How to Get a Job as a Web Developer - Start Your Career

Adria Jimenez, Software Engineer, Designer

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16 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course, what will you learn in the Course

    • 2. Choose your Path: Going Frontend, Backend or Fullstack

    • 3. Frontend: technology, languages and skills to know

    • 4. Backend: technology, languages and skills to know

    • 5. Fullstack: technology, languages and skills to know

    • 6. What skills are the companies looking for?

    • 7. Where and how to find web developer jobs

    • 8. Work from anywhere. Where to find remote web developer jobs

    • 9. The importance of making connections

    • 10. How to make your CV stand out from the competition

    • 11. LinkedIn Optimization Tips and Tricks to multiply your contacts

    • 12. How to Create Your Programmer Portfolio

    • 13. Testing your knowledge before the Company Interview

    • 14. The Day of the Interview

    • 15. Skype Call: Interview With Andrea from Human Resources

    • 16. Course End and Next Steps


About This Class

This course will give show you and teach you ways to get a job as a web developer taking into account that you are starting, or you want to get a better web developer job.

If you are reading this, it's probably because you have already some web development skills and knowledge, and you've decided to go one step forward, a make a living out of it.

I'm glad you're here; I'm Adria Jimenez a web and mobile developer and designer with more than ten years of experience in the field.

During my career as a developer, I had the pleasure to work in both, small and large companies with different sized teams.

I've searched and changed several times from job, growing and expanding my career as a developer, and I've also hired developers to work for me or with me, in my team.

Now after having all that experience, I work helping individuals to grow themselves, either at skills level or a career level.

I created this course because I have a lot of friends and other students who were gaining a lot of knowledge and learning new skills, but it was really hard for them to make one step further and start making a living from those new skills. There is when I saw that with my experience and knowledge, I could help to make a change in people lives.

At the end of this course, you'll be able to detect the exact skills you are missing to enter the professional market of web developers. You'll learn how to approach the companies, how to distinguish yourself from other possible candidates, where to find the best web developer jobs, how to get a fast ticket to the companies human resources and much more. All the lectures in the course are focused on the purpose of you getting a real job as a web developer.

That's my main goal, and that's why I created this course, I even included an interview with a person working in human resources hiring developers daily, so you can get a deeper knowledge of what companies are looking for.

This course is meant to be like a Swiss Army Knife for the ones who want to get started earning money with their developer skills in a full or part time job or for the ones who want to move forward in their career path.

Are you one of them? Join me inside and start your career as a web developer.