How to Get Started as a Writer Without Clips | Alina Bradford | Skillshare

How to Get Started as a Writer Without Clips

Alina Bradford, Freelance Writer and Writing Coach

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5 Videos (30m)
    • Video 1: Intro

    • Video 2: Getting Clips the Easy Way

    • Video 3: Another Way to Create Clips

    • Video 4: How to Post Clips Professionally and Get Free Photos

    • Video 5: How to Create an Awesome Portfolio...and a Bonus


About This Class


One of the questions I hear so often from new freelance writers is:

“How do I get writing gigs if I don’t have any clips? And how do I get clips if I can’t get any gigs?”

It seems like a catch 22, but you can overcome this obstacle and create an amazing portfolio by following the guidance of this class.

This is the same technique I used to create a portfolio that helped me snag big name clients such as MTV, CBS, eBay, Zappos, Yellow Pages and many more.

The class will cover how to create fresh clips, even without a gig and how to organize a beautiful portfolio...for free.





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Alina Bradford

Freelance Writer and Writing Coach

Okay, so here's a little bit about me.

Since 1998, I have written for publications and businesses big and small. Some of my more notable clients are CNET, CBS, MTV, eBay, StubHub, Real Beauty, Yellow Pages, Live Science and Zappos. You can see my portfolio at

That's enough about me. Here's what I can do for you! I use my almost two decades of experience as a freelance writer to help others achieve their goals as a writer.

In addition to my...

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