How to Get Your Website and Blog GDPR Ready. | Francene Mullings | Skillshare

How to Get Your Website and Blog GDPR Ready.

Francene Mullings, Your Digital Marketing Coach!

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3 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    • Digital Marketing and GDPR.

    • Privacy Policy and Final Points on GDPR.


About This Class

An essential training to help you get your website and digital marketing GDPR ready. It covers the fundamentals of GDPR and then explains how to conduct an audit to create a tailored strategy. You will then learn how to make the necessary and recommended training to comply with new law. There is also a 6-page workbook to help you apply everything that you should complete. 





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Francene Mullings

Your Digital Marketing Coach!

I am a full funnel digital marketing strategist working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create, implement and improve a high-performance digital marketing plan. 

Working as a Digital Marketing lecturer and workplace coach, I prepare apprentices and in-house teams to develop their careers and grow the companies in which they are employed. 

I am the author of the highly endorsed Digital Marketing planner used by both businesses and training providers. 

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