How to Gain 1,000 Followers on IG in One Month

Kiara Smithee, Instagram: @kiarasmithee

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5 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • Top Trends for Gaining Followers

    • When to Post for Increased Engagement

    • Partner Up with Other Brands

    • Summary


About This Class

Many of you creators have awesome skillsets, products, illustrations, and creative work but struggle to get your work noticed! My goal is to help you get your work noticed and turned into profit if thats your ulitimate goal. Lets take creativity to the next level and share your tallents with the world. 

Welcome to the Course!

I have been doing some research and will be sharing with you guys in THREE LESSONS the BEST ways to engage with your fans on Instagram and build a following.

I have experimented with these reports myself and have already seen tremendous growth in just the last months and want to share my story with you here on Skillshare!

We are going to go over the FIVE Content Trends as well as the Best Time to Post to increase engagement. The last lesson will go over how you as a photographer, marketer, or entrepreneur can align yourself with other successful brands to Grow Your Following and your business.

This class is great for individuals who want to use Instagram as a way to get their work, brand, or name noticed and really capitalize in 2017.

Marketing Update: 6/17/17

I am now at 14K and growing! My business is booming and im networking with other professionals. 

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Thank you for this course. I started a small business and I'll be sure to use what I learned here. I've been more active on IG the past two weeks and I'm up to 423 followers! Thank you!
Christina Peck

Hello I'm Christina

Great and useful info about Instagram.
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker





Kiara Smithee

Instagram: @kiarasmithee

Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I hope to provide you with lots of knowledge across the media platform that will launch you down a successful career path.

After completing my Bachelor's Degree in Journalism Media Studies and Psychology, I traveled to Asia where I researched their media culture and explored the beautiful waters of Indonesia. During my travels I wrote stories for different food and travel magazines in the United States.

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