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How to Flip a Sample Loop [FL Studio]

teacher avatar Juan Araujo, Producer / Coach / Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Techniques

    • 3. Style Print

    • 4. The Right Way To Do It

    • 5. It Was A Pleasure

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About This Class

FL Studio

In this class, I'm going to teach you how to make the most out of your samples in FL Studio. These techniques and topics are key when it comes to sampling.

Class Objective

Don’t worry if you never have done music before let’s get the basics and leave the complicated part for later on. The main objective of this class it's making you comfortable treating samples and giving you a community space where you can feel free to ask questions and share your ideas and doubts in the process.

What I do need?

You’ll need FL Studio, Speakers a Computer and being willing to learn. After the class you are going to be making hits, bangers.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Juan Araujo

Producer / Coach / Content Creator


Welcome to my profile

I'm Juan (19) I'm all about passion, and all of my life been helping people to realize what are the things they love most. I could spend all the day long making music or designing or.. you got it no?

From Music to Game Streaming, currently, I'm working on a series of Skillshare classes where I'll share my process of creating, maybe you want to start a streaming career or start making music, why not both? you came to the right place.

We can do it, build a skill set to open new creative and financial opportunities. Follow me and hit me with a message/email if you have any ideas for future classes!


Contact me

You can contact me at [email protected] 
(I actually answer)

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1. Intro: Hi. I'm winner on every making beats for a couple of years. Now it is glass. I'm going to show you things I was assembling that I wish I hadn't known. Jeez ago by one started, I'm going to share with you my techniques. And what is the style? Print out, of course. There. Right away to using samples. If that someone like something lovely that you will love to know rolling scores, you won't be ready. 2. Techniques: Hello and welcome. I'm quite happy that you decided to take this glass. Let's proceed with it. But before actually starting the class, you may have this doubt where I can find loops that I can use. Weed permission. Off course. In the brief page of thescore, you have pretty much every resource. You'll need it. But, you know, all over the Internet, bruises are selling and giving away for free loops. So really famous. Science for free will be looper, man. People on reddit on into place out of things are size like splice web supply. Brewster grind. Of course, people like me. In general, if you have any doubt doing today, didn't ask you meet anything. Really? Okay. Preparation stem number one. Find a look. If you have a look collection like me right here, we've not Jordan. A lot of the one that I left for you on break page. You're going to need to do starting things before starting. So let's find a loop that we like. I get these one that I really like right here. Always beautiful. You feel inspiration coming. I get a lot of ideas going to try it right into the playlist just like that. I don't. We're going to set certain things up before actually manipulated example Assemblies 145. So I always said the break to 145 just like that. I know We need to find the key and scale dissemble to have the key and scale on the name. So it is pretty easy. But if you assemble is not tired like mine. No worries. I'm going to teach you something real quick. We can use the stuff where it like Key finder. From here I am shot Isn't open source key detection to or DJ's interesting in harmonic and basically everybody else. I want to know what is the key of the song. Like us. You have a Mac even though a lot in here. What if you have windows like I have? Do you want right here? And Elise needed will be in a break pitch anyway. What do we got? Key finder were interprets. Okay, here it is. This book to mine too. It is going to say in the day, but it really is latest One. We're going to her now. We're going to double click dissemble in the fourth studio. See this way from click and grab there? No, We went to press this button right here once we don't. That it would show up key to think that right here. Or we can also use sites like tomb. But I really like this one. And this will not only find a key, but also the BBM. So you just the same drug defy here? Same idea. Here are limitations, though, Like Mexico size off 75 megabytes Another We've on a key on a BBM. We're going to put the key in it, be in a row. So we're going to pull up, be in a row, going to help Earth scare lighting and setting Teoh Key. Assemble that I'm using these A flat minor or a B minor. So, do you want a pair here? But I'm going to use He's in harmonic. That will be g sharp. Minor. So if you know what under monarchies basically said scared It has the same notes off the other one. I'm also going to leave your image on the whole, define an harmonics. I just think you hear closeness to start the bread that is really needed. No Let's get to the phone part. Actually, the picnics, interestingly that we're going to do, is quite simple, is ah, but speeding up things. So we're going to play with a BBM that's actually two tempo of the song. How fast it goes for Slow It goes, is in general, were into double click dissemble here and the time Now I'm going to press predict temple to make the sample adjusted. What whichever tempo? I said, Why keep it on time? But here display with it. Let's make it faster all the way to 1 60 I get a different vibe to it, you know? Got a different sound to it. It's a whole different thing faster, you know what I mean? But we could also go slower. Lie 128 dynamic will be whatever. Just try yourself got now more slow by. However, I would just changed them. Poor little bid to 147 because I really like that temple. You see 16 bars. No change on it because we said the times stretch to adjust it. So we on time. Speaking of time, we can also start this thing. It is 16 bars. We can make it 32 and see how it sounds. So let's make sure that stretches. Turn it on, express it right here. Ls it stretches? I'm using the assume to to see if it's perfectly aligned on it. Ain't so. I had to fix it. I was. We fix it. Let's hear. It seems like cornerstone, right? Things like this change direction of a big first saw Kobe. Different emotions on music. For me, it's all about emotion. We got this next picnic that I really love to use a lot of people to is reversing stuff. Let's try it out. Same DoubleClick example on the playlist and let's We Were us Does you worry. Thought I want to stay with the regional one, but it's important this important slicing. It's the next one buying today when he hopes started, a lot of people were doing this with the MP. C'est oh yeah, didn't want being around forever. I need works saying no click, but now here we went to right click and we can use lie sex or for the slicer I like for his life for So we're going with that one right now. And that adds a new instrument right here. Brutus lighter, like an instrument. So if we're going to my remote when we are not in, the plan is no more. Just listening to what's in this pattern and into sputtering is basically this, but we would slice it. Some people use one forbid That's too messy for me. I know you surely for you to Maybe so we can use beat or my favorite one is Miriam artist license. Um, but sometimes he doesn't work that great. So it's licensed fine. If we play with utter again delay, these are going to fade in and fade out Cliff so we can add a little bit. Afraid in would be the fade out. You'll see. It's baby got like a little inner balancing. You may be like this. Do you have enough? There's also options like bit shifting and freed stretch slides length. I really don't like you made with pitches in here, but I like to measure with Rivers, so let's see, we compress in his life and reverse it. So let's see if he's one reverse. The context will do like so you can play with this Really, when you're manipulating stuff in music. They also limits its your imagination. You gotta use your head. The last thing it was lesson that I'm going to show you. Teacher is really messing with the order of this chops like this yet that doesn't sound that exciting. But if you really want to change something, you get your possibly could do it here. Like repeating notes. Are music being repetitive? Sometimes you say it like it. That's something different to it. Half time. She really slow. You remember? We stretch this, so he's going to be really slow. But I have the arena one right here. Let's use it. Okay, We're going to add this to any track. Well, she co if you're a bruiser, you probably reading on this. But if you knew, like you probably are is what, like everybody's doing Half Diamond Able studio have displaying car grows bid that you can't use for halftime. More stuff there would talk about later on, but we're with health timing. So let's up and grows. Beat the skin would ever stood a signature bundle of you got the signature one would you probably already got gross with. So you maybe want to shake that out and we went to press sets, Momentary hof spit and let's hear who find right. It's like the one that I stretch, but this is Una Reina. Let no stretch halftime it really stretch save 60. It's great, but what if you don't have gross Be okay, Just marketing spate. But if you have grows, be because you don't have efforts. Your signature Bonneau is going to be cheaper is like $10. So halftime great to same effect. But we can also play with the timing of the loops here, like really break is my favorite. So I used this instead of Rosemead. Really? But everybody used gross, but I just use help them. Let's move on, Grooves Bt himself again. Yeah, we're broke. You show me that. No, But now I'm going to show you grocery lake and then various effect not a like a halftime effect grows me to have different presets like he's one really crazy stuff and gates like so it really lives a lot of room for creativity with this effect. But yeah, I had to like mentioned that out to came back to my sample speaking off effects. We can also filter dissembled itself. I'm going to open the defile Parametric eq you off effort studio If you can hear thieves have a lot of based on that will be a problem if later on we had a go eggs and more sounds that used that stone range because the sun's they're going to be clashing. I'm fighting it. Sure for that space is so limited. So what we can do to fix that IHS pull about high pass filter right here. So, yeah, I sure is. Ah, hyper filter right here and listen your it sounds, you can hear it opens off. It leaves more space. It will help. We can do the same with low pass filter. So let's see who it's out. Disclaimer the skin out to create when you're using a low pass on the high pitch But at the same time, our radio If it even made the samples own teen er it doesn't, you know, like radio telephone style. So you want to that effect? You know what? You do it we know effect you fix on. I ain't hold different sound. I'm going to tweak it for my taste all this year Right back I like it this way you got here , especially in this fire. We complete that. They're you know, one is like that. They are two different songs reverb on delays Just a phone part This drive for the river. You know, you can mess with the size, the room going to make it bigger, going to make it bigger. We were also has feel dressed. So I'm going to use the filter is a little bit and lower the vase because I really don't want based on the river You can sense the decay of river money Time to river. Just thing I'm going to use a long one because I wanted I want my son drown he comes my piece of advice Starting to dry out, away, off the wet All the way up is going to get writer and we're going to mass Basically to dry is the regional signal on the where is a signal we d effect. So we're going to manage safe level right from here The way that I do it if you want, you can use to naps. But one up for one test seems just like the perfect number for me That's too much. I like that. I'm going to make you a whiter which their their separation like that. That's an option on delays. I really like freedom late to I really tree Just like, looked like robocup. I really like simple stuff. I know how to use it, but I don't do it often here. I really don't change the lot that after, uh is basically the panic by which side of the effect is coming. Ally to like the middle off the speakers. But you can play with it because it's music and everything she will be creative is the feedback normal imber mode Uh, your bad things being fined to make bone from left to right like a pink park. So I like that one a lot by level. Is actual volume off the signal coming from to delay on same dry level. You know what it is? You know, dry signal is going to be always there, you know, signaled that it's coming into actual plugging. Quick note the order in which you bought these effects affects them. Changed the sound you're doing delay our face, for example, your plane face to delay. So the timing you can play with it. I'm going to see how it sounds in three Ellis here. I like it. Nothing of dr for me. And I'm going to drop the football level a little bit up a mess. Like same. Now that's the way a work gain. Do you want more? You can have more. I really recommend keeping things simple. It is, uh, you know, class. So I need to show you all of this stuff, but really, it's sound good on the river. You need to a delay if it's on who would only delay due only to a river. Really? Up to what kind of sound you want to achieve. So that's it? I'm forgetting free face for is, you know, ah, Fraser can make these pretty where so let's see, They watch, uh, actually like that. So I'm just going to pull the effect ill will be back from here like mixed level will be back. Boom. Just something. Keep things in perspective. With this one. You can 20th itself buying appliance, Caesar. Really a trend. I don't use the one on this, but I said nobody lose free. So you want You can have it free with Did one did just a texture to assemble noise. That's a thing somebody wants. You can model to somebody year. I like the 19 sixties, so I'm going to pull the effort back up a little bit. No, you're no nothing about music, Hillary. No worry class for you. Remember when we said the key to the funeral like by going to start for his last technique ? 80 more sounds, really. We had, like, an effort. Keys are really like for kids. Use of acute go Uh, I will leave the roads and we're going to click pattern after we added these hostess click platter getting on the playlist the way you want. It's fine that leg off. Simple like that. Uh, we're going to trade a melody, You'll see degree. It's kind of highlighted. You know, the darker ones already know that we don't want to become There was some good Let's try. So let's try something. You know, we can play with the velocity of this. We can copy. No, just control be to duplicate, and that's something. And just like with any order sample, we can add this to the mixture, and we can add a whole world effects is going to grab the river ba to show you one plan. If you click here, you for the most over say freeze it s and click and drag that it adds to same effect to what I tried you want So no, I got the river that I have on the Sabbath on my little piano here we could be here all the day Let's talk about style print. 3. Style Print: okay South print didn't want is important because he wanted Pros are used. Your ST Louis they will never so, like you were sampling your message with sounds that somebody else made. So you need to do something that I call style printed on yourself. Bringing can only get better with time is I'm a bank of system will perfect your taste on technique that will make everything else I wanted consistency. In time, you're going to be better with some specific things That's going to be a decision that you'll do unconsciously and you're going to see with time, for example, are really like river Oh stuff. So I really tried to phone more river on different uses to re verbs. Maybe your things reversing stuff. Or maybe you think, stretching the stuff. Or maybe you're thinking something that it's not even that failed. Right now, it's something that you want to be aware off. Really? So I see you on the next blast 4. The Right Way To Do It: the right way to do it, to see somebody else art. So you gotta ask for permission. You know, samples are great, but if you're wrong, they will make your life worth. Yes, the music business could be very confusing on off that, but it's a responsibility to understanding. Nobody's going to take better care of Austin us. That's a fight. However, if you're not planning making any money, basically any profit from your music, are you a purely doing music for yourself? There's no matter. Keep the one we done. However, you're thinking about starting my career right now, or maybe in the future is an important one. You know, people like to sell sample loops like selling bits, but he's often are not really royalty free. Most people don't even know what they mean with that. Word shall be where off course disco leads to a bad, um, frustrating business conversations. And nobody likes that. When people see royalty free loops, often they think that's the only time they have toe pay for use in the sample. Then you go make ahead wrecker Conrad's man. But why do you think you're good because you bought or used royalty free loops. The guy who made the Lubitz hitting you up, Where's my spleen? Was my apartment and everybody's confused because that's know what they were expecting. Kind of often rolling me is simply miscommunication. Really free really means that you were asking only for being paid one time at the point off porches and given about future royalties. But what are royalties? There are, like three major ones. Performance royalties, conical royalties on, says royalties I saw referred often US point toe. If Europe rose or saying I got three points off royalties on a record started mean he got 3% off. The reader sent off the arable performance. Royalties are paid toe. Anybody who contributed to making the record I just want us are collected by B. Eros or performance right. Organizations in the state are a skop, be a my and seasick and in Canada have so can take away your money. Everything. You're some explaining to radio string of blood forms, Cohen stars, and usually it's royalties get paid quarterly, say it's royalties is a percentage off. The riddle belly of the music is like a safe mechanical royalties. He's essentially I collated by saying that your music is played back in the day when cities were printed, you will get a fix rate for every reproduction. But now, technically extremist modify or apple music. It's mechanical, too. So it's a performance royalty, mechanical royalty. It gets a little confusing. Yeah, oftentimes when producer refer US royalty free, they're trying to say free off royalties as long as it's independent because drizzling be, it's on a bunch off. Really, that thing with Robert barred your bid dissemble maker and going to shake you down for that little money. But in the end of some blows up with a really popular rapper and who made a simple get no credits that will heart I was Nobody will give up completely Railed is like that. You need to do what's needed to get your sample clear. You need to hit up the sample maker. If you've got a really big sun coming up, we don't really big artist or just some already came out. So you can explain 50 50 or it's a no man. I'm fine on one. Just credits jail actually talk about it is Charlie. I had a gun G credit where credit's due You know, this can be scary, but don't leave nothing like t stop you from chasing his room. Contact people. That sit spot of the business too. I went through a book recommendation. Right now I do need to know about the music business. 50 stocks, but everything from a lawyer. Just a couple bucks and a lot of information links in the rest of us. Page, You want to shake it out? I'm gone. Pleasure, like always. 5. It Was A Pleasure: on. That's it. That's really, really thank you. It was a pleasure having you here. I would really like if you left a review. If you have any doubts, questions keep me up. Contact me our towns where you follow me here on skin. Sure, it's in May.