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How to GROW Your Instagram Quickly

teacher avatar Dylan Mallett, I teach Sales & Digital Marketing.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Instagram Post Scheduler

    • 2. How To Get More Followers On Auto-Pilot

    • 3. Create Clean Captions

    • 4. Best Place to Get Emojis

    • 5. Hashtag Tool

    • 6. Explore Page for Multiple Hashtags

    • 7. Multiple Links In Bio

    • 8. The Perfect Bio & 3 Tier Brand

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About This Class

In this class, I will share with you all the tools and strategies that I have used to grow several Instagram pages.

You will learn how the Instagram algorithm works and how you can get more eyes on your posts.



Create Clean Captions:

Meet Your Teacher

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Dylan Mallett

I teach Sales & Digital Marketing.


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1. Instagram Post Scheduler: what's going on, everybody? Today I will be showing you how you can use this platform later to schedule your instagram content on how you can drag and drop on create like a very interesting looking feed. So first things first. What you want to do is connect your INSTAGRAM account and you can connect your Facebook page as well. So then when you publish content, it can publish on instagram and on Facebook. Also on Pinterest and Twitter. Standard plan for free. You can get 30 posts If you refer people in this bottom left corner, you can refer people to join. They'll give you an extra 10 posts per month, which is pretty useful. So first things first. You want to upload your content on here. Basically, you can just press, upload media, go through your your pictures and put your content here. You can also drag and drop and put your stuff there. If you click show filters, it will show you unused media on then all media and used media. So if you go to all media, you'll be able to see a lot more posts that we've been posting on Instagram Onda. Um basically what you want to do is click when you click a post. Well, there's two ways to go about it. If you want to set up your schedule that every day you post at nine and 12 and one, you can double click on the schedule here in the in the week. Planner. So if you double click, it will add a spot that you can click and drag it to adjust the time to where you want it to be. Eso this will, like automatically schedule your posts at this time if you are using the grid method. So this is the weekly planner method. So if I wanted to create a post, I can click here, and it will give me the option to create the post. Eso you click create post. You can write a caption here, look at these ver. Tzachi brings gold. Look at these gold for Tzachi Reagan's. You can get an emoji from here on. The neat thing about later dot com is it allows you to save your captions, so if you have hashtags that are relevant to specific things, you can see them in categories. Remember, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. You want to make sure you put them on the post, Not in the comments. Um, also, when you're using hashtags, do your research to do, like five small ones five medium sized ones, five large ones and five like extremely large ones. So you want to find hashtags that have between zero and 100,000 posts 100 to 300,003 to 500,000 500 to 1 million and one million to three million. This way you have a chance of going to the top post for the hash tag for the smaller ones and for the bigger ones, and this will increase your chance of being discovered. The other way to do it is to just choose hashtags that are relevant to the photo. Of course, So you can write about vers ACI. You can write about your your city, your niche like industry related, um, stuff like that. So what? I like to do our like to write just one little line on you can do this. However, you really want something about the photo, you can try to get the audience to engage. You can ask them a question. Would you wear these rings, uh, to get them to comment? And then you want to go something like Follow on. Then you put your user name here, which would be whatever your user name is. I saw. Like I said, I don't overcomplicate this one. I just put Look at these gold wires ACI rings And then I quit this. It's like a line break and it says Follow for more custom design so I can remove this line so it will be the 1st 3 lines are clean and then all press return and I'll put some hash steaks and see accounts. The hash tags for you. So here it says, we have nine left on. You want to aim for between 15 and 20 Although you can put up to 30 this is OK eso If you want to publish right away, you would just choose a date that's in the in the past. Like so today we're Wednesday. You would go to, like, say, 4 p.m. And it will say, Would you like to publish right away? Yes. So if we go, uh, tomorrow Thursday, uh, let's say 11 a.m. and we press it auto publishes for you or you can make it Send a notification so you could publish it on your phone afterwards. So you press save and it's gonna auto Publish tomorrow at 11 a.m. Cool. So if you click the preview button, it shows you what your feet looks like. And basically, you can drag content onto your feed on and rearrange it. Eso it could make like a pattern if you want to do all the middle ones are like a quote. All the right ones are, ah, picture of food and all the left ones are something that makes a pattern. Here. You can do that on doll. So people do like diagonal patterns. They do also like one, 2345 like a the X pattern. I see that a lot. And what you want to do is kind of make it congruent with your theme. The thing that we do here at the jewelry store, we put that frame on each photo, we try to keep whatever we're posting relevant to the previous post on Duh. Yeah, pretty much pretty simple. Um, if you drag stuff on your preview thing, it will quick schedule it so it will schedule it, Uh, if you click sure to never get away, OK, because we didn't save the changes, but basically it will schedule your post on the next available scheduled time frame, and you can look on your instagram account under the under your like insights. It shows you. If you connect your Facebook page to your INSTAGRAM account, you'll get a business profile. Onda. You can do that through your phone, um, under your settings, and basically it will show you your insights. When is the best time to post That's when you want a post your, uh, your posts, because that's when you'll get the most engagement. And when you post on instagram, they add the algorithm adds a timer to your post and depending on how much engagement you get within that initial timeframe, that's what's going to determine. Um, if the put your post to the explore page or not Onda just to give you an example, I'll show you what they explore, not they explore page, but what the top posts look like. So if we search hash tag, uh, for instance, there's 4.5 million people using that hashtag So this hashtag will be hard to show up for. Hashtag Ottawa. These are the people that get the most engagement. Typically, they put these kind of photos with girls, Um, or like anything that's like a good photo can achieve those, uh, top positions. If you search has taken Ottawa jewelry or hashtag Ottawa jeweler, it only has 187 polls. So as you can see Ottawa jeweler, majority of the top posts are from our page. And that's another way. How you can donate a hashtag is if you use it every time on your post, you'll be showing up for a majority of that hashtag. So if someone is looking for in Ottawa jeweler and they take the time to go out of their way to search hashtag Ottawa jeweler, they'll be able to find a lot of your content there. So that just sums up this lesson will be talking a bit more on Hashtags, and the next lesson. Hope you saw the benefit of later dot com and how you can schedule your posts how you can plan your feed on how you can take a look at the whole months off. Is your content ready to go? What will be posted? You can also make it so it posts on your Facebook at the same time. And your Pinterest and your Twitter. And yeah, it's a great platform to use. Very beneficial. Thank you very much. And we'll see you in the next lesson. 2. How To Get More Followers On Auto-Pilot: Hey, everybody, welcome back to ah how to grow your instagram page and go viral. Today I will be showing you Ah ah Follow liker tool that I like to use its called grow social or grow So she dot l And it's a pretty cool platform that allows you to basically promote your instagram to your target audience by interacting with people that follow other people's pages. People that follow specific hashtags and people that, um, use hashtags in their posts and people that also tag geo tag locations. So this is the home page of the platform eso as they say they've attracted 10,010 million real followers. How does it work? Is it safe it? I've used it for a couple of like, a couple of years now, with several different, um, accounts for my clients. And honestly, I've never had a problem. So take it at your own risk if you want to use, like, follower or like animation or automation. But I haven't had any problems with it, so I would recommend it at least at first to get those initial 1000 or 5000 or 10,000 followers eso As I said, you can automate the interactions with your target audience. You can automatically D m people who are new followers or all of your followers. You can schedule your content. I also use the platform called later dot com for scheduling post. You can use the geo location filter you can filter by gender. You can filter also, by private account and public account. You can interact with your competitors. The best thing about it. You don't have to download anything. It's just on the cloud so everything is saved. You'll have access to detailed reports with graphs of results and gains. So this way you can see where your followers came from, which hashtag in which account on they also have pretty good support. If you have any issues, or if you want to cancel your account halfway through the months, you can transfer the credit over to another account, and they're pretty understanding. So this platform works for anybody who wants to basically interact with people automatically, whether your business or you're using it for personal. Maybe you're like you have an expert E that you want to like, attract more people. Within that industry, you can use relevant hashtags to bring attention to your instagram page by interacting with people that used those relevant hashtags as well. If you're a business, you can use local hashtags like the city and and any hashtags that are relevant and like related to your business, they'll be more information on which hashtags you should use and how you can do hashtag research in another lesson. So So basically, you get to see the results in real time as well. One. When the bought is running in the background, you can see who it's interacting with, how it found that person, what it did to that person. So we would like their photo or follow them or unfolded them. And I'll just log in to show you how what it looks like and how have it set up right now? Monthly. It's $1990. Uh, honestly, I should have went with the the yearly plan because I've been using it for 23 years now, and I would be saving a little bit of money, but they basically do all the same. Same thing, just with a little bit of a discount for the loyalty to the program so you can start with the monthly. I'm pretty sure they have a three day free trial. So try for free now, No credit card required, so I'll just log in and show you what the back end of the platform looks like. This is one of my clients that I do his instagram marketing. Uh, so number of followers, It shows you here like April 20th. We had 5 5078 Now we have 5540 actually, I've started to unfollowed everyone that we're following because we hit around the 7000 mark and we had about as they said, 5500 followers. So what I'm trying to do now is established authority for this account. I want to unfollow everybody and follow on Lee the people who have lots of followers within the industry. So other jewelry accounts that have high followings and low Hi, I am Moana followers and low amount of people that they're following. This is how instagram establishes your account as, ah authority within the niche. So this is pretty much it you can turn on if you want to like people's accounts. If you want the bought to just follow them or right now, As I said, we're just unfollowed all the profiles we followed or that this account followed. So we have a few people that were interacting with the target audience, so the tool will interact with people who recently like the photos published by the target profiles. So if you want to target people who like Kylie Jenner, you would put Kylie Jenner here on the okay on the targeting, you can duplicated, duplicated on all the fields as well, which would make it easier for you on. So you can also interact with people who follow Kylie Jenner or people who liked Kylie Jenner's photos, people who commentate on Kylie Jenner's photos. This is a really good feature because it will attract people who are engaging on Instagram rather than just liking and following eso. That's good for building hyperactive follower following of people who are willing to engage on your brand and who the profiles air following. So if you want to target people who Kylie Jenner follows are people who anybody follows, you can just add them here who used the tag so hashtags you can put them here who like the last. Then there's different options for each feature. I'll just leave that up to you to go through it. You can schedule the speed. You can schedule the activity when you want the bought toe work. And there's some advanced filters here, which is the minimum followers or a maximum number of post. There's a new anti fake fill filter. Yes, so just take a look at that. Determine if you want to use it or not profile type business and privacy and what not? Uh, speed. I usually start off with normal, and we're a little bit impatient trying to get that 7000 followers down. So we're ramping it up too fast. And, as you can see, a few seconds ago, like I mentioned before real time activity, we're looking for new people to interact with. Please wait, and you can pause it or restart it on every couple of minutes. It stays within Instagram's guidelines of how many people that can interact with per hour or per day, etcetera, and it always keeps your account safe. And like I said, I've never had a problem, so you should be good to go. So check out, grow social my might link it below. They do have ah affiliate program. If you refer a friend, do you can get an extra I think they give you, like 10 points for one month for every friend that joins or something. So check out the link below. If you don't see a link, then feel free to just visit the website on a Yeah, that's pretty much it. The follower analytics or source of followers is here. As I mentioned before, it would show you a graph. You can check it out. Schedule the post here Auto diem here. So, so far, we've attracted 5500 new followers, uh, 300 per week. These air the sources so say 5% came from Cap City hip hop, um, 3% from hip hop Canada, etcetera, etcetera. Right on. There you go. There you have it. Grow social. The number one follow like her bought that we like to use to help get that initial boost of followers to get up to, like, maybe 10,000 or 5000 followers after there, you want to focus on producing good content and having a good hashtag strategies to make sure you appear and people can find you. And then we'll show you how you can get ranked on the top post to get the maximum exposure . All right, so make sure you check out grow social. I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. Create Clean Captions: What's going on? It's Dylan here today. I'm going to show you how you can create clean and beautiful line breaks for your instagram captions. So first things first. You want to visit the link B i t l y slash clean captions. No. When you visit this link, it will bring you to this. What page? Where you can basically create different captions with line breaks without having to put dots between each sentence. So instead of your captions looking like this, they will appear nice and clean. So once you write what you want to write, you just convert and copy to clipboard, and then you paste it on your post, and that will create a nice clean caption without the additional dots and everything that would be there otherwise. All right, I hope you found this helpful. If you haven't joined the Facebook group already, visit the link in the classicist description on make sure you join on. I'll see you on the inside 4. Best Place to Get Emojis: going on today. I'm going to show you the best place to find Emojis for your captions. Eso basically go to emoji copy dot com You can search up here for relevant emojis like fire . You can get the fire truck. The Fire Man to Fire Woman the fire emoji, which brings a lot of attention on Instagram You can write Check this out. You can get the exclamation mark emoji on. You can copy it and then paste it either in later dot com or in your your caption your clean caption creator tool that I gave you. Copy that. Paste it. Put it on your post. Get mawr engagement on. That's all for this lesson. 5. Hashtag Tool: what's going on in this video. I'm going to show you a tool. One of my most best kept secrets on how you can find relevant hashtags for the posts or the content that you're posting about. Andi. So what you want to do first is visit the link display purposes dot com. That's this website here, which is gonna pull up this search box where you can write something like dog. When you write dog, you're going to see up to 30 hashtags. You can set a limit on it, so it only shows you, for instance, 15 hashtag aches, and you can do auto selection or manual. If you wanted to select the ones that you want to keep, and then basically you copy them so you can press copy. It can include the five dots, or you can exclude them depending on what you want. Andi, as it says when including five dots, be sure to paste your tags as a comment on your own post rather than putting them in the caption. The dots cause instagram to fold up your hashtag comment, giving it a clearing cleaner appearance. So there's been discussion whether it's better to post your hashtags on your original post or on your comment. Personally, I would put it on the original post. Just make sure you separate them from your caption so it looks cleaner and make sure you keep it under 30 hashtags. And in another video, I'm going to show you how you confined hashtags with high search volume and medium search volume and low search volume. So you can really show up for some of the low competition and medium and high competition hashtags. And eventually you'll be able to hit the explore page for some of the bigger hashtags and get even more traction. So, for instance, if actually we'll save that for another video. But go nuts with this tried out. Maybe you want to do a hashtag for make up tutorial, and sometimes so if you go to auto, you'll be able to validate your hashtags by relevancy. And if you copy them and paste them into instagram, it will show you how many posts appear for each hashtag. So try to keep them relevant, tried to keep them within reason. Eso if you're posting your post on ah hashtag that has 20 million posts for that specific hashtag. It's gonna be hard for you to find to get traffic for you to be found. But like I said, you got to use some small ones and some big ones and try it out and see what works. All right, I'll see you in the next video. Andi, I hope you enjoyed this one. 6. Explore Page for Multiple Hashtags: All right. Welcome back to another great video today. This evening, This afternoon this morning, wherever you are in the world, I'm gonna show you how you can really hit the explore page on different posts using the best strategy for Hashtags in 2000 and 19 and 2000 and 20 first thing. What you want to do is open up Instagram and go to the search bar and start to search about your niche. So if you're searching Harley Davidson, for example, you can search hashtag Harley Davidson and you can start to copy and paste what results you find and sort them by the amount of search results on each post. So if you search Sportster 1200 it has 100,000 posts you want toe, put it in this column. If you search Sportster 48 it's 100 to 300,000 you would put it in this column and so on and so forth all the way up to 300 k 500 k 1 million, three million plus. And what you want to do is really dive deep into the niche to make sure you collect as much data so you can create different hashtag groups and show up for different amounts of hashtags. Ideally, you want to take five from the small Group five from the 100 k Group five from here. Five from there. Andi until you have 30 and what you can do is take different ones from each column, so you have a different 30 hashtags each time. Once again, you want to make sure it's relevant to the picture that you're posting so you can get the best engagement rate. But in terms of covering the field and getting small ones and big ones, this is the best strategy to use. Onda. Um, it takes time in the beginning to set it up, but once you have it, then it's going to save you a lot of time and help you get a lot of exposure and hit the Explorer page almost every time. Another thing to keep in mind when you're trying to hit the Explorer page, it's important to have a good engagement rate within the 1st 20 minutes that you post your photo, so what you can do is try to create a culture within your following that they turn your post notifications on. And when you post, share it to your story and take a gift and right tap here. New post, drop a comment, Of course. In your caption, make sure you I asked him a question or tell them to drop a comment or try to initiate the engagement by calling out your audience. Well, I hope this was helpful. Make sure you check the posts in your cap. The hashtags in your caption. You can go through and click Sportster Mafia and see the explorer page. See, if you were able to hit the top post and you will see it, it will help you grow your following, and you will get a lot more attraction. Um, once again, if you haven't joined the Facebook group, be sure to go on Facebook type instagram domination. Um, if you have any trouble getting into the group, shoot me a message on, I'll be happy to help you out all right, until next time the next video. Have a great day 7. Multiple Links In Bio: come back to another great video. I'm going to show you how you can optimize your bio. Although you can only put one link in your bio, we're gonna make it so you can put several links. Great idea. So once you start to grill, build your audience and it grows and you have, like 20,000 followers or 50,000 followers or maybe even 100,000 followers, you'll be able to have ah type of audience where you'll have so many impressions. So if you search, I mean, if you share a post your you'll have, like maybe 10,000 impressions, that's a lot of eyes on your content. What you can now do is take advantage off the traffic that you built. You can send them to your bio and with instead of having just one link, you'll have multiple links. So, for instance, you can offer them a free E book free e book, and you'll have your link here. That's just put Googled. See a for example, and the button will show up there, and you can add another link, um, free or join my email list, and then you can send them to a Web page that will have a pop up form like a lead capture form where you where you can capture their email and build your list and later on, follow up with them and have another database or another touch point of your current audience on Instagram. And now you have their e mails, and that's where you can monetize it down the road. You can have your website there. You can have ah, about US page page, a Shopify store. You can link them to pretty much anything on. If you go through the settings, you'll be able to switch your profile picture and all that good stuff and even the colors of it. Most likely, I hope you found this video helpful if you have any recommendations or suggestions. If you need me to film a video on something else, please join our Facebook group, Instagram domination and connect with each other's share your profile in their love to hear how you're doing on until the next video. Take care for now, 8. The Perfect Bio & 3 Tier Brand: I'll come back toe another excellent video. Dylan Mallet Here from Skill Share, I am showing you how to dominate Instagram in 2019 and 2020 All rat rock on muscle emoji and rock on emoji. So I'm going to show you how to create a compelling bio, how to make your bio attractive from a few different options and as well, a content three tier strategy. So when you have an audience, most people come to your page. You can have a niche specific audience like Love my pug, or you can have something like Harley Davidson fans or Harley Davidson addicts, for instance, or you can even be growing your own personal brand. What I find most of the time is that when you're building a brand, you wanna have three different tiers, so some people might be attracted to your page for your fashion advice. For me, I could spell so you can post fashion quotes. You can post fashion outfits, and then you can post maybe one more thing that could be with fashion, like maybe an outfit of the day, so you'll have three types of followers that come to your page. Some people will identify themselves within your brand for the sole purpose of the quote page. The quote posts that you put on. Then other people might be there for the different outfit ideas that you put together on then that other people might just want to see the images of you wearing your different living your lifestyle so you can have a lifestyle column or you can have your outfit of the day. But the main idea is when you have your feed set up, you wanna post once for each category every third post. So then, if you have nine total posts, the first post would be an outfit of the day. The 2nd 1 would be a fashion outfit and then your quote on the left hand on the third post . So then all your outfits of the day will line up on the right side of your feed. All your fashion outfits will be in the middle, and all your fashion quotes will be on the Left column, and this will make an aesthetically appealing a nice visual feed. When people come to your page, they're going to see that set up, and it's just so friendly to the human eye that they will automatically hit. Follow Andi. That's one content, three tier strategy that helps people identify themselves within your brand and makes your page look better. And therefore they'll follow you and they'll give you a thumbs up and comment on your stuff . And once again, they'll find where they belong within your brand. So what I would do is go to emoji copy, and what you can do is like grabbing emoji and right outfit of the day. Copy it. Put it into a word pad. You can do this on your phone as well. So then you go to the next line, and you can do you can grab a different emoji, or you can use the same emoji throughout the whole thing. The idea is that we want to create, like, a bullet point format with different reasons or who what? Where, when, Why why did they come to your page? What does your page provide? What is it all about? Um, so you can grab this emoji over here like maybe let's just put the shoe for now and you can write something like fashion ideas. Copy. Go to the next post and you want to kind of put a space between the emoji and on the text so that it looks nice And queen. Of course, if it works properly, then it would, uh, look, Mason clean. There we go. There we go. And you would put your 3rd 1 here, etcetera, etcetera. And once you have your emoji and what you want, like, you could even put hashtags in your bio as well. But basically, you want to create that nice, clean bio line by line, single idea with the single emoji and copy it all and pasted in your bio and have that nice , clean bio. So when people visit your page, they'll like your bio the like, the three tier system that you have going on and they will follow you. All right. I hope you found this video helpful. It's a little bit long two and one. How to create the clean bio and how to create a brand with three tiers to create to attract three different audiences to follow you inside your own page. Um, thanks for watching the video. I hope you guys love it by now. Andi, hope your Instagram pages growing once again join the Facebook group Instagram Domination Chat. Connect with others. If you have any ideas posted in there, if you have any questions, shoot them to me and I'll be happy to help. All right, Until next time, stay well.