How to Flip Video Blogs | Dustin Langley | Skillshare
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7 Videos (54m)
    • Creating Video Blog Intro

    • Setting Up Domain and Hosting

    • Setting Up Wordpress

    • Setting Up Pages

    • Configuring Your Plugin

    • Listing On Flippa

    • Bonus Method to Selling Video Blog


About This Class

In this course, I go into how to create and flip a video blog.

This course includes

Buying a domain and hosting

Setting up wordpress

Installing all plugins

Configuring the plugins

Configuring the Appearance of the blog

Setting up the Flippa Listing

Transfer of sale

Bonus Video on how i make money selling the vlogs!!!

Super great way to earn extra income online.

Thanks for checking it out , Enroll Today





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Dustin Langley

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My name is Dustin Langley, and I have been in the internet marketing business since

2003. I enjoy teaching and showing others how to make money from the comfort of their

own home.

I also enjoy coaching my son in little league baseball and spending quality time with

my family.

Be sure to connect with me so we may network with each other.

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