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How to Give an Amazing 10 Minute Foot/Leg Massage

teacher avatar Mike Everson, Instructor + YouTuber

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Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Foot Massage Sequence

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About This Class

In this mini class I'm going to teach you how to give an amazing 20 minute foot massage, 10 minutes on each foot. This is a really fun way to treat a loved one. 

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Mike Everson

Instructor + YouTuber


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1. Introduction: Hey guys, my name is Mike Severson. I'm a registered massage therapist in Halifax, Canada. And in this little mini course, I'm going to show you how to give your partner a really nice foot massage. So let's say they come home and at the end of the day, they're having sore feet. This is something that you can easily do and it only takes about 10 minutes and they're going to feel amazing. So join me for this foot massage class. 2. Foot Massage Sequence : Here's a really nice massage technique for the sequence 2 is to start at the top of the foot, towards the toes. And then you're going to just go all the way down. And this is really nice for the extensor retinaculum. And you're just going to roll around the malleoli and a light touch over the malleoli and then back down into the toes. You can even stretch the toes out here. And then once again repeat and you're going to do this five times. You can move quite fast or you can go slower. I'm more of a fan once again of this kind of slow burn because I just think it feels so, so good. But I'll leave that up to you guys as to what you want to do. Going faster is more of the Thai tradition. And then as you finish the fifth pass, you can just roll up and then traction all the toes. This next step is actually one of my favorites. So it's this zigzagging motion with your thumbs just over the top of the foot. My gosh, this feels good. At the end of the day. I wish I was having this done right now. Is follow that all the way back up. And you want to repeat this 15 times. And you're just kind of envisioning that you're wringing out the foot with your thumbs. And you're being a little bit sensitive in this area because it can be quite bony is a lot of tissue there. So it's more about the movement of the tissue from side to side. And being aware of the pressure that you're placing over the bone. Now that this one with a hooked finger, once again, you can use the flat of your hand here. And this one, I like to use two knuckles. And you're just rubbing from the malleoli kind of down into the heel. You're doing that five times. So getting a nice stretch in that area. And then you could also do some nice little like circular motions which feels really, really good. And you're just rubbing all the way down into the heel. And then after that's done, you can do the same thing on the outside of the foot five times, rubbing down the foot into the heel. And then this is actually one of my favorite parts of this entire sequence. I don't quite know why. I just think it feels really, really cool. And that's it. You can use the flat of your knuckles. And then what you're gonna do is you're just going to rub from the top of the foot into the ankle joint. And it's just a very light kinda gliding pressure. And you're using this kinda downward to upward motions. It's almost as if you're doing it like a little bit of a scrub here or an exfoliation. But just think it's such a unique feeling to have someone's hand doing this. And you can just do this for about five times. But since I love it so much, I tend to do it like 15 to 20 times. Once again, that's up to you guys. You can even follow this up more into the ankle. Yeah. That's definitely one of my favorite techniques. After you've done that, what you're gonna do is take your thumb or your fingertips. And you're going to press in between the tendons in between each toe. So we'll go down there and do this five times. And I was talking to Kate as we were filming and she was saying that this is definitely one of her favorites or slotting up five times. And then just you want to follow that along in-between each of the toes. So then here, slide down. Once again five times. You can use your thumb. I find sometimes I'll use my thumb if I have someone who has a bigger foot, but Kids Foot is quite small in comparison to my large hand. So I'll use fingertips when I need to get more specific with someone who has a smaller foot and I'm rolling down and just getting in-between the tendons so you can split the toes apart just to create more space. You can even kinda like visually see the tendon there. And that makes it a little bit easier to get in-between both of the tendons and break up all of those fascial adhesions and little scar tissue that builds up in this area. Now we're gonna move into the massage portion for the lower leg and the traditional tae and saw sequence, they'll roll up the leg sequentially to look, go up one time like this, and then go a little bit more medial and then even more medial of the thumb. And I find that this can be quite strenuous on the thumb joint. So I like to take three fingertips and then I'll start just above the ankle and then I'm moving up towards the knee and you're slowly breaking up all of those adhesions. And this is really nice because you're working in the soleus, which is a very important muscle. And it plays a strong role and returning blood from the leg to the heart. Another thing you could do here is these kind of circular motions. And it's nice to work the tissue in different ways. If you just work up like this, you're kind of pulling the tissue in one particular direction. But it's nice to kind of break it up at different levels and just work it in different patterning is a really nice one for the knee. People who are runners are really going to appreciate this technique. So what do you can do is hook in above the kneecap with once again the flats or your your knuckles. And you're just hooking in being a little bit sensitive in this area. Then you're rolling around the kneecap. Once again being a little bit sensitive here. And you're just stretching out the tissue. Traditionally in time sars, they will use a eucalyptus based bomb at this point. And that feels really, really nice. We have that in the clinic here. And it also just smells amazing. So you're adding that extra layer of aroma therapy to the treatment, which is a very tie her reflex ology thing to do. And you can do this five times and you're just kinda stretching all the tissue over the knee. It's kinda like a nice lymphatic drainage technique as well. It feels really nice. So with this technique, what you wanna do is hook your fingers. And then you're going to grab the leg underneath the calf and then you're going to kind of spread down the leg. This is a really nice massage technique, not even just for this tie sequence, but this is something that I use in my practice all the time. So you kind of grab on here and then you can split the gastroc heads with your fingertips. Russia, you guys much as possible. And you're splitting the heads like that as you're doing that. So I'm rolling down the leg here. And as I roll down the leg, you're stretching out all that tissue. And then once you get to around the tendon, you're just going to make sure that you work laterally off the tendon and you're not going to press into it as just something to note. So work down, get all the way down the leg and then stretch it out. And this is a downward stroke only. So once again pick the leg up, split the gastroc heads like so, and then roll down the leg. And repeat this five times in a downward motion and making sure to avoid the Achilles tendon. All right guys, congratulations, we are done the left foot. What do you want to do after you've done that is fold one corner of the towel over, full the other corner of the towel over, and then ring this side around, bring this sat around, and then just tuck in here. And you want to make sure that everything's nice and snug but still loose enough to be comfortable just to keep the folk warm as we're going to move on to the right foot.