How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog | Theresa Christine | Skillshare
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7 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction to Class

    • Preparing for Sponsorship

    • The One Tool You Need for Sponsorships

    • The Forms of Sponsorship (and $$$ talk)

    • Finding and Approaching Sponsors

    • Keeping Sponsors Happy (and Sponsoring)

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

If you've ever wondered how you can monetize your blog with sponsors, then you have found the right course to get you on your way! Throughout the lessons, you'll learn:

  • the one thing you really need to properly pitch to companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs who would be interested in sponsoring you
  • how to find and approach these people
  • the many different forms that sponsorship can take (from guest posts to social media coverage to videos and more)
  • pricing and how much you should charge
  • how to keep your sponsors happy so that you can have a continued relationship with them

This course is perfect for people who have reached the point where they're interested in monetizing but don't know how to do it. It's also suitable for beginning bloggers who would like to pave the way for sponsors once they're a little more experienced.

I'm excited to have you in class! 





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Theresa Christine

Freelance Travel Writer + Blogger

I'm Theresa, a freelance travel writer and blogger living in Los Angeles, CA. Starting my blog, Tremendous Times, changed my life - dramatic, I know, but it's true! Through it, I found my career path, a unique voice as a writer, and a passion for seeing the world.

Have you ever felt totally lost as to what you should write about? Have you been trying to organize content but feeling like any sense of order is slipping through your fingers? Have you wanted some inspiration and direction to...

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