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How to Generate Hundreds of Content Ideas

teacher avatar Caitlin Taylor, Copywriter & Content Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro to How to Generate Hundreds of Content Ideas

    • 2. Starting Your Word List

    • 3. Intro to Ubersuggest

    • 4. Starting You Idea Trove

    • 5. For Business Owners - Outsourcing Tips and Advice

    • 6. Best Practices

    • 7. Bonus Section - Keywords Everywhere

    • 8. Thanks & Final Tips

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About This Class

The problem with content is that you always need more of it. While you may be able to list fifty things your prospects should know, the real question is, “what do they want to know?”

Here you’ll learn to find the exact questions your prospects are asking. (Which will lead them right to your website!) This also doubles as your keyword research for boosting your organic SEO traffic.

The class project will get you part of the way to hundreds of ideas. It’s a simple process that can be repeated over and over, but takes some creativity. I’ll explain the whole process. Then the project will be the first round on your way to hundreds of ideas. We will be picking out the most relevant word or word group in your niche, then checking out what questions will draw people to you organically.

This class is for raw beginners, intermediate level content marketers, and anyone stuck on the question, “what do I write next?” Experts in the field are already doing this. So if you’re already a content writing champion, this class probably is not for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Caitlin Taylor

Copywriter & Content Marketing Expert


Hello, I'm Caitlin. I built Taylor Copywriting to help small and medium-sized business owners expand their internet reach. My business goal is to grow your business and write some fun content in the process.

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1. Intro to How to Generate Hundreds of Content Ideas: Hi. Welcome to how to generate hundreds of content ideas in this class. I'm gonna show you how to come up with an endless list of topics that you can write Keep you busy. Months, weeks, years to come. These were gonna focus on what your prospects actually want to know whether than what you think they should know. That will help boost traffic to your site so you can make more sales. My name is Kate Taylor, owner Taylor Copyright. My business focuses on helping small and medium business owners boost their Web traffic, increase their sales through content marketing specifically through answering questions that people are already burning to figure out this class is for beginners. You don't have any skill comes in marketing. You don't even have to know a content marketing is. It's also for new marketers who want to jump in and really impress their clients with the breath and depth of the content variable to revive. Making their clients more money than making themselves more money in the process also could be for hobbyists. If you have a personal website or hobby website that you just want to increase traffic to fund, you can take advantage of this too. The only tools you need our laptop and spreadsheets upward. You could get away with doing this on a tablet, but it's gonna take a little longer, be a little bit more clunky. Personally, I use Microsoft Excel, even also use Google sheets or what? Any spread shootings? Off work. It doesn't need to do formulas. You just need to import dot CSP file. Don't know what that is. We get to that later, not stressed. 2. Starting Your Word List: so you don't have to do this on paper. But one of my favorite things to do is kind of create a mind map of the words that I'm gonna use. So we start with something like, say, Strahl Aji, That will be my first keyword that I plug in So I can go from there. I could go Zodiac, Or maybe you horoscope just to see what people are doing. And now you can keep filling this out. You can, you know, even maybe branch into astronomy. Goto fortune telling go all through the different signs Some people do Compatibility zodiacs, Uh, you condone branch off in many different directions and you'll create spreadsheets for all of these. Some will be useful. Some will be less useful, but it will help you figure out exactly what directions your prospects are going in. You can do something totally different. We can switch over to say, Let's do life insurance. What do people want to know about this? Do they want to do, maybe turn, Do they want to go for for a minute? Life insurance? Are they looking for, you know, no exam? Maybe they have medical issues and go 100 different directions, and you will plug all of these in to see what your clients want, what questions they have about all of these categories and how you can best serve your niche. Now this doesn't have to be a super extensive list. Don't feel the need to go overboard here. That's kind of going into the time wasting category, because as you punch each of these and we're suggest, it's going to give you hundreds of little things. And you can take all those terms that you can't maybe come up with right now and you'll plug those in, and it'll just keep going and going and going. So keep all of these around in spreadsheet used them as inspiration. And every time you feel like you're starting to run drive, maybe in this example you're running drowned term insurance. What types of permanent insurance do people want? Are they interested in whole life? Do they want indexed universal? And each of these has sub categories. So once you feel like you've exhausted a bubble moved to a new bubble, or if you are really niche ing down hard and maybe you on Li cel, certain types of no exam policies to people with, say, diabetes. You can keep focusing on those. So it's really easy. Just takes a little bit of time and patients and organization. 3. Intro to Ubersuggest: The very first thing we need to do is go to uber suggest that I owe. See, I've been here a lot and then take your list of brainstorm words and type in the first keyword. So we're going to start out with astrology just because it's fun. Sometimes it loads pretty quickly, sometimes not kind of depends on where you are in Internet connection. So this is the overview of your very first keyword, which is astrology. It's not quite as much what you're looking for, because this is usually extremely high volume keyword. So this is the per month search. William. This is kind of, ah, general difficulty of how hard it is to rank for it. Content rating, how hard it is to Rick for in advertising and how much you are likely to pay cost per click advertising. But what we really want is keyword ideas. You have all of these helpful tools here, so start astrology, astrology signs, cafes, own birth chart. These are all things that people are searching for. Ranked by the search volume per month, which is this column again, this is the cost per click the paid difficulty to ring for it. And these search difficulty to break for it. If you forget little helpful things. What he does is he Color codes them. So if you just try to Rick for astrology, you're gonna have a hard times in yellow here. But whites not so bad. But once you get, don't have green these air. Great. So I picked astrology because this is an example of something that's going to be so easy to make for. You're selling astrology products where you need something to sell us. Turn your business. I've been here because it's a huge search volume for a month, super low cost per click and really easy to Rick. No, the right. Our websites there already ranking really well of the estimated visits. Often they think his owner of them is that this article gets shared, which is just ridiculous compared to so many other industries and then the domain score. So what you're looking for is high volume those search competition. Then you go over here and go to these sites and see exactly what their content is because these were gonna be your main competitors. Now we'll see if his team changes it again. I'm I'm sorry, Neil. I liked the old way better before you updated it, cause now it goes to the site, the traffic, everything. I don't want that. I want to click the link and go to, but it's made it extremely difficult and a little cranky about it. Please, please change it back. 4. Starting You Idea Trove: The next thing you want to dio is export to see SV, Click that button, save it suit or dust hall. Then let's give us from ourselves more room with here. Wait, the difficulty search difficult to you. The next step is going to be going through and seeing if there's anything that's not related to what you're doing. So if you're thinking maybe like Astrology Cafe, that's me. That's not useful to you. Just delete it. Don't waste your time with it. Astrology signs own. Apparently, Leo is popular. You don't know if something is You could just go Google it so pathetic. This gives you a whole new area to figure out. If you stick around for the bonus section, I'm gonna talk about keywords everywhere. Which gives you the is amazingly hopeful sidebars and information as well as top of what you searched for a month. You could just go through for your own entertainment and sit through sift through what we're doing here. Anything under 50 depending on what your specific target is, is gonna take a lot of time for not huge results. It'll help your CEO and make your website more authoritative, but it is not a great place to start out personally. I leave these in my list, but I don't focus on them. I'd start with the 7110 But just keep looking at Look like here's a great one. Astrology date of birth. Ridiculously low search competition. Over 1000 searches per month. I would start out with this article. If your brand new site, you're gonna keep this, save it, date it that way. You know, when you ran this search, because these searches are gonna change over time and you could come back in here might be totally different. The next step is gonna be a rinsing and repeating. So we're gonna take our next most you one thing, gonna go back here to meet that have anymore. Now we'll do Zodiac. Same thing. Step signs. Excites export to see SV. A bit of a desktop, then it up. You know, I would do away copy paste. So everything is in One big booklet could be neurotically organized, which I highly recommend it. You're gonna have a I mean, a date again. 27. Take a look and then compare where we should target. This has a little bit higher difficulty and then go through and delete. So science trainees dates probably don't want the Zodiac killer. Probably don't want the movie. Do you go through the whole list, Get rid of anything that is not useful? Another thing you have to be careful of is items that are named the same as your search. So most people think. Zodiac, I think of your Zodiac signs science. They think of astrology. Other people might think of the inflatable military boats also called Zodiacs. So if you see boats in here, get rid of that. That's not gonna help you. We're gonna just keep doing this. Zodiac, Let's do horoscope thing. Take a look, but for our purposes, save file repast. You are a spreadsheet. All you have to dio is just rinse and repeat over and over and over. Suit. From here, we could go. You search for Virgo or cancer or pricey is fill out this sheet. Call um, until you have way more topics than you could reasonably right in the next year or two. Once you do that, make sure you save everything 5. For Business Owners - Outsourcing Tips and Advice: this section is for the business owners reels. Feel free to skip ahead. Doing this can be really tedious. It's not maybe the most fun part of your business, your marketing business. Do you concur Completely. Outsource this section if you go down to the resource is below. I have included a pdf with step by step instructions to send your freelancer or content marketing agency. That way they can take advantage of this too. There are some advantages to not outsourcing you Cuba Research in the Content Creation. You will be surprised to find what people look up that maybe wouldn't have occurred to you . From your perspective, it constantly surprises me the industries that it is important to consider Starting out doing this for yourself a little bit. Get a handle on things. Also, If you go to the bonus section and install this free tool that I use, they kind of keep tabs on what keywords were doing in industries that I work in. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at new ideas and new directions that you discover you can take your marketing, increase your traffic, increase your sales 6. Best Practices: Okay, so now you have your first batch. We're gonna do this over and over and over as many times as you as you want until a huge number of tabs in your spreadsheets, because every specific keyword you look up is going to generate dozens of ideas that you can use to branch even further into your content creation universe. Some advice for starting up. If you have a brand new website and you're thinking maybe I should start out with this topic that gets 18,000 searches per month, you're gonna be disappointed. You are not going to drink whether we're in new website. I'm sorry. It's just how the world works. I would recommend for a brand new websites starting out with words, phrases, questions they get in the my tens toe low. 100 searchers like anything above 72 below 1 50 is gonna get you a really Solan base to start drinking. You work up from there, some industries, you don't get specific questions more than 150 or 200 but you're still gonna get those searches. And as long as it's profitable to sell products with no searches will be fun. Once you get some articles out of the way, maybe you're a year into your content marketing strategy. Start tackling the bigger ones. And this isn't to say that in the 1st 20 articles you right. You shouldn't jump to those keywords that have 1000 searches 2000 searches. But don't expect to Rick for them yet as you build up your content. And as you keep answering all of those just crazy questions that people come up with, you're built truck. You'll watch your traffic growth and you will get more and more just to make sure all all the best practices, which I'm not covering in this video. But you can find it online or do another video future. Talking about best practices. Link two other articles on your site. That way of one of them gets a major spike in traffic that would take people from that article to all the other ones. That makes sense for it. Another trick I like to use is typing in the long tail keywords that I'm gonna use into Google. And once you scroll down past the 1st 45 results, they're giving you a section. Now that says People also ask. The section is wonderful because it gives you some heading and extra sections you can put in your content. That answer is the next question you're gonna look psychic. People are gonna think. I wonder what else is on this topic, and you're gonna have the answer in the next paragraph. Don't copy a word for word, because that gets a little bit. Yeah, but use the questions. Your vintage re freeze. Um, and make sure you're covering as much information as possible. Google right now likes articles that are over 1000 over maybe even 1300 words. You have space to work with the answering these questions, put it more topics. See what your competitors writing about, See what there's headings are and obviously don't plagiarize but use their time spent researching to your advantage 7. Bonus Section - Keywords Everywhere: thanks for sticking with me to the bone of section one of my favorite adolescents. And get this on Firefox or chrome is keywords everywhere. This is that helpful tool we saw earlier. Se Global astrology shows the search volume cost click and the competition also get signs when you can just hit export to see a CD. If you don't want to head over to Brazil, just their new future, which absolutely love is. People also search for we're taking this People also ask when you have a nice list at the bottom two of related searches. But this isn't people's. This report gives you the volume cost per click. And, um, listen, no competition. All these one major thing that you're going to notice if you comparing Q words everywhere to ever suggest they're gonna be slightly different doesn't really matter which one. You choose more of the art than a science anyway, but they should have similar competition versus volumes. Make sure for high Boeing local tradition, but this will help you with your brainstorming, taking you in other directions how to install it. Super easy menu pounds patterns your words everywhere, then install same process and cruel, really easy. If you've never done Adams before having problems, send me a message of hope. There's also Google how to add that on in whatever your browser extension is really easy stuff. My strict instructions highly recommend getting this because every time you do a search, whether it's for work, business or just for fun Z's, you're gonna learn what people care about going to see. Whether you're talking is something that you think they should know about what people get really interested in. And if you're still searching for a market, maybe start your own online business or a side hustle. This will help you with your market research. 8. Thanks & Final Tips: content. Marketing is admittedly a lot of work. You can either choose outsources. It's been the time to do it yourself. But either way, it really paid off, because most people they just don't have the patience for it. Most business owners go fast, fast, fast. You want to see results immediately, and that's not how content marketing works. Content marketing. Taking 9 15 months Slowly building up your content catalog and slowly watching your Web traffic rights. The advantage sticking with it because most of your competitors don't have this patients. You just keep pushing and pushing, pushing. You're gonna be one of those top three results you really trusted resource that everybody goes to to solve whatever problems they have that you are Soling. It's gonna really pay off as long as you stick with it. This is not a one and done thing. This is not setting up pay per click advertising where you see immediate results. This is a turtle wins the race or project. Hey, thanks for watching. I really appreciate you sticking with me through this, and I would love to see your class project. It's all you have to do is one little type of the spreadsheet. You don't have to go through the rinse and repeat part. It would be really fun to see what everybody came up with. That kind of what everybody is interested in, make sure check out the other projects to compare industries. Because that's one of the really interesting parts of this exercise. Is seeing which industries people really care about and which industries people know is important but don't really want to put in the reserves for we learned create enormous spreadsheets that are gonna give you hundreds of content ideas. They never get stuck brainstorming again. You're gonna answer all of the questions that your prospects have making you the trusted go to resource on whatever it is that you are selling. Hit me up with any questions. Don't forget to post your last project and I'll see your and