How to Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants | Maddy Osman | Skillshare

How to Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants

Maddy Osman, SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

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7 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction: How to Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants

    • 2. Why Work With a VA

    • 3. Different Types of Help

    • 4. Where to Find a VA

    • 5. Tasks to Delegate

    • 6. How to Delegate: The Basics

    • 7. Useful Tools & Resources


About This Class

My business grew to six figures as a direct result of hiring virtual assistants to help me chip away at projects, do research, and help with various administrative tasks. While watching this class, you'll learn:

  • Reasons why the costs associated with hiring a virtual assistant provide a good ROI
  • How virtual assistants should be classified in terms of employment for tax purposes
  • Where virtual assistants hang out online
  • Tasks to delegate to your virtual assistant
  • The basics of delegation
  • Useful tools & resources to work together

When you're done going through the class, download all the class resources as a handy PDF.





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Maddy Osman

SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

Hey all! I'm Maddy Osman, or as my clients know me, The Blogsmith. I write for high-authority publications like Search Engine Journal, GoDaddy, WPMU Dev, and Sprout Social.

It's hard for me to sit still, and I'm the co-organizer of WordCamp Denver and the Denver chapter of Freelancers Union. I'm also on the board for BMA Colorado in charge of social media.

After a few years in sales, I was feeling unfulfilled and decided to go out on my own. Thanks to many years of blogging...

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