the difference. That's all you're looking for. The one ad that has a cross per result that you're looking for, you know, under a penny. And that's when you're going to boost that in your in your page for mawr and turn up the fire, you know, so to speak. So if you want to put $10 on it, you want put $50 on it, you want to $100 on it, just do the math, and that will show you how much you know how many people are gonna potentially like that and engage with it, depending on how many how much you're spending on that at. So it's gonna very obviously if you have any questions on this whatsoever. Like I said, either message me drop a question down in the course Q and A. Or shoot me an email to Brian. That's Bryan with a Y at BG media innovation dot com. But that is how you home down your demographic and figure out what is working for your niche, your posts and your page 5. FB Pages Outro & Project: So there you have a guy's. That's how you basically take a Facebook fan page and scale it up to whatever number and amount of followers and likes that you're looking for around any niece. You could do this in any and each any subject area. It's all the same. It's about finding that that specific post an ad that's really, really, really gonna give you the most bang for your buck and then scaling it up with the fire and money. That's how you do it. That's how I built several of them. That's how the top people on Facebook are building their Facebook fan pages. I hope you like this course. I really, really try to give you some value here. You can take this and apply to any niche. So I hope you do hope you take this information and you utilize it. Take action on it self for your course project. I want you to obviously you know, the first thing you have to do is create the Facebook fan page. But if you already have one, I want you to post. If you don't, you have a brand new one that you're just creating, create your first post and then I want you to Once you Once you find that post that is, you know, it doesn't have to be 10.4 But once you find one that's like a penny, boost it a little bit and see what your demographics see what your numbers look like and then post those numbers down below or attach them to the course. So I hope you guys like this course, and with that being said, I'll see in the next one.