How to Give a Sensual Massage: Guide to Understanding a Woman's Body

Elena Pellicano, Sexologist and Aroma Therapist

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6 Videos (21m)
    • Sensual massage introduction HD

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    • Sensual massage lower back HD

    • Sensual massage just the feet HD

    • Sensual massage lies on her back HD

    • Sensual massage review HD


About This Class

This course will instruct any man with a basic understanding where a woman likes to be massaged, how and what additional components can be added to enhance the overall experience in a romantic sense.  Perfect for couples.





Elena Pellicano

Sexologist and Aroma Therapist

Elena was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1982.   At the age of 17 she became very interested in all things related to building harmonic relationships between men and women. This included the study of psychology, sexology, aromatherapy and essential oils. 

Strangely enough, around this same time she was offered the opportunity to work as a model.  After two years living this jet setting lifestyle it became apparent that modeling was not the place to develop authentic or lasting relationships.  She made this conclusion not just for herself, but also after observing the numerous relationship failures among friends and business associates.

This lead Elena to quit modeling and for the next 3 years studied full-time to master her true passions.   After graduation she started her own practice combining the disciplines of aromatherapy and sexology, turning that into a unique profession.  This allowed Elena to experiment and come up with some ground-breaking therapy techniques, never tried before.  The results were meet with overwhelming success!

Soon in Ukraine she was making a name for herself and many high profile clients, such as television personalities and those past modeling friends, started to seek her advice and programs. In the 17 years since, she has helped more than 300 men and women find, start, save, reignite or improve their romantic relationships and increase their sexual health.

In 2012 she met and married her American husband and moved to his home state New York. Shortly thereafter gave birth to their beautiful little girl.  And now is building and expanding her practice here in the United States to reach and help as many new people as possible.

She welcomes your thoughts, comments or questions anytime.