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How to Freestyle & Write Rap Lyrics

teacher avatar Christopher Greenwood,

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. How I got started and what you will learn in this course edited

    • 2. What is Freestyling

    • 3. What is a punchline and how to use them when freestyling

    • 4. Freestyle using objects

    • 5. Freestyling Using a Word

    • 6. Tips For Freestyling

    • 7. Action Steps For Freestyling

    • 8. Bringing People On Stage

    • 9. How I Write Rap Lyrics

    • 10. Bonus: How to record over a beat

    • 11. Bonus: Finding Beats To Write To For Free

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About This Class

Learn how to freestyle rap with confidence at your show or with your friends plus how to write rap songs

As the artist Manafest I've sold 300,000 albums worldwide, over 1,000,000 singles and toured over 20 different countries.

I started freestyle rapping at the same time I started writing rap lyrics and it has helped build my confidence as a performing artist.

I incorporate freestyle rapping into all my lives shows and it is one of the highlights of my performance hundreds of fans tell me.

I have put this "learn how to freestyle course for you" - to which you have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free.

- Learn how to freestyle rap & write lyrics

- Learn how to incorporate freestyle rap into your live show

- Learn how to avoid losing your voice while rapping

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Christopher Greenwood


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1. How I got started and what you will learn in this course edited: Hey, what's going on, guys? First of all, thanks so much for signing up for this course. I just want to give you a quick history of how I started to freestyle rap and how I even got into hip hop music. First of all, and how it started was it actually hurt myself. Skateboarding. I want to be a professional skateboarder, starting to get sponsored and end up getting in this accident. Downtown Toronto in Canada. I jumped off a set of stairs, injured my foot, and I was off for months, and I was like, What do I do with my life now? And I happen to be hanging out with guys that were into hip hop and they were into rap music and what night I remember they would goto record stores and they pick up these vinyl singles of songs, and it would have the instrumental on it, and they would play these in their house, and we would rhyme on them and make up raps on the spot. And that was my first introduction toe rapping over a beat and just starting to make up my own rhymes. And from there I just really fell in love with the culture. I fell in love with the deejaying aspect that be blowing the whole thing. And so I started to wrap myself and really believe that I could actually do it was one of the first things I had to do was believe that I could be a rapper or an M C or just a hip hop artist. And that's one of the things I'll teach it in. This course is just It's really just believing that you can and associate yourself as that type of a person and actually doing that. And when I started to do that, I start to build up my own more confidence and whatnot, and I remember I'd be hanging out with other guys that rap. And so what we do is it would be hanging out in these things called ciphers, where you see a group of guys kind of like huddled together and one guy would be beat boxing and guys would just be dropping rhymes and kicking vs and whatnot. And sometimes dudes would freestyle, start making up rhymes in this on the spot about different people and just having fun. And it wasn't about battle rapping. Then, like sometimes guys would go at it and start dissing each other and thrown in a little punch line here and there. And I'll, I'll talk about those things if you don't know what that is yet And it was a lot of fun. And so it got to the point where I'll never forget. I went to my first B boy, Jan, and that was a break dancing battle. And at the break dancing battle where the B boys were having dance competitions, there was also a freestyle battle. And so I signed up for my very 1st 1 and it was awesome. It was in the It was in New York and Rochester, New York And so I was from candidates. We had had to cross the border, and I was so nervous I was so scared. And remember for the trials, kind of like the first addition to try and get into the next series of battles. You had to pass the first test and remember they gave you a word and I had to use that word right on the spot and I'll never forget. They gave me the word nation, and so I had to kick a free stab and had to be at least 30 seconds to a minute longer. I had a minute and I had to use the word nation in the rhyme. And so I started freestyle about this. And about that Hey, on the new teacher right here Feature on this camera. I'm from Canada, You know, I'm not faking a rock for my nation. And I threw in the word nation just like how I just freestyle rapped right there and and I ended up getting going on to the next round and I ended up getting second place on. But that was not a good battle or anything like that. That's not really my passion, but I did enter a few of them and I had a lot of fun with it. And right now, the main way I use freestyle is in my shows. I like toe really use freestyle rapping in my shows and getting people to hold up objects in their hand. And I'll go around with the beats wrapping and I'll show you guys how to do this in the course. But I use it during my show as as a part of my show, and it's just a really great way to connect with The audience is very memorable. It's very engaging in your bringing people into the show. It's just a lot of fun. So I'm gonna be teaching everything I know about Freestyle from the battling Teoh freestyling, making up rhymes on the spot, different flow patterns. I'm gonna give you the history of freestyling and just how to build up your confidence and how to do it. And one of the keys for really doing that is really relaxing. As you can see, I'm just confident talking to you on this camera. I'm also confident when it comes to wrapping and free styling. That's one of the things you really have to overcome. So we're gonna be going over all the different elements of that on how you can incorporate it into your music into your live show. And just for fun when you're hanging out with your friends, just there's something that you want to use and just gonna show off or whatever, so we're gonna have a lot of fun. With this course, I will be answering questions and the discussion that you can post, so let's get in to this course right now. 2. What is Freestyling: Hey, guys. So what is freestyle rapping? Wolf? To me, freestyle rapping is making up a rhyme on the spot. It's not rehearsed. It's not memorized. It's off the cuff. It's off the top of the dome. It's very sporadic. Like, if I was just teaching you right now and someone like, Hey, Chris, can you do a freestyle rap and were out to dinner? I'm like Cheeseman. Okay. Uh, well, I'm gonna kick around while I'm teaching this lesson without forgetting that I got spaghetti on my shirt. This is not rehearsed. And up my birth was 1979. I dropped a rhyme in this hotel. I'm not going to hell. I'm dropping on the desk and making the beat. I try to be unique. I'm not in the streets, I'm in my room and there's no full moon that the debt and I'm kicking around, You know what I mean? So just like making up arrive on the spot and it's just totally like off the cuff. It might not even necessarily make sense, but the idea is to make it make sense because you're trying toe, you know, connect with people and be like, Oh, I just talked about a shirt. Oh, I just talked about what he had for dessert. Oh, I just talked about driving in reverse and almost burning the guy overall rock till October and didn't know that over there, you know? I mean, it's just having fun with it, and, you know, it's really annoying when people know that you can freestyle. Is they start that. Always ask you just like I give you that examples like all, Do you take a free stuff Taken freestyle in the most awkward spots like OK, I'll just, you know, and you just have fun with it. And so that's what freestyle rap is to me. Sometimes again, it could be over, you know, just a guy banging on lunch table and just making up a beat, and you're just like, round to the beat. Sometimes it's like a beat box with if you do just like and then you gotta do just like Breiman or something like that or hopefully you've got a band playing behind you. I normally freestyle live to a ban and just make up a rhyme on on on the spot at this shows , especially when sound check goes on earth. Sound messes up. We'll have my band play something to kind of, you know, uh, use up the time in between. And then we get the sound fixed where sometimes you just have an instrumental And you just the DJ's playing instrumental and your Rahman over a really don't beat that you like. And so again, you're making it up on the spot. You know, it's not rehearsed, you know, maybe using things from the crowd which will talk to you about maybe using objects or somebody's giving you words or a topic that you're free styling. But the point is not rehearsed. You're making it up off the cuff off the dome. You're in the zone, You're so pro, You did a little dough and you're just making it up and having fun with it. So I hope that gives you some background in just history of freestyle on what it is before we jump into this course and I'm gonna be showing you how to do all this stuff, and we're gonna have a lot of fun doing this 3. What is a punchline and how to use them when freestyling: Alright, guys. So we're gonna cover punch lines in this lecture and punchlines. Maybe you've seen the movie Eight Mile and those rhymes that people say that final phrase of the rhyme, that when people were just like Oh, that's sick It's like the the thing that just kind of the final phrase, the punch line that just really knocks people off their socks. I talked about it a little bit earlier in the lectures when I was talking about how they got held up the condom and I was like, You know, I rock Brahms and you know I never fall. The student got a condom, and the size is so small and people are like, Oh, I like, even pause to kind of let it, you know, kind of simmer a little bit. I could do anything like that. I could be like, you know, hold up. Some dude's got at one phone. I could be like, Yo, check it out is going out to the boys. I don't I rock iPhones. I don't deal with droids, and I hold up the droid phone and be like, Oh, hey, you know of people that, you know, got the droid phones. That's one way to kind of throw in a punchline in there and just kind of kind of really relate to people and kind of do a little competition thing or kind of like a little little mini disks or little mini jab without, you know, being totally rude. Obviously, you know my background and what not because you know my beliefs. I'm a positive do don't really. I'm not really big on the disses, but I don't mind having a little jab in there. A little joke or what not so you can incorporate it and throw it in however you want. Obviously, go watch eight mile. You can look up any battles where you see dudes, you know, put in those last rhymes. It's just like when people are just like making all the noise or whatnot. That's a punch line. OK, any time you gonna do drop that that battle rhyme and all of a sudden the crowd is screaming, it's because he did a punch line, and so you can look that up and watch any videos on YouTube for that. But they're really fun tohave, especially if you're going into a battle you wanna have your punch lines and incorporate it like you could have a punch line, but you can incorporate it in a way so that it's live for that situation. And that's the cool thing with having a bunch of those and not just rehearsing them, that sort of so practice, but so that you've got some ammunition for a battle that you can, you know, really in court. If you're really good at freestyle and you're really just changing it for the situation like I'll never forget. I saw Supernatural do a freestyle battle against this guy. Juice was another really big battle, and, you know, supernatural is just going off. And so he was just like kicking a rhyme something, something I never stall. I'm gonna even rip this dude's poster off the wall. And he broke the dude's poster off the wall That was really like, had his name on it, and Supernatural ripped it off the wall and people just went nuts. They went crazy, and so that's the kind of thing you want to do. Toe win is to get that crowd reaction 4. Freestyle using objects: So what I like to do during my shows is I'll be like, OK, guys only involved the crowd. I need everybody to come close to the stage, not on the stage, but close to the stage. And I need everybody to dig in your pockets, your purses, your sweaters, your jackets and I need you to hold up something in your hand, hold up something weird, hold up something strange, hold up something different so I can see it and everybody else can see it. And what I'm gonna do is is I'm gonna kick a rhyme and I'm gonna make up a rhyme about whatever it is your holding up. Are you guys ready? And then I like, Okay, cool. And then my band will play a beat. And so what I'll do is everybody be holding stuff up. And I got a couple of objects from the hotel here and they'll be holding stuff up and so will start saying like, Yo, I came to rock this night on the mic, you know? Why Don't stop And I came to rock and God, I trust in a drink. Coffee is a must. You're checking out your I got this K Cup. It's got English breakfast. That's the T. And you don't believe me that I'm live. Check my CD all the time and I got the instrumental. This is a pen. You know what's not a pencil? I brought my journal out of my knapsack. This is just me teaching, so it's not really fat, but that's old becae because I got no fear. I got these headphones and you put them on your ears to block the sound or the block. That picture, you'll check it out. I like to read the scripture. I got no hate and this is not fake. I mean no to the hotel. Look at those ugly drapes, okay? And so that's just me pointing out objects. And sometimes they're holding them up. Sometimes I'm pointing to them, but the point is, is is just you using the content that the people are holding on? What's so good about that? As people like all we grab my phone or oh, he he grabbed my shirt. He pointed out This re held up my money or held up whatever in and you just related in your own thing and people love it people go nuts during the show, and it's just a great way to connect with people what I love about using a freestyle during the show and is because it connects with people. And then after the show, people are always like like I'm unlike, What's your favorite part of the show? And they're like, always the freestyle. It was the Freestone sometimes like Really, really Oh my gosh, you didn't like the songs, whatever but the reason, like the freestyles, because they were involved. And when you involve people in anything, they like it more because they felt a part of it in your bringing people in. And so that's the whole point there is to get them to hold up objects. I try to get them to hold up different objects, not the same thing, like a cell phone every night. I only I'll even say, Don't hold up a cell phone. That's not different. If they do, I'll maybe like, get ah, hold it up to kind of use that, make sure they have the time on it. And to give you an example, it will be like, Oh, it's 10 09 I kick a rhyme you know, this is a line or whatever. If it's 10 08 my God is great. You know I'm not fake your son. Can you relate? And so I'll just try and use something that's real again and say, you know, Hey, bro, do you got the time and just trying to use whatever it is they're holding up in a way to relate and have some fun with it. So Hey, I hope that helps you guys out. Let's keep moving on on this course. 5. Freestyling Using a Word: another really fun way to incorporate Freese Talento your show or just have fun with it is toe have people give you words and this is just even a great way to practice and I'll never forget. I was downtown Toronto and I saw this artist named Supernatural, who was one of the best freestyle emcees out there. You gotta look up some of his stuff on YouTube. It's absolutely awesome. He's one of the best freestylers, but I saw him do the objects thing and have people hold up objects. And then I also heard him do it where he had people give him a word on their forget to use the word elephant. And so he's kicking a rhyme and kicking all these Rives, and somehow he incorporated. I'll be riding into the crowd riding on an elephant, and it was just kind of cool how he kind of used even that last word almost as a punch line to kind of like boom, see, And he just incorporated in there. And so, like, say someone just because I got these K cups here, you know, someone wants when you use the word coffee, so I'll be like starting a rhyme right now. Like, you know, life is a game just like monopoly. No, you can't stop me and I drink coffee. I like it Ground like the underground Your chickened out when you kick in this sound. I drink coffee when I'm thirsty. This is a course, and you might not have heard of me. That's OK, because I like my style admits with some Flavier represent my savior. I go to Starbucks and I give him my dollars and you just start trying toe use words all about coffee, coffee, coffee And you can keep talking about it, you know, letting them know that that's the subject. You could do the same thing about any word that they give you, but the whole point again is that it's off the cuff and you're having fun. And the more you can use it and connect with people, that's the main thing, right? Like you're trying to use things that people are gonna relate to and not gonna be like, way over their heads. And I encourage you to slow down. Don't wrap too fast. If you do say something really dope and everyone just like oh, make sure you pause for a second. Let it kind of tone down a bit and then keep going with your rhymes. So you're saving your breath. You don't want to use your best lines, but everybody's cheering and screaming and then they can't even hear you cause they're too busy, you know, getting excited off the last punch line that used. But objects were really great. I'll share one funny story. I was in a high school one time and I'm a guy. Hold that held up a condom in the one way I used the punchline was, is I think I said something like, Yeah, you're my rhymes are hard, just like the streets This guy's got a condom It says small, petite And so I just kind of kind of threw a punch line and they're just got a job that I'm a little bit And everyone was just like eyes crazy. And another time a dude held up on object one time and what I did was held up a belt, and I just like kicking around Whatever the you know, check this, Brian. The lost can be found. This guy's got a belt to stop his pants from falling down and whatever I use the belts. My pants don't fall down either. And again, it's just a way to relate to the crowd and really connect. Whether it's a word, whether it's an object, it doesn't matter. The whole point is your rhyming your freestyling, making it up so that people know they need to know that it's a freestyle. That's why we're using objects. That's why we're using, you know, topics or words so that people like Okay, Dang, that's really he's really doing it. So I hope that you can see in this course that I am free styling what I am doing it. I'm not making this up, are rehearsing. This is totally off the cuff, and that's the way it should be. And I hope it comes off natural this way, the way I'm teaching this course with you guys. So let's keep going. We got lots more stuff to cover 6. Tips For Freestyling: All right, guys. Hope you're loving this course. Here are a few of my tips for free styling. First, let people know that you're really doing it, OK, so use objects, use names, use topics, bring people on stage, let them know that you're actually free stunk. So if you just kicking, arrive just off the top of the dome, they don't really know if you are free styling or if it's rehearsed or it's just a rhyme that's made up. Okay, So really, make sure people know if you are just gonna kick a rhyme off the top. Whatever. Make sure you're talking about something that people understand. If you're talking about politics, that's something going on with the presidential campaign. Maybe something that happened in the news, maybe something that connects to that city that you're enter that club, that your inner just something that people can tell that you are free styling. Okay, so that's number one. Number two, slow the Frick down. Okay. Don't rhyme so frickin fast that people don't know what you're saying. You want to be clear, Okay? And that leads to number three. Pace yourself. All right. Pace yourself. Don't go So rushed and make sure you catch your breath. The number one reason singers rappers lose their voices during this show. And if you have never lost your voice during your show, it's like the worst and the most frustrating thing ever, especially if you're only like 1/4 or halfway through your show. I've actually had my voice go, and then I have actually had it come back, thank God. But the reason most of us lose our voices than the number one cause is for not taking enough breaths for not breathing. And if not getting enough oxygen into your lungs. That's why we lose our voices. And I didn't know that for a long time, So it's like a $1,000,000 tip right there. Make sure you're freaking breathing. Get in those breasts, got a missile lyric or something like that. Doing a show don't like bust yourself up. Nobody really cares. Okay, you care more than everybody else. You know what they will care if you lose that your voice. If you lose your voice, they'll notice that more than you skipping a line and to get your breath in their case. But if you're newer and you haven't performed a lot and you don't have the muscle memory built up for those songs. Skip of words Skip a couple words. Catch your breath, man. It's not worth it to lose your voice, especially when it comes to free stallion. That's where the pacing comes in. And just relaxing and being calm. And that's the next one right there is if you want to be a good freestyler, especially if you're gonna be battling or what non or if you're on radio and doing it live or whatever you got to relax, you gotta chill. The more you can chill, the more you can kick a flow. That's just natural. And you could just have some fun with it and be like I got a melody and depend upon the Melanie and you're just kicking around like that or you like I got mad skills in the book that pills and I've been a bunch is and I don't really care because I'm on the best and you're just like your just so like chill on your and you and your flowing like man the more you relax and just have fun with it. The Doper, It'll be and just you gotta overcome those nerves and don't jump into it too quickly. Make sure like you got the beat. And that reminds me of a really funny story. If you have not read my book Fighter five keys to conquering fear and reaching your dreams . Pick it up because it tells you my whole story of how I started. Because one of the ways how I started was going to open mikes, and I'll never forget the the deejay. We would go up there and we'd have to go drop a verse or we'd have to drop a freestyle, and so sometimes I would drop a freestyler. Sometimes I would drop a verse and I'll never forget. I went out there and sometimes I just rushed into it and I didn't really get on the beat and really crush it. And then one time I was like letting the beat play too long. I was like, I'm feeling the vibe. Are you feeling the vibe and I'll never forget? My friend said I looked like such a dork. I looked like a you know, a one legged white draft up there and just looked like such an idiot. And this was a way before, you know, white rappers were accepted more. It was It was definitely, you know, one of the a few white guys in the room. And I looked like a total idiot. But that's besides the point. And that's why you know, you want to make sure you're relaxed, you're confident, and you just can't care. Just don't care. Just let it out, man. Have one. Just rock. Whatever. And don't be so conscious about it. Just have fun with it, okay? And so that will really step up your game and just be confident. Just let your personality come out, express stuff and just be like, yeah, I got this cause they got it like that. And you want to drop bombs because, Mr Castle, that what gonna kick it? I'm not gonna miss it. I'm going to flip it because you know, when I'm rocking it now, don't stop like it's just like you're just so confident and have informed me like, yo, let's dope, man, You just flowing. So I hope that some tips for freestyle in practice helps to just point that out. Practice makes perfect. Maybe we're not perfect. but will make you a heck of a lot better when you get out there and you'll have a lot more fun. 7. Action Steps For Freestyling: All right, guys, congrats. If you've made it this far, my action steps for you. And to put this into action, practice makes perfect. If you want to become a really good freestyle rapper, just be good at freestyling. Can I have that in your arsenal for your shows or just for, you know, a personal thing you wanna have just for fun, hanging out with your friends, Then you gotta practice with it and have fun. And so what I have is below in the bonus section, there's two instrumentals that I've uploaded there. We might upload another one later on. Maybe I'll put a few, actually, but right now there's just too for you to practice freestyle rapping. Just play the beat, start scatting some stuff and just relax. You know, have your coffee or your tea or drink or water and just start rhyming and just having some fun with it, crank it up and just start rapid and say Whatever comes to your mind. It's a sunny day and I don't play. I'm going to go outside and they just start saying things and just let things come out and get used to hearing your voice and get comfortable because confidence is the main thing. You know, you don't have to use a beat if you don't want to. You don't have to use the beats that I have provided you can go on Spotify. You know it on iTunes. You can download stuff or even play beats off of YouTube wherever you confined instrumentals. Or you can even just do it a cappella and just start rhyming Ah, capella style like you hear me practicing right now and just, you know, I'm going a cappella when I go in the rain. I needed umbrella, but that but that. But I like the reason I, like beats Mawr is because I want to be on beat, you know, because normally most times I'm rhyming on beat and you want to practice kind of going on beat to the tune. You know, I'm saying so you're on time and you can lock your flow in there because the thing is, if you start practicing a certain freestyle a cappella, you're gonna make sure you can switch it up so that you're riding the beat properly and that goes into more depth and probably my song writing course But the poll point is, turn on some beats, start rocking some freestyles, write some lyrics and start putting this stuff into action. 8. Bringing People On Stage: so another really fun way to incorporate freestyling into your show is to bring people on stage like who doesn't want to come on stage and be a part of the show? And so what I would do sometimes bring like 34 people on stage, maybe two guys, two girls and I have them either hold up something in their hand or they have to have something across their shirt. And I would rhyme about whatever is in their hand or what's across their shirt. And it would be great. People would love it because, first of all, there a part of the show and then the people that are up there, they're friends, they're in the crowd. We like all that's my friend on stage. That's my friend on stage, and it becomes a super memorable thing that is just great. And people just look forward to it and they just like Dan that's dealt man. And that's just a reason why people are gonna buy more merchandise from you, You know, by Maurier, your music and what not and you just connect with people on a whole other level as opposed to you just being on the stage and then being in the crowd, you're bringing people on state. Sometimes we've done that, you know, when I'm not even freestyling. But when you're freestyling its again, it just shows that it's riel. It shows that it's authentic, and then it's different. If they got like baseball teams in your rhyming about the fact that they got Chicago on their shirt or whatever it is or what kind of shoes, they're Wang. And maybe you talked about how he's got the Nikes on of the LeBron's or whatever kind of shoes that they've got our Doc Martens or boots and and you say something that they're wearing. It's just like it's so obvious that it's freestyle on there like Dude. Okay, he's legit. And sometimes I would, you know, especially in certain crowds. If I felt like I wasn't winning the crowd over, I would do the freestyle a little sooner in this set so people would kind of have more respect for me in a way and it was amazing. All of a sudden I would do the freeze down. It's like people's guards came down a little bit and so that's something to really think about. to make sure you have and to be able to switch your set list up when you're performing because you know it's a great way to win the crowd over and then all of a sudden they're on your side for the rest of the show, and so that's really important. One thing I just learned from playing thousands of shows is you know, you want to make sure the crowd is on your side. I'm sure you've done a show you perform when you can tell they're not really connecting well. You throw a freestyle in there and show that you're your dope and you can, you know, connect with people. Boom. They're on your side for the rest of the show. And instead of having the haters you got people that are just like, oh, just loving you for the rest of the night. So I hope that gives you guys some value and some ideas for, you know, just building freestyles into your show. 9. How I Write Rap Lyrics: Hey, guys, I want to go over how I write rap lyrics, which is different than free styling, but it's a part of it. And so I think it's really good. If you know how to write rap lyrics, it will help to the incorporate that when you're free styling and what not, and for me, it's normally having a beat, and I'll have a beat on my iPhone right here. I got a beat right now and I'll play it and I'll just have it pumping. And I'll be danced around my hotel room like this right now. Well, I'm on tour at home, in the studio. Sometimes I'll have my headphones in. I'll just have my pen and paper, and I'll just be like writing some rhymes and I'll and I'll let the beat play just like I'm gonna let it play right now. And I'll be like, I'm reading a bit down a bit and I'll just start kind of scattered words out, and sometimes it would be a flow. It will just be a words or, you know, running a Robin E. On. And I was just trying to come up with words until I got sentences and then all positive. Okay, I like that flow. Uh, I'm gonna dominate Unending ended in and in and in and in. And I'm like, OK, I like that. The kind of melody run that I'm doing that. Or maybe I'll be like, when I'm chicken This note that don't spit in this and like, Okay, that's cool. I like that word phrase. Or I'll come up with, you know, a certain thing that I like and I'll be like, Okay, that works. And if it's a certain word where I'm like OK, here I am spitting, all right. And I'd be like, OK, what? I want to rhyme with spitting. And so I'll just go down the page and I'll start writing all these words That rhyme was spitting kitten mitten, you know, friction, killing, sit in or whatever. And I'll just write all these rhymes and I'll just like until I get one of like you and then I'll have an idea. So it's like, you know what? Brahms? Air spitting, You know, I cause friction, you know, or something like that or whatever. And then I'm like, Okay, um, when I kick right when I rhymes that I'm spitting. They cause friction. That's my first line. Okay, Rahm starts spitting. They cause friction inside here because I got no fear when I caught kick rhymes I can see him in the clear and I just start kind of piecing it together like a puzzle. So it's like when I kicked rums they start You know, when I start spitting my rhymes cause friction because when I walk in the room I'm you know , because when I walk in the room I'm you know, it's It's always always like full noon Because brothers is scared when they see my eyes Because I got the illest something, something. Something rhymes So dudes that, you know, I'm kind of rhyming a little bit more battle or whatever, but I could do it completely different. I'll play the beat again, but I could be like I could approach it with the story. You know, I'm sitting on the corner in a minute owner, you know, like you know, I was just chilling on the corner one day, but lacks in sitting out back and induct Dig action. And I'm like, OK, I'm sitting on the back. Just chill and relax And if I'm gonna kind of right, like a more cooler like story by beating. And it's the same thing chilling outside with my prove relaxing Don't dance. Done that now. So what rhymes with relaxing? I don't know. You know, kicking up that ramp relaxant, um, you know, a drink, a drink, lots of tea cause it brings me satisfaction. I don't know. You know what I mean? But you're just trying to paint the rhymes and just piecing it together. And sometimes it takes hours to get a couple of lines just to get started. But what I really like toe work on is the first ride, like the entry into the beat, is so important to me because it's like I want to make sure it's just, like, really believable. So when the beats plan and I'm like trying to kick all these flows or whatnot over, I want to make sure I'm really entering it on that flow. And the only way to do that for me personally is yelling it out. I'm saying I'm like, I'm walking in that them in a problem, Danna or like, um, this time Brian, and I'm just trying to come up with different melodies and different ways to approach the beaten. Sometimes it takes a while to get that right kind of the way I want to drop in, cause I don't like to just rhyme the same way all the time, saying type of style, same type of lyric all the time. I just I think that gets boring and it gets boring to your listeners. So again it just comes with practice. But that's just how I do it. And then I'll record it onto my iPhone if I got ideas to record the demo, and then I'll record the demo into my computer and on into logic air into GarageBand or what not and get the get the idea down there. So that's how I go about writing rap lyrics. 10. Bonus: How to record over a beat: I want to show you guys how easy it is to just record a demo idea. Once you've downloaded an instrumental from iTunes and say you want to record over, you want to get some ideas down. Over. You've written some stuff too. You got in your notebook. Now you want to get it down. And I opened up GarageBand here, and I had clicked on new project and opens this up. And so it gives you all these different options. I like to start with empty project. Okay, so I like to be in control of what I'm doing. I would like to get too fancy. Now it's asking me for what I want to record. What record? Using a microphone. I want to record some beats. And so I'm going to do that. It's asking me what input I want. I'm just not gonna use that. It's just gonna use my built in microphone, which I want right now. So we're gonna click that and I hear sound from my built in output. So we're just using the built in what I have for my computer. Okay. You can select your own USB sound Card says to record my vocal. But now I want to drag in the beat that I just downloaded from iTunes. I'm going to scroll over to my iTunes. I'm gonna click on my music and say I click on my purchased. Okay? So if I click on playlists and then I click on purchased and let's see here, let's click on Let's do Instrumental and look at that. I even downloaded this Dre drizzy instrumental a while ago, which was the worst behavior. So I'm gonna grab that and I'm gonna drag it into my garage band so easy I drive that in. Now, if I play this, I've gotta be okay. So now if I want to record over this, I just I'm selecting this channel and I hit record. No input selected. So let's select an input. Okay? When it says no input selected, all that means is I'm going to click on this plus sign and I'm gonna click vocals because I want to record some vocals and it's asking for the input. Here. I clicked on input one. All right. In that fixed the problem right there. So now I've got a channel. Let's delete this channel because I don't need it. And now I'm gonna click on record. Check. Check, Check, Check. Check. 12 Teaching. Laughing on microphone one, Sue Checked. 13 This is free. All okay. And so now I got some vocals right there. Click on this. Okay, so it's got them. They're that kind of low. You can adjust the volumes and you can mix. However you want to make second, bring the vocals up or down. I can Pan. You could do a bunch of things, but I just want to show you how easy it is to get a beat in here and start recording demo ideas and doing your thing now again on a stress. Not trying to copy here, not trying toe right vocals that sound anything like this song. Worse behavior by drink. I want to record my own stuff and then get a producer or beat maker to make my own beat over what I've written. This is just for inspiration on Lee and I really suggesting challenge. You don't get caught up in any of the patterns. Um, from you know, whatever, Drake, whatever artists be used, make up your own, Really? Try and get out of the box and don't copy what they do. Try and come up with your own flows, your own lyrics. It's fine to start that way, but eventually you want to be writing all original content. 11. Bonus: Finding Beats To Write To For Free: in this lecture. I want to show you guys how easy it is to find hip hop instrumentals so that you can write to freestyle to, um, in iTunes store right now. And I'm just gonna type Drake instrumental right here. And I'm gonna show you how quickly I confined instrumentals for artists because the motto instrumental karaoke version there was this one that I found, um, scrolling down here. It gives you just tons and tons of albums that have lots of instrumentals. There is one that was called I think Drizzy that had all his beats on there. There it is right there. Syndicate Sound Labs. So he's got all these instrumentals for Drake, and he's even got poundcake their instrumental. And so if you can click on Syndicate Sound Labs Ah, and click here and then you'll see he's got instrumentals for a little Wayne is going for G funk. He's got a whole bunch that he's got Dre instrumentals and I could do the same thing for this for like m and M. Okay, Eminem instrumental. And then I can, you know, get all the beats that I could possibly want. You could do the same thing on YouTube, if you want. Okay, Like it doesn't have to be on. Um uh, I tunes alone. It can be in YouTube. It could be in Spotify. I could type Drake instrumental when began. It'll start to give me beats that I'm looking for just so I can write to Normally, I don't buy them on iTunes until I'm actually going to record over them and recorded demo idea to send toe a producer. So normally, what I do, is I just right on YouTube or All right, even on Spotify. Ah, look up it instrumental. It's funny that I have Lincoln Park up here. If I take Linkin Park instrumental, they actually released their instrumentals, which is really dope. So if you click here Lincoln Park, they've got all their instrumentals. So I love it when artists actually released their own versions of instrumentals and again, I can listen to these for free. And then if I decide I want actually record a demo idea over it to send to a producer, I'll go over to iTunes. Um, I can buy it, and then I can drag it into my either my garage band or my logic I like to use logic, but GarageBand is free and it's built into the Mac, so that can work as well to So it's a great way to get is many beats is you want, like look at this guy Right here is I think I remember seeing this a long time ago. Can you flow? It's got all Eminem's ah, bunch of his older beats from some of his classics. So again, whoever's whoever you're inspired by, that's who I would download. You know, I always like to write to beats that really inspire me, and I don't copy. I don't try and copy the flow. I prefer to find a beat that I don't know, the flow or the instrumental of the actual song. So that way it doesn't, um, conflict with me in that way. It doesn't get in my head and that out that, well, come up with my own original stuff because I'm not using people's beats so that I can copy them, using them to practice freestyle into writing lyrics and just to get good song ideas out of my head and then get a producer to make an actual beat for me. So I hope that helps you guys out