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How to Get Donations Streaming Games!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. How to Get Donations Streaming Games

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About This Class

See the system I use to get donations at from my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitch, and Beam!

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1. How to Get Donations Streaming Games: If you want to earn money playing video games online, you might like this system I have up on my website right now. The beauty of this system is that you don't need ah bunch of people to go through this system with you for it toe work. So I'll show you here. This is jerry banfield dot com slash friends. As you can see, what I've made is a little online gaming community, the basic idea being that this page list the friends who already play within the games I'm currently playing. And if you want to appear on this page than you need to make a donation to appear on this page. So the cool thing is, I've kind of game ified giving donations. Giving donations kind of stinks and is a waste of time in a lot of ways with a lot of gamers, because you don't get anything out of it. If you want to live stream games online and you want to get people to play with you and make money off it. To me, this seems like a pretty straightforward way to do it. Based on my experience doing it this way, I'll scroll down here. So these air, the friends, these air friends I've played with for a long time. So I've made a leader board of the friends, whoever has been friends, the longest and then what I've got here, I show the donations people have made in order to get on this page. This means the people above were free. Now, these air people who've donated and paid money to get on this page here you can see the donation amounts in the basic system I've done for accepting donations, starting at 20. And then you get ranked based on warrior at with people giving the most, being able to rank the highest. Then what I do, I'm willing neither play by myself or just of my friends were randomly matched people. And then I have the leaderboard here encouraging people to donate and make it competitive. This way. There don't have to be a lot of donations. You can see six donations here, totaling up close to actually maybe even over $200. If I can do the math really quick, that looks like close to Ah, $200. How much is that? 90. And then you've got It's like all close to $200 in donations right here. And these all came in within a week or so. Me starting this new system. The nice thing is, I then have six people have given me money and exchange that. Then they want to play with me. So I'm willing someone's given me 20 or $40 to play with me. I'm willing to add them is a friend and kind of give them a chance. Put up with them, invite them to games, get them to know my friends, etcetera. When your are making a new channel, you might just start out if you want to, I will go show you my YouTube channel. You'll see that I don't exactly have a brand new YouTube channel or anything like that. I've got a YouTube channel with 10 million views and 80 some 1000 subscribers here. So obviously this isn't my first time with making a video or to online. I've got over 1000 videos up The nice thing with this system, though, Even if you start out using this system from the beginning, you can then discourage people from playing with you. If you want to, Or you can say maybe the 1st 10 people I'll play with for free and everyone else has to join. What I think school about this is all of the different payment methods that can be used and the fact that it actually works to put some donations into a context of being useful. Imagine if you watch Dreamers online. Imagine of your favorite streamer had a system where you could just give them money and actually get invited to their games. I'm not aware of any streamers that currently have a simple system like this set up that tells me exactly how much money I have to give to be the very top donator to be the person who gets the highest priority invite to new games and then what I'm able to do with all these donations. Then I'm able to offer perks. I offer ah, free champion or skin every time our game is lost. I've got that invitation up there, and then I explain all the benefits that are provided as a thank you for being on this page and then what I can do whenever anyone asks Jury, do play games with viewers, then Yes, I can just throw this up there and say, Look, you go to Jerry bed filled dot com slash friends and you could get a game in with viewers right there. That's all you have to do to get a game in with me is go to jury banfield dot com slash friends. Then once you go there, then I've got the whole system. I've got a bunch of questions answered and this is all nicely done with my WordPress theme . It makes things like this pretty easy. And then I've got cool, different ways to buy it. So I know with around ah, few 100 a day and sales that my website works good to take payments. Therefore, I just have a nice option on here. You click view product using my WordPress theme and woo commerce. Then you can just add this to your cart as something you want to buy on my website along with other courses. So you just add this to cart and then you are able to get a on the leaderboard that way, which on my website, I then take stripe, which processes credit card payments. I take PayPal and then I take Bitcoin. This gives a lot of different people the opportunity globally to pay for a membership. That way, then I've got a direct PayPal link for people just want to go straight through pray. Palin put a message in. I've got a nice gaming for good link here for people who have a twitch account. These are the three basic ways I've gotten the majority of my donations, all three of these different methods. And then I've even got a new thing up here for people who just have cash because so many people say, Jerry, I don't have cash. I I've got or people say I do have cash but I don't have a credit card. I don't have Bitcoin. I don't have PayPal often because they're not even 18 years old. Yet a lot of people watching gaming videos, they're going to be a lot younger, and I still want to give them away to donate. So I literally just put my address up, which is actually a P O box. But it's a UPS post office box, so it actually gets a residential while commercial address instead of a P o box. It gets a physical location address. I've got this in here then. So if you send cash in an envelope and I give instructions, use one of these priority mail envelopes with delivery confirmation. Then you have proof I've got it. Instead of just sending cash in an envelope, maybe someone takes it. Then I've got all the frequently asked questions down here, too, explaining various things like Do courses count, etcetera. I'm happy with this new system, even though if you go over to the videos on my channel, you'll find a lot of people did not like this new system. And this is with many things in life. You are aren't going to necessarily just please everyone. So I'll show you the video. Here. You can see 80 dislikes on it. There's tons of aggravated comments. The fact is, the system works for me. It gets donations, and and it works for other people to have clear expectations. If you want me to play with you, then you use jerry Bayfield dot com slash friends. If you don't want to play with me bad enough to give me at least $20 then there's no reason you should play with me just go play with everyone else in the world who is willing the game with you. If you want to play with me, it's a specific experience. I hope this set up is useful for you to see a complete system you might be able to use to combine taking donations in a way that makes it worthwhile. I find that if you're trying to game online, it's really difficult to build up a following, so I'll go show you my twitch following here. It's very difficult to build a following up on twitch. I've got a thousands of people have visited my channel. I've got about 1600 followers here and 66 videos up. And even with all that, I'm lucky to have anywhere from 2 to 10 people watching at a time. If you're hoping to get partner on twitch, the threshold is 500 at a time. So as you can see, even with all that I've got here, I would need tohave, maybe 50 to 100 times more followers to be able to watch at a level where I could then apply to be a partner. It's pretty difficult to get a lot of people gaming. The key thing. If you want to be able to spend time gaming, you need to be able to make money from your time gaming. And the obvious wave that I see to do that is just to funnel donations. Because if you make a lot of great videos that people love, people will donate to you for all of the donations into a place where their social proof. So if someone else considers donating when they go on my website here, they can see exact gamer tags of who else is donated. How much they've donated. This may not be greatly impressive to start to. Some people now imagine this done over years, the leaderboard keeps getting bigger. There keep getting to be people higher numbers. Occasionally, someone wants to commence straight at the top spot when it's 100 or 200. If you start off and build a system like this from the beginning, then you also don't have the awkward transition. If you're trying to do gaming videos and get famous gaming or get a lot of people watching you, if you just start adding everyone for free like I did, I did thousands of people as friends. Accepted friend requests encourage adding for free. The more you do that over time, it's unmanageable. In other words, this is something that if I have this, if I don't get any more followers, it's fine. If I get 10 100 1000 times as many followers, I think this system was still work. All I need to do is then increase the minimum threshold. The minimum $20 payment continue to raise it up a Zai ADM. Or And Mawr and Mawr Friends Online. So I hope this system is helpful for you. If you are considering streaming video games, if you're considering doing something that you might accept donations on in the form of videos, then I hope this jury Banfield and Friends system gives you an idea, an innovative solution to a problem that I currently am having. So thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this class