How to Get Better Sleep: Strategies to try starting tonight!

Sara Ifert, Health & Lifestyle Coach | Artist

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Course intro

    • 2. Why is sleep so important to your health?

    • 3. Setting up a bedroom sanctuary

    • 4. How much sleep do you need?

    • 5. Should you eat or drink?

    • 6. Tips for falling asleep

    • 7. What to do if you wake up, or can't fall asleep

    • 8. Class project

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class


Sleep - you know you need it, but for whatever reason you're just not getting enough. Or you're in bed for plenty of hours each night, but you toss and turn and still wake up tired. When sleep is out of balance, it throws everything else off. Sleep is one of those core aspects of health that we need in order to feel our best, and it can lead to health issues if we don't bring it back into balance. Health Coach Sara Ifert from Go Simple Wellness has worked with clients to improve their sleep quality (and quantity), and is excited to share this information with everyone. In this class, you'll learn simple strategies that you can start implementing right away to get a better night's sleep.