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How to Find your Perfect Profitable Niche for Your Next Blog : 7 Easy Steps

teacher avatar Pramod Dutta, Software Engineer By Heart.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. 7 Super Easy Steps to Find Niche for Your Blog or Youtube Channel: Part 1

    • 2. How To Find Profitable Niche Blog Idea Using (Step By Step)

    • 3. FPN AmazonAffiliateNicheSite

    • 4. 3 Ways to Find Profitable Niche Blog Idea

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About This Class

Do you find difficult to find a Niche for your Blog or Youtube Channel?

In this series, I am going to cover step by step methods to find a profitable niche for your next blog or youtube channel. 

  • What is a Niche Market?
  • Brainstorm  Niche Ideas.
  • Passion or Problem Niche examples
  • Figure out What you Know about the Niche Selected.
  • Finding a Profitable Niche.
  • Unique Angel in Niches.
  • Check your Niche.
    BONUS: Niche List and Mindmaps.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pramod Dutta

Software Engineer By Heart.


Hello, I'm Pramod Dutta

With more than 5+ year in Software Industry, Taught Over 4500+ Students since last 2 year.

Main Expertise, Test Automation, Passionate about Blogging, Youtube and many more things.

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1. 7 Super Easy Steps to Find Niche for Your Blog or Youtube Channel: Part 1: Hey, guys, welcome to finding your profitable perfect finish for your blog's and you do so it is a serious basically, I'm going to give you the best deals, how to find your perfect profitable for your block, or you can use it for you. So I have this clean. Let's down these steps that I am good show and do the seven steps. So this is gonna be the first step. Well, basically, learn more about what is nish, and we're going to see some examples. And in the last, you have a humble, very defined certain issue that you are passionate about. And you can you think you can try to clearly block grounded and only decently like So let's get started. So what we are going to learn in this series way we're going to learn more about what? This Inishmaan way? We're going to brainstorm about certain ideas. I'm going to show you a practical example. What are the fish right? No working in 2000 and that should be I'm going to show you what exactly how to find the knish from a passion and the problem kind of a concept. And in the fourth point. I'm basically we're going to figuring out what you should know about the nation so that you can work on your block or YouTube channel that we're going to start guys. And in the fifth and sixth and seventh points, basically, we are going to see darkness that you have selected is a nation, and we're going to see a friend angle. We're going to find the product that you can you can see as an affiliate. Increasing you can say promote them on those logs of general so that we can recently, right in the bonus, I'm going to give you more than are lots of different missions, ideas that you can break them. You do mine labs that you condemn, page and see. And I'm going to show you some practical example that you can use just to get the perfect mission. All right, you need to understand what exactly is a month ago? The definition It's a step specialized table, part of the commercial market in narrow targeted money or the concept. I'm gonna give you this off in a very straightforward We have a market and we have a self market, and afterwards we have an issue, right? So I'm going to explain what exactly I'm talking about. But before that, let's see the Wikipedia definition. What exactly is a niche market in this market is a basically subset off Emma on which a specific product is focused. So let's let me give more example before that, I'm gonna give you my definition. My definition of net mish market is basically targeting a specific audience and speaking directly to them and sold their problems, which are already at in divide. And so the problem with any kind of things, like blogging around, go answering their questions, giving them three plants. He products anything that's an example, and it should be very narrow down. It should not be abroad, right? So what I mean by this is that it's very simple. Most of the niche that you are going to see for most of the market that you can see is that on every health, wealth and relationship, right, if you think about every kind of mission, the market is a little to help. For example, future talk about the diets, for example, a paleo night. Billy Wright is little to help finish right. Health is a broad nish. It's a market right now and it's a photo or for those are narrow down it. Then healthy will be what is basically more about if you narrow down the pain You're right , you're right. Is specifically Inish. You can further go down to the pain you like like valued right only for women over 40 that its support finish that do you have home? If you know more about the Billy Billy, it has toe so on. Let's go, Let's learn more about what exactly is a whole hellish. It's a huge. It has a huge potential and first minutes, nor going in here and help. Nish is everywhere. Everyone wants to stay healthy and want to really with their fact. Or sometimes some people want to relieve the fact someone begin. Fan toe help finish is already the already, but it's a broad knish, right? What what year? What I'm going to show you here is that let's goto the mind right, so this is a mind map that I'm going to show shell. So right now, as you can see, that help is a knish, oh itself. Basically it's noting it's a market and we have more people submission like weight loss made gain, muscle building. You're a yoga and many more Daughter don't means many moves, right? In the very close there are submission like made close woman were closed. Woman Bechler's over Kids were close Fourteens. So these are the knishes and these are trust me. These help knishes most profitable knish. Uh, if you think talk about if you talk about combat, isn't it weight loss for a specific body Parts like Tommy, upper arm fed. Sometimes they have double chins. So these if you create a blogger around and put meaningful or valuable resources and also a natural certain affiliate products into it, then which basically give them or value that definitely You're going your blower you could , general going to get great so you can say traffic. And basically you can have a decent income from that love on YouTube video. All right, so this is how healthy hair basically are basically explain. So in the example that I have given the health is a market by close is a sub market. They close for women. It's a knish and the perfect knish that we can call this weight clothes for a post pregnant women after pregnancy. What they want to reduce, the way they want to reduce the vagueness they want. Toe do the very close. So it's your right. A blogger on big, and definitely that block will basically will get certain fraction and the perfect willing please, because you have a very narrow down targeted another example. I'll give you X electric belt. So, for example, Veldt. Is this a market? So if you write a blogged about the Veldt, definitely no. One moment with God will give you much off. You can say a direction and belts. Home basically is a market. Some market is invented marketing. We can go toe athlete marketing. And if we go toe only muse own affiliated sites create really four. Oh, you can say affiliate marketing Amazon affiliate Marketing that states the small knishes that definitely you will going to own it Signal similarly, with that relationship, may finish. You can go with Marcel. Relationship is a market, so market is basically beeping. Advice Woman and the subset market will be dating advice for inter wakening or defensive dating advice for men over 40 30 and after legal, so these are the sub submissions that definitely I hope you're getting the point. What exactly is a niche market and where to go? Now? Don't go. But what Ross thinks Turn and walk and move it as near as possible. Now, please note the fact that for Mr Be profitable, there has to be two things to be present. The 1st 1 is a passion, and 2nd 1 is a problem so you can combine both of them. Also a passionate problem. So remember he could spend money on their passion because it makes them feel cold. So suppose if I have a passion toe Oh, you can see long Get out then if you write a block more about the big car. And if you write specifically for guitar for this humans than your blogging on your new general. Definitely group. And if there's a problem, for example, get lost for a woman after possibility. Definitely. Do you sold them because they feel bad about it and you sold them. Definitely. They give you more money. You can see you one more traction for your block as the less for you to write another respect off the news example will be problem issues. For example, health issues like you do Joint pain bank being money trouble. You should like that. Debit card issues credit card issues, addiction to alcohol, video games literally begins another brightness right now o something that makes them unhappy. Our relationship troubles and another aspect of nature sample using Only the passion is, for example, a person interested in sports but which sport? Cricket, cricket, and with euro. If you write about your cricketers by stories, then it's a very, very mission. Targeted nation. It's boring activity, little camping, fishing, though if you're right about dog dog is a bigger market. You write about the dog food, Lisa Golden people there definitely are going toe that thing. All right, So Ah, one important point here is that do not invent Danish. Just go with the knish that already evoking you need to do competences. And if you are passionate about something, just go to the market. Goto basically coupal and search around. The things are working. There are afflict products like it do it and started. I want to show you the state by state process. So miss concept also understand why people buy this is one of the concept that I want to tell you that people buy because they won't they have needs and they said they born something. For example, a bad goal for me. Have a need that it want to practice more and wants to have it back. Once you would go about the club. Want to join a better globe. So that's why they want to buy. Another interesting point. Little to finish is that there are less certain Met Sabari. Niche market is all about small website It is not right now. If you have a small, narrow website, for example, in unison Polo Survival Guide, which is a little survival nationally, and it's a huge niche, it's itself. You can see it's very small, pointed survival knish, and it has huge potential and earning millions of volumes and another myth about the niche market that it's all about finding the nation with no competition. That's me. Guy doesn't book, don't really when don't invented vanish, just go over it, but whatever whatever. It's a working. You need to spend a lot of time things that no, it is. It is not Bill, if you know about the finish and you have find out it's a profitable disco. Bid it on. And with don't doing the search with little bit research and public knowledge, you can nail nail it. Mr. Sort is hard. It's not hard. It's simple. I'm going to show you in step by step tutorial. You can pick initial list and start looking. This is the biggest people have they just go through certain list online and just start booking when it no, you need to find the profitability off initially to find if you're good at it. If you can do it, don't know. So you need to have in discerning order right now, you some of the points. Some of the girls like me, for example, the first example. I'm going to give scams camps might leave. It's a wonderful Michigan website. Basically, it's animals Amazon. It's a website with basically says that and his own products and basically solve the problems off campaign. If you are interested in camping outside, what kind of things that you need to take care what kind of a major? Okay, what kind of things that people say it's totally based. Don't camping. Similarly, are the higher income school dot com. They have lots of miss areas which are definitely going to work right now. So I'm gonna show you this, though. This is the website. Off can. Smartly. And it's very wonderful, sir. Side expired. One of the old Mark Preston is So I know he's very good at creating Nexabit Niche based with sites and the cells and his own product. Basically, if you go to this, our their article, let's go to the article and they will visit in our links. They don't have a link in this one, but most of the time they have certain links that be featured basically the little things where they under commission using it. Right. Okay, so let's see if they are have any kind of thank you. So here they have, uh so the most of the time they are writing certain kind off. You can see a different type of post, which basically have certain tools recommendations, and that will have a little ins. Correct. And, ah, this is the knish list that I wanted to give you to have a look around. Like are hard to rear upside board buyer's guide lens finder. But Evelyn guards or this kind of stuff. So these are like different dish that you can try out whiskey means I mean to say, Is that just see around what finish what what kind of door? 10 websites you can find their don't Google's. So this is a home for you. Basically, just find out. Created a spreadsheet and a big surge finishes on. And so I find out the top. Believe it said we should make a little beast. Another interesting scientist must report showed taco. It's basically letter to Portia How you have you have to handle the potion. How does all the uneven shoulder problem back pain visitor to do specifically toe our little pushers on another energy investing Web searches later to Lucky Tonight. It's a nightmarish or basically were. They will be ski focused only on the cue to write for big No Level, and it's another in person site. You can look at home and see how it's also initial basement side, and it has a health. Danish Wait, last nation in great loss we have, he told aikido. Right after that, you go like for only for big earners. So it is another like a toward third or fourth level open. All right, so I hope that makes sense. This was the first step towards the finding your knish and soon another Totally in. I thanks a lot. Anything of any kind of question just coming down below, I will be happy to help on. I will put all the resources into the description off this video, and I hope that will make sense to you. And I hope you have learned something about an issue website, and you have a clear understanding of it. And this year with me, whatever the spirit should that you have created, I just let's don't five knishes and their respective 10 websites that you believe are later to finish and we'll explode more about it means well, basically find out if they are profitable on. All right, that makes sense. Thanks a lot. 2. How To Find Profitable Niche Blog Idea Using (Step By Step): Hey, guys, welcome to the finding your perfect knish, Part three. And in this tutorial I'm gonna die detailed one of the new matter to find out whatever that is that he would like to work on right. It's so basically finding out the website that are just sold on the websites market. So they're like 13 markets on label where people are basically selling their of its sights . So most of the time that's upset. They're setting at all, really earnings, that some amount of money from Amazon affiliate or any kind of apple. It's right and one of them 1/3 of another website that I recommend especially look before chosen your needs, his sleep, and that's called Turnipseed. So basically, what you're do is that you need to make sure applied the finger of just hold on. The property type should be domain. So these an oversight, which are the send Lee sold and most of the time, these are profitable knishes. Okay, so let's dive into it. Okay, so let's so let's see, I'm music gardening, so it's so musically to do it upside later. The you can say a little Do I suggest it's a little music on music selling at all. So let's water the website and see And oh, hell, we have the website. It's so but remember, But you're so right now they're selling the dome indictment, so it's not a good way to take it out, but yeah. Ah, medical export for soda. Another. You can say that site. Ondo. Let's see Fitness ball dotnet. So this looks like an issue of site. And though let's see another afflicted total of isolated a clip. Boenisch Onda. We can't be salad, appeasers and all, and you can find a different different kind of knishes and so that you can vote on one interesting way to find out another knishes type. I am the guy that he would best some dame, most other dame. Let's get oh, he would best and let's to soldier toe bet. Best fight scenes dot com. So this looks like any ships. I especially little the fight only fight scenes. I am very interesting wish we need to find out its profitability, but definitely someone sold it for 0 $65. So it's no, it's slow, and so we're not going to look into it. Preakness bottle looks good. It sold 400 books, but it's a kind of a domain, only I so I will not have much of the details on. Let's just remove the dummy property type domain as of now on, and only Duda keep it in the best one. Okay, and here we have best law best weight loss tips outcome so they exclude. This looks like another in this interesting Misha upside. Yes, it is. So we're going to open this with side. Let's open this up side once again. Give me one thinking with the website wars best do weight loss. Let's do. He'll be her the website and you're going to its alone mother upside platform. Inboard burning wood. President condemned five years. So if you log in egg and definitely you're going to see more metrics, how much they're learning and how much traffic there getting. So one interesting thing that you can go with that if you're not able to find any going the fresh goto flipper dot com and type your nish and bias are tendo means on the outside, which are already earning and start contributing. How start adding your stuff into it so another interesting point. Take it up. So that's how you can use our display around the triple dot Kommando You will get to know more about the different nations. For example, back Best book zone. Uh, electrics. So don't patch. Basically little dog nish bulk traffic. Elated with seo industry elliptical review Busy lately Giggles on all cannabis tips. So these air different kind of various kind of missions that you can get the idea on. And I was just two to create a list for that. You'd like to work? No, I know. In the upcoming tutorials, we're going to find out the profitability of the least that you are selected. All right, I'm going to share my three meters secret, which you definitely Whatever the knish that you have chosen will definitely going toe check it out. If this nation profitable and you should go over there don't like so See you in the next recorder. How in heaven 3. FPN AmazonAffiliateNicheSite: Hey, guys, welcome to the series off finding your perfect knish. And this is a tutorial about how to find your niche, especially for Amazon affiliate police logs. Or like so my name is promote on Welcomed is a Delta and let's get started. All right, guys, this this is gonna be a practical tutorial. And where we're going to discuss about basically, whatever the time is, whatever the products that you need to promote, especially little toe Amazon so that you can get great commissions from it. So just what you need to do is that go to amazon dot dot com A few are on dot com didn't go to dot com slash tv slash best sailors. Okay, so let me go to the dot com first, because I know it is going to my country and I don't want that. And another thing that you can do is that go to Amazon commission list. Do you have give me a ticket? You don't have to commission. So the first thing for us if you are starting in Amazon Affiliate, Mishra said, you need to understand the commission that you're getting right. For example, if you're going to promote the Kindle devices and e books. You're going to get 10% of conditions. That is, like fix and advertising, right? And if you think about the mobile phone, especially mobile phones, you're going to get 2.52 point 5% of whatever the money is there. Similarly, there are, like, different dishes that you can walk down. These are like you can see markets and they have submissions. So mostly like if you are promoting luggages and bad, then you're going to get 9% which is very good. So all I would suggest you if it is more than five or 6% the commission, then definitely we're going to. Definitely. It's a good product from promote specially animism. And if you are able to find a product which is more than $40 then definitely go with it. Okay, if this falls under your name, right, so beer right now in amazon dot com slash best sailors. This is one of the first method to find out the best in issues that you can go down, especially let it go and his own affiliate nation blocks. OK, so a let's or see for the 1st 1 like Let's go to home and kitchen. So I suppose I want to make a nice block related to only about Let's say you can say pillows. The only pillows means there can be a niche said that I can create only to do the comfortable bolos that that are there in the market. So what I can do is that I can create second articles related to top 10 kilos to buy under the 1000 100 works and top 10 basically pillow, especially for the next being talk and below, especially for babies. Top 10. Anything like this site so you can get diet. You're basically getting the idea. What can you do with the feels? So right now, the pillows, pillowcases or below, Basically, right now they will be. They will be your nish and you can see further have more submissions under it. Like so, using the amazon dot com best sellers, you're going to find out that these are the heart project right now in the market, and they're profitable so you can create second logs around it and promoted okay, you can create a YOUTUBE channel according to it, and give reviews about it and just talk about whatever you feel about this products. Okay, so let's more about it. Let's try to search for you can see interesting niche that beacon world on right. For example, this is Fort pressure cooker. This is another interesting nish that we can go and after finding their niche, what you have to do is that goto the profitable next blueprint. You need to type your nation and you need to find a top five. You can see this blows around it and their and their monthly traffic, and they're they're going, how they are promoting definite how they are promoting, using every Amazon afloat or any kind of product private. So after basically finding your competition, you're going to write articles by using those buyer keyboard that I go to discuss in the next tutorial. But you, after finding the competently, will get die there, this knishes profitable and we can find more about this finishes profitable because right now it is in best seller, so probably way have, since it's in a best seller. Definitely, Definitely. People are going to buy this product way. We need to we can definitely 100. Okay, so that's how you find on his own. You can say Amazon affiliate news website, especially for those website. You can find more. You can say knishes, right likes to go to another thing. For example, let's goto hell help the and household. And let's see, for example, you can up. You can write review, you can create blog's around certain you can see. Let's see, certainly toilet papers or soaps back trees you can write, create a block around only ready to back trees. How you can. You can find the best of 34 your torch or anything like this. Right on here we have some supplement products that you can promote. Definitely those falls under the market off Health and fitness and muscle building brought out something. So these are like best products. And if you create any kind of Amazon affiliate website around it, definitely you're going to get some good preserves from a okay. So let's do another interesting that I like the more respect supplies, bad schism, nor the another mish. It's a market, especially that works made. Even so, this witness can be in the vaccine lake off dog food, especially for Labrador, specifically very specifically for dog food, especially for Labrador, and you can find certain good products in Amazon. But selling and died the blogger around it and definitely going to get a good commissioner . Okay, so that's how you use them. His own dot com to find out the create vanishes. And if you have any kind of just let me know in the comment And definitely I don't like this. And I see you. I'll see you in the next video. We'll discuss more that finding your profitability. All right, thanks a lot. 4. 3 Ways to Find Profitable Niche Blog Idea : Hey, guys, welcome to the finding your perfect nish cities and this in this tutorial, Angara give you three secret bits to find the profitability off any kind of. So I hope in the previous tutorial you have find your a fitness that you want to work there . If you haven't find it, go back to the series and try to come of it. Four or five ideas and suppose you have right now, five. I want to let do it, Louis. There, like I am gonna review that top three methods that I have displaced. So these are These are the top two emitters. What you need to do is that you need to search for his. There are enough electro products that you want to promote our medical technician or not. The second point is that check for the national, especially the blocks which which are our competitors and bitter similar to us, are there in the soap. Soap is basically the Googles dog. 10 results. So if you're if you're able to find low domain 0 30 blocks in the top 10 results, definitely it's a mish block and said they are promoting inflate brothers. Definitely You can do it, too. And the third hurt point greeted with that clear to find your fish on the Google print and see if what kind off responded you're getting, especially over the years in Google parents. Okay, so let's do the next size. The 1st 1 Let's go to the Google Google trains. It's a trend trend dot google dot com. Okay, so suppose I want over known to write. Okay, I'm gonna get lucky tonight. I'm goingto do the so still okay and Hill, as you can see over the past 12 months, though, so the number of searches are remained. It's downgrading, but you can see that it's consistent considering over like, 40 before, right? It is going about 80 then definitely it's very, very hard, right? And if it is going to between 50 and all, definitely it's good one. But Peter, right? I know it's evergreen. You can see evergreen kind of finish, which will Basically it's a day. It's initially to health and fitness market food, and after that, is it right that you can do you could do for make loss, So that's how you can able to find it. And another thing that you can do is that if you taquito even so, it's by topic. So how many people are searching my toppy? Uh, as you can see in 12 months, especially in the Sizzler. To do that, you're interesting, right? And if you do the world right, it's again. It's, Ah, nearly around 61. So it which makes it very wonderful niche, especially Target. All are in the world. And if we do, you suppose we want toe dark, it only little toe help. Especially little. Basically, don't fool. Right, and we want to see the soldiers. So again, it's certain. Randy Graf handle looks healthy graph, and the more than 50 is always good. More than 40 is also good so much. But this trench basically gives you an idea that it's a hard nation. It and you should be working on it. And another thing that no can do is that we need to find that enough athlete products, right? The first West side we need to go, especially Hill, is to prove it. I would say destroyed of all of it. Share are seeing got gone. Okay, so the 1st 1 was finding into Amazon's If you want to let you do anything product, But if you're suppose I'm promoting, I'm writing a blobs and key tonight. So what I can do is that I go. I'll go to share sale dot com, and it's seven. Basically a marketplace where you can put the ads off. These sailors much changed onto your blocks, and if someone buys from that blow the link that you have provided, then you're going to get condition. Okay, so suppose Skeeto died, and I'm going to search it you today, it's and go and he'll I can see, like, loads or different products later to Peter, right? Like it goes on. Is there lower PDO and kiss my Tito products. And as you can see, that you are going to get 10 dang toe 15% of commission every time. The sense that something like this and this is a PC, I don't remember it. But if higher that you pc, you should go with it definitely. And and here you can get the link directly is and that you can put it into your block and definitely we're going to get commission. When it was someone buys from a cookie So, for example, I have chosen one must change, which is a kiss, my Kato and they have number of products with you can promote handle. For example, if I want to write about the key to Creamer and I can get the think my And if someone buys from this link, I'm going to get commission. Okay, so she owned the shares. They'll be able to find that Ornish especially located like this, working great. And so we have the motor product that we can promote. Ondo. We definitely. It's a good news to work on, right and so other. Another way to find find out is on a very to find out. Visit your blog's Let's goto google dot com Google, you say, Like on Let's go toe So suppose I do key Don't die for medications Suppose I want o p like vegetarians. So it's not a buyer Cute, but But let's I want to see certain English books which we come and O s vehicle come Goto hill. There a few blocks which are definitely you can see you could do it. You do it. So you today for vegetarians, simple controlled by these guys that were there keeping work done. Work on These are the heavy giggles, but But you do write abscess. Peschel e. It's another interesting like perfect Ito. These are high dominant 13 at sites, but the keeper that were also something is very highly competitive. But the research for lower he was alone will be worth then really able to find taking issue plates in itself results it will basically makes it this nation wonderful, right. And you can find certain nish basically, if your mission profitable, not go to Goto Davis, who and I, Peter right and see if the products are available or not. Okay, Davis, always another marketplace for commission, afraid and commissions, and they were unable to find. So let's do it, people and the right now, as certain books like they are promoting how on JV so you can go toe klik bank. Let the marketplace sort goto this search on Hill and they're also your label defined certain results like taquito and let's to good people. And here we have lots of product differently of label for, so that we can promote directly click bankers and other. You can just sign up immediately and get the link. If you click this promote button, I was issued a group with gravity so that we will not go. These are the high commission products. Basically, it's just $24 product and the 80% of its sales rebuild amount is not there. And 200 on this is that everything's more pay for this Gravity is more than 100. Definitely. It's a great productive start and you can promote it. Okay, so that's how you were able to find the profitable niche if you're knishes profitable or not, OK, that the friendly types And now I would like to give you the three former rep states which are definitely definitely I agree it Me too. Check whether these that states are you can see are they did not check basically the desert of websites, which is which is very strange against a very good dishes and these are basically the ideal nish laws that we want to target. All right, The 1st 1 here is that our health ambitions This is one of the outside of my window. I don't right now. It's a little help finish on. They are meet mostly targeting the product letter to Amazon's will help the little perhaps Amazon and they have are gonna keywords. And they have a good traffic. Nearly around 500 users, right? And they have highway high dominant hartig 1,000,000 on 72. And here we have let a se initial state let to help up, which is reaches organic traffic Over 80,000 is going on, which is great, and Dominic 30 off 50 and they have like nearly around 90,000 organic keywords which is basically their ranking. Okay, handle. It's another or greater website, especially for back slumber. Literal definition. Monta Moderation is also nutrition specially for bonds. And so it has also great organic traffic as well as are gonna keep it. So this is this is basically nature of tool, where you can put other site and get to know more about it. And this is how Basically, you don't know more about how profitable your dishes, and I want to go to you more about that two or three that sites which are basically escalated and how they're feeling it. So I hope you are able to find the I hope now you will able to find that profitability off any kind of mistake you want to work on. Okay, So just on the call to action specially for you is whatever the news that you have selected and try to find out those knishes on different athlete products and try to find the dish blocks in the top. So present for Dante. Keywords on and see the Google drinks all the kind of results you're getting specially the printing graph and the search for these blocks and put it into the each other. We can see the harmony are gonna keywords and or money traffic. They're getting specially the media websites, okay?