How to Get More Job Offers - Interviewing Guide with Interview Preparation & Checklists | Andrew Tye | Skillshare

How to Get More Job Offers - Interviewing Guide with Interview Preparation & Checklists

Andrew Tye, Founder at Seedproof

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20 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Who the course is for, why it's important, and who I am

    • 2. Course structure & how to get the most from it

    • 3. Different types of interviews - learn what to expect

    • 4. Reasons for interviews - know the objective

    • 5. Fit Interview basics

    • 6. Fit Interview questions & topics - be prepared

    • 7. Case Interview basics - know when to expect them

    • 8. Our focus will be Fit Interviews (Case Interviews are unique)

    • 9. The keys to interview success

    • 10. Preparing for interviews

    • 11. Tech Tip: Use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool for networking!

    • 12. Set goals and have a clear purpose

    • 13. Make an strong impression

    • 14. Tell your story clearly and concisely

    • 15. Listen carefully & answer well

    • 16. Recap: Acing your interviews

    • 17. STAR Answer Format - Sample Question #1

    • 18. STAR Answer Format - Sample Question #2

    • 19. Oddball / Brainteaser / Guesstimation Example

    • 20. Take Action to Improve Your Interview Skills Today!


About This Class

The goal of this course is to help you get a job offer for your dream job.

To get great offers you have to ace the interview, so this course shows you how to do that. More than just covering interview etiquette, the course will explain what REALLY matters in interviews from my perspective, and I've been involved in many, many interviews on both sides of the table. The course can help you in your career development so you are more prepared for all interview situations and more likely to get your dream job offer from the interview.

Why this course is valuable to you:

  1. It explains the goal of most interviews so you can actually prepare correctly
  2. It explains the different types of interviews so you aren't caught off guard
  3. It shows you how to prepare for interviews so you have confidence and can relax
  4. It shows you how to act during the interviewer so the interviewer is at ease
  5. It gives you many possible interview scenarios so you have an idea of what to expect
  6. It gives you several examples of how to answer questions to get you started
  7. The course goal is to help you Get Your Dream Job

We will go through some sample interview questions, but the goal of this course is not to provide possible answers for potential interview questions! Instead it is about giving you the tools you need to answer any question you're asked, and make a strong impression regardless of whether you practiced 200 sample questions or not.

Who should take this course:

  • Students looking for internships
  • Students looking for full-time roles
  • MBA students
  • People interested in Career Development
  • Working professionals thinking about a new role or a new company
  • Anyone that would like to learn more about interviewing

Course structure:

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Interview Basics: Types of, Reasons for, Formats, Types of Questions
  3. Interview Preparation
  4. Interview Mastery
  5. Interview Checklists: Recap and Handout
  6. Interview Questions: Examples worked out
  7. Next Steps: Landing Your Dream Job & Being Successful