How to Get Motivated Like Olympic Athletes Using "Mental Icons" | Ken Wells | Skillshare

How to Get Motivated Like Olympic Athletes Using "Mental Icons"

Ken Wells, Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

How to Get Motivated Like Olympic Athletes Using "Mental Icons"

Ken Wells, Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Why Should I Take This Class?

    • 2. How to Get Motivated Like Olympic Athletes Using "Mental Icons"

    • 3. Skill Development: Create Instant Drive & Lasting Motivation To Reach Your Goals

    • 4. How to Complete the Class Project

    • 5. How to Leave a Review for This Class

    • 6. Conclusion and Next Steps

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered what Olympic Athletes, Elite Business People, Creative Geniuses and World-Class Performers of all kinds do to motivate themselves to perform at the highest level?

Well, obviously they are talented but what if I told you that you could use the very same techniques they do to massively increase your motivation and achieve your goals?

I'm not saying that you're going to use these techniques and then win 23 Gold Medals like Michael Phelps but I will say that they have proved to be TREMENDOUSLY effective in my own life.

They have helped me to find an inner drive and motivation like I never thought was possible and have completely changed how I motivate myself and approach goal setting.

So, in this easy to digest class you will learn a simple system for not only finding your real "why" but also establishing a repeatable personal process for getting really fired up to achieve your goals.

In addition, there's also a proven method included for re-igniting the fire of motivation for bigger goals that take longer to achieve.

You will also learn:

  • The Engine That Will Drive You To Achieve Your Goals
  • Most People Fail To Understand This and It Stops Them From Achieving Their Goals
  • The Reality Behind "External Goals"
  • What All Goals Have In Common
  • Why Creative Visualization Works
  • The Hidden Truth About How Your Brain Works
  • How to Build Powerful Inner States of Motivation & Drive
  • The 2 Key Pieces You'll Need to Make All of this Really Work
  • Most People Do This and It Limits Them
  • How Different Brain Waves Correlate With Different Mental States
  • What Brain States Are Most Conducive To Creative Visualization
  • Step by Step Walkthrough For Applying The Skills Learned
  • How to Easily Change Your Brain State At Will
  • How to Turn Wispy Daydreams Into Powerful Visions For Your Future
  • How to Instantly Re-ignite Motivation When You Find Yourself Lagging

This class is perfect for you if you're ready to take your life to the next level and are truly ready to make your goals a reality.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and enroll now so you can light that fire of motivation and make life fun again!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach


Ken Wells is an internationally sought after speaker, teacher and coach.  He is the author of 20+ courses and coaching programs on topics such as meditation, personal transformation, online course creation & marketing mindfulness and spirituality.  

To learn more about the "Academy of Self-Mastery" and be notified of free webinars and other events - Click Here

40,400+ students in 168 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.

I teach forward thinking, open-minded individuals how to reshape their perception of themselves. 

This is so they can clearly identify and effectively reach their true goals while finding more meaning, joy and freedom along the way.

Whether that goal is more happiness, ... See full profile

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1. Why Should I Take This Class?: Have you ever wondered what Olympic athletes, elite business people, creative geniuses and world class performers of all kinds due to motivate themselves to perform at the highest level? Well, obviously they're talented. But what if I told you that you could use the very same techniques that they do to massively increase your motivation and achieve your goals? Now, I'm not saying that you're going to use these techniques and then go out and win 23 gold medals like Michael Phelps. But I will say that they have proved to be tremendously effective in my own life. They've helped me to find an inner drive and motivation like I never thought was possible, and have completely changed how I motivate myself in approach, goal setting. So in this easy to digest class, you're gonna learn a simple system for not only finding your riel why, but also establishing a repeatable personal process for getting really fired up to achieve your goals. Now, in addition to that, there's also a proven method included for reigniting the fire of motivation for bigger goals that take longer to achieve. Now you're also gonna learn the engine that will drive you to achieve your goals. The reality behind external goals, what all goals have in common, why creative visualization works the hidden truth about how your brain works, how to build powerful interstates of motivation and drive the two key pieces you'll need to make all of this really work. How different brainwaves correlate with different mental states. What brain states are most conducive to creative visualization. A step by step. Walk through for applying the skills that you're learning how to easily change your brain Stayed at will. How to turn your wispy daydreams into powerful visions for your future and how toe instantly reignite motivation when you find yourself lagging. This class is perfect for you if you're ready to take your life to the next level and are truly ready to make your goals a reality. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and roll now so you can light that fire of motivation and make life fun once again . 2. How to Get Motivated Like Olympic Athletes Using "Mental Icons": In order to reach your goals, you need motivation. Motivation is like the engine that will drive you to the completion of your goals. However, in order to become motivated, we need to understand a bit about what truly motivates us. We need to begin to look more closely a little more deeply into our goals. Toe find lasting motivation. And the first thing to realize is that what motivates us to achieve external goals is actually what's called internal representation and internal representations or simply our imagined senses. It's the things we see. We hear we taste. We smell and feel on the inside of our mind. Now I invite you to notice that all goals have one thing in common. They are imagined future events. When we think of something we want, like, let's say that you were to imagine making $30,000 in your business per month. What is your immediate experience of that goal? Well, for some people, they would picture themselves buying a new home and paying off their debts and then feel a sense of confidence in a burst of energy. They feel that way right now in their physical body, as you are imagining this now for others, they might start to imagine their friends congratulating them or their wife telling them how proud she is of them. And they feel amazing. Understanding this basic fact is the key to motivating yourself. And it's something that professional athletes and world class performers in every field, either consciously or naturally due to motivate themselves. Creative visualization has been used and is used by people like Tiger Woods, former N B. A. Coach Phil Jackson, Mohammed Ali, Jack Nicholson in Oprah and many, many others. The list is too long to mention. Using this process has serious real world effects and implications, and that's why visualization has also been used in elite sports like the Olympics. For many years now, there has been a growing body of research on the subject for many, many years, at this point starting to become more widespread around the 19 seventies, you can look in the resource section for some links that offer a few examples of some of the research done now, Personally, I've used visualization to dramatically increase my current basketball performance as well as my football and wrestling performance in the past. In addition to that I've used it to literally change many different areas of my life, growing my business to overcoming challenges and so on and so forth. But visualization goes far beyond sport. You can use it for anything, and the main reason that it works is because thoughts produce the same mental instructions as physical actions. So said another way your brain doesn't know the difference between something that has vividly imagined in something that is really thought literally effect many cognitive processes in the brain like motor control, attention, perception, planning and memory. However, there are some necessary ingredients to making this process work for you and without the's . Many people find it difficult to effectively produce the results with visualization, and they end up either frustrated, believing that it doesn't work or getting minimal results. So in the next video, I'm gonna give you those ingredients as well as walk you through a step by step process for turning your wispy daydreams into powerful mental movies that get you motivated as well as a technique for reigniting motivation for the long haul. 3. Skill Development: Create Instant Drive & Lasting Motivation To Reach Your Goals: Okay, So how do we use what we learned in the last lesson? To begin to build interstates of powerful and lasting motivation? Well, there's two key pieces that will make everything fit into place. And if you've ever tried creative visualization in the past, but you weren't able to get the results that you were looking for, chances are that you were leaving one or both of these key pieces out now the first pieces involving as many senses as you can and making a still mental picture into a vivid mental movie. Now, this could be challenging for many people because if they're not used to using their brains in this way, it can be sort of an up uphill climb at the beginning. But like anything else, the more you do it, not only not only does it get easier, but it also becomes more effective over time. The other key piece and this is frequently left out of the discussion when people talk about creative visualization is your brain state. Now, this is also gonna make it easier for you to actually get the results you're looking for. So let me give you ah, little more insight into what we're talking about here, and I go into discussing the research around brainwaves and and discussion around various different states of consciousness in depth in my other courses. But for now, suffice it to say that certain mental states are better for having an external focus in certain mental states. Make it much easier to become internally absorbed in the world of thoughts and feelings. And that's really the key, because again, you need to make your mental movies very rich and vivid. That's going to create the feelings of motivation as well as begin toe literally train your brain for success. The problem is that Dearing are normal waking state of consciousness. Most people spend their hours using only a very narrow band of their available consciousness in the times where they do access. These other states are unintentional. You need to be able to slow your brain down enough where you're still awake, but moving on the scale towards sleep. So it's a state that is in between being wide awake and asleep. You would call this the Alfa State because in that state, your print your brain is actually predominantly producing Alfa waves now This is a state that is characterized by a relaxed focus. Think of what it's like to be deeply absorbed in a movie or a book. Remember the last time that you went to a really, really good movie at a theater? You know that feeling right after the movie ends, when you're walking out of the theater and you almost feel a tiny bit disoriented, almost like you're coming out of a light trance? Well, the fact is, you are. Entrance is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it's a very useful state. So here are the exact steps or the exercise that I want you to perform. The first thing you do is take out your written external goals. Now I'm assuming that you either have these already or you wrote some down after the earlier lessons with Patrick. If you have not, I want you to pause right now. Take a moment and write down your top three goals that you want to accomplish with your business. And then what you do after that is you want to write down three things. You would see three things you would feel and three things you would hear once your goals air accomplished. Now, if you need further explanation of this or examples, refer to the last video where I provide those examples. Next, you want to change your state. Now, one of the easiest ways to do this is to close your eyes and allow your body to remain still and do this breathing exercise for five minutes. The breathing exercise goes like this. You breathe in through your nose while breathing from your diaphragm, which is where your stomach expands out when you inhale. And to ensure that you're doing that, you can place your hand on your stomach when you're inhaling. What you do is you inhale for a count of three, then you hold for a count of three, then exhale out of your mouth for a count of six and then hold for a count of three before inhaling again. Now, I know it sounds complicated when explained like that, but when you actually experience it for yourself, you're going to see just how easy it ISS. And when you follow these steps, you begin to notice yourself, starting to relax. Now open your eyes after you do that breathing exercise for five minutes minimum. Open your eyes and begin to read over your list of what you would see feeling here. Then what you want to do is close your eyes again and begin to imagine this in detail. Focus your mind on a detail and let it really zoom in on that particular detail. As you continue to become more relaxed in breathing in a relaxing way, you start to really allow your imagination to come alive and imagine your goals. Now you may find that this is a bit difficult at first, but that's only because you're not used to doing this. You have to persevere through the inner voice that tries to talk you out of this. And soon you'll find, as you do this exercise that your imagination becomes really engaged and starts to take on a life of its own, coming up with new things that you weren't even considering before. Now you're gonna know that you're doing this right. When you hit on things that are really, really motivating. They feel really motivating. What you're looking for is an emotional response to your internal movies. That's when you know you've connected with something that really resonates with your subconscious mind. Now, what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to practice this exercise for 15 to 30 minutes at least once per day for 30 days until these visualizations become powerful internal movies. Now, if you miss a day, be easy on yourself and just do it the next time. The bottom line is, the more you do this, the better your results. And the more you're actually training your brain, your building neural pathways in your brain for success. Now let's talk about mental icons for a second. Now, after you've done this for a while, what you can do is you can use your inner movies as mental icons for reigniting your motivation if you're lagging. So all that means is that instead of having to do an entire 15 to 30 minutes session in the future, you can simply think of the picture or the sound or the feeling that reminds you of that inter movie and that will become like a button that you push for instant motivation. The key take away here is that you need to work on your mind the same way that you would your physical body, and this is the key to huge results in your business and in your life in general. Now do this exercise and be sure to leave your experiences, your questions or your challenges in the discussion area. Now let's move on to the next video. 4. How to Complete the Class Project: Now that you've gone to the lessons, it's time to put what you've learned into action. So go ahead and practice what you've learned. And then to complete the project for this class, simply scroll down to here where it says, Start your project, Go ahead and add a title to your project and then in this space here simply include a comment, a question you have or a challenge that you'd like additional help with. And this could be a simple as a description of your experience. Then, once you've got this filled out, simply go down to this button. Click Create project and you're done. Now I invite you to go ahead, and you also have the opportunity to share your project as well on social media by clicking these buttons here or sharing the link to your project. So go ahead and take a moment and complete your class project now and then join me in the next video 5. How to Leave a Review for This Class : a lot of people don't know how to leave a review on skill share. So I wanted to just give you a quick video showing you how you can leave a review and help me continue to improve this class and future classes moving forward. So when you're on your course dashboard here, um, all you do is you go down to this little button here Ah, with the three dots, and then you scroll down to leave a review, and you can put a yes or no thumbs up or thumbs down, and you can include private feedbag, public feedback. What I would encourage you to do is, if you do decide to put a thumbs down for any reason, please leave a public review with some sort of statement of why you chose that so that I I can actually have feedback on how to improve. Um, And if you choose to instead put a thumbs up for the course, I would also encourage you to leave some comments so that I know what I'm doing, right. So again, thank you for your time and join me in the next video 6. Conclusion and Next Steps: congratulations on finishing the class. Thank you so much for enrolling and taking the time to go through the lessons. To really get the most out of this class, I invite you to review and practice this material multiple times. I'm not sure if you're aware, but we only retain about 7 to 10% of information that were presented with one time to really get the most benefit. It's advisable to review the material and practise the exercises at least 10 to 15 times to really get it now. You can also revisit the project area and continue to keep us updated on your progress by posting comments with your experiences, questions and challenges that you'd like additional help with. So what are the next steps from here? If you find this class to be really helpful, I invite you to go ahead and enroll in my other classes and give those a shot as well. Now, if you really enjoyed your experience, I also encourage you to go ahead and share this class with other friends, family members or colleagues that you feel would benefit also. And finally, if you'd like to be notified of free Webinars and resource is that will help you on your own journey of personal and spiritual growth. You can do that by going to my website in joining our email list for the Academy of Self Mastery. And some of the things I would invite you to notice is that the webinars that you're given access to for free the recordings of those air actually used commercially. So you're literally getting paid content for free when you choose to join our email list. So again, thank you so much for your time and for enrolling in the class. And I will see you next time.